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(Prior to 1950)

In this series we showcase some of the most modest of Texas buildings. Schools had one purpose and one purpose only. They didn't enjoy the amenities or details of hotels, public buildings, depots or courthouses. In some cases during the winters of the 1930s - each child came to school with a piece of firewood for the stove.

Many schools were dismantled and recycled into barns and outbuildings after the school consolidations of the late 40s and early 50s. Only a fraction are still standing today. Some today serve as community buildings or even residences. Others are simply collapsing under their own weight or being swallowed by vegetation.

Schoolhouse List

Colleges & Universities

Education, Opinion, Humor, Crimes, School Days ...

Texas School Buildings &
One Room Schoolhouses

Elm Mott School
  • Elm Mott School 2-22-22
  • Medicine Mound
  • Medicine Mound Schoolhouse 1-5-22
  • Fairy TX
  • Fairy School 12-16-21
  • Peyton
  • Peyton Colony Schoolhouse
  • Mentone
  • Mentone Church & Former Schoolhouse
    The oldest building in Loving County

  • Johnsville
  • Johnsville School Class Photo 9-19-17
  • Lela High School 7-1-17
  • Lela
  • Eulogy Schoolhouse 6-13-17
  • Mosheim School 6-13-17
  • Mosheim
  • Nash Ellis Co 4-9-17
  • Smithville Central School 2-7-17
  • Smithville
  • Tankersley Schoolhouses
  • Elkhart 1928 12-12-16
  • Elkhart
  • Fodice Community School 11-1-16
  • Indian Gap School 12-29-15
  • Indian Gap Tx
  • Roznov School 2-1-15
  • Choate School 7-22-14
  • Wayside School
  • Wayside
  • Cistern Schoolhouse c. 1920 4-27-14
  • Nicholson School, Collingsworth County 3-13-14
  • Farmer 4-12-14
  • Nicholson
  • Kingsville - Henrietta M. King High School 10-21-13
  • Wooster Common School No. 38, Harris County by Trevia Wooster Beverly 9-1-13
  • Wooster Common School No. 38
  • Myrtle Springs School 4-1-13
  • Poesta School 1-14-13
  • Galloway - WPA Project 3-13-13
  • Kenedy Mexican School 12-18-12
  • Kenedy
  • Moline Schoolhouse 12-17-12
  • Centennial School 12-4-12
  • Centennial School
  • Helena Schoolhouse - Former Karnes County Courthouse 6-22-12
  • Commerce High School Class Of 1922 7-29-12
  • Concord School 10-31-12
  • Commerce High School Class of 1922
  • Seymore Grade School 8-6-12
  • Stamps School 6-17-12
  • Enloe High School Varsity 1938 3-11-12
  • concord
    Thorp Springs
  • Thorp Springs Christian College 1914-1915 Yearbook 1-16-12
  • Castell old schoolhouse 9-21-11
  • Castell
    Sweet Home
  • Lavaca County's Old Brown School 7-25-11
  • Sweet Home Vocational and Agricultural School 6-15-11
    On National Register of Historic Places
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
  • Cave Creek School
    Sunshine Hill burned
  • Cave Creek School 5-8-11
    On National Register of Historic Places
  • Sunshine Hill School 3-29-11
  • Concord Rosenwald School 2-1-11
  • Sipe Springs School 1914 4-2-11
  • School
  • Waneta Schoolhouse 1-16-11
  • Kingsville - Henrietta King High School 1-15-11
  • Hovey Schoolhouse 1-1-10
  • Shiloh Schoolhouse 12-9-10
  • Hovey
    Shiloh School
  • Holt School Historical Landmark 4-7-10
  • Post High School 10-7-10
  • Fayetteville School 6-1-10
  • Peyton Colony School 1877-1963 8-17-10
  • Holt School
  • Winedale School
  • Wayside School
  • Wayside

    Texas Schoolhouse List

    Most Modest Building

    “The Most Modest of Buildings” By Mary S. Black
    Photos by Bruce F Jordan
    Excerpted From "Early Texas Schools: A Photographic History”

    The Schools We Knew by Bob Bowman
    From the 1800s to shortly after World War II, East Texas was made up mostly of farming communities,... almost every community had a school which acted as the glue that held each settlement together...

  • Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools
    12 Gillespie County Schools are Recognized – Not for Achievement, but Survival

  • Restoring Trinity's Old Red - The red-brickTrinity schoolhouse, built in 1911-13


  • Abilene High School & Colleges
  • Acme School, Quanah, 1939-42 Teachers & Students Portraits
  • Albert - Williams Creek School
  • Aldine Schoolhouse
  • Aledo High School
  • Aleman, former school
  • Allamoore School
  • Alligator School House, Texas
  • Alpine High School
  • Alvin Public School
  • Ambrose Old Schoolhouse
  • Amherst Old Schoolhouse
  • Alvord Public School
  • Andrews
  • Anton
  • Antelope School & Gym
  • Aransas Pass old school building
  • Argenta Schoolhouse
  • Argo School
  • Ashby
  • Asherton High School
  • Ballinger School Buildings
  • Bangs High School
  • Barstow High stadium scoreboard
  • Barstow School
  • Barstow Schoolhouse in 1908
  • Bartlett School Feature
  • Baxter School
  • Baursville School
  • Baylor University, Independence
  • Bayside School
  • Baytown - Wooster Common School No. 38, Harris County Feature
  • Beaukiss School Feature
  • Ben Ficklin School, former Tom Green County Courthouse
  • Bend School (no photos)
  • Benoit old schoolhouse
  • Berclair School
  • Bernardo Class Photo
  • Bethel Schoolhouse
  • Bethel School, Runnels County (no photos)
  • Big Spring Public School
  • Bigfoot School
  • Bishop High School
  • Bledsoe School Feature
  • Bluffton Schoolhouse
  • Bluntzer School
  • Boling High School
  • Bonnie Parker's Alma Mater
  • Bonnie View School
  • Borger High School, circa 1930s
  • Bowie - East Ward School
  • Brandon School
  • Bremond School
  • Brenham High School
  • Briary Old Schoolhouse
  • Bridge Valley Class of 1919
  • Briggs School
  • Brock ISD
  • Bronco Highway School (no photo)
  • Brookesmith School old and new gym
  • Brown School (Lavaca County)
  • Brownwood - Rufus F. Hardin School Feature
  • Brownwood - Central and High School
  • Bula Schoolhouse Ruins
  • Bulah
  • Bulcher
  • Bunger
  • Bunker Hill School
  • Bushdale School class photo
  • Caesar High School Class of 1914
  • Calf Creek School Feature
  • Capitola 1917 School
  • Carbon Old Schoolhouse & former high school
  • Carlton school
  • Carta Valley Schoolhouse
  • Cartwright
  • Castell old schoolhouse Feature
  • Catarina School
  • Cave Creek School Feature
    On National Register of Historic Places

