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East Texas Piney Woods

Bastrop may have the "Lost Pines", but East Texas never lost theirs; they just made 2 x 4s out of them. Homes range from antebellum to pre-assembled. Palestine city vehicles have Dogwood blossoms painted on their car doors. Jefferson reminds us that Texas too, had "Riverboat Days".

East Texas is a good place to adjust before entering or after leaving Louisiana. If you're not sure about going to the Bayou State, you can stay at Caddo Lake and be Uncertain. Tyler is about as civilized as it gets, Gladewater is the town saved by antiques, and Marshall was once the Capital of Missouri. Kilgore and Gregg County's boomtown days are hard to believe even after 65 years. Take your time and have a Longview.

East Texas Towns and Cities

Acol Angelina/Polk/Tyler
Acworth Red River
Addielou Red River
Africa Shelby
Aiken Shelby
Alabama Houston
Alba Wood
Albion Red River
Aldridge Jasper
Alto Cherokee
Anahuac Gulf Coast
Annona Red River
Antioch Cass
Apple Springs Trinity
Appleby Nacogdoches
Arbala Hopkins
Arbor Houston
Arcadia Shelby
Argo Titus
Arp Smith
Ashland Upshur
Asia Polk
Athens Henderson
Atlanta Cass
Atoy Cherokee
Augusta Houston
Austonio Houston
Avery Red River
Avinger Cass
Bagwell Red River
Baldwin Harrison
Barado Walker
Bassett Bowie
Bath Walker
Batson Hardin
Baxter Henderson
Bayou Sabine
Baytown Gulf Coast
Beans Place Jasper
Beaumont Feature Gulf Coast
Beaver Dam Bowie
Beck's Chapel Henderson
Beckville Panola
Belgrade Newton
Berea Marion
Bethany Panola
Bethel Anderson
Bethlehem Cass
Bevilport Jasper
Big Sandy Upshur
Birthright Hopkins
Bivins Cass
Black Ankle San Augustine
Black Jack Cherokee
Blackjack Smith
Bloomburg Cass
Bluff Red River
Bobo Shelby
Bogata Red River
Bogus Springs Cass
Bois D'Arc Anderson
Bon Wier Newton
Bonami Jasper
Boston Bowie
Boxelder Red River
Boxwood Upshur
Brachfield Rusk
Bradford Anderson
Bragg Hardin
Bridge City Gulf Coast
Bronson 1-1-20 Sabine
Brooklyn Shelby
Brownsboro - Athens trip Henderson
Brushy Creek Anderson
Buena Vista Shelby
Buffalo Henderson
Bulah Cherokee
Bullard Smith
Buncombe Panola
Bunker Hill Jasper
Burke Angelina
Burkeville Newton
Burning Bush Smith
Byspot San Jacinto
Caledonia Rusk
Call Newton/Jasper
Calloway Upshur
Camden Gregg
Camden Polk
Camilla San Jacinto
Campti Shelby
Canton Van Zandt
Caro Nacogdoches
Carroll Springs Henderson
Carterville Harrison
Carthage - Carthage trip Panola
Cartwright Wood
Cass Cass
Catfish Henderson
Cayuga Anderson
Centennial Panola
Center Shelby
Center Point Camp
Centerville Henderson
Chalk Hill Rusk
Chandler Henderson
Chapman Rusk
Cheeseland Angelina
Cherry Red River
Chester Tyler
Chickenfeather Rusk
China Gulf Coast
Chinquapin San Augustine
Chireno Nacogdoches
Choice Shelby
Chumley San Augustine
Church Hill Rusk
Cincinnati Walker
Clarksville Red River
Clayton Panola
Clearwater Franklin
Climax Nacogdoches
Coffee Hopkins
Coffee City Henderson
Coffeeville Upshur
Coke Wood
Coldspring San Jacinto
Colita Polk
College Hill Bowie
Coltharp Houston
Comet Marion
Como Hopkins
Concord Angelina
Concord Rusk
Conroe Montgomery
Cookville Titus
Cornett Cass
Corrigan Polk
