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"If you want to have a good time, I don't care where you live, just load in your kids and take some congenial friends and start out. You would be surprised what there is to see in this great country within 200 miles of where any of us live. I don't care what state or town." - Will Rogers

Top Topics:

TX drives
  • Texas Drives

  • Scenic
  • Texas Scenic Drives

  •  Wildflowers
  • Texas Wildflower Trips

  • Favorite Trips:

    Photo courtesy Royce L. Milam

    Swimming to Mexico
    The Skinny on Dipping in Texas

    10 rivers, 7 State Parks, 2 Creeks and
    more Springs than an old mattress

    Painted church
    TE Photo

    Painted Churches Tour

    Texas Route 66
    Postcard courtesy www.rootsweb.com/ %7Etxpstcrd/

    Route 66 in Texas

    Texas Day Trips & Weekend Getaways:

    The charms of small towns revealed without hyperbole.
    Written so that you'll return - perhaps for good.
  • Texas Towns A - Z
  • Texas Ghost Towns
  • Texas Regions
  • Texas Counties

  • World Heritage Sites in Texas:

    Five Spanish Roman Catholic sites
  • The Alamo
    Site of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo

  • San Antonio Missions
    by Sam Fenstermacher

  • San Antonio Missions by Byron Browne
    Beginning two and a half miles south of downtown San Antonio there are four eighteenth century missions along what the National Parks Service refers to as the “Mission Trail”...

  • Texas Trips by Themes:

    Texas courthouses, cemeteries, historic trees, bridges, jails, churches, theatres, depots....

    Texas Dance Halls
  • Texas Dance Halls

  • TX gas stations
  • Texas Gas Stations - Adventures with my 1972 Plymouth Cuda and my 67 Ford Mustang Fastback
    A photo essay by Jimmy Dobson

  • Texas Trips by Interests:

  • Lakes (and nearby towns)

  • State Parks (and nearby towns)

  • Nature Travel - Parks, Rivers, Springs, Forests

  • Historic Travel

  • Wildflower Trips

  • Summer Trips

  • Roadside Parks

  • Family Travel

  • Unconventional Trips for Unconventional Travelers

  • Texas Trips by Region:

  • Route 66 in Texas - The towns found along Texas 66 and their museums, ghost towns, relics, markers and monuments.

  • Texas Hill Country Trips

  • East Texas Trips

  • West Texas Trips

  • More Featured Trips

    Enchanted Rock
  • A Couch Potato's Guide to Climbing Enchanted
    "Hindsights" column by Michael Barr 10-1-21

  • Cross Mountain
  • Cross Mountain by Michael Barr

  • Blanco State Park

  • sea turtle
  • Out of My Shell at South Padre by Jase Graves
    "[W]hen my family and I were on vacation at South Padre Island recently, I jumped at the chance to witness a release of newly hatched Kemp's ridley sea turtles by Sea Turtle, Inc....."

  • Mariscal Mine
    "Deep inside" Big Bend National Park on Mariscal Mountain. A National Register Historic District.

  • Pinta trail
  • The Pinta Trail "Hindsights" column by Michael Barr

  • My Adventure Too Far by Barclay Gibson

  • Texas road trip
  • Texas Road Trip 2016 by Holly Gibson

  • Flora and Fauna of Fayette County

  • Wildflowers of Fayette County

  • Texas Road Trip - From Owls to Eiffel Tower - by Holly Gibson

  • From Bugs Bunny to Sam Houston by Clay Coppedge
    If you're the type of motorist who doesn't mind stopping every few miles to read a brief tidbit of history by the side of the road you can put together a pretty fair sketchbook of Texas history just from the historical markers scattered all over the state... more

  • Reynosa
  • The Streets of Reynosa
    A Walk Down Pinata Row
    by John Troesser

  • Prada Marfa
  • Prada Marfa by Luke Warm
    Photos courtesy Lizette Kapre, Ballroom Marfa, and the Art Production Fund. West Texas gets a Long-Overdue Infusion of Whimsy by German-based Artists

  • Bankhead
  • America's Broadway by Clay Coppedge
    Bankhead Highway

  • Bankhead Highway by Frank R. Brown

  • Palo Duro's Enduring Pageant by Mike Cox
    "The show debuted in 1966 and grew into a summer tradition. Thanks to news media exposure, local marketing efforts and old-fashioned word of mouth, the pageant’s reputation built with each passing season. In recent years, USA Today included it in its “Top 10 Must See Theaters in America” and the American Bus Association’s “Top 100 Attractions in North America.”

