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Hauntings in Texas

Favorite Ghost Stories
Texas Haunted Places & Ghosts
Texas Ghost Stories
About Ghosts, Legendary Creatures,
UFOs, Superstitions & Halloween


  • The Ghosts of the Baker Hotel by Bob Hopkins
  • Lechuza by Mike Cox
  • The White Lady of Rio Frio by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Stampede Mesa by C. F. Eckhardt
  • The Ghost on Highway 281 by C.F. Eckhardt
  • Seguine's Headless Ghost by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Texas' Favorite Ghost Story - San Antonio's Overworked Ghost Children by Raoul Hashimoto
  • Jake, the Bridge Ghost of Williamson County by Mike Cox
  • Saratoga Ghost Road by Ken Rudine
  • Chupacabra by Mike Cox
  • Alamo Ghosts by James L. Choron
  • The Legend of the Olive Ghost Train by W. T. Block Jr.
  • The Legend of the Headless Yankee Cannoneer of Sabine Pass by W. T. Block
  • Ghost in East Texas by Bob Bowman
  • Bailey's Light - A Brazoria County ghost tale by Murray Montgomery
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    Baker Hotel bridge
    The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells
    Photo courtesy Jason Grant and The Nostalgic Glass

    Haunted Hotels

  • Catarina: Catarina by Mike Cox
    "If you’re looking for a ghost, it figures you’d go to a ghost town to find one.
    But when Terry Cole came to the Dimmit County town of Catarina from McAllen several years ago, he sought employment as a construction worker, not an encounter with the supernatural. Even so, he ended up with both..."
  • Laredo: La Posada Hotel by Mike Cox
  • Piedras Negras: The Haunted Railroad Hotel of Piedras Negras by Luke Warm
  • Mineral Wells: The Ghosts of the Baker Hotel by Bob Hopkins
    It may be one of the most haunted places in Texas, if not the country.
  • Mineral Wells: Ghosts of the Crazy Water Hotel by Bob Hopkins
    "… Another Crazy Water Hotel employee stated that a little girl's spirit, who has called her "Dizzy", a nickname that only her family knows, frequently follows her around in the kitchen. …"
  • Schulenburg: Haunted Hotel - Schulenburg's Heartbreak Hotel; the Uninvited at the Von Minden. by John Troesser
  • San Antonio: The History and Mystery of the Menger Hotel by Docia Schultz Williams - a book review

    Haunted Courthouses

  • Ghosts of Wilson County by Lois Zook Wauson
    Wilson County Courthouse
  • Hanging Tree - The Haunted Tree of Shelby County's Courthouse Square by James L. Choron
  • Lady of the Clock, DeWitt County Courthouse by Lou Ann Herda
  • Legend of the Gonzales County Courthouse Clock by Lou Ann Herda

    Haunted Theaters

  • Granbury - Granbury Opera House by Joan Upton Hall

    Haunted Schoolhouses

  • Center - School Days by James L. Choron
    The mystery of Center High School's second floor
  • The Levelland High School Ghosts
  • Old Eola School
  • Trio Schoolhouse
  • Fly Schoolhouse

  • Haunted Houses, Cemeteries, Churches, Depots, Hospitals, Jails, Forts, Libraries, Bridges, Rivers, Roads, Caves ...
    Library ghost
  • Houston's Ideson Library Ghost by Johnny Stucco
    Houston's Basement-dwelling, Tree-planting, Violin-playing, Dog-loving, Butter-making Ghost

