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Texas Panhandle
- Panhandle Plains

This is where a lot of the world gets it's idea of what Texas is really like. Tumbleweeds, pump-jacks, windmills and four open horizons.
Some might argue about how many counties actually comprise the Panhandle - but there's no argument about the friendliness of the people. The vast distances between towns makes people glad to see another human face. They might even be glad to see you.
Major Cities:
Amarillo - Amarillo Hotels
Lubbock - Lubbock Hotels

Route 66 in Texas

Many counties thought by many to be West Texas, Hill Country or Central Texas is considered Texas Panhandle by Texas Dept of Transportation & TED. See map below:

Aberdeen Collingsworth
Abernathy Hale
Abilene Taylor
Abra Collingsworth
Ackerly Dawson
Acme Hardeman
Acuff Lubbock
Admiral Callahan
Adobe Walls Hutchinson
Adrian Oldham
Ady Potter
Afton Dickens
Afton Fisher
Alanreed Gray
Albany Shackelford
Alcino Floyd
Allison Wheeler
Allred Yoakum
Alpha Hutchinson
Amarillo Potter
Amherst Lamb
Ample Haskell
Anarene Archer
Andrews Andrews
Anson 1-1-20 Jones
Antioch Stonewall
Anton Hockley
Archer City Archer
Arvana Dawson
Ashtola Donley
Aspermont Stonewall
Atoka Coleman
Auto Howard
Avoca Jones
Ayr Deaf Smith
Back City Gray
Baird Callahan
Balch Hockley/Lubbock
Ballinger Feature Runnels
Bangs Brown
Bartonsite Hale
Barwise Floyd
Bautista Moore
Belle Plain Callahan
Bethel Community Runnels
Ben Ficklin Feature Tom Green
Benjamin Knox
Benoit Runnels
Bernecker Fisher
Big Spring Feature Howard
Big Square Castro
Big Stinking Creek Stonewall
Bippus Deaf Smith
Bismark Wichita
Black Parmer
Blackwell Nolan and Coke
Blanche Cottle
Blanket Brown
Bledsoe Cochran
Blue Gap Runnels
Boise Oldham
Bomarton Baylor
Booker Lipscomb
Borger Feature Hutchinson
Bovina Parmer
Boyd Chapel Jones
Boydston Gray
Boys Ranch Oldham
Brad Palo Pinto 
Bradshaw Taylor
Breckenridge Stephens
Brice Hall
Bridgetown Wichita
Briscoe Wheeler
Bronco Yoakum
Bronte Coke
Brookesmith Brown
Broome Sterling
Brownfield Terry
Brownwood Brown
Bud Matthews Shackelford
Buffalo Gap Taylor
Buford Mitchell
Bula Bailey
Bull Town Parmer
Bullock Eastland/Stephens
Bullock Young
Bunger Young
Bunker Hill Dallam
Burkburnett Wichita
Burkett Coleman
Busby Fisher
Bushland Potter
Cactus Moore
Caddo Stephens
Callahan City Callahan
Camp Colorado Coleman
Camp Springs Scurry
Canadian Hemphill
Canyon Randall
Capitola Fisher
Caps Taylor
Car Mitchell
Carbon Eastland
Carey Childress
Carlisle Lubbock
Carlsbad Tom Green
Cashion Wichita
Cedar Hill Floyd
Cedric Crosby
Cee Vee Cottle
Chamberlin Dallam
Champion Nolan
Channing Hartley