  • Centennial School Feature
  • Center High School - School Days Feature
    A Ghost Story by James L. Choron
  • Center Point School
  • Channing School
  • Chapman Ranch
  • Chappell Hill former school, now a museum
  • Charlie
  • Cheapside
  • Cherry Spring - Old Cherry Spring School
  • Chico former schoolhouse - Siddon-Barnes Log Cabin 1870s
  • Chicota School Class c. 1940s
  • Chillicothe
  • Choate School
  • Circle Back - Grade 1-3 1956 Class Photo
  • Cistern Schoolhouse c. 1920
  • Clarendon High School 1927 - Athletes and Pep Squad
  • Clairette Schoolhouse
  • Clareville
  • Clarkson old schoolhouse
  • Close City School
  • Coke - Lloyd C.S.D. 7
  • Coldwater Schoolhouse
  • Colita Academy
  • Collegeport School
  • Collinsville School
  • Colony School
  • Commerce High School - Class Of 1922
  • Commerce High School - Class of 1927
  • Concord School
  • Concord Rosenwald School
  • Conway School
  • Cookville Public School, early 1900s
  • Corsicana High School
  • Cottonwood old schoolhouse
  • Cotulla High School c. 1928
  • Courtney School, 1913
  • Cozy Corner - Lane Pool School, renamed Hostyn Colored School
  • Crabapple School c. 1878
  • Crane High School
  • Cranfills Gap c. 1939
  • Crawford Middle School
  • Cresson School & Historical Marker
  • Crews Schoolhouse & Gym
  • Crosby County - Leatherwood School
  • Crockett - Mary Allen College
  • Dale
  • Dayton Old Schoolhouse
  • Del Rio High School
  • Denhawken School
  • Denison Schools
  • Denison High School - Razed Feature
  • Denver City Elementary (former) - Museum Today
  • Dermott Schoolhouse (In Snyder)
  • Desdemona School
  • D'Hanis - St. Anthony's School
  • Divot
  • Donna School
  • Doole Elementary School 5th and 6th grade class 1946 - 1947
  • Dozier
  • Draw School House Feature (no photo)
  • Dripping Springs Academy
  • Driscoll High School - Burned
  • Dryden
  • Dulin
  • Dundee School
  • Duffau School
  • Eagle Lake High School Band
  • Eagle Pass
  • Edinburg High School
  • El Campo School
  • Elgin Public School, early 1900s
  • Eliasville De Long Ward School
  • Elkhart Schoolhouse ruin?
  • Elkhart 1928 Class
  • Ellinger - German School
  • Elm Grove School sign
  • Elm Mott School 2-22-22
  • Enloe High School Varsity 1938
  • Eola School Feature
  • Eulogy School Feature
  • Eureka School in Spunky Flat Feature
  • Ezzell School Historical Marker
  • Falfurrias High School class of 1953
  • Fargo - Northside ISD
  • Farmer
  • Farmers Branch 1900-1910 Schoolhouse
  • Fayetteville School
  • Flowella
  • Floyd
  • Fluvanna school children 1915-17
  • Fly Gap schoolhouse
  • Forney High School
  • Fort McKavett Schoolhouse Feature
  • Fredericksburg's "Vereins Kirche"
  • Freyburg School
  • Friberg School, Site of
  • Friendship (Submerged) - School
  • Gallatin Old Schoolhouse 1916
  • Gasoline School
  • Gay Hill one room schoolhouse
  • Gilliland School Ruins
  • Glen Rose High School Tiger Stadium sign
  • Goliad High School
  • Golly
  • Gorman Public School
  • Granger High School
  • Grapetown Schoolhouse Feature
  • Grapevine - Donald Schoolhouse
  • Grit Schoolhouse
  • Hamby Elementary School
  • Hart Camp
  • Haskell Schools
  • High Hill - St. Mary's School
  • Heard Schoolhouse
  • Helena Schoolhouse - Former Karnes County Courthouse Feature
  • Hereford
  • Hext
  • Holland
  • Holman - Holman School & Pecan School
  • Holt School
  • Houston - Charles Elliot Elementary
  • Hostyn Hill
  • Hovey Schoolhouse Feature
  • Illinois Bend
  • Indian Creek School, Mills County
  • Indian Gap School
  • Ingleside Schools marker
  • Iowa Park High School
  • Italy High School
  • Jacksboro High School
  • Jacksonville - Frederick Douglass School
  • Jacksonville Colleges
  • Jarrell School, 1928 and Class Photos
  • Jarrett Schoolhouse
  • Jeddo old Schoolhouse
  • Johnson City Public School
  • Jonesboro School
  • Juno Schoolhouse
  • Justiceburg Schoolhouse
  • Keene School
  • Kelsey School
  • Kendalia School c.1930
