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Bosque County TX
Bosque County

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Bosque County, Central Texas North

31°59'5"N 97°52'15"W (31.984589, -97.870727).
Hwy 6
FM 927, 216, and 1238
25 miles NW of Meridian the county seat
46 miles NW of Waco
10 miles E of Hico
30 miles SE of Stephenville
30 miles SW of Glen Rose
Population : 336 Est. (2016)
339 (2010) 360 (2000) 339 (1990)

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Iredell TX - William Phillip & Mary Royal Home
1901 photo found in belongings of Essie Royal (daughter of William Phillip)
William Phillip and Mary Rebecca Royal Family

History in a Pecan shell

In the late 1850s two settlers named Ward Keeler and Ranse Walker settled in the area. The community grew up around Walker's house, but it was named after Ire, Keeler who was Ward's son. Dell (as in "Farmer in the…") was added to make the name more pleasing.

A post office opened in 1870.

In 1880 the Texas Central Railroad came through and the town moved from its original location to be near the tracks. The paint was hardly dry when a flood of the Bosque River washed the town away. They rebuilt on higher ground - the way most towns do if they're given the chance.

In 1884 the population was estimated to be thirty, but it reached 600 by 1892.

In 1931 it had 570 residents, but it slowly declined to 366 by 1960.
Iredell, Texas birdseye view, early 1900s old photo
Iredell birdseye view, early 1900s
Photo courtesy texasoldphotos.com
More Texas Vintage Photos
Iredell, TX - Bosque Bridge 1941 old photo
Bosque Bridge in Iredell, Postmarked 1941
Postcard courtesy Danny Whatley
Iredell Texas street scene
Iredell street scene
Photo Courtesy Jack Williams, 2002
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Iredell Texas Forum

  • Subject: G.M. Gordon Drug Company of Iredell, Texas
    While I was on-line attempting to research an old business in Iredell, I happened upon your website. I must have sat here for three hours reading about all the little or forgotten Texas towns, none of which I had ever heard of before. It was fascinating reading, and I'm sure I'll go back to it.

    It's really nice that someone is trying to salvage some of the old knowledge. I myself work for a couple of historical societies out here east of San Diego, and I am amazed at not only what has survived the years, but at how quickly it is all disappearing. Sadly, the new generations seem to generally have little interest or regard for the past.

    The reason I am writing is to see if you have any information on the G.M. Gordon Drug Company of Iredell, Texas. I have a very old Lynn's Baking Powder tin that has "Sold by" the preceeding stamped on the lid. I would love to learn anything about Mr. Gordon, his business (what years open, possibly a photo, etc.), and if he had a relative named Lynn. If you have no related info, perhaps you could steer me towards someone within the community who might. Thank you, and keep up the good work! - Mike Kaszuba, Lakeside, CA, July 24, 2011, testsite69@cox.net

  • Subject: Iredell Pioneers
    My family was among the original pioneers to Iredell. I have several pictures of homes and families. I will get these submitted. - Stan Royal, June 29, 2011

    My family lived in Iredell in the late 1800's. The family name is Royal and my grandfather was Wm Phillip Royal married to Mary Rebecca Pye. The Pye family also lived in Iredell at the same time. Attached is a photo of the family home found in belongings of Essie Royal, daughter of Wm Phillip. We believe the home was "down by the river." My father Mack Hobart Royal and his brother Chandler Renfro Royal were born in Iredell. - Kay Krausman nee Royal, Anaheim Ca, June 29, 2011

  • Subject: A Visit to Iredell
    I had driven through Iredell several times wondering why such a town had sprung up in the middle of nowhere, and why it died. Finally on one trip a friend of mine and I stopped to look around. It is really quite a picturesque town with a river at one end. Most of the buildings are falling in except for a few. I looked in the window of one of about three buildings that had not succumbed to the ravages of time and saw two completely restored steam locomotives. They weren't full size locomotives but the size you would find running around a zoo. There was also one diesel locomotive. We walked on down the sidewalk to the river and upon returning saw a man walking his dog up the street. When we approached I casually asked if those were his steam locomotives and he said, "Yes, you want to look at them"? He withdrew some keys from his pocket and opened up for us to take a look. They were amazing to say the least. He told us that he had restored one to put in the Waco Zoo, but their insurance was going to be so high because of them that they nixed the idea. I also asked him about the town. He said that in its heyday, there was a rail line and three cotton gins there. But as the cotton market fell, the rail line pulled out and most of the town had died. If you ever get a chance to stop, you should get out and walk around. ... I enjoy your website, Thanks, Jack Williams, September 08, 2002

  • I have lived in Iredell for eight years now and it is still at a population of 369 and is a great little town. Our sports have gone wonderful and the people are great. Iredell is a wonderful place you should visit. - Breanna, 18/Sep/2002

  • William Phillip and Mary Rebecca Royal Family
    Photo 1901

    Written on the back of the photo:
    From left to right—

    Louis A. Foster & Eva Royal Foster – with Tee as a tiny baby-they were just married

    Louis (1873-) Eva (1882-1969) Tee (1901-1953)

    Charlie Foster and Eula Royal with their first born – Mamie -married couple

    Charles D (1870-1959) Eula (1881-1957) Mamie (1898-)

    Emma, Essie & Effie Royal with Mary Rebecca Royal, wife of Wm Phillip Royal
    mother of all Royal children in this picture
    Emma (1886-1976) Essie(1888-1974) Effie (1889-1917) Mary Rebecca (1856-1917)

    Mack Hobart Royal. Wm Phillip Royal, father of Royal children, Chandler Royal
    Mack Hobart (1896-1961) William Phillip (1853-1937) Chandler Royal (1892-1937)

    Edna Mae Royal first born of Alva and Ola Royal – Ethel Royal married couple
    Edna Mae (1898=) James Alva (1877-) Leola “Ola” nee Lott (Ethel 1902-)

    Italics show birth and death dates; dates not written on the photo

    faded image (feet only) of young girl standing in front of the chimney is Edna Mae Royal.-
    Photo probably taken in Iredell, Bosque Co, Texas based Mack Hobart’s age (6 yrs) and physical size in the photo as seen in photo. Family was living in Iredell TX in 1901.
    The photo is 8”x6” and mounted on stiff cardboard measuring 10”x12”.
    Louis and Charles Foster, brothers, married Eva and Eula Royal, sisters.

    Transcribed by Kay Krausman nee Royal, daughter of Mack Hobart Royal, June 2011

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