Chautauqua 1-29-23 Callahan
Chicago Dawson
Childress Childress
Chillicothe Hardeman
Christoval Tom Green
Circle Lamb
Circle Back Bailey
Cisco Feature Eastland
Clairemont Kent
Clara Wichita
Clarendon Donley
Claude Armstrong
Claytonville Fisher
Claytonville Swisher
Cleveland Coleman
Close City Garza
Clyde Callahan
Coahoma Howard
Coble Switch Hockley
Codman Roberts
Cofferville Lamb
Coldwater Dallam
Coldwater Sherman
Coleman Coleman
Colorado City Mitchell
Cone Crosby
Conlen Dallam
Content Runnels
Conway Carson
Copenhagen Hale
Cotton Center Hale
Cottonwood Callahan
Crews Runnels
Crosbyton Crosby
Cross Cut Brown
Cross Plains Callahan
Crowell Foard
Crystal Falls Stephens
Cummins Sterling
Curry Stephens
Cuthbert Mitchell
Cuyler Carson
Dad's Corner Archer
Dalhart Dallam
Damsite Hardeman
Darrouzett Lipscomb
Dawn Deaf Smith
Dean Deaf Smith
Decker Nolan
Denton Callahan
Denver City Yoakum
Dermott Scurry
Desdemona Eastland
Dickens Dickens
Dimmitt Castro
Doan's Crossing Wilbarger
Dodd Castro
Dodson Collingsworth
Dora Nolan
Double Mountain Stonewall
Dougherty Floyd
Dozier Collingsworth
Drasco Runnels
Draw Lynn
Dressy Callahan
Dulin Brown
Dumas Moore
Dumont King
Dundee Archer
Dunlap Cottle
Dunn Scurry
Durham Borden
Early Brown
Earth Lamb
Easter Castro
Eastland Eastland
Echo Coleman
Eclipse Gaines
Eden Concho
Edith Coke
Edmonson Hale
Elbert Throckmorton
Eliasville Young
Eldridge Gray
Electra Wichita
Electric City Hutchinson
Elmdale Taylor
Emma Crosby
Enochs Bailey
Eola 5-6-20 Concho
Eolian Stephens
Erick Oklahoma OKLAHOMA
Erskine 10-10-21 Concho
Eskota Fisher
Espuela Dickens
Estacado Crosby / Lubbock
Estelline Hall
Etter Moore
Eula Callahan
Exum or Exum Switch Moore
Fairmont Floyd
Fargo Wilbarger
Farmer Young
Farnsworth Ochiltree
Farwell Hansford
Farwell Parmer
Fieldton Lamb
Finney Hale
Finney King
Fisk Coleman
Flagg Castro
Flat Top Coleman
Flomot Motley
Flower Grove Martin
Floydada Floyd
Fluvanna Scurry
Foard City Foard
Follett Lipscomb
Forsan Howard
Fort Belknap Young
Fort Chadbourne 5-2-20 Coke
Fort Chadbourne Old Fort 5-1-20 Coke
Fort Griffin Shackelford
Fort Phantom Hill Jones
Fort Picketville Stephens
Frankell 5-6-20 Stephens
Friberg-Cooper Wichita
Friona Parmer
Fritch Hutchinson/ Moore
Fry Brown
Funston Jones
Gail Borden
Gasoline Briscoe
Gazelle Hall
Gem Hemphill
Gewhitt Hutchinson
Gilliland Knox
Gilpin Dickens
Ginsite Cottle
Girard Kent
Glazier Hemphill
Glen Cove Coleman
Glenn Dickens
Glenrio Deaf Smith
Goldsboro Coleman
Goodland Bailey
Goodlett Hardeman
Goodnight Armstrong
Gooseneck Young
Gordon Palo Pinto
Goree Knox
Gorman Eastland
Gomez Terry
Gouldbusk Coleman
Grady Fisher
Graford Palo Pinto 
Graham Young
Grape Creek