  • Kenedy
  • Kent School ruin
  • Kermit Elementary School
  • Kerrick School
  • Feature
  • Kerrville - Tivy High School
  • Kimball School
  • Kingsbury
  • Kingsville - Henrietta M. King High School Feature
  • Kirtley
  • Knobbs Springs old schoolhouse
  • Koerth
  • Kountze High School
  • La Joya
  • Lagarto - Former School
  • Lake View Hall County Old Schoolhouse
  • Lawsonville - Concord School
  • Ledbetter
  • Lela High School
  • Lelia Lake
  • Leming Elementary
  • Lesley Schoolhouse
  • Lilac School - Class 1901
  • Lipan High School
  • Lipscomb School
  • Llano High School
  • Lockhart - Ward School
  • Lolita
  • Lone Grove Schoolhouse Feature
  • Longview - Northcutt Heights Elementary School
  • Lorenzo
  • Lowake school (now community center)
  • Lubbock - Senior High School
  • Lubbock - Texas Tech College
  • Luther School
  • Lutie
  • Lyford School, 1911
  • Mackay Class of 1927
  • Manda old schoolhouse
  • Marathon Schoolhouse
  • Marfa High School
  • Marietta ISD
  • Markley School marker
  • Mason High School
  • Marshall High School
  • Marshall Colleges
  • Masterson - Bivins School
  • Maverick Schoolhouse
  • Maypearl School
  • McAllen High School
  • McCaulley School
  • McFaddin School
  • Mecklenburg Class 1942
  • Medicine Mound Schoolhouse ruin?
  • Megargel
  • Mentone Church & Former Schoolhouse
    The oldest building in Loving County
  • Merit
  • Mesquite 1905 Schoolhouse
  • Middle Creek - St. Anthony's
  • Middle Water school ruins
  • Midland
  • Midway - Beasley School Site
  • Miles High School
  • Millersview School
  • Minerva Schoolhouse
  • Moline Schoolhouse
  • Monaville
  • Mooreville
  • Moran School
  • Moravia School Historical Marker
  • Morgan - Union Hill School
  • Morgan Mill High School
  • Morris Ranch 1893 schoolhouse
  • Mosheim
  • Mozell High School
  • Moulton
  • Mount Mitchell - Site of Valley View School Historical Marker
  • Muenster - Sacred Heart School
  • Mullin School
  • Mullins Prairie
  • Mungerville
  • Murphy School
  • Mykawa School
  • Myra School
  • Myrtle Springs School
  • Nash Public School and Marker
  • Nechanitz
  • Nelsonville
  • New Baden
  • New London School Explosion Feature
  • New London - West Rusk High School Feature
  • New Ulm
  • New Wehdem
  • Nicholson School, Collingsworth County
  • Nixon-Smiley High School
  • Noodle - Cross Road School
  • Northfield - Closed school
  • Novohrad - Grieve School
  • Nuecetown Schoolhouse
  • Oak Grove (Jones County) Class 1903
  • Oakalla - 1920 former schoolhouse
  • Oakland Academy Class 1906
  • Oatmeal - Stone schoolhouse
  • Odell School
  • Odem
  • Odessa High School
  • O'Donnell High School
  • Oklahoma Lane Schoolhouse
  • Old Glory High School
  • Old Waverly Schoolhouse
  • Olmos
  • Olney School
  • Omaha - Site of Omaha School Marker
  • Oso - Pine Springs School Marker
  • Overton School
  • Ozona High School
  • Palestine School
  • Pandale Schoolhouse
  • Panna Maria - children's water fountain
  • Parnell School ruins
  • Pawnee - School Bell
  • Peacock Reunions
  • Pear Valley
  • Pearland 1912 High School
  • Peaster
  • Pierce School
  • Pelham - Ash Creek School Historical marker
  • Peoria
  • Pep
  • Perico abandoned school
  • Petronila
  • Pettit High School
  • Pettus High School
  • Peyton Colony School, 1877-1963
  • Pharr School, 1911
  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo School, 1915
  • Pickens old school
  • Piney - Merry-Go-Round
  • Placid School
  • Plains High School
  • Plainview - Waiting for the High School to be completed
  • Poesta School
  • Polly Schoolhouse
  • Poolville Elementary
  • Port Arthur Middle School
  • Portland
  • Post High School Historical marker
  • Pottsville School
  • Power Point School
  • Prairie School
  • Prairie Mountain School
  • Premont High School Cheerleaders 1953
  • Priddy School
  • Pringle Elementary School
  • Proffitt Baptist Church
  • Purves old school with windmill