  • Tomball
  • Haunted Tomball
    Haunted eatery, gift shop, office, museum, creek...
  • Lavaca County Jail
  • The Old Lavaca County Jail by Debra Fawcett
  • Haunted Places in Austin, Texas by Anthony Gilbert
    Governor's Mansion, Buffalo Billiards on Sixth Street, St. Edward's University
  • Under the Milano Railroad Bridge by Mark Camp
    On the anniversary of Johnny Horton's death
  • Miss Bettie Brown and Haunting of Ashton Villa by Clay Coppedge 10-12-14
  • The House on Omar Street by Ken Rudine
    A haunted house in Houston
  • Ghost Turkey and Hitchhiking Spirits by Mike Cox
  • The Haunted Asylum of Wichita Falls by Mike Cox
    Mix mentally ill stereotypes with death and you have the ingredients for some pretty frightening ghosts stories. Which brings us to an old two-story building on the far south side of Wichita Falls known as White Sanitarium or the “old insane asylum.”
  • Haunted House in Mason County by Mike Cox
    Folks said the old stone house in Mason County was haunted...
  • Haunted bridge
  • The Surveyors' Ghost by Bob Hopkins
    Ghost story from a 1902 newspaper in Burleson, Texas.
  • Haunted Bridge at Green Elm Cemetery by Bob Hopkins
  • Downes-Aldrich Haunted House
  • The Ghost of Thurber by Bob Hopkins
    “If people say that I didn’t see a ghost, you tell em to come see me! I saw it with my own two eyes and I know what I saw.”
  • Downes-Aldrich Haunted House by Dana Goolsby
  • Haunted Hospital
  • The Haunting of Old Memorial Hospital In Palestine by Dana Goolsby
    Supernatural tales have lived within the old hospital far prior to the closing of the facility.
  • Plunder In The Pines by Dana Goolsby
    Buried treasure in Elkhart and a ghostly nun who roams the old historic Pilgrim Cemetery
  • Ghost Indians and Spirits of Confederate Soldiers Wandering Houston County by Dana Goolsby
    The oldest county in Texas is believed to be hallowed ground, on which the spirits of Indians and Confederate soldiers roam freely.
  • “Demons Rd” in Huntsville by Dana Goolsby
    Bowden Rd, perhaps better known as " Demons Rd,” leads to an old cemetery known as Martha’s Chapel Cemetery...
  • Haunted Huntsville by Dana Goolsby
    Oakwood Cemetery, and the oldest prison in Texas - the Walls Unit...
  • Haunted Nacogdoches by Dana Goolsby
    Stephen F. Austin State University is allegedly home to numerous spooks. The Turner Fine Arts Auditorium at SFA has more than fine art in the building. A ghost named Chester is believed to haunt the building...
  • Haunted Jacksonville by Dana Goolsby
    Jacksonville City Cemetery, Mother Templeton Statue, Killough Monument, and Lon Morris College
  • Parker Cemetery
  • Parker Cemetery by Dana Goolsby
    Parker Cemetery has long since been the most talked about haunted place in Grapeland.
  • The Perfect Haunted House by Bob Bowman
    With Halloween upon us, it’s time to remember the old Bonner house west of Lufkin, which has been called the perfect haunted house. But it had also has a rich history...
  • Love in the Time of Diphtheria by Luke Warm
    The Haunting of Liendo Plantation, “Miss” Elisabet Ney and Dr. Edmund Montgomery
  • The Haunting of the Old Travis County Jail by Mike Cox
    Harvey, 34, had the distinction of being the last of nine men legally hanged in the castle-like stone jail, built for $100,000 in 1876 at the corner of 11th and Brazos streets — present location of the Dewitt C. Greer Building, headquarters of what is now the Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Ghost Road in Hardin County by Bob Bowman
    The best time to visit the Ghost Road in Hardin County is late in the evening when nightfall descends over the Big Thicket...
