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Carson County TX
Carson County

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Texas Ghost Town
Carson County, Texas Panhandle

35 12' 28" N, 101 22' 53" W 35.207778, -101.381389

Interstate 40 (Old Route 66) & Hwy 207
9 miles S of Panhandle the county seat
12 miles E of Amarillo
Area code 806
Population: 20 Est. (2020)
25 Est. (2000) 50 (1990)

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Painted cars - Conway Texas Bugg Ranch
Bugg Ranch in Conway
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009

History in a Pecan Shell

This town along the Choctaw Route of the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway actually began before the arrival of the railroad. The Lone Star school, established in 1892 for the children of ranchers is said to be the first in the Panhandle region.

The Fisher Brothers, Delzell and P. H., platted the town in 1905 and the one-room schoolhouse was moved there.

The town was named in honor of a former county commissioner (H. B. Conway).

A post office was granted in 1903 and moved into a store run by Edward S. Carr in 1907.

After a consolidation with the Panhandle ISD, Conway's old brick school building was used as a community center.

The population was a mere 25 in 1925, but by 1939 it had risen to 125.

The Handbook of Texas reports Conway had a population of 175 in 1969 but only 50 people in 1970. No explanation is given for the drastic change. Perhaps someone from the area can inform our readers.

The post office was closed in 1976.

Conway Tx Motel Cafe Signs For I -40
Sign on I-40
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009

Conway Tx Corner Gas Station
The closed corner gas station
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009
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Conway Tx closed school
The closed Conway School
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009

Conway Tx  -  Conway  School Cornerstone
Conway School Cornerstone
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009
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Conway Tx Ghost Sign
Cafe ghost sign
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009
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Conway Tx Closed Motel
The closed motel
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009

Conway Tx Grain Elevator
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009

Conway TX Grain Elevators
Conway Grain Elevators
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009
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Conway Tx collapsing garage
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009

Conway Tx Bugg Ranch
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2009
Bugg Ranch in Conway

Photographer's Note:
I first spotted pictures of the Conway Bugg Ranch on Google Earth and put it on my Must See List. It is a real rival to the Cadillac Ranch

Back in about 1998 we were returning from visiting Kansas. There was a snow storm. We made it fine until we got to I-40 out of Amarillo. Strangest thing. As the storm blew through, it totally covered the westbound lanes while eastbound was all clear. Guess the interstate acted kind of like a snowfence, all the snow fell on WB. We were in a traffic line that was miles long and our gas gage was on E. I never was so glad to see an exit which was to Conway. At the time there was one station that had gas. We got just enough to make it to Amarillo. Every time I go by Conway I look at that station, now closed. It is right next to the Bugg Ranch. - Barclay Gibson, July 2009

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Conway, Texas Forum

  • Subject: Conway, Texas
    I do remember living in Conway when I was a small girl. I would ride the school bus to Panhandle to go to school. I believe it was 1963 when I moved away from Conway to live in Plainview, Texas.

    My dad worked at Conway Wheat Growers, and my mom worked as a waitress in some of the small cafes there on Route 66. I do remember one family with the last name of Callaghan who used to live there. They owned quite a large bit of land (sections of land). I also remember a couple named Delton and Earlene Smith who lived there in Conway. I believe Delton worked for the county.

    Lots of good childhood memories from Conway. The post office used to be there and was run by a man named Ralph (I can't remember his last name). He used to raise greyhound dogs and would take them to race somewhere in New Mexico I believe.

    Thanks for letting me share. If you have any info on anyone who lived in Conway back then, it'd be absolutely wonderful to hear about them and their experiences. - Linda (no last name given), October 27, 2006

  • Subject: Conway and EstacadoBR> Town dried up after Interstate 40 routed a half mile north. My distant cousins' family operated the motel, er, tourist court, there as well as a cafe. Cousin Johnny made spare change at the filling station running a wrecker service on Route 66. He chargesd rich folks plenty, but a family in need he didn't charge at all.

    I missed Estacado. It's still there on the Crosby/Lubbock county line, and was once a county seat for many counties back when. Gin still operating with maybe 5 or 6 homes still occupied. Once a quaker settlement named Marietta.

    Thanks for an interesting [magazine]. Keep up the good work. - Benny Poulson, Ralls, Texas, September 12, 2006

  • Carson County TX 1940s map
    Carson County 1940s map showing Conway
    near Armstrong County lines
    From Texas state map #4335
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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    Carson County
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