Grape Creek Tom Green
Grassland Lynn
Grayback Wilbarger
Gray Mule Floyd
Griffith Cochran
Groom Carson
Grow King
Gruver Hansford
Guion Taylor
Gunsight Stephens
Guthrie King
Hale Center Hale
Hamby Taylor
Hamlin Jones / Fisher
Hansford Hansford
Happy Swisher
Harriett Tom Green
Harrold Wilbarger
Hart Castro
Hart Camp Lamb
Hartley Hartley
Haskell Haskell
Hatchel Runnels
Hawley Jones
Hayrick Coke
Hedley Donley
Hereford Deaf Smith
Hermleigh Scurry
Higginbotham Gaines
Higgins Lipscomb
Hindman Dawson
Hitchland Hansford
Hitson Fisher
Hobbs Fisher
Hodges Jones
Holliday Archer
Holt Hutchinson
Hoover Gray
Hub Parmer
Hud Scurry
Hulver Hall
Huntoon Ochiltree
Hurlwood Lubbock
Hutson Brown
Hylton Nolan
Hyman Mitchell
Iatan Mitchell
Ibex Shackelford
Idalou Lubbock
Ideal Sherman
Impact Taylor
Inadale Scurry
Indian Creek Brown
Iowa Park Wichita
Ira Scurry
Irby Haskell
Isom Hutchinson
Ivan Stephens
Janes Bailey
Jayton Kent
Jean Young
Jeffry Hutchinson
Jericho Donley
Jewel Eastland
Jimkurn Stephens
Jud Haskell
Julia Borden
Justiceburg Garza
Kalgary Crosby
Kamay Wichita
Kellerville Wheeler
Kerrick Dallam
Key Dawson
King's Mill Gray
Kirkland Childress
Klondike Dawson
Knapp Scurry
Knickerbocker Tom Green
Knott Howard
Knox City Knox
Kokomo Eastland
Kress Swisher
La Casa Stephens
Lake View Lynn
Laketon Gray
Lakeview Hall
Lamesa Dawson
Landergin Oldham
Lark Carson
Lariat Parmer
Lawn Taylor
Lazbuddie Parmer
Leaday Coleman
Lee Carson
Lefors Gray
Lehman Cochran
Lela 7-1-17 Wheeler
Lelia Lake Donley
Lenorah Martin
Lesley Hall
Levelland Hockley
Lillie Collingsworth
Link Mitchell
Lipscomb Lipscomb
Littlefield Lamb
Litwalton Garza
Lockettville 11-24-17 TE's 3,300th Town Hockley
Lockney Floyd
Loco Childress
Lone Wolf Tom Green
Longworth Fisher
Lonnie Childress
Loop Gaines
Loraine Mitchell
Lorenzo Crosby
Los Ybanez Dawson
Lou Dawson
Loveless Concho
Lowake Concho
Lubbock Lubbock
Lucerne Hansford
Lueders Jones
Luther Howard
Lutie Collingsworth
Luzon Kent
Mabelle Baylor
Machovec Moore
Magenta Oldham
Mangum Eastland
Mankins Archer
Maple Bailey
Margaret Foard
Marie Runnels
Marienfeld Martin
Markley Young
Maryneal Nolan
Masterson Moore
Matador Motley
Maverick Runnels
May Brown
McAdoo Dickens
McCaulley Fisher
McLean Gray
Meadow Terry
Megargel Archer
Medicine Mound Hardeman
Memphis Hall
Mendota 7-29-20 Hemphill
Mereta Tom Green
Merkel Taylor
Mesquite Borden
Miami Roberts
Michies Dawson
Middle Water Hartley
Middlewell Moore
Miles Runnels
Millersview Concho
Milo Center Deaf Smith
Mineral Wells Palo Pinto 
Mingus Palo Pinto 
Mobeetie Wheeler
Montvale Sterling
Moran Shackelford
Moro Taylor
Morse Hansford
Morton Cochran
Mount Blanco Crosby
Mount Pleasant Taylor
Mozelle Coleman
Muleshoe Bailey
Mulock Hansford
Munday Knox
Mungerville Dawson
Murray Young
Nanhattie Coke
Narcisso Cottle
Nazareth Castro
Needmore Bailey
Needmore Terry
Neinda Jones
New Deal Lubbock
New Moore Lynn
Newcastle Young
Newlin Hall
Newman Fisher
Nimrod Eastland
Nolan Nolan
Noodle Jones
Norfleet Hale
Northfield Motley
Norton Runnels
Novice Coleman
Nubia Taylor
Nugent Jones
Oak Grove Jones
O'Brien Haskell
Ochiltree 1-7-20 Ochiltree
Odell Wilbarger
O'Donnell Lynn
Ogden Cottle
Oil City Hutchinson
Oklahoma Lane Parmer
Oklaunion Wilbarger
Okra Eastland
Old Glory Stonewall
Old Pease City Foard
Olden Eastland
Olfen Runnels
Olga Nolan
Olney Young
Olton Lamb
Opdyke Hockley
Opdyke West Hockley
Oplin Callahan
Oran Palo Pinto  
Oriana Stonewall
Orient 7-29-20 Tom Green
Otis Chalk Howard
Ovalo Taylor
Oxien Runnels
Padgett Young
Paducah Cottle
Paint Rock Concho
Palo Pinto Palo Pinto  
Pampa Gray
Pansy Crosby