  • Ghosts of Old Waverly and the Old Waverly Cemetery, an East Texas Tale of Two Hills
  • The devil and ghosts by Bob Bowman
    Devil’s Pocket, Devil’s Race Track on the Neches River, Widow’s Bend on the Sabine River, and the Laughing Ghost of Todd Springs.
  • The Hairy Man of Round Rock by Maggie Van Ostrand
    "Round Rock's Hairy Man's the real thing and he's been there back since pioneers built cabins and helped conquer the West. Want to tell your kids how the Hairy Man of Round Rock came to be? Well, one day..."
  • Fort Concho - Ghost in No. 7 by Mike Cox
    A small light flickered through a broken pane of glass in the dilapidated old officer’s quarters at Fort Concho. Glancing at the light, the folks who occupied the adjacent officer’s quarters bolted their doors and left a loaded gun in a convenient location—just in case...
  • The White Lady of Rio Frio by Linda Kirkpatrick
    A ghost that haunts the banks of the Frio River...
  • Houston's Basement-dwelling, Tree-planting, Violin-playing, Dog-loving, Butter-making Ghost. by Johnny Stucco
    Houston Library Ghost Story
    There's nothing to not like about "Cra" the building's civilized resident spirit.
  • Saratoga Ghost Road by Ken Rudine
  • Pollok and a Mystery Light on the Bodan by Ken Rudine
  • Alamo Ghost?
  • La Lomita Chapel
    "My photo proved that I saw and photographed something." - Ken Rudine
  • The Big Thicket Light by Archie P. McDonald
    "The Big Thicket Light, aka the Saratoga Light, shows up at night on a seven-mile stretch of road connecting Farm Road 1293 and Saratoga, a former health spa/oil town/Big Thicket gathering area in Hardin County.."
  • Dead Man's Hole by Mike Cox
    The expression "he just dropped out of sight" had both figurative and literal meaning in Burnet County during and after the Civil War...
  • Flight from ghosts helps stomp some berry juice by W.T. Block, Jr.
    "As children, Broomtail and I had grown up, listening to our sisters’ tales on Halloween nights, about the ghosts that wandered around the cemetery. And to augment their stories, a river man named Old Rob, who worked on our farm, had bottomless pits full of ghost stories of his own."
  • Flowers For Sarah Herndon by Clay Coppedge
    "On the east side of Donahoe Road, not far past the Donahoe historical marker, is a single grave protected by an iron-wrought fence..."
  • Haunted Hill Clay Coppedge
    "Joyce Woods Cox, a local historian based in Moody, was told when she was a child that at night you could hear the rattling of chains."
  • Ghost of Nicaragua Smith Still Haunts Galveston Graveyard by W. T. Block, Jr.
    If you should ever pass near the Old City Cemetery in Galveston on the night of January 8th, you might hear a screaming voice out of the ocean mists...
  • Alamo Ghosts by James L. Choron
  • DeWitt County - El Muerto, the headless horseman by Lou Ann Herda
  • Edinburg - A haunted depot by JohnTroesser
  • Fort Concho - Dead Ellis by Mike Cox
    Docents guiding tours of Fort Concho's reconstructed hospital still tell the story of “Dead” Ellis.
  • Fort Concho Ghost - Shannan Yarbrough
  • Katherine Fleischer Park - Cow Ghosts in the Old Log Cabin by Mike Cox
  • La Grange - The Haunted Jail by John Troesser
  • Marfa - Mystery of the Marfa Lights by John Troesser
  • Milam County Jailhouse Ghost by Lou Ann Herda
  • Nameless Cave by Mike Cox
  • Weatherford - The Baker Mansion by Bob Hopkins
  • Williamson County - Jake, the Bridge Ghost by Mike Cox
  • Woman Hollering Creek by John Troesser
  • Cry Baby Creek in Lufkin by Bob Bowman
  • Lone Wolf Bridge
  • Galveston's haunted places
  • Fort Worth book depository murder