Country Campus Walker
Craft Cherokee
Crockett Houston
Cumby Hopkins
Cuney Cherokee
Cushing Nacogdoches
Cusseta Cass
Cut and Shoot Montgomery
Cuthand Red River
Dacus Montgomery
Daingerfield Morris
Dalby Springs Bowie
Danville Gregg
Danville Montgomery
Darby Polk
Darco Harrison
De Berry Panola
Deadwood Panola
Decker Prairie Montgomery
DeKalb Bowie
Denmark Anderson
Denning San Augustine
Denson Springs Anderson
Detroit Red River
Deweyville Newton
Dextra Nacogdoches
Dialville Cherokee
Diana Upshur
Diboll Angelina
Dido Walker
Dike Hopkins
Dillon Hopkins
Dimple Red River
Dobbin Montgomery
Dodge Walker
Dodson Houston
Domino Cass
Dotson Panola
Doucette Tyler
Douglas Smith
Douglass Nacogdoches
Douglassville Cass
Dreka Shelby
Drusilla Wood
Duff Shelby
Earl Cherokee
Earle's Chapel Cherokee
East Mountain Upshur
East Point Wood
Easton Gregg County / Rusk County
Ebenezer Camp
Eliza Houston
Elkhart Anderson
Elysian Fields Harrison
Emilee Tyler
Emory Rains
Emporia Angelina
English Red River
Enon Upshur
Etoile Nacogdoches
Eureka Franklin
Eustace Henderson
Evadale Jasper
Everitt San Jacinto
Eylau Bowie
Fair Play Panola
Fairmount Sabine
Fairyland Hopkins
Falba Walker
Fannett Gulf Coast
Farrsville Newton
Fastrill Cherokee
Fawil Newton
Fincastle Henderson
Flint Smith
Fodice Houston
Footes Gregg
Fordís Corner San Augustine
Fort Houston Anderson
Fort Teran Tyler
Fostoria Montgomery
Frankston Anderson
Fred Tyler
Fredonia 9-1-20 Gregg
Friday Trinity
Friendship Upshur
Fulbright Red River
Furrh Panola
Gallatin Cherokee
Galloway Panola
Garden Valley Smith
Garrison Nacogdoches
Gary Panola
Geneva Polk
Geneva Sabine
Gent Cherokee
Gethsemane Community Marion
Gilmer Upshur
Ginger Rains
Gladewater Gregg
Glendale Trinity
Glenwood Upshur
Golden Wood
Good Neighbor Hopkins
Goodrich Polk
Gould Cherokee
Grand Bluff Panola
Grapeland Houston
Gray Marion
Grayrock Franklin
Greenwood Hopkins
Greggton Gregg
Gresham Smith
Grice Upshur
Griffin Cherokee
Groveton Trinity
Gum Springs Harrison
Gun Barrel City Henderson
Gusher Hardin
Hagensport Franklin
Hagerville Houston
Halifax Polk
Hallsville Harrison
Hamshire Gulf Coast
Hardin Hardin
Harleton Harrison
Haslam Shelby
Hawkins Wood
Hemphill Sabine
Henderson Rusk
Hickory Hill Anderson
Hillister Tyler
Hodgson Bowie
Holcomb Store Cherokee
Holly Houston
Homer Angelina
Hooks Bowie
Hopewell Smith
Horace Upshur
Hortense Polk
Hot Shelby
Hubbard Bowie
Huber Shelby
Huffines Cass
Hughes Springs Cass
Hull Liberty
Humble Harris
Huntington Angelina
Huntsville - Huntsville trip Walker
Huxley Shelby
Ioni Anderson
Iris Trinity
Iron Bridge Gregg
Ironosa San Augustine
Ironton Cherokee
Irwin Rusk
Jacksonville Feature Cherokee
Jamestown Newton
Jamestown Smith
Jasper Jasper
Java Cherokee
Jefferson Marion
Joaquin Shelby
Johntown Red River
Jonesboro Red River
Jonesville Angelina
Jonesville Harrison
Jumbo Panola
Karnack Harrison
Kanawha Red River
Kellyville Marion
Kelsey Upshur
Kennard Houston
Kiam Polk
Kildare Cass
Kilgore Gregg
Kiomatia Red River
Kirbyville Jasper
Kountze Hardin
LaFayette Upshur
Laneville Rusk
Larissa Cherokee
Larue Henderson
Lassater Marion
Latch Upshur
Latexo Houston
Lawsonville Rusk
Leagueville Henderson
Leary Bowie
Leesburg Camp
