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Texas Counties

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Ghost Towns:

Central Texas North

Central Texas South
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Texas Ghost Town List

Over 1000 Ghost Towns

Central Texas (North) Ghost Town List

  • Wardville Johnson Co first county seat
  • Indian Gap Tx
  • Indian Gap Hamilton Co
  • Maxdale
  • Maxdale Bell Co
  • Thurber by Clay Coppedge
  • Thurber
    Bug Tussle
  • Bug Tussle Fannin Co
  • Chalk Mountain Erath Co
  • Johnsville Erath Co
  • Springfield Limestone Co
  • Chalk Mountain
  • Sowers Dallas Co
  • Kit Dallas Co
  • Twin Wells Dalls Co
  • Otto Falls Co
  • Spanish Fort Montague Co
  • Otto

    Ghost Towns Counties Description
    Alexander Erath A ghost town with ghosts
    Aiken Bell Submerged under Lake Belton
    Alligator Bell Once upon a time ...
    Alpha Dallas Absorbed by Dallas
    Alton Denton Fascinating history
    Ash Creek Hill Near Ash Creek
    Babylon Navarro Not on County Map
    Barnesville Johnson Not on the map
    Beattie Comanche Near Comanche
    Belcherville Montague Population: 34
    Birdville Tarrant First Tarrant County seat
    Birdston Navarro The Birdston Cemetery remains
    Bland Bell Under Lake Belton
    Blanton 5-1-20 Hill Population 8, with cemetery
    Bono Johnson Cemetery & church remains
    Boz Ellis Threatened by the supercollider project
    Brazos Point Bosque With a bridge
    Brookhaven Bell Submerged under Lake Belton
    Buchanan Johnson Former county seat
    Buckner Collin First Collin County seat
    Bucksnort Falls Historical Marker
    Buena Vista Ellis West of Waxahachie
    Bug Tussle Fannin Everybody's favorite place name
    Bulcher Cooke South of the Red River
    Bullock Young Population: 0
    Cambridge Clay Early Clay County seat
    Carlton Hamilton Ghost town with a post office
    Carter Parker Established around a flourmill
    Cave Creek Coryell Not on the map
    Chalk Mountain Erath A cemetery and a Masonic lodge
    Climax Collin Not on the Texas Official Travel Map
    Clinton 10-5-21 Hunt Historic cemetery
    College Mound Kaufman One of the county's oldest communities
    Comyn Comanche Once known as Theney
    Cora Comanche Former Comanche County Seat
    Cottage Hill 6-4-20 Collin Historic church & cemetery
    Cranz Gonzales Not on the county map
    Crossville Bell Now part of Fort Hood
    Cryer Creek Navarro Named after a creek
    Custer City Cooke Named after George Armstrong Custer
    Deer Creek Clay All signs point to Deer Creek
    Dexter Cooke Not on the Texas Official Travel Map
    Dido Tarrant Bypassed by the railroad - again
    Direct Lamar Near Paris
    Donahoe 8-29-20 Bell Flowers For Sarah Herndon
    Eliga Coryell Now part of Fort Hood
    Elizabethtown Denton Bypass by the railroad
    Erudia Collin Now part of Frisco
    Finis Jack The end of Finis
    Fort Spunky Hood Settled in 1849
    Fowler Bosque Name changed to Steiner
    Frognot Collin A standpipe remains
    Furd Clay History unknown
    Gerald McLennan Church and cemetery remain
    Gibtown Jack Once a commercial center for three Counties
    Glory Lamar Near Paris
    Granny's Neck Delta Remembered with a historical marker
    Hagerman Grayson Under Lake Texoma
    Halsell Clay Submerged Ghost Town
    Hebron Denton A Ghost Town That Isnít
    Hemming Cooke Tornado
    Hopewell Somervell Now Under Squaw Creek Lake
    Hubbard Coryell Now on the grounds of Fort Hood
    Illinois Bend Montague Close to Oklahoma
    India Ellis Remembered by settlers' descendants
