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Coleman County TX
Coleman County

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"Home of the Friendliest People in Texas"

Coleman County seat, Texas Panhandle / Texas Hill Country

31 49' 40" N, 99 25' 32" W (31.827778, -99.425556)

I-283 and US 84
52 miles SE of Abilene on Hwy 84
38 miles E of Ballinger
30 miles NW of Brownwood
41 miles S of Baird
52 miles N of Brady
148 miles SW of Fort Worth
ZIP code 76834
Area code 325
Population: 4,274 Est. (2019)
4,709 (2010) 5,127(2000) 5,410 (1990)

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Coleman texas old fashioned traffic light
"One of several of Coleman's traffic lights that are still in the center of the intersection. To me, this seems to be a symbol of not just Coleman but of early Texas mobility in general." - Barclay Gibson, December 2007

Our suggested slogan:
"If you're looking at Coleman, you're looking at Texas."

Some of the best qualities of Texas, anyway. Coleman is on the short list of towns that don't yet have an H.E.B. store, but still have a high quality of life.

Leaving Coleman and driving toward Santa Anna, you'll see a billboard that reads: You're Leaving Coleman, Home of the Friendliest People in Texas.

We find it hard to believe that Colemanites were the ones that put up that billboard. It's our feeling that citizens of neighboring counties came in the dead of night to let the world know how they felt about their Coleman County neighbors.

Coleman, Texas
Landmarks / Attractions

TX - 1884 Coleman County Courthouse  old photo
1939 Photo Courtesy TXDoT
Coleman County Courthouse

  • Coleman County Courthouse

  • Coleman County Jail

  • The Old Santa Fe Depot
    East of downtown. Now home to the Coleman Police Department.

  • Coleman's Public Library dates from January 1885. Mrs. J.A.B. Miller was Coleman's Volunteer Librarian for 40 Years. Photo at top of page shows the Memorial Library named in her honor. On the Courthouse Square.

  • City Park : Museum and Picnic area just North of town on Hwy 283 along Hord's Creek.

  • The Owl Pharmacy : The large sign on the West Side of Main Street will call attention to itself. Full service soda fountain and luncheonette. The Owl is clean, well staffed and has a full menu of sandwiches with rotating specials. Ruebens, but no Rachels. Coffee is 37 cents before 11:30, but if it's 11:45, they'll probably let you slide. It may be your last chance to see a fountain this complete.

  • Coleman County Museum : Open June to August - Fridays through Wednesdays. April, May and September - Saturday and Sunday. Afternoons only.

  • Warbirds Museum : At the Coleman Municipal Airport Open Monday through Friday 8 'til 6. Restored aircraft from WWII.

  • Downtown : Spend some time driving the west side of downtown. It's surprising how much shade Coleman has.

  • Mozelle High School

  • Coleman Hotels › Book Here

  • Coleman County jail, Coleman Texas
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2003
    Coleman County Jail

    Coleman Texas depot
    The Old Santa Fe Railroad Station just east of downtown. Now home to the Coleman Police Department.
    TE photo

    Coleman,  Texas depot, 1915  old photo
    Coleman Santa Fe Railroad Depot in 1915
    Postcard courtesy rootsweb.com/ %7Etxpstcrd/
    More Texas Depots

    Coca Cola Bottling Works and Coca Cola truck in 1928 Coleman, Texas
    The Gibson Brothers of Coleman operated the Coca Cola Bottling Works there from 1927-1931.
    1928 photo courtesy Barclay Gibson

    Coleman TX Coca Cola Plant
    "A 1930 photo of my dad (left) along with a helper (they were both volunteer firemen). It shows the sparse nature of the business back then. The equipment was only one step removed from hand operation. The room doesn't look twenty feet wide by about 50 to 75 feet long. The product line included Coca-Cola, Grapette and maybe some flavors." - Barclay Gibson

    Coca-Cola ghost sign in Coleman Texas
    A recently discovered Coca-Cola ghost sign in Coleman.
    Photo courtesy Donna Chevalier, May 2007

    Coleman Texas street with ghost sign
    Photo courtesy Donna Chevalier, May 2007

    Coleman TX - Gulf Gas Station
    Old Gulf Gas Station
    Jimmy Dobson Photo, September 2017

    Coleman TX - Sinclair Gas Station
    Sinclair Gas Station
    Jimmy Dobson Photo, September 2017

    Coleman TX  - 1948 Harbord Kourt Motel n Neon Sign
    The 1948 Harbord Kourt Motel
    Jimmy Dobson Photo, September 2017

    Coleman TX  - 1948 Harbord Kourt Motel n Neon Sign
    1948 Harbord Kourt Motel neon sign
    Jimmy Dobson Photo, September 2017
    More Rooms with a Past | Texas Old Neon

    More Adventures with my 1972 Plymouth Cuda
    and 67 Ford Mustang Fastback

    by Jimmy Dobson

    Coleman TX - courthouse, jail & Commercial Ave.
    Old postcard courtesy Dan Whatley Collection
    Coleman, Texas Old Photos

    Marketing Cotton on Streets of Coleman, Texas
    Old postcard courtesy of William Beauchamp
    Coleman, Texas Old Photos

    Coleman, Texas Nearby Destinations

    TX - Coleman County Colorado River thru truss bridge
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2007
    Waldrip Bridge
    Colorado River Through Truss Bridge
    On CR 220 twenty-five miles south of Coleman.

  • Lake Coleman : 17 miles North of Coleman off Hwy 283. The 190 acre Press Morris Park is run by the City of Coleman, while the 2,000 acre lake belongs to the State.

  • Other Area Lakes : Novice, Ivie, Santa Anna and Hord's Creek Lake Information available at the Chamber of Commerce inside the branded building.

  • Coleman County › Towns & ghost towns

  • Coleman Hotels › Book Hotel Here

    Coleman County Chamber of Commerce:
    218 Commercial Coleman, Texas 76834 / 915-625-2163

  • Coleman, Texas - brick pen
    TE photo, 2000

    The Coleman Brick Plant

    Coleman, TX abandoned brickyard
    "... My father worked for Martin Brick Co. for over 40 years. He was the plant manager for 30 years or so. I and my 3 brothers worked our way thru high school and college there, as well as a large percentage of folks from Coleman back in the day. At one time in the 1980's Martin Brick Co. employed over 200 workers, making it the largest employer in the county... more" - Mike Merryman, April 28, 2012

    Coleman, Texas Chronicles

  • A 10 lb. Sweet Potato in Coleman History cartoon by Roger T. Moore

  • People

    Sheriff Fenton

  • Sheriff Fenton of Coleman County and His Larger Than Life Wife by John Troesser

  • Pearl by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" column)
    He has the singular distinction of being the first and last man legally hanged in the county.

  • TX Coleman  County 1940s Map
    Coleman County 1940s map
    From Texas state map #4335
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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    Texas Panhandle | Texas Hill Country

    Coleman, Texas Nearby Towns:
    See Coleman County

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