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Lamar County TX
Lamar County

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Crepe Myrtle Capital of Texas

Lamar County Seat, Central Texas North

33° 39' 45.03" N, 95° 32' 51.69" W (33.662508, -95.547692)

Hwy 82 & Hwy 271
103 miles NE of Dallas
50 miles NE of Greenville
15 miles E of Honey Grove
30 miles E of Bonham
Population: 24,847 Est. (2019)
25,171 (2010) 25,898 (2000) 24,799 (1990)

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Paris TX birds eye view, 1885

Birds eye view of Paris, Texas in 1885
Click on image to enlarge

Photo By Henry Wellge (1850-1917) -

"The Second Biggest Paris in the World" is the current slogan for this County Seat. We say current, because you never can tell about France (or Arkansas either).

Historical Marker (on 200 block NW 3rd St.):


This site marks the first call for survey of the city of Paris, Republic of Texas, 1844. Geo. W. Wright, early settler, soldier in Texas War for Independence, congressman of the Republic, donated 50 acres of land for Lamar County Seat. Plat of lots, blocks and streets was drawn, and from that beginning grew the present city.

Paris TX Town square

Paris town square
Photo courtesy Holly Gibson, April 2015

The Paris Fire of 1916

Paris also holds third place in a category no town wants to be in. After The Chicago Fire and The San Francisco Earthquake Fire, comes The Paris Fire of 1916. This devastating fire resulted in the entire downtown having to be rebuilt, including the courthouse. The beautiful Culbertson Fountain in the Plaza was given to commemorate the rebirth of Paris.

(See America's Third Largest Fire by Mike Cox
John Cross had the day off that afternoon, March 21, 1916... About a mile from downtown Paris, a thriving North Texas city of 12,000-plus, Cross heard the Central Station fire bell... more)

Paris Texas Post Office Mural - Paris Fire by Jerry Bywaters
WPA Mural "Paris Fire "
by Jerry Bywaters

Paris, Texas

The architecture of Paris is a direct result of the fire. Sturdy, elegant buildings with style replaced the wooden and stone structures that burned. Worthy of note are the R.F. Scott Building on the NE Corner of the Square and the Plaza Theater as well as several former Banks.

Paris is also the official Crepe Myrtle Capital of Texas. A visit in July or August is unforgettable and raises the question: why don't other towns and cities use this cost effective and long-lasting beautification plan? Crepe Myrtles are nearly pest-free, available in an array of colors and inexpensive.

Paris Texas restored 1917 Lamar County courthouse
Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, June 2007
Lamar County courthouse

  • Lamar County Courthouse

  • The Gibraltar Hotel
    "The Gibraltar Hotel was once Paris’ shining glory...." - Robin Jett more

  • The Wise House
    "One of Paris’ most beautiful buildings is the 1889 Wise House. Three stories tall, built with sturdy red brick, and decorated with ornate Queen Anne style scrollwork, it once served as the home of W.B. Wise and his family. Though not even a mile from downtown, the house sat surrounded by countryside. Wise built a lake with a picnic island behind the house, which he allowed most Parisians to use. Today, the lake has become the Wise baseball field. Because Wise had the house built west of the fancy Cherry Street district, it escaped the 1916 fire undamaged, and even the old carriage houses still stand." - © Robin Jett

  • The Santa Fe-Frisco-Kiamichi Depot (AKA Bonham St. Station) is being restored, but it is in use as the arrival point for the Hugo Heritage Railroad excursion train which arrives from Hugo every third Saturday. Paris is one of three destinations offered by the railroad, the others being Antlers and Ft. Towson, Oklahoma. Their schedule is available at their website: www.hugoheritagerr.ohgolly.com.

  • Sam Bell Maxey House

  • Camp Maxey

  • Evergreen Cemetery and "Jesus in Cowboy Boots"

  • Paris TX Greenwood Cemetery - Jesus In Cowboy Boot
    Evergreen Cemetery
    - "Jesus in Cowboy Boots"

    Photo courtesy David Cole, July 2012

    Eiffel Tower Paris Texas Replica with cowboy hat
    Paris, Texas Eiffel Tower
    Photo courtesy Lori Martin, 2005

    Paris monuments
    Monumental Paris
    Confederate Monument
    Culbertson Fountain
    World War I Memorial, and
    Bust of George W. Wright,
    founder of Paris

    Photos courtesy Stephen Michaels

    Paris, Texas - Samuel Bell Maxey House State Historic Site
    Photo courtesy TXDoT
    Samuel Bell Maxey House State Historic Site

    Culbertson Fountain, Paris Texas
    The Culbertson Fountain
    Photo courtesy Lori Martin, 2005

  • The Culbertson Fountain:
    You needn't look too hard for this. In the square. Mr.Culbertson, one of Paris' wealthier citizens and philanthropists, has a notable mausoleum in Evergreen Cemetery. His house once stood where the Paris Library is now (facing Bywaters Park). It was dynamited in hopes of containing the spreading fire. Mr. Culbertson built elsewhere and gave the city the Library as well as the lot.