    Indian Gap Hamilton Population 27 with an abandoned schoolhouse
    Ireland 5-7-20 Coryell With a former depot
    Jellico Tarrant Near Grapevine
    Jester Navarro Created by the railroad
    Johnsville Erath A church & cemetery remain
    Kentucky Town Grayson Settled by Kentucky emigrants
    Kerby 9-10-20 Hill Remembered with a marker
    Kimball Bosque A ghost town in a park by a lake
    Kit Dallas Absorbed by Irving. Cemetery remains
    Lanham Hamilton Church and cemetery
    Lanham Mill Community Somervell A cemetery remains
    Lebanon Collin Historic home & church
    Lebanon Hill Home of Latham Springs Baptist Encampment
    Lime City Coryell On private property
    Lingleville Erath Population: Est. 100
    Lovelace Hill Population 12
    Mars Van Zandt Faded into oblivion sometime after 1945
    Marysville Cooke Camp Howze took much of the land
    Maxdale Bell Historic Cemetery & Bridge
    Mayfield Hill With an unnamed cemetery
    McGirk Hamilton On the Lampasas River
    Mercer's Gap Comanche A cemetery & scattered residences remain
    Milton Lamar Population: 80
    Mount Vernon Lamar A centennial marker remains
    Mustang Denton Population dispersed
    Nash Ellis Near Waxahachie
    Needmore Delta AKA Pecan
    Newberry Parker Church & cemetery remain
    Norse Bosque Norwegian Settelment
    Nussbaumer Dallas Disappeared from maps in the 1930s.
    Oasis Dallas Annexed by Dallas
    Odds Limestone Not far from Waco
    Ohio Hamilton On Plum Creek
    Okay Bell Near Killeen
    Osage Coryell Not on the map
    Otto Falls Once over 1,000 residents
    Ozro Ellis Population 0
    Palestine Lamar Remembered by a road sign
    Pancake Coryell It's about mail
    Pansy Navarro Not on the map
    Perry Falls Near Waco
    Personville Limestone Historical Marker & cemetery
    Pluto Ellis Not on the map
    Poe Prairie Parker A cemetery
    Preston Grayson Submerged under Lake Texoma
    Razor Lamar With an old cemetery
    Red River Station Montague One of Texas' early ghost towns
    Richard Collin A cemetery
    Ruth Coryell Absorbed by Fort Hood
    Searsville TE's 1000th ghost town Bosque/McLennan A church remains
    Sefcikville Bell Population 0
    Silver Lake Van Zandt Once a stop for the T & P Railroad
    Sipe Springs Comanche "Little girl, age 3 died 1870, moving west."
    Slater Coryell Schoolhouse & cemetery remain
    Smithfield Tarrant Absorbed into North Richland Hills
    Sowers Dallas Absorbed by Irving. Cemetery remains
    Spanish Fort Montague Close to Oklahoma
    Sparta Bell Submerged under Lake Belton
    Springfield Limestone Now within a state historic site
    Steele Creek Community Limestone A cemetery
    Steiner Bosque A ferry once operated near here
    Stewards Mill Freestone With two historical landmarks
    Stony Denton Settled in the late 1850s
    Streetman Freestone Population declined after WWII
    Stringtown Bell A church still stands
    Suez Comanche On the 1907 postal map
    Sugar Loaf Coryell Absorbed by Fort Hood
    Summerís Mills Bell On the 1907 postal map
    Tama Coryell Absorbed by Fort Hood
    Tarrant Tarrant An absorbed ghost town
    Taylor Town Lamar Near Paris
    The Grove Coryell Near Temple
    Thurber Erath Texas' premier ghost town
    Toadsuck Grayson Now part of Collinsville
    Toto Parker Formerly known as Ray School Community
    Towash Hill Submerged under Lake Whitney
    Trueloves Johnson Found in vintage map
    Twin Wells Dallas Absorbed by Irving. A bridge remains
    Union Bower Dallas Absorbed by Irving.
    Wardville Johnson Former county seat
    White Hall 7-16-20 Coryell Not on the map
    Whitt Parker Once home to 500