Panhandle Carson
Parmerton Parmer
Parnell Hall
Patricia Dawson
Peacock Stonewall
Pearl Collingsworth
Pep Hockley
Perico Dallam
Perryton Ochiltree
Petersburg Hale
Pettit Hockley
Phillips Hutchinson
Picketville Runnels
Pickwick Palo Pinto
Pioneer Eastland
Plains Yoakum
Plainview Hale
Plaska Hall
Plemons Hutchinson
Plymouth Collingsworth
Polar Kent
Pony Runnels
Posey Lubbock
Post Garza
Potosi Taylor
Pride Dawson
Pringle Hutchinson
Proffitt Young
Pumphrey Runnels
Putnam Callahan
Pyron Scurry
Quail Collingsworth
Quanah Hardeman
Quarton Moore
Quitaque Briscoe
Ralls 1-1-20 Crosby
Ramsdell Wheeler
Ranger Eastland
Ransom Canyon Lubbock
Rayland Foard
Rayner Stonewall
Record Hansford
Red Springs Baylor
Rhea 9-1-20 Parmer
Rhineland Knox
Rich Coffey Coleman
Rising Star Eastland
Rising Sun Shackelford
Roaring Springs Motley
Robert Lee Coke
Roby Fisher
Rochester Haskell
Rock Crusher Coleman
Rockledge Donley
Rockwood Coleman
Rolla Collingsworth
Romero Hartley
Romney Eastland
Ronda Wilbarger
Ropesville Hockley
Roscoe Nolan
Rotan Fisher
Roundup Hockley
Rowe Donley
Rowena Runnels
Roxana Carson
Rule Haskell
Runnels City Runnels
Running Water Hale
Ruth Concho
Sagerton Haskell
Samnorwood Collingsworth
San Angelo Tom Green
Sanco Coke
Sanford Hutchinson
Santa Anna Coleman
Santo Palo Pinto  
Sardis Fisher
Scherz Tom Green
Scotland Archer
Scranton Eastland
Seagraves Gaines
Sedwick Shackelford
Seminole Gaines
Seymour Baylor
Shafter Lake Andrews
Shallowater Lubbock
Shamrock Wheeler
Shep Taylor
Shields Coleman
Silver Coke
Silver Valley Coleman
Silverton Briscoe
Skellytown Carson
Slaton Lubbock
Slide Lubbock
Sligo Yoakum
Smyer Hockley
Snyder Scurry
Soash Howard
South Bend Young
South Plains Floyd
Southland Garza
Spade Lamb
Spade Mitchell
Sparenberg Dawson
Spearman Hansford
Springlake Lamb
Spur Dickens
Stamford Jones / Haskell
Stanton Martin
Sterling City Sterling
Stevens Sherman
Stinnett Hutchinson
Stith Jones
Stratford Sherman
Strawn Palo Pinto  
Sudan Lamb
Summerfield Castro
Sundown Hockley
Sunray Moore
Sunshine Hill Wichita
Swastika Hale
Swearingen Cottle
Swedonia Fisher
Sweetwater Nolan
Swenson Stonewall
Sylvester Fisher
Tahoka Lynn
Talpa Coleman
Tam Anne Castro
Tampico Hall
Tankersley Tom Green
Tarzan Martin
Tascosa Oldham
Tee Pee City Motley
Tell Childress
Tennyson Coke
Tesco Nolan
Texhoma Sherman
Texline Dallam
Texola Oklahoma
Thalia Foard
The Flat Shackelford
Thrift Wichita
Throckmorton Throckmorton
Tokio Terry
Tolbert Wilbarger
Tredway Borden
Trent Taylor
Trickham Coleman
Trixie Gaines
Truby Jones
Truitt Runnels
Truscott Knox
Tulia Swisher
Turkey Hall
Tuscola Taylor
Tuxedo Jones
Twichell Ochiltree
Twitty Wheeler
Tye Taylor
Tyro Coleman
Valera Coleman
Valley View Cottle
Valley View Runnels
Vancourt Tom Green
Vealmoor Howard
Vega Oldham
Vera Knox
Verbena Garza
Veribest Tom Green
Vernon Wilbarger
View Taylor
Vigo Park Swisher
Vincent Howard
Virginia City Bailey
Voss Coleman
Waka Ochiltree
Wall Tom Green
Walthall Runnels
Washburn Armstrong
Wastella Nolan
Water Valley Tom Green
Wayside Armstrong
Weinert Haskell
Welch Dawson
Wellington Collingsworth
Wellman Terry
Westbrook Mitchell
Westover Baylor
Wheat Scurry
Wheeler Wheeler
White Deer Carson
White Face Cochran
Whiteflat Motley
Whitfield Swisher
Whittenburg Hutchinson
Whon Coleman
Wichita Falls Wichita
Wilcoe Hartley
Wildorado Oldham
Williams Community Hardeman
Wilmeth Runnels
Wilson Lynn
Winchell Brown
Windthorst Archer / Clay
Wingate Runnels
Winters Runnels
Whitharral Hockley
Wolfforth Lubbock
Woodrow Lubbock
Woodson Throckmorton
Wylie Taylor
Umbarger Randall
Zephyr Brown
Zulu Hansford

