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Kerr County TX
Kerr County

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Kerr County, Texas Hill Country

29° 56' 39" N, 99° 2' 14" W (29.944167, -99.037222)

Highway 27 and FM 480
On the Guadalupe River
9 Miles SW of Comfort
8 Miles SE of Kerrville
Population: 566 Est. (2010)

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Center Point TX Bank Stone Building
Downtown Center Point.
TE photo, February 2009
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History in a Pecan Shell

In 1859 Dr. Charles de Ganahl opened a post office inside his home on the north side of the Guadalupe River. Ganahl applied for the post office to be called Zanzenberg after his Austrian hometown and it was granted under that name.

In 1872 when the post office moved to the south side of the river, the new postmaster renamed the post office Center Point since it was both equidistant between Kerrville and Comfort and Fredericksburg and Bandera.

In 1888 Charles de Ganahl's widow Virginia attempted to bolster the sagging population of the settlement’s north bank by deeding land to the railroad. The railroad came and built a depot, however the town which she had hoped to name Ganahl, never materialized.

The 1900 population of Center Point was estimated at 500 with most essential businesses and a few of the non-essential variety. Center Point was an active trading center for area ranches and farms through the 1920s.

The area’s reputation as a retirement haven goes back a long way. It became a popular place for former Texas Rangers to retire and many tombstones in the town’s cemetery have small metal crosses alongside them – signifying a Ranger’s grave.

Center Point spent decades minding its business and enjoying life alongside the river. The population which was estimated at 800 in the mid 1980s, fell to 625 for the 1990 census, rebounded back to 800 in 2000. The population estimate in 2010 is 566.

From time to time there’s a tongue-in-cheek movement to rename the community Zanzenberg since its more in keeping with other Germanic place names in the Hill Country.
Center Point TX Railroad Depot
"The Historic Center Point Railroad Depot was moved back to Center Point in 2012, and is currently undergoing roof restoration, spearheaded by efforts of the Center Point Area Historic Preservation Association. The Association now has a Facebook page under the its name, with photos and updates."
- Rachel A. Jones, Secretary, Center Point Area Historical Association, November 21, 2014
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Texas Historic Preservation
Center Point TX United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church
TE photo, February 2009
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Center Point TX - Center Point Cemetery Historical Marker
Center Point Cemetery Historical Marker
TE photo, 2001
Historical Marker
(On FM 480 approximately .5 miles from Center Point):

Center Point Cemetery

The earliest known settlers in this area were Mrs. Elizabeth Denton and her children and slaves, who arrived in 1852. They were joined in 1858 by the family of Dr. Charles Ganahl, who named the new community Zanzenberg, after his hometown in Austria. The town became known as Center Point in 1872, and settlers continued to moved into the area.

In 1872 land was purchased for a church and cemetery on this site, and in 1881 two acres were added to the property to enlarge the cemetery. The church was moved off the property, and another land acquisition in 1901 increased the cemetery property to 5.3 acres.

Approximately 1,452 graves have been located here. The oldest marked burial is that of Lydia Burney (1795-1875). Many early pioneers and community leaders are buried here, as well as 32 Texas Rangers, whose names are: W. D. C.Burney; N. Coldwell; J. A. Gibbens; H. T. Hill; F. L. Holloway; R. J. Irving, Sr.; R. J. Lange; J. H. Lane; S. T. Lane, Jr.; T. Lane; M. A. Lowrance; J. L. McElroy; S. G. McElroy; A. S. Moore; F. M. Moore; G. K. Moore; G.R. Moore; G. W. Moore; H. C. Moore; James Moore; J. T. Moore; M. F. Moore; D. C. Nowlin; J. C. Nowlin; R. W. Nowlin; P. Alonzo Rees; N. O. Reynolds; W. H. Rishworth; J. L. Sellars; A. J. Sowell; W. H. Witt; S. G. Wray.
Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986

Texas Rangers Have Their Own "Arlington" by Mike Cox

Center Point TX - Center Point Cemetery  Texas Rangers graves
Texas Ranger grave markers
TE photo, 2001
Center Point TX Cemetery, Texas Ranger Grave
One of many Texas Ranger grave markers in Center Point Cemetery.
TE photo, February 2009
Center Point Cemetery, Texas
TE photo, February 2009
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Center Point TX Guadalupe River Dam
Guadalupe River.
TE photo, February 2009
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Geese by the Guadalupe River,  Center Point TX
"Honk if you love Center Point."
Center Point TX, Ducks in Guadalupe River
"...and then the bartender says: I wasn't talking to you - I was talking to the duck!"
TE photos, February 2009
Guadalupe River, Center Point TX
Low water crossing of the Guadalupe River.
TE photo, February 2009
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Center Point TX deer in the woods
A deer waiting to cross the road.
TE photo, February 2009
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Site of Zanzenberg Marker, Center Point TX

Site of Zanzenberg Granite Marker
Take our word for it, there is an inscription.
TE photo, February 2009

Historical Marker:

Site of Zanzenberg

Home of Dr. Charles De Ganahl (1824-1883), a signer of the Texas Articles of Secession in 1861 and Army Surgeon for the Confederate States of America. The home was erected in 1856 and named after Dr. Ganahl's ancestral home in the Austrian Tyrol of Europe. Here the first post office in Kerr County was established in 1857 with his wife Virginia (1834-1895) as the first postmaster.

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