  • Texas Ghost Stories

  • The Devils Backbone Tavern Ghosts by Ken Rudine
  • Chipita's Ghost by Murray Montgomery 12-14-20
    Josefa "Chipita" Rodriquez was hanged in 1863 after being convicted on what some say was only circumstantial evidence.
  • El Muerto by Mike Cox
    The headless horseman in South Texas.
  • Ghost Story by Wanda Orton
    Apparitions, Apparently
  • Lubbock Ghost Stories by Mike Cox
    Two Lubbock ghost stories and one strange tale of a man who made his amends for a ghastly crime one brick at a time.
  • A Huntin’ Ghost Story by Linda Kirkpatrick
    Besides being the time of ghosts and goblins, it is almost time for hunters to arrive. Those of you who manage hunting leases and should any of you hunters arrive early you might want to read this story very closely.
  • Ghosts of the Pineywoods by Bob Bowman
  • Ghost Riders by Bob Bowman
  • Collecting ghost stories by Bob Bowman
    It’s time to put the ghosts into a new book. If you have a favorite story, here’s your chance to see it in print, whether you beleive it or not...
  • A Very Personal Ghost by C. F. Eckhardt
    Even if you see a ghost, you may not realize at once what you’ve seen. I know. It happened to me...
  • East Texas Ghostsby Bob Bowman
    So, you don’t believe in ghosts? Well, read on and we may make a believer of you...
  • The Many Legends of La Llorona by C. F. Eckhardt
    "To set the La Llorona story straight once & for all. I've been digging into La Llorona for nearly forty years. This article pretty much sums up what I've found."
  • La Llorona: Does She Seek Your Children? by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Many versions of the tragedy of La Llorona (Weeping Woman) exist, but the basic premise is the same...
  • La Llorona by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
    I grew up in Las Cruces, NM which is near the Rio Grande. I often head stories about people who had seen and heard La Llorona...
  • The Legend Of Bone Hill by Bob Bowman
    Bone Hill, a landmark standing about four miles northeast of Center, reportedly got its name from a herd of cattle who died atop the mill, leaving their bones to whiten in the East Texas sun. But, as with all legends, there’s more to the story...
  • Longhorn Branded Murder 1889 by Murray Montgomery
    To the cowboys who rode the range in West Texas during the [1890s] there was one longhorn steer that was always an object of dread. He was a big, white fellow with “Murder 1889” branded in huge letters on his left side. His appearance among their herds brought a chill of terror to the superstitious...
  • Sarah's Dream by C. F. Eckhardt
    Josiah Wilbarger's Ordeal - Scalped Alive on Onion Creek
  • Stampede Mesa by C. F. Eckhardt
    "Stampede Mesa was-and may still be-one of the most thoroughly haunted places in Texas."
  • The Legend of the Olive Ghost Train by W. T. Block Jr.
    "...That's the old Olive ghost train and it makes one round trip every Halloween Eve..."
  • The Ghost on Highway 281 by C.F. Eckhardt
    "... John wasn't the only person who'd seen Lackey trying to hitch a ride north toward Johnson City. A lot of people were aware of him. Truckers don't like to drive that stretch on fall nights..."
  • The Legend of the Headless Yankee Cannoneer of Sabine Pass by W. T. Block ("Cannonball's Tales")
    "I already foresee that some character will accuse me of stealing this yarn from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but I'm going to tell it anyway. The anniversary of the Battle of Sabine Pass is almost here, and if I don't repeat it once more, the story might be lost to posterity for all time..."
  • The Ghost on Milam Street by C. F. Eckhardt
    Seguin's Headless Ghost
  • A Monument to the Killough Massacre by Mitchel Whitington,
    Excerpted from "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods", 23 House, 2005
  • Daddy's Favorite Song by Sandy Williams Driver, from "Haunted Encounters: Departed Family and Friends"
  • The McDow Hole by Bob Hopkins
    "The story of the McDow ghost became very popular by the end of the 19th century ... many people would come to the water hole hoping to get a glimpse of the specter." "With so many sightings over so many years coupled with documented sightings of those who died there, it is obvious that this story far exceeds the status of mere myth or urban legend."
  • TUMBLEWEEDS' TALES: Ghost Towns and Town Ghosts
    by Stephen Osmon
    Town ghosts of Evanesce, Texas; and Coyotes’ Story of the Great Spirit.
  • The Eerie Demise of Johnny Horton by Clay Coppedge
    "Despite Johnny Horton's wild-at-heart looks and voice, he was a man haunted for years by ominous premonitions of his own death. He often promised those close to him he would contact them from beyond the grave."
  • The Lady in Blue by Bob Bowman
    For longer than anyone can remember, the story of “the lady in blue” has existed on the fringes of East Texas history and religion.
  • The Poltergeist by George Lester
  • The Haunted Boots by George Lester
  • Phantom of the Oilwell by George Lester
  • Ghost in East Texas by Bob Bowman
    The ghost of Bouton Lake, resident ghost in Lady Bird Johnson's family home at Karnack, phantom of the opera in Nacogdoches, Diamond Bessie in the Excelsior House, and more ghosts in East Texas cemeteries.
  • Ghost Road by Bob Bowman
    "Does the lantern of a headless brakeman haunt Hardin County's Ghost Road?..."
  • Texas' Favorite Ghost Story - San Antonio's Overworked Ghost Children by Raoul Hashimoto
  • Bailey's Light - A Brazoria County ghost tale by Murray Montgomery
  • "Best Tales of Texas Ghosts" by Docia Schultz Williams. A book review
  • "Ghosts in the Graveyard, Texas Cemetery Tales" by Olyve Hallmark Abbott. A book review
  • A dog ghost in Stephenville by Mike Cox

  • Ghosts Elsewhere

  • The Lightkeeper's Ghost - The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse by Mitchel Whitington
    from "A Ghost in my Suitcase", Atriad Press, 2005
  • The Keeper of Seul Choix Point
    by Ken Rudine
    Ken and Yvonne Rudine recently toured forty-two lighthouses along the shores of Lake Michigan. Like many places where mortals spend a lot of time lighthouses are frequently thought to be haunted. This is one such case.
  • Skull Island on Mermentau River, A Slave Ship's Inhumanity by W. T. Block ("Cannonball's Tales")
    "... It was the story of 200 starving African slaves abandoned on a marsh ridge on Mermentau River, where they were left to die horrific deaths..."
  • The Ghost In The Bell Jar by Loyd Auerbach
    from "A Paranormal Casebook: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium", Atriad Press, 2005
  • The House on Nikitski Pereulic by James L. Choron
    A Russian ghost story
  • Our Little Hero by James L. Choron
    "This isn't a "Texas" story, but it's one that I think Texans will identify with. A "different kind of war story", it's one of the saddest, but most heroic paranormal cases I've ever dealt with."