    Central Texas (South) Ghost Town List

  • Hostyn Fayette Co 1-1-16
  • Vsetin Lavaca Co 4-7-16
  • Vsetin
  • Ammannsville Fayette Co
  • Bluff Fayette Co
  • Oso Fayette Co
  • O'Quinn Fayette Co
  • Joiner Fayette Co
  • Kirtley Fayette Co
  • Armstrong Colony Fayette Co
  • Bluff
  • Cora Comanche Co
  • Moravia Lavaca Co
  • Novohrad Lavaca Co
  • O'Quinn
    Sipe Springs
  • Lone Oak Caldwell Co
  • Sipe Springs Milam Co
  • Grassyville Bastrop Co
  • Grassyville

    Ghost Towns County Description
    Albuquerque Gonzales Totally deserted by 1912
    Ammansville Fayette A ghost town with a painted church
    Apolonia Grimes Named after a saint
    Armstrong Colony Fayette Freedmenís settlement
    Baurs / Baursville Lavaca A Cemetery remains
    Biegel Fayette Underwater ghost town
    Big Lump Milam No evidence of the community remains
    Black Jack Springs Fayette Only the cemetry remains
    Bluff Fayette Now site of Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery Ruins
    Boonville Brazos First county seat
    Brazos Bottom Burleson Remembered by a 1858 postal cover
    Briary Milam Not on State Map
    Bridge Valley Fayette Absorbed by La Grange
    Broomtown Austin Once produced brooms
    Bryant Station Milam Not on State Map
    Bucareli Madison Spanish Ghost Settlement
    Bushdale Milam A cemetery
    Cedar Fayette Only the cemetery remains
    Cheapside Gonzales A recent ghost
    Clarkson Milam Population: 10
    Clinton 10-8-21 DeWitt Former DeWitt County seat
    Colony Fayette Cemetery & Church remain
    Colorado City Fayette A lost town, almost the Capital of Texas
    Concrete Guadalupe A cemetery
    Darden Springs Lee Population peaked in the mid 1890s
    Dewville Gonzales On the Old San Antonio Road
    Dilworth 2-7-19 Gonzales Population 15
    Dubina Fayette "Painted church" & "Piano Bridge"
    Duncan Milam Not on the county map
    Evansville Leon Not on the county map
    Gay Hill Washington On La Bahia scenic drive
    Gay Hill Fayette On Highway 71
    Golly DeWitt On the backroads
    Grassyville Bastrop A cemetery
    Grimesville Grimes Obtain a post office in the 1850s
    Guadalupe City Guadalupe Merged with Seguin
    Hackberry Lavaca Not on the map
    Halsted Fayette Not on the map
    Hermis Gonzales Not on the map
    High Hill Fayette A ghost town with a painted church
    Hollis Madison Bypass by the railroad
    Hope Lavaca Settled by Germans before Texas Revolution
    Hopkinsville Gonzales Only a historical marker remains
    Hostyn Fayette Church & cemetery
    Independence Washington Alive and well
    Goodwill Washington Not on the county map
    Graball Washington Population: 0
    Jeddo Bastrop Cemetery, centennial marker & lost grave
    Joiner Fayette Only Joiner Road is left
    Kirtley Fayette Grew around Barton Creek cemetery
    Kovar Bastrop Population Unknown
    La Bahia Washington On the Old La Bahia Road
    Lawhon Springs Lee Only the cemetery remains
    Live Oak Hill Fayette Moved to the railroad & renamed Ellinger
    Lone Oak Caldwell A cemetery remains
    Longpoint Washington Founded on land belonged to Stephen F. Austin
    Lyons Fayette Two cemeteries remain
    Macey Brazos Once a tough town
    Matthews Colorado On detailed county maps
    McDuff Bastrop Near Austin
    Mecca Madison One of the oldest settlements in Madison Co
    Mecklenburg Fayette With 2 cemeteries
    Moravia Lavaca German
    Mosquito Prairie Lee Remembered by a postmark
    Mount Vernon Washington Once contested for county seat
    Nashville Milam First Milam County Seat
    Nickel Gonzales Still on the map
    Nile Milam Nothing remains
    Novohrad Lavaca Bohemian
    Oak Hill Bastrop Casualty of WWII
    Old Moulton Lavaca Moulton moved 2 miles East
    O'Quinn Fayette Past captured in vintage photos
    Osage Colorado Moved to Weimar
    Oso Fayette Only the cemetery remains
    Ottine Gonzales Near Palmetto State Park
    Owensville Robertson Only a cemetery remains
    Petersburg Lavaca Former County Seat
    Pin Oak Bastrop A church & cemetery remain
    Pin Oak Fayette Only the cemetery remains
    Pisek Colorado Became Lone Oak
    Polonia Caldwell Only cemetery remains
    Praha Fayette A ghost town with a painted church
    Provident City Colorado On private property today
    Quarry Washington Once a thriving community
    Rabb Switch Lavaca Remembered by a historical marker
    Rabke DeWitt A historic church remains
    Retreat Grimes Named after a plantation
    Rexville Austin Remembered by an Austin county road
    Rock Island Colorado "The Northern City on the Gulf"
    Rush Creek Wise Today a cemetery with a historical marker
    Rush Creek Navarro Population 0
    Saturn Gonzales Originally called Possum Trot
    Scott Fayette Population dispersed
    Sedan Fayette Now a ranching community
    Sedan Gonzales Not on the map
    Sempronius Austin Death by railroad bypass
    Serbin Lee The Wendish Capital of Texas
    Sipe Springs Milam Near Big Lump
    Sullivan Guadalupe Began as a railroad switch
    Stella Fayette Not on the map
    Stoneham Grimes Population 12
    Tigertown Washington Gone by 1900
    Tonqua DeWitt Only the cemetery remains
    Travis Austin Phillips Cemetery
    Trinidad Madison Remembered by a centennial marker
    Turkey Creek Washington Contender for county seat
    Velehrad Lavaca On Fayette/ LaVaca County Line Road
    Vsetin Lavaca Church & 2 cemeteries
    Waldeck Fayette First known as Long Prairie
    Washington Washington Just outside Washington-On-The-Brazos
    William Penn Washington On La Bahia scenic drive
    Winedale Fayette Today the Winedale Historical Center
    Vox Populi Colorado Once had a school for Black students
    Yarboro Grimes Remembered by vintage maps
    Young's Settlement Bastrop Remembered by a postmark
    Zack Brazos Not on County Map
    Zulch Madison Population 0