  • The First Presbyterian Church
    "The oldest church in Paris derives from one of the earliest Protestant congregations in Texas – the First Presbyterian Church at 410 W. Kaufman. While the structure that stands today dates from 1892, the land was used as early as 1861, and is said to have come from the Presbyterian congregation in Clarksville, which had its start in the
    1830s." - © Robin Jett

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  • First Presbyterian Church, Paris Texas
    The First Presbyterian Church
    Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2006

    Paris Texas First Methodist Church

    First Methodist Church in Paris
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2006
    More Texas Churches

    Paris,  Texas  restored Santa Fe-Frisco-Kiamichi Depot
    The restored Santa Fe-Frisco-Kiamichi Depot
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2004
    More Texas Depots

    Paris Tx - Grand Theater Neon
    Grand Theatre
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009

    Paris Tx - Plaza Theater Neon
    Plaza Theatre Restored
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    More Texas Theatres

    Paris Texas Plaza Theatre
    Plaza Theatre in 2000
    TE Photo

    TX - Camp Maxey Historical Marker
    Photo courtesy Gerald Massey, August 2010
    Camp Maxey

    Paris TX Sunset
    Photo courtesy Holly Gibson, April 2015

    Paris TX Owl
    Photo courtesy Holly Gibson, April 2015
    Texas Road Trip - From Owls to Eiffel Tower

    Paris Nearby Destinations

  • Honey Grove - Don't miss Honey Grove. Hwy 82 west 15 miles.

  • Commerce - Hwy 24 south 40 miles

  • Bonham

  • Taylor Town and Glory - Two ghost towns within an easy drive.

    More Paris Area Towns, see:
    East Texas Towns | North Texas Towns

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  • RF Scott building in Paris Texas
    R.F. Scott Building in Paris
    TE Photo, 6-2000

    Paris, Texas Chronicles

  • America's Third Largest Fire by Mike Cox
    John Cross had the day off that afternoon, March 21, 1916... About a mile from downtown Paris, a thriving North Texas city of 12,000-plus, Cross heard the Central Station fire bell...

  • William McDonald - An Orphan’s Gift by Bob Bowman
    "Standing atop Mount Locke in the Big Bend area, McDonald Observatory is far removed from East Texas, but without the interest and generosity of an orphaned Confederate soldier...

  • Woman's Christian Temperance Union by Archie P. McDonald
    The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was misnamed: “temperance” means “moderation...avoiding extremes.” What the WCTU really wanted was total abstinence from all alcohol beverages... The first chapter of the WCTU, and then a state organization, were established in Paris in 1882...

  • Naked Lawyers in Paris, Texas by Mike Cox

  • Country Legend Gene Watson by Bob Bowman
    Someone once asked country singing legend Ray Price to name his favorite singers. Price paused a minute and finally said, “I have too many to name, but Gene Watson would be right at the top.” But Watson--who was born in Palestine and raised in Paris--is such a low-keyed individual that he considers singing “just something I like to do,” like working on cars in his shop....

    The Judgement of Paris
    Texas Escapes wants to thank Judge Moree for his time and directions. We arrived after the Chamber had closed, but were fortunate to be photographing the Courthouse when Mr. Moree emerged (well after 5 pm). The Judge told us that as a boy, his family had unearthed a trove of crockery and bottles in their front yard while transplanting a rose bush. He owns a pocketknife engraved from a Paris Hardware Store that burned in the fire. Judge Moree, who has been known to hunt Turkey in Coleman County, has said he wouldn't consider living anywhere else but Paris. That's his final decision.

  • Paris Tourist Information
  • The Paris Visitor's and Convention Council has an 88 page Visitors Guide/Membership Directory that is a lot nicer than some books you pay for. A map is right in the middle on pages 44 & 45. Included in the booklet are Lamar County Cities of Blossom, Deport, Reno and Roxton.

    They also have a nice county/city map that is not in a booklet.

    Contact them at 1651 Clarksville Street, or call them at 903-784-2501 or 800-PARISTX.

    Paris is getting a lot of attention lately, being voted "Best Public Plaza" by Texas Monthly and "Best Pit Stop" by a Cross-country Auto Race.

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  • Paris' newest watertower
    2004 photo courtesy of Herb Campbell, Paris
    More Texas Water Towers

    Paris' first water tower
    1923 photo courtesy of Herb Campbell, Paris

    Paris, Texas Forum
  • I'm from Paris, Texas. Well I was born there, but my formative years were spent on the outskirts of Paris in Taylor Town. Down the street was Glory, Texas. My family had an old general store in Taylor Town called Gordon Mart (now closed)...now all that is left is a cemetery where a few of my relatives are buried.

    Glory is less than a mile from the Taylor Town area and I think all that is left there are houses and a church my grandfather attends.

    These two towns were an important part in my family heritage, and to have them added to your site would mean the world to me. I don't want them to be lost forever. Thank you. - Heather Gordon, December 29, 2004

  • Lamar County TX 1920 Map
    Lamar County 1920s map
    From Texas state map #10749
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

    Take a road trip

    East Texas | Central Texas North

    Paris, Texas Nearby Towns:
    Greenville | Honey Grove | Bonham | Dallas

    See Lamar County

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    Texas Escapes, in its purpose to preserve historic, endangered and vanishing Texas, asks that anyone wishing to share their local history, stories, landmarks and recent or vintage photos, please contact us.



























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