  • Pyote School
  • Pyron School
  • Quanah - Acme School, 1939-42 Teachers & Students Portraits
  • Rabbs Prairie
  • Ralls Middle School
  • Ray Point Old Schoolhouse
  • Red Bluff School 1920
  • Redwater School
  • Rheingold School
  • Ricardo school mascot
  • Rice Ranch Community School Children, c1912
  • Richardson - Wheeler School
  • Ridge old school
  • Rio Grande City School, Burned
  • Rio Hondo
  • Roaring Springs
  • Rochester School
  • Rock Island School Picnic
  • Rock Island Class of 1925
  • Rocksprings School
  • Rosanky School
  • Rosser
  • Roznov School
  • Rowena Schools
  • Rusk High School
  • Sagerton Schoolhouse & Class of 1905 (?)
  • Salado - Amity School circa 1906
  • San Benito School
  • San Diego Schoolhouses
  • San Gabriel School
  • San Jacinto School
  • San Saba Schools
  • Sanco School
  • Sanderson High School
  • Sandia
  • Santa Anna High School
  • Santo High School, old and new
  • School Hill old schoolhouse
  • Schroeder
  • Scott School, 1907
  • Scranton Academy
  • Sempronius Schoolhouse
  • Shady Grove School
  • Shankleville - Blum Male and Female College Historical Marker
  • Sharp School
  • Shep
  • Shiloh Schoolhouse
  • Silver
  • Silverton Schoolhouse
  • Sisterdale old stone schoolhouse
  • Sipe Springs (Mila County) School 1914
  • Slater
  • Sligo Schoolhouse
  • Slocum School
  • Smithville Central School
  • Snyder High School, 1900s
  • Sonora High School
  • Southland School Relic
  • Spade
  • Spanish Fort School
  • Speaks former schoolhouse
  • Stamps School
  • Star School
  • Starr county unidentified school
  • Sterling City ISD
  • Stonewall Schools
  • Stony
  • Strawn - Robinson Schoolhouse Feature
  • Sunshine Hill School - Burned
  • Swearingen School, 1928
  • Sweet Home Vocational and Agricultural School
    On National Register of Historic Places
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
  • Swiss Alp
  • Sylvester School
  • Tahoka High School
  • Talco High School
  • Tankersley Schoolhouses
  • Tarkington Prairie
  • Teague High School
  • Tehuacana School
  • Tennessee Colony Community Center/School
  • Tennyson School
  • Thalia
  • Thornton School historical marker
  • Thrift School ?
  • Thurman School - Kickaboo
  • Time School -1915 Class Photo
  • Titus County Lime Kiln School 1917 class photo
  • Tokio School and historicla marker
  • Tomball
  • Topsey
  • Toyah Elementary & High School, 1912
  • Trickham School
  • Trinity schoolhouse (All Things Historical)
  • Trio School - Haunted Feature
  • Truby School Historical Marker
  • Tucker - Green Bay High School
  • Tuleta Agriculture High School
  • Tulia Public School, 1908
  • Turkey High School
  • Tyler
  • Union Grove High School Feature
  • Uvalde High School
  • Valera School, closed
  • Valley View School, closed Cottle Co
  • Valley View Cooke Co
  • Van
  • Van Alstyne
  • Vattmann
  • Vega Public School
  • Velehrad
  • Venus Public School Building
  • Victoria Public School
  • Vigo Park
  • Vox Populi - Class of 1920
  • Waldeck Schoolhouse
  • Waneta Schoolhouse
  • Waring School - State Historic Landmark
  • Washington School
  • Water Valley
  • Watterson School
  • Wayside School
  • Waxahachie
  • Waxahachie - Park Public School
  • Weesatche School
  • Weimar Schools
  • Weinert Grade & High School
  • Weldon School
  • Welfare School - State Historic Landmark
  • West Sinton
  • Westhoff
  • Westover School Historical Marker
  • West Point Public School
  • Wharton County school bus c.1928
  • White Deer Grade School
  • Whiteflat School
  • Whiteland School
  • White Rock Schoolhouse
  • Whitewright
  • Whitt
  • Wied
  • Williams Community School
  • Willow City
  • Winchester
  • Winedale Schoolhouse
  • Wingate
  • Winnsboro
  • Woods Schoolhouse?
  • Yancey
  • Yoakum Public School
  • Yoakum County - Center Point School Historical Marker
  • The Zephyr Public School Building
  • The Zimmersheidt School - "The Last One Room Schoolhouse In Texas" Feature