  • About ghosts, spirits, legendary creatures, superstitions, UFOs... & Halloween Traditions

  • Zombie Halloween by David Knape 10-31-20
  • Ideas for a Fun, Cost-Effective Halloween by Taylor Kovar
  • Weaned on Halloween by Jase Graves
  • Who Killed Cock Robin? by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Jackalopes by Mike Cox
  • Halloween Posting by David Knape
  • A History of Halloween Pranks by Michael Barr
  • Ghost of Halloween Past by Mike Cox
  • Bell County Postwar Secrets - Part 2: Attack on Camp Hood by Mike Cox
  • Texas Hoaxes by Clay Coppedge
    Aurora Spaceship, Big Foot....
  • Alien “Airship” at Aurora by Mike Cox
  • UFOs Photographed by Ken Rudine
  • Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, and other G Spots by Maggie Van Ostrand
    On Halloween I usually conjure up run-of-the-mill ghosts, ghouls, and goblins to scare little kids away so I don't have to share my candy with them. This year, I've decided to actually contact a dead celebrity instead, to find out how they're enjoying their afterlife life...
  • The Night the Ghost Hounds Came by C. F. Eckhardt
    "When I got outside the hounds had the house surrounded. I could hear them baying in chase all around me. I could see nothing. There was no movement in the grass, no shadows among the trees. The brilliant moon showed a tranquil landscape—but all around me were the sounds of hounds in chase..."
  • Death Superstitions by Bob Bowman
    In early East Texas, the death of a family member or friend was a serious event surrounded by traditional rituals, a lengthy period of mourning and widespread respect for the deceased. Death was also accompanied by a variety of superstitions, some of which are still respected in the homes of our grandparents.
  • The Poison Spring by Mike Cox
    For as long as mankind has had the ability to tell and pass along stories, springs and wells have provided a free-flowing source of legend and lore...
  • bear king
  • The Belle of Marble Falls and the Bear King by Mike Cox
    If something’s printed in a newspaper, it’s got to be true, right? Good. Now consider the amazing story of Miss Ramie Arland...
  • Bigfoot
  • East Texas Woolly Booger – Creature Seekers Beware by Dana Goolsby
    East Texas is home to many creatures of the night that humans fear, and occasionally claim to encounter. East Texas has given way to Bigfoot sightings, alien encounters, and close calls with blood–sucking creatures.
  • Dowsing
  • Dowsing For Graves & Witching For Water by Dana Goolsby
    Some call it science others call it supernatural. Call it what you will, dowsing has proven to be an effective method that has been used for centuries to find underground objects of interest...
  • chupacabra
  • Blood Sucking Chupacabras, Mutants, and Mangy Coyotes- Oh My! by Dana goolsby
    The mythical blood-sucking beast from Mexico known as the chupacabra has been roaming the Pineywoods since 2004...
  • Thunder In January Pineywoods Weatherlore by Dana Goolsby
    Thunder in January means more than rumbling in the sky to many East Texans. For many, many years East Texans have been predicting the weather by trying to make heads or tails of signs from Mother Nature.
  • The Black Beast of the Pineywoods by Dana Goolsby
    Legends of black cats run deeper than a little superstition in East Texas. Sightings of mysterious black panthers that scream like women in the pine jungles are not at all uncommon in the Pineywoods...
  • The Wolf Girl of Devil's River by Gary Humphreys
    The story begins on the Chickamauga River in Georgia. John Dent was a trapper working with his partner, Will Marlo...
  • The Wolfman of Comstock by Gary Humphreys
    This is a true story told to me by my mother, during the fifties……
  • Weather Folklore - Psychic Persimmons by Dana Goolsby
    Folklore reveals that superstitions about cutting persimmon trees may help cure warts, cancer and even predict weather, even Texas weather.
  • Sea Monster of Port Isabel by Mike Cox
    The monster showed up in the Gulf of Mexico off the small fishing village of Port Isabel in the summer of 1938. That Aug. 10, in a short article buried on a back page, the Brownsville Herald devoted five paragraphs to “the sea monster that is attracting so much attention in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.”...
  • Telferner Entity by Ken Rudine
  • Bigfoot in East Texas by Bob Bowman
    For years, people have claimed sightings of a large, human-like creature in the thick woods of East Texas...
  • Wolf Girl by Mike Cox
    When the boy returned home that day he told his parents a story as horrifying as it was unbelievable.
  • Things I bet you never knew - and then some by Delbert Trew
  • Columbus’ Live Oaks and Dead Folks Cemetery Tour - 2009
  • The Great Airship Mystery by C. F. Eckhardt