Leggett Polk
Leigh Harrison
Leverett's Chapel Rusk
Liberty Liberty
Liberty City Gregg
Lindale Trip Smith
Linden Cass
Lindsey Springs Angelina
Linwood Cherokee
Little Hope Wood
Livingston Polk
Lodi Marion
Logan Panola
Lone Star Cherokee
Lone Star Morris
Lone Star Red River
Long Branch Panola
Longview Gregg
Looneyville Nacogdoches
Los Adaes Louisiana
Lotta Harrison
Lovelady Houston
Lufkin Angelina
Lydia Red River
Mabank - Athens trip Henderson
Macedonia Marion
Madras Red River
Magnolia Anderson
Magnolia Montgomery
Mahoney Hopkins
Malakoff Henderson
Malta Bowie
Manila Cherokee
Marietta Cass
Marion Angelina
Marshall Feature Harrison
Marshall Springs Titus
Martha's Chapel Walker
Martinsville Nacogdoches
Maud Bowie
Maydelle Cherokee
Mayflower Newton
McLeod Cass
Midyett Panola
Milam Sabine
Millville Rusk
Mims Chapel Marion
Minden Rusk
Mineola Wood
Mixon Cherokee
Moffett Angelina
Monroe City Gulf Coast
Montalba Anderson
Montgomery Montgomery
Moscow Polk
Mount Enterprise Rusk
Mount Mitchell Morris
Mount Pleasant Titus
Mount Selman Cherokee
Mount Sterling Nacogdoches
Mount Vernon Franklin
Munz Cass
Murvaul Panola
Mutt and Jeff Wood
Nacogdoches Nacogdoches
Naples Morris
Nash Bowie
Neches Anderson
Negley Red River
Nesbitt Harrison
New Birmingham - Rusk trip Cherokee
New Boston Bowie
New Diana Upshur
New Hope Rusk
New London Rusk
New Summerfield Cherokee
New Waverly Walker
New York Henderson
Newport Walker
Newsome Camp
Newton Newton
Nigton Trinity
Nogalus Prairie Trinity
Nome Gulf Coast
Noonday Harrison
Noonday Smith
North Chapel Gregg
Oak Flats Rusk
Oak Grove Bowie
Oak Ridge North Montgomery
Oakhurst - Huntsville trip San Jacinto
Oakland Houston
O'Farrell Cass
Old Boston Bowie
Old Carolina Walker
Old Center Panola
Old Dimple Red River
Old Salem Bowie
Old Waverly Walker/San Jacinto
Olive Hardin
Ollie Polk
Omaha Morris
Omega Gregg
Omen Smith
Onalaska Polk
Orange Gulf Coast
Ore City Upshur
Overton Rusk
Palestine - trip Anderson
Panola Panola
Patroon Shelby
Paul's Store Shelby
Paxton Shelby
Peach Tree Village Tyler
Peerless Hopkins
Pennington Trinity
Percilla Houston
Perryville Wood
Pert Anderson
Phelps Walker
Philistine Angelina
Pickens Henderson
Pine Springs Bowie
Pine Springs Smith
Pine Town Cherokee
Pinehill Rusk
Pineland Sabine
Piney Titus
Pittsburg Camp
Pleasant Grove Wood
Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Ridge Panola
Pluck Polk
Poer Bowie
Point Rains
Point Blank San Jacinto
Pollok Angelina
Pone Rusk
Ponta Cherokee
Port Arthur Gulf Coast
Port Neches Gulf Coast
Posey Hopkins
Possum Trot Shelby
Potter's Point Marion
Poynor Henderson
Prairie Point Houston
Presley Titus
Pritchett Upshur
Providence Anderson
Pumpkin San Jacinto
Pylas Rusk
Queen City Cass
Quicksand Newton
Quitman Wood
Rambo Cass
Ratcliff Houston
Red Bank Bowie
Red Hill Cass
Red Rock Upshur
Redwater Bowie
Reese Cherokee
Refuge Houston
Reilly Springs Hopkins
Reklaw Cherokee/Rusk
Remlig Jasper
Riverside Walker
Rocky Mound Camp
Rosalie Red River
Rosevine Sabine
Rugby Red River
Rusk Cherokee
Sabine Gulf Coast
Sabine Pass Gulf Coast
Sabinetown Sabine
Sacul Nacogdoches
Saltillo Hopkins
Salmon Anderson
San Augustine San Augustine
Sand Flat Rains