Northeast Corner of Texas

* Many counties thought by many to be West Texas, Hill Country or Central Texas is considered Texas Panhandle by Texas Dept of Transportation & TED. See map below:

Texas Towns A - Z :

Hotels in Texas - Book here

Map - Click on the region for town & city listings
*Regions as designated by Texas Economic Development and TXDoT

Texas Regional Map Big Bend Country Panhandle Plains Hill Country Prairies and Lakes, Central Texas NORTH Prairies and Lakes, Central Texas SOUTH South Texas Plains Gulf Coast Piney Woods
Map used by permission of TravelTex.com (Texas Economic Development)
Image map (the links to regions) courtesy Sam Fenstermacher

County Seats

  • Anson Jones Co seat
  • Ballinger
  • Ballinger Runnels Co seat
  • Big Spring
  • Big Spring Howard Co seat
  • Breckenridge
  • Breckenridge Stephens Co seat
  • Canyon Randall Co seat
  • Clarendon
  • Clarendon Donley Co seat
  • Crowell
  • Crowell Foard Co seat
  • Dalhart Dallum Co seat
  • Eastland
  • Eastland Eastland Co seat
  • Miami
  • Miami Roberts Co seat
  • Ochiltree
  • Ochiltree Former Ochiltree Co seat
  • Panhandle
  • Panhandle Carson Co seat
  • Perryton
  • Perryton Ochiltree Co seat
  • Plainview
  • Plainview Hale Co seat
  • Roby
  • Roby Fisher Co seat
  • San Angelo
  • San Angelo Tom Green Co seat
  • Silverton Briscoe Co seat
  • Stanton
  • Stanton Martin Co seat
  • Tahoka
  • Tahoka Lynn County Seat

  • New

  • Kirkland Childress Co 3-3-22
  • White Deer
  • White Deer Carson Co 11-3-20
  • Ralls
  • Ralls Crosby Co 1-1-20
  • Loraine
  • Loraine Mitchell Co 11-10-19




  • Adrian Oldham Co 9-27-19
  • Stamford
  • Stamford Jones Co 8-4-19







  • Sagerton Haskell Co 6-29-19
  • Christoval
  • Christoval Tom Green Co 2-8-19
  • Echo
  • Echo Coleman Co 2-18-19











  • Rhineland Knox Co 12-7-18
  • Ibex
  • Ibex Shackleford Co 9-1-18













  • Burkburnett Wichita Co 8-6-18

  • Fariview
  • Tuxedo & Fairview Cemetery Jones County 8-1-18
  • Merkel
  • Merkel Taylor Co 7-4-18
  • Scotland
  • Scotland Archer Co 4-28-18
  • Bledsoe
  • Bledshoe Cochran Co
  • Olney
  • Olney Young Co 1-25-18







  • Glenrio Deaf Smith Co 12-1-17
  • Groom
  • Groom Carson Co 12-1-17
  • McLean
  • McLean Gray Co 12-1-17
  • Shamrock
  • Shamrock Wheeler Co 12-1-17
  • Vega
  • Vega Oldham Co 12-1-17
  • Lockettville
  • Lockettville Hockley Co 11-24-17
    TE's 3,300th Town








  • Borger Hutchinson Co 9-23-17
  • Mozelle
  • Mozelle Coleman Co 9-24-17
  • Eliasville
  • Eliasville Young Co 8-11-17
  • Silver
  • Silver Coke Co 7-24-17
  • Gunsight
  • Gunsight Stephens Co 8-9-17
  • Eolian
  • Eolian Stephens Co 8-9-17
  • Tascosa
  • Tascosa / Boys Ranch Oldham Co
  • Hale Center
  • Hale Center Hale Co
  • Conway
  • Conway Carson Co
  • Roundup
  • Roundup Hockley Co

















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