    In 1896 and 1897 what had to be a lighter-than-air craft—a dirigible—was seen by credible witnesses in California, Oregon, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, what became Oklahoma ten years later, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio...
  • Visitors from space? by Bob Bowman
    Mysterious objects supposedly visiting Texas aren’t new. In the late 1800s, several towns in East Texas experienced aerial phenomena.
  • Denison UFO by Mike Cox
    The January UFO sightings in Stephenville gave the national news media a brief respite from politics and conferred on the town millions of dollars in free advertising, but the Erath County incident isn’t the Lone Star State’s first rodeo when it comes to mysterious objects in the sky.
  • The Wail of the Wampus Cat C. F. Eckhardt
    The words ‘wampus cat’ usually denote a mythical bugbear or bugaboo used to scare small children and the incredibly credulous. However, for a period of about forty years—the 1920s through the mid-1950s—at least in certain parts of Texas, a ‘wampus cat’ was something very real...
  • Chupacabra by Mike Cox
    Does a zoologically unknown, blood-sucking creature prowl the South Texas mesquite?
  • ‘Mysterious Cattle Deaths’ Not So Mysterious by C. F. Eckhardt
    In the news over the past several years there has been a rash of ‘mysterious’ deaths of livestock, most notably cattle. Apparently the animals have been sucked dry of blood, as a general rule the genitals have been cut out, apparently surgically, the eyes are usually gone, often the tongue is gone, and the rectum has been removed. These have been blamed on everything from UFOs to Satanic cults. Apparently, they are the result of neither...
  • Lubbock Lights and UFOs by Clay Coppedge
    I've seen some weird things. But I never saw the Lubbock Lights. They came along a couple of years before I was born, in 1951. As far as I know, which isn't very far, they haven't returned but their mystery and the legend surrounding the lights has never quite gone away...
  • Mr. Acton's Story C. F. Eckhardt
    "...We headed for that light. It was slow going, but we made progress-but when we got to it, there was no house. There was just a glowing ball of light, maybe a foot or a foot and a half across, in the branches of a little tree..."
  • The Undead by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Not only is Halloween right around the October corner, but this week has a Friday the 13th in it. If that's not enough to get your hackles raised, it's time to reconsider the Bridey Murphy Syndrome...
  • Friday the 13th by Maggie Van Ostrand
    "...Is the fear of Friday the 13th based on the fear of the number thirteen itself?... Who were the three scariest guys to be born on Friday the 13th?..."
  • Some old-time superstitions prevail by Delbert Trew
    When I began asking friends about this subject I learned many early-day superstitions are alive and well today.
  • The Case of Beaumont's Missing Marble Corpse by W. T. Block, Jr.
    It was July of 1901 in Beaumont, and the frenzy of oil excitement rushed on unabated... In the midst of all the oil madness, there emerged one of the strangest tales ever to unfold in the "sawdust city," the case of Beaumont's missing corpse that had turned to stone...
  • TV Corpses at Halloween by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Dead Men Don't Talk, But Dead Women Do by Maggie Van Ostrand
    "...Who will be the Main Dead Person of 2005?
    We nominate the still-great-though-dead Frida Kahlo..."
  • Live Oaks and Dead Folks
    Columbus City Cemetery Tour
    "Just because some of the more interesting people in Columbus happen to be dead doesn't mean you can't get to know them."
  • Wild Woman of the Navidad by Murray Montgomery
    "The Navidad isn’t really much of a river, as rivers go – it’s not very famous and can’t be compared to the stunning Guadalupe or majestic Colorado, when it comes to beauty. But the little old Navidad just might have a claim to fame that the others can’t equal. You see, the Navidad has a past of mysterious and wild creatures, of the two-legged variety, living along its winding path..."
  • Punkin Center by Mike Cox
    The Punkin Center Phenomenon, and the old Irish folktale about Jack-O’-Lantern, the enduring symbol of Halloween.
  • Halloween - Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-legged Beasties by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
  • Lechuza by Mike Cox
    "Lechuzas have been scaring people in Mexico and South Texas for a long time. ... Lechuzas are witches - brujas - who transform themselves into birds...."
  • Superstitions by Bob Bowman
    Ghosts, witches, graves, black cats, Halloween, Friday the 13th...
    "Never slam a door. You might hurt a ghost, who'll haunt you for the rest of your life."
  • PRAIRIE DELL, Tranquil setting belies past by Clay Coppedge
    The principle set for the sequel to the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