Sand Hill Upshur
Saratoga Hardin
Savannah Marion
Savannah Red River
Saxet Shelby
Science Hill Henderson
Scottsville Harrison
Scrap Red River
Scroggins Franklin
Sebastopol Trinity
Security Montgomery
Selman City Rusk
Setag Polk
Seymore Hopkins
Shacklefoot Sabine
Shadowland Red River
Shankleville Newton
Shelbyville Shelby
Shenandoah Montgomery
Shepherd San Jacinto
Shiloh Gregg
Slocum Anderson
Smithland Marion
Snap Panola
Snow Town
San Jacinto
Snow Hill San Jacinto
Soda Polk
Sour Lake Hardin
Spivey Shelby
Springdale Cass
Stagecoach Montgomery
Stamps Upshur
Starrville Smith
Stewart Rusk
Stockman Shelby
Stormville Wood
Stowell Gulf Coast
Sulphur Springs Hopkins
Sumpter Trinity
Survey Newton
Swartwout Polk
Talco Titus
Tallys Harrison
Tamina Montgomery
Tarrant Hopkins
Tatum - Carthage trip Rusk
Teaselville Smith
Tecula Cherokee
Tenaha Shelby
Teneryville Gregg
Tennessee Colony Anderson
Texarkana Bowie
The Woodlands Montgomery
Thedford Smith
Thermo Hopkins
Thicket Hardin
Time Sabine
Timpson Shelby
Tinrag Hopkins
Tira Hopkins
Tool Henderson
Toomey Shelby
Town Bluff Tyler
Trinidad Henderson
Trinity Trinity
Troup Smith
Tucker Anderson
Turkey Creek Cass
Turnertown Rusk
Turney Cherokee
Turpentine Jasper
Tuscaloosa Walker
Twin Groceries Hopkins
Tyler Smith
Uncertain Harrison
Union Grove Upshur
Universe Smith
Urbana San Jacinto
Utica Smith
Vessey Red River
Victory City Bowie
Village Mills Hardin
Viola Cass
Votaw Hardin
Wake Village Bowie
Waldrop Panola
Walkers' Mill Harrison
Walnut Grove Panola
Walnut Grove Smith
Wamba Bowie
Waneta Houston
Waskom Harrison
Watson Red River
Waverly Walker / San Jacinto
Weeping Mary Cherokee
Weldon Houston
Wells Cherokee
West New Hope Titus
White Oak Gregg
White Rock Red River
White Rock San Augustine
Whitehouse Smith
Wiergate Newton
Willis Montgomery
Winona Smith
Who'd Thought It Hopkins
Winnie Gulf Coast
Winnsboro Wood
Woodlands Montgomery
Woodlawn Harrison
Woods Panola
Woodville Tyler
Word Shelby
Wright City Smith
Yantis Wood
Yellowpine Sabine
Yero Walker
Zana San Augustine
Zavala Jasper
Zeirath Jasper

Texas Towns A - Z :


Map - Click on the region for town & city listings
*Regions as designated by Texas Economic Development and TXDoT

Texas Regional Map Big Bend Country Panhandle Plains Hill Country Prairies and Lakes, Central Texas NORTH Prairies and Lakes, Central Texas SOUTH South Texas Plains Gulf Coast Piney Woods
Map used by permission of TravelTex.com (Texas Economic Development)
Image map (the links to regions) courtesy Sam Fenstermacher

County Seats

San Augustine  
  • San Augustine San Augustine Co
  • Center
  • Center Shelby Co seat
  • Clarksville
  • Clarksville Red River Co seat
  • Rusk
  • Rusk Cherokee Co seat

  • Special Subjects:

    Geneva Sabine Co
    The oldest continuously occupied town in East Texas






























































































































































































































































































































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