    An estimated 4 million people have viewed the pageant over the last 50 years. In recent seasons, the show’s three-month run (six days a week with Mondays off) has drawn about 65,000 annually. "

  • Trip #94
  • Tag Along with Barclay on Texas Photography Trip #94 by Barclay Gibson

  • Trip #94 conclusion
  • The Conclusion to my “Tag Along with Barclay on Texas Photography Trip #94 Story” by Barclay Gibson

  • Williams Ranch
  • Williams Ranch by Barclay Gibson
    Guadalupe Mountains National Park
    Culberson County

  • recollection
  • Recollections of a Road Trip to West Texas by Ana Astri-O’Reilly

  • Meridian
  • Meridian State Park by Sam Fenstermacher

  • Pictograph marker
  • My Visit to the Pictograph Centennial Marker in Concho County in January 2012 by Barclay Gibson
    Words, and even pictures, cannot begin to tell what my visit to the site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Pictograph Marker was like.

  • Road Side Park
  • Signal Peak Road Side Park by Barclay Gibson
    Culberson County abandoned roadside park
  • Guadalupe
  • Driving to Guadalupe Peak by Barclay Gibson
    US180, Hwy 54

  • Signal Peak - The Dunes by Barclay Gibson
  • The Dunes

  • Ignoring Warning Signs by Barclay Gibson
    Searching for the “Buried Here”1936 Texas Centennial marker
    “Warren Wagon Train Massacre”

  • Pulaski
  • Searching for the Pulaski Historical Marker by Barclay Gibson
    Where to start describing how I visited the five foot tall granite 1936 Panola County Centennial Historical Marker for the defunct town site of Pulaski, former seat of Panola County?

  • Aransas Bay
  • Aransas Bay Texas' Carmel-by-the-Sea by Ken Rudine

  • The 40 Best Speed Traps in Texas
  • Speed Trap

    Ghost Counties
  • Ghost Counties of Texas Vintage maps courtesy TGLO
    Buchel and Foley Counties, Greer County, Wegefarth County, Encinal County, Perdido County, Worth County, and the First Dawson County
  • In Plain Sight
  • A Tour of Dog-Trots by Bob Bowman
    If you’re a fan of dog-trot houses--and know what they are--here is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. The SFA Gardens of Stephen F. Austin State University will host a tour of two historic Shelby County dog-trot homes...

  • In Plain Sight by Ken & Yvonne Rudine
    A Sunday drive from Rockport to Houston

  • Lasting Impressions by Rick Vanderpool & Sami Simpson
    Flying over Llano Estacado

  • Grave marker
  • Finding the Polancio Grave Marker by Barclay Gibson
    Back in the 1870s a stage was attacked by Indians and a man, Jose Maria Palacios, was killed. He was buried right where he fell, at the base of the Peak and a crude rock slab had the information scratched on it...

  • church
  • The Most Photographed Church in Texas by Johnny Stucco

  • The Ozark Trail at Tampico

  • In Search of Seguin's Headless Ghost by Ken Rudine

  • Eagle Pass: No Country for Young Men Either
    or Looking for the Coen Brothers
    by Chris Adams

  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park by Terry Jeanson

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park Photos William Beauchamp

  • Bluffton Reappears by Mike Cox
    At this writing, the normally sprawling Lake Buchanan is only 51 per cent full... While a few traces of the Old Bluffton have become visible, most of it is still under water...

  • Driving Around with Bonnie and Clyde by Robin Cole-Jett
    A Road Tripper's Guide to Gangster Sites in Middle America

  • Old Military Road by Ken Rudine
    US 83 from Rio Grande City to Brownsville

  • Camino Real National Scenic Byway by Delbert Trew
    The old road "Camino Real" or Royal Road may not be the oldest road in America but was completed in 1598... It begins at the San Juan Pueblo in northern New Mexico, goes 400 miles south to El Paso then on another 1,200 miles to Mexico City. The U.S. designated it a National Scenic Byway...

  • Resurrecting the Ghosts of Route 66 by Noel Kerns
  • Part I: From Oklahoma City to Shamrock, Texas
  • Part II: Shamrock to Amarillo, Texas
  • Part III: Route 66 from Amarillo, Texas to Endee, NM

  • The L-O-N-G Roads of Texas: Texas-State-Highway-16 by C. F. Eckhardt
    Texas’ state highways are some of the most interesting ways to travel. They pass through—not go around—interesting communities of every sort. The towns are both beautiful—sometimes (and sometimes not so beautiful)—and often historically interesting. The two longest state highways in Texas are Highway 16 and Highway 6. Both cut across scenic and historically significant parts of the state...

  • Route 77: “The Padre Road”
    Victoria, Texas to the Rio Grande Valley
    Seven Bridges, Five Rivers, Two Creeks and One Interesting Drive

  • How to Explore a Small Town by Johnny Stucco
    Helpful Tips So You Won’t Feel You've Missed Anything

  • Packsaddle Mountain
    Llano County, Hill Country

  • Bandera by Byron Browne

  • Cadillac Ranch by M.M. Harris

  • Tom Jones at the Cadillac Ranch A photo essay

  • Zedler's Mills
    After nearly four decades, Zedler's Mills is revealed from Nature's green cloak.