  • School playground
    "... with its playground worn so bare, that even the months of sun and idleness failed to bring forth any grass." - James Rooney

    TE Photo
    "It seemed, as I recall it, a lonely little house of scholarship, with its playground worn so bare, that even the months of sun and idleness failed to bring forth any grass. But that humble little school had a dignity of a fixed and far off purpose. It was the nest of the West's greatness. It was the outpost of civilization. It was the advance guard of the pioneer, driving the wilderness farther into the west. It was life preparing wistfully for the future. The school was poorly equipped, indeed, since it boasted only a few long, crude benches, with no desks but the knees upon which to write. The teacher was afflicted with the tobacco habit, which the ten small pupils accepted along with other disadvantages".

    James Rooney remembers the White House School in Fort Stockton as it was in 1879. From the introduction to Journey From Ignorant Ridge, Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1976

    Colleges and Universities

  • Whitley Hall: A Brief History of TAMUC's High-Rise Dormitory by Joshua V. Chanin

  • Clarendon College
  • Clarendon College

  • A Profile on Wesley College by Joshua V. Chanin 5-29-20

  • Burleson College: Greenville's Scholastic Jewel by Joshua V. Chanin 11-12-19

  • Thorp Springs Christian College 1914-1915 Yearbook
    Old photos & yearbook pages of buildings, societies, curriculum, tuition, faculty, students...

  • Savoy Male and Female College by Mike Cox
    When graduates of the long-extinct Savoy Male and Female College gathered for their first reunion in 1938, several of the men did a little reminescing about the Indians fights they had back in the day...

  • Jarvis Christian College by Archie P. McDonald
    Obtaining a collegiate education presented a problem for African Americans in Texas prior to court-ordered racial integration which began in the 1950s...

  • East Texas Bapist University by Archie P. McDonald
    East Texas Baptist College, now University, began and remains in Marshall, Texas...

  • Another College Among the Pines by Archie P. McDonald
    We who give "All Hail to SFA" think of our University by one of its earlier nicknames, "The College Among The Pines." That also described another excellent institution headquartered in Carthage, Texas, named Panola College after its host county.

  • Stephen F. Austin State University by Archie P. McDonald

  • Add-Ran College, now TCU, Thorp Spring

  • Dana X. Bible and the Twelfth Man by Archie P. McDonald
    A story about the life and contributions to Texas football by Dana Xenophon Bible

  • Salado College by Clay Coppedge

  • Tehuacana - Westminster College

  • Texas A & M University, a Brief History

  • Benton City Institute

  • Brownwood - Howard-Payne College images

  • Brownwood - Daniel Baker College image

  • Hereford - Hereford Christian College images

    Historical Markers

  • Bay View College, Portland

  • Original Site of East Texas Normal College

  • Friona Schools Historical Marker
    Friona has the distinction of being the first town in Texas to integrate its schools.

  • Henry and Emerson Colleges historical marker, Campbell, Texas

  • Lagarto College Historical Marker

  • Larissa - Site of Old Larissa College

  • Education

  • Remembering Lamar by Mike Cox

  • Giles Academy (Ben Franklin, Texas)
    Historical marker

  • How Photographer Drew Kapalach’s Camera Sees Galveston by Bill Cherry
    There is a photo taken by Mr. Kalapach that reminds me of a great George Mitchell story, one that’s completely different; one no one knew to tell.

  • The Night of January 16th by Bill Cherry
    Fifty-five years of January 16ths have come and gone since then, but the lesson taught on January 16, 1957 by Ball High School speech and drama teacher, Arthur Graham, at the old Galveston County Courthouse remain intact to this day with those who were there.

  • A Good Education Often Brings Remarkable Rewards by Bill Cherry
    If you were to ask educators why they picked teaching for their lifetime contribution to the world, you would primarily get one of two answers...

  • Mrs. John L. Morris (Marjorie)

  • Institute for the Humanities at Salado by Byron Browne
    Dr. Harry Wilmer

  • Father John Caskey - Galveston's Pied Piper by Bill Cherry
    He insisted that Trinity begin an elementary school, so in 1952 Trinity Episcopal School was born..
  • Segregation in Two Texas Towns by Robert G. Cowser

  • Ann Whitney
    Pioneer Schoolteacher

  • An Influential Visit by Robert G. Cowser
    "As a junior, I found myself on the teacher-certification track, preparing to observe classes at the only high school in Commerce."

  • Rochester Teacher by Mike Cox
    School teaching has never been the best paying avocation, but the terms of employment have definitely improved over the last century...

  • Kinkaid School by Archie P. McDonald
    Kinkaid School in Houston.

  • A.M.Aikin, Jr. by Archie P. McDonald
    "Texans might want to remember A.M. Aikin Jr., who helped drag education and Texas into modern times..."

  • Austin Grade School by Mike Cox
    Austin had the first school in the state built entirely with public funds.

  • Ela Hockaday More Than a School Omarm by Archie P. McDonald
    Founder of the Miss Hockaday School for Girls in Dallas

  • The Gilmer-Aikin Law by Archie P. McDonald, PhD
    The landmark law passed by the Texas legislature that brought the state's educational system at least and at last into the twentieth century.

