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Oldham County TX
Oldham County

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County Seat - Vega, Texas

Oldham County has had two courthouses:
1915 in Vega
1884 in Tascosa

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Present Oldham County Courthouse, Vega Texas
The 1915 Oldham County courthouse in Vega
Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, March, 2008

The Present Oldham County Courthouse
- Vega, Texas

Date - 1915
Architect - O. G. Roquemore
Style - Classical Revival
The courthouse can't be missed at Main and US Hwy 385.

"The original hipped roof was removed in 1967. An addition was built onto the north side of the building and the jail is attached to the south side." - Terry Jeanson

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Oldham County Courthouse with original roof, Vega Texas
"This picture of the Oldham County courthouse with its original roof is hanging in the county auditor's office of the current courthouse."
- Terry Jeanson, March, 2008 photo
Oldham County Courthouse today, Vega Texas
West side of the Oldham County courthouse today
Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, March, 2008
Oldham County seal, Vega Texas
Oldham County seal behind the judge's bench
Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, March, 2008
Oldham county courthouse, Vega, Texas old post card
Old postcard of the 1915 Oldham County Courthouse in Vega
Courtesy texasoldphotos.com
Oldham County courthouse, Vega, Texas old photo
Oldham County Courthouse as it appeared in 1939
Photo courtesy TXDoT

The Former Oldham County Courthouse
- Tascosa

The 1884 Oldham County Courthouse can be found at the former county seat of Tascosa, now Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, 385 North, just after crossing the Canadian River.
Former (1884) Oldham County Courthouse in Tascosa, Texas
The 1884 (former) Oldham County Courthouse in Tascosa
Photo circa 1900 courtesy THC
Tascosa TX 1884 Oldham County Courthouse
Former courthouse in Tascosa, now the Julian Bivins Museum
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, March 2008
Tascosa TX  - 1884 Oldham County Courthouse Historical Marker
1884 Oldham County Courthouse Historical Marker
Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, March 2008
Historical Marker

Tascosa Courthouse, 1884

Served 12 counties in Panhandle. Site of trials for killings that had filled Boothill Cemetery. Until 1915 Oldham County seat. Many years headquarters, Julian Bivins Ranch. Birthplace of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, 1939.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

Oldham County Courthouse Forum
  • Subject: Old Tascosa Courthouse
    Tascosa: The Day Miss Thompson washed my brother's mouth out with soap.

    Dear TE, I can not begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed your magazine. I visit it regularly. You have a story that I wrote concerning my hometown of Floydada. I was looking at some of the old courthouses and came across the Old Tascosa Courthouse. That picture brings back a lot of memories that I would like to share.

    In 1949 my younger brother and I came to live at Cal Farleys Boy's Ranch. Now, in 1949 the Old Tascosa Courthouse was the heart and soul of Boy's Ranch. We had 3 old Army barracks that had been moved in for the older boys to live in. The younger boys lived in the old courthouse (I was nine and my younger brother Freddie was 7.) Our schoolhouse was also an old Army building that had been moved to the ranch. Anyway I will get back to telling you about some of the memories that have stayed with me all these years.

    In 1949 there was a screened room that had been built over that big porch that you can see in the picture of the old courthouse. The first few nights that my brother and I spent at the courthouse we had to sleep out in that screened room, because they had to move a couple of the older boys into McCormick Hall, one of the army barracks that the older boys lived in. They did this to make room for my brother and I. I lived on the bottom floor and my brother lived on the top floor. The caretaker that also lived in the courthouse was a very sweet old lady by the name of Miss Thompson. I assume she was an old maid, because we never heard tell of a Mr. Thompson. She ran a very tight ship and we made sure we were at our best when we were around her. She had us scrub all those baseboards and all the woodwork on a regular schedule. I will tell you a funny story about what she did to my little brother Freddie one time. The dinner bell was ringing and my brother came running down the stairs yelling something about the food (something not so nice) and Miss Thompson was standing at the bottom of the stairs and heard every word he said, she throwed an armlock around his neck and marched him straight to the sink which was located right under the stairs, she then grabbed a bar of soap and commenced to thoroughly wash his mouth out. I mean to tell you Freddie was spitting and foaming at the mouth like you wouldn't believe. You know, I never heard him say anything bad about the food again. Maybe we should try that on some of these kids today. That might help, but I doubt it. Again I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your magazine. It is such a pleasure to just sit down and read about something that is so entertaining. Also I would like to encourage everyone who reads this to take just a minute tell us some of your own memories, You just might enjoy it, I know I sure do. Thank You so much. - Eddie Childs, December 30, 2006

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