  • Highland Lakes and Dams
    Dams: Tom Miller Dam, Mansfield Dam, Max Starke Dam, Wirtz Dam, Inks Dam and Buchanan Dam
    Lakes: Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, Lake LBJ, Inks lake, and Lake Buchanan

  • Chinati Hot Springs
  • Delightful Detour by Billy B. Smith
    "The sixteen-mile delightful detour reminds me that there once was another America, a wistful place full of pleasant and pensive scenery..."

  • South Llano River State Park

  • Mosier Valley Garden of Angels

  • Sabine Pass:
    The Town, Battlefield & Cemetery

  • Terlingua by Byron Browne

  • Chinati Hot Springs

  • Colorado Bend: It Is What It Is by Clay Coppedge
    "..Colorado Bend is pure Hill Country: stands of live oak and juniper, thick with wildflowers in the spring, whitetail deer all year long and, every spring, the white bass moving up the Colorado River to spawn..."

  • Return to San Jacinto after 67 Years by Ken Rudine

  • Bell County's Sunshine Road
    Photos courtesy Genevieve E. Shockley
    Three towns, one ghost town, four cemeteries, creeks and bridges ...

  • East Texas' Burning House by Bob Bowman
    Motorists traveling along U.S. Highway 59 in Polk County are often startled to see what appears to be flames pouring from the windows of old sawmill house...

  • The Chisholm Trail Rides Again by Clay Coppedge
    Anyone wanting to follow the Old Chisholm Trail through Bell County would find part of the quest relatively easy, at least as easy as driving on IH-35. The old trail roughly paralleled the Interstate from Salado to Belton. After that following the old trail might get a little trickier, though anyone who spends much time here passes or crosses it many more times than they could ever know...

  • Mackenzie Trail by Clay Coppedge
    " The best of what's left of the Mackenzie Trail today is probably on private property. You're near it when you're at the intersection of U.S. 277 and Texas 6 in Stamford, where a monument tells you the trail ran a little north of there. The trail also ran between Dickens and Spur, so when you're on parts of U.S. Highway 82 from Dickens to Lubbock you're probably following Mackenzie's path pretty closely."

  • The Runestone by Bob Bowman
    "East Texans willing to take the time to drive about 100 miles into eastern Oklahoma will be rewarded with a centuries-old mystery."

  • Holiday Trail of Lights by Bob Bowman
    Includes Kilgore, Marshall and Jefferson in East Texas
    and Natchitoches and Shreveport in Louisiana

  • Drives

  • FM 2843, The Old Road to Austin by Clay Coppedge

  • FM 116: In The Shadow of Fort Hood by Clay Coppedge

  • Texas Gas Stations

  • Phillips 66 Service Station by Delbert Trew
    On Route 66, McLean, Texas

  • Historic Travel

  • The Killough Massacre, October 5, 1838
    Text & 7 photos by Janet Gregg

  • Texas Hotels

    USA Travel:

  • Did lost colony in the Okla. Panhandle exist? by Delbert Trew
    The drive from Boise City to Black Mesa, Kenton, Folsom, then over the top of Johnson Mesa into Raton from the east is our favorite drive in the entire Texas/Oklahoma/New Mexico area.

  • Coal workers suffered by Delbert Trew
    The next time you travel north toward Denver, take a break at the Ludlow Exit just north of Trinidad, Colo. A good paved road leads west about two miles to the huge and educational Ludlow Massacre Monument. I promise an interesting visit.

  • Utah's Valley of the Gods by Ken Rudine
  • Monument Valley by Ken Rudine

  • Lighthouses - Lake Erie Lighthouses- An Erie Story by Ken Rudine

  • Covered Bridges - Vermont, Maple Surple and Covered Bridges by Ken Rudine

  • Memphis to Lake Erie by Ken Rudine

  • Lighthouses - Maine's Easy 18 Lighthouses by Ken Rudine

  • Lighthouses - Lighthouses of Lake Michigan's Shores by Ken Rudine

  • Favorite Trips:

    Painted Churches
  • Painted Churches Tour
  • The Alamo
  • San Antonio Missions
    by Sam Fenstermacher

  • San Antonio Missions
    by Byron Browne

  • Favorite Spring Trips:

  • Texas Wildflower Trips

  • Favorite Summer Trips:


    Swimming to Mexico
    The Skinny on Dipping in Texas
    Splash Across Texas
    by Chandra Moira Beal
    Highland Lakes Dams
    Dinosaur Valley State Park
    Paluxy River


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