    History Cartoons by Roger T. Moore
  • UFO in Austin 1-5-21

  • Ghost Forum

  • Kingsbury Cemetery

  • Floating at the Baker Hotel Cloud Room

  • "Carter may be a ghost - but it isn't dead."
    Carter, Texas...- Tarrant County Investigators of the Paranormal, June 13, 2006

  • Subject: Haunting in San Antonio
    I am seeking your help in locating information. As a former long-time resident of San Antonio, I am familiar with many of the local legends about ghosts and the like. I know all about the "haunted" train tracks, and the optical illusion responsible for the phenomenon, I remember tales of Midget Mansion (actually hiked up that way a time or two), and I have heard fascinating, and rather scary, stories of the ghostly activities in the old Hertzberg Circus Museum. More specifically, I have heard tales of what occured in the basement, used at least at the time by the library for storage. The mother of a personal friend of my brother actually worked in that basement, and had her own stories to tell. Cases of a man in dark/black clothing, often very threatening, books moving, being "grabbed" by nothing visible, and more. While looking around online for these old stories, I found many of them, but can locate nothing on the circus/library building. I did visit the museum there once, and only once, and was rather uncomfortable, for lack of a better word, the entire time. I am hoping that you might have some information on this "haunting". Thank you. - Deborah Fisher, May 25, 2006

  • Sterling City - Main Street landmark building

  • Ghost Soldier or Under the Overpass at Alice -Melisa Sammons

  • Houston Ghost
    Hello, I question why not one of your featured writers of ghost articles has failed to investigate downtown Houston`s most noted haunting... "The Old Downtown Houston Library" rumor has it that an old caretaker lived in the basement of that building with his dog... this caretaker loved to play his violin (fiddle) after hours.... He no longer is alive.... but the tunes he played can still be heard softly coming from the basement... this story was reported 20 maybe 25 years ago.... I have not heard anything of it since.. however I did see it featured on a TV program, but i don't recall which.. Could have been "Unsolved Mysteries"..... but I may be wrong........If you go to the old Library... they won't let you down into the basement if your only a visitor... but I think that someone with credentials can surely gain access.. And write a story that needs to be told. Thanks for this website, its GREAT!!! - Chris M Bird, August 10, 2005

  • Haunted Jails and Jail Museums in Texas
    Shannan Yarbrough, Fredericksburg Chamber Assistant, March 11, 2005
  • My wife and I live in Mission, Tx. One time we heard a story that there was a chapel that was haunted. Now this place is located about three miles south of Mission in a town called Madero. One night my wife, a couple of friends from Houston and I decided to go and see if this was true. It was around 11 p.m. when we got there and saw this big chapel with a balcony. The gates were closed and it look like it has been abandoned for a while. The first thing we saw was a man standing in the balcony with his arms wide open. We all got scared and quickly started to drive off. Suddenly a very big noise came about and we saw a light flashing in our windshield. We really had never believed in ghosts, but this was something very special. - R Reyna, March 14, 2003

  • I was born and raised in Beaumont and heard many stories about the "ghost" of Saratoga.... A friend of mine once told me that her car was actually attacked and dented by an unseen force when she was in Saratoga. .... On a double-date, I was taken out there late at night, but nothing occurred. ... I would like to know more of the story (legend), whether it be true or not. ... - Thank you, Rhoda W., January 02, 2002

  • The Haunted McDonald's in Cuero

  • The Levelland High School Ghosts

  • Spofford

  • Anyone wishing to share their ghost stories, please write to history@texasescapes.com

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