  • Oak Hill Bastrop Co 2-20-17
  • William Penn Washington Co 2-5-17
  • Wm Penn
    Gay Hill
  • Gay Hill Washington Co 2-6-17
  • Washington Washington Co 2-5-17
  • Washington

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    Celebrated Ghost Towns:

  • Thurber
    "Texas' Premier Ghost Town"
    U.S. National Register of Historic Places
  • Ammannsville
  • Ammannsville
    Ghost Town with a Painted Church

  • New

  • Personville Limestone Co 4-1-20
  • Lime City Coryell Co
  • Pancake Coryell Co
  • India
  • India Ellis Co 9-18-19
  • Barnesville
  • Barnesville Johnson Co 7-13-19
  • Marysville
  • Marysville Cooke Co 1-30-19
  • Towash
  • Towash Hill Co submerged ghost town 1-11-19
  • Carter
  • Carter Parker Co 11-2-18
  • Belmont
  • Belmont Gonzales Co 11-1-18
  • Wrightsboro
  • Wrightsboro Gonzales Co 11-1-18
  • Rabb Switch
  • Rabb Switch Lavaca Co 10-26-18
  • Mayfield
  • Mayfield Hill Co 5-20-18
  • Wardville
  • Wardville Johnson Co first county seat 12-23-17
  • Beattie Comanche Co 9-6-17


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