  • Remembering Integration by Bob Bowman (From "All Things Historical")

    Historical Markers

  • Harper Independent School District


  • The pen is sillier than the sword by Jase Graves 10-3-22

  • Advice for College Freshpersons by Jase Graves

  • Back to school . . . sort of by Jase Graves

  • College Application by Peary Perry
    "My wife and I were sitting on a swing on the upstairs porch drinking coffee as we went over what you are about to read .... I have to tell you both of our sides hurt from laughing so hard .... I wish I could take credit for having written this ... but, I can't...I do hope you find this as funny as we did ..."

  • Dumbing Down of America by Peary Perry
    "At this time we have approximately 30 million illiterate citizens in this country. This is roughly 10% of our total population. You know a large number of them passed through our school system. My question is, how did they graduate if they could not read or write?"

  • Global Decline in Math and Science by Peary Perry


  • Murder at a school by Bob Bowman
    During the evening of March 12, 1926, as students and parents watched a play at Center Point school in Trinity County...

    School Days

  • Slow Times at Amarillo High by Mike Cox

    When the seniors who would graduate from Amarillo High School in 1942 showed up for their first day of classes, they and all their underclassmates received an orange student handbook. The booklet ... included some things that would seem totaly bizarre to 12th graders today, like dating dos and don’ts...

  • Cliff notes on “Perils of Nyoka” by Wanda Orton
    Hadn’t thought of “Perils of Nyoka” in years until a friend mentioned that “Jurassic Park 2” reminded her of the riveting serial that drew us to the picture show every Saturday. So taken were we kids with these cliffhangers that we relived them every school day during recess...

  • Linda and the Texas City Explosion by Bill Cherry
    It was Wednesday morning, April 6, 1947, probably about 10. The Moon reading group was sitting in a circle at the front of the room. Mrs. Carr was in the center. The children were taking turns reading a story about Dick, Jane and Spot. The rest of us were supposed to be drawing...

  • Bethel School Days by Shirley Thompson Mohler

  • "Memories of School Days in Gonzales" by Tillie McGill Bright

  • Busted Flat in Jayton, Texas by Mary Mathias
    "I will always treasure the years I lived where we had a sand storm every Friday and where the people would get up in the middle of the night to help people they didn’t know."

  • Special Delivery by Robert G. Cowser
    When I began the seventh grade at Saltillo, Paul Dodson, our teacher, told us that the State Department of Education would present a certificate to those students who read and reported on thirty books during the school year...

  • Old-timers' tales - true or not by Delbert Trew
    A lady schoolteacher whose experiences included teaching during the "dirty 30s" in a small country school told the following tale...

  • Remembering school days by Bob Bowman
    Few things stir the nostalgia of our lives as the days we spent in our schools decades ago.

  • Competing with Elvis in the Classroom by Robert Cowser
    Elvis Presley and a band called the Blue Notes performed on the stage of the Humble Oil Company’s recreation building in Hawkins one evening in January, 1955...

  • Cujo by George Lester
    I suppose there was one in every class, in every school, everywhere in the country. A class hero. We had one in our class at Eureka School.

  • School Days
    J.T. Brown as told to Louise George
    Class of 31 in Dumas

  • The Reluctant Thespian by George Lester
    "The first grade at Lorena Grade School was putting on a play. The students had been selected to play various nursery rhyme characters. There was “Little Bo Peep”, “Goldie Locks”, “Little Jack Horner” and many more. ..."

  • On the Way to School (Oral History) by Louise George

  • Mules to School by George Lester

  • The Smorgasbord by George Lester
    A school lunch story

  • The News in 1920 by Michael Barr

    Poem by David Knape

  • The Poor
  • Forever Taught
  • Back to School
  • First Day Of School

    Cartoons by Roger Todd Moore

  • Mirabeau Lamar established fund for public education 9-20-21
  • First School Chartered, January 19, 1858
  • Texas A and M - Galveston
  • First free Texas schoolbooks


  • Talpa ISD

  • I know of another one room Texas school house in existence. It is in Culberson county, north of Van Horn. I know it exists, because it was my childhood school house and my teachers have now converted it into their home. It sits at the base of the Guadalupe Mtns. It was in use until about 1988. - Erick Nance, December 08, 2010

    Texas School Districts websites list


  • Ness City, Kansas

  • Kansas Schoolhouses

  • Architecture
    Texas Architecture »

    Deep in the Heart of Texas Escapes

  • Hovey Pecos Co
  • Bledsoe
  • Bledsoe School Cochran Co
















































































































































































































































































































































































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