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Cochran County TX
Cochran County

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Cochran County, Texas Panhandle

33 37' 9" N, 103 1' 17" W (33.619167, -103.021389)

FM 595, 769, and 125
2.2 Miles E of the New Mexico State Line
25 Miles SW of Morton the county seat
68 Miles W of Lubbock
42 Miles W of Levelland
24 Miles W of Whiteface
ZIP codes 79314
Area code 806
Population: 56 (2020) 125 Est. (2010, 2000, 1990)

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Entering Bledsoe Tx, Bledsoe Road Sign
Entering Bledsoe
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

History in a Pecan Shell

Named after Samuel T. Bledsoe, an official of the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railroad. The railroad was responsible for the founding of the town when it laid tracks west of Lubbock in 1925, reaching Bledsoe on December 1st of that year. Although extension of the railroad into New Mexico never materialized, Bledsoe became a shipping point for area cattle ranches.

The first school was opened in 1925 and the Cochran County News started publication shortly thereafter. The population high-water mark was reached in 1929, when 400 people called Bledsoe home.

Although late to arrive on the scene, Bledsoe had everything a thriving community could need including an ice plant, movie theater, two hotels and four gas stations.

The population fell drastically during the Great Depression - reaching only 150 people by 1936. The population has remained steady at around 125 persons since the 1970s.

Bledsoe Tx Closed Cotton Gin
A closed cotton gin in Bledsoe
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008
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Photographer's Note:
"These photos pretty well tell the story of Bledsoe. Kind of sad." - Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe Tx Closed Church
A closed church in Bledsoe
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe Tx Closed Church
Another closed church
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Door of the closed Church, Bledsoe Tx
Church door
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008
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Bledsoe School, Texas
Bledsoe School
Photo courtesy Stephen Taylor, April 2003

Bledsoe School

Bledsoe is in the extreme southeastern part of Cochran County. The school was open from 1927-1996. The Robin Hood school finance laws killed it, as it was considered a wealthy district. A group of alumni bought the building, and are keeping it maintained. It is used for reunions and community events. - Stephen Taylor, Austin TX, October 08, 2008

Bledsoe School name, Bledsoe Tx
Bledsoe School architectural detail
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe School, Bledsoe Texas
Bledsoe School in 2008
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe Tx Closed School Door
Bledsoe School entrance
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe Tx Closed School Corner Stone
Bledsoe School cornerstone
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008
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Bledsoe Tx Closed School Fountain
Bledsoe School old water fountain
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008
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Bledsoe Tx Closed Cafe1
A Closed cafe
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe Tx Caboose Cafe
Caboose cafe
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Bledsoe Tx Silos
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008

Silos in Bledsoe Tx
Silos in Bledsoe
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2008
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Bledsoe, Texas Forum

Subject: Bledsoe, Texas
Of course, you will note my last name from my e-mail, and realize that there is a connection. More than fifteen years ago I completed the Bledsoe family tree, which by most accounts, traces all Bledsoes back to George Bledsoe, who migrated from Birmingham, England, to SW Virginia, in 1655.

From my work I knew of the small town in Texas by the name of Bledsoe. My tree, Levi Bledsoe, is the second generation that also saw Anthony and Isaac move over to Tn. There are many things in Tn. named after the Bledsoes, including Bledsoe County, Bledsoe State Forest, and Bledsoe's Salt Lick, just to name a few. The Texas Bledsoes came out of the Tn. clan, when I do not know. I have spoken with Drew Bledsoe's(NFL QB) father, and I know that his grandfather is a retired admiral and lives in Texas. They came out of the Texas Bledsoes.

Now, the surprise that I got on Sat. was when I started reading a book about the famous Chuck Wagon Gang, and noted in the first chapter that they spent a lot of time in Bledsoe, Texas. In fact, most of the children went to school there. I was in Arizona two years ago visiting in the Sierra Vista area, near the border with Mexico, and decided to visit a bird sanctuary while there, named The Ramsey Canyon Preserve. As I read a flyer that I had picked up regarding the history of the preserve, I noted that the property had been donated by a Dr. Nelson C. Bledsoe, a prominent Tucson surgeon, in 1974. Considering that there are only some 25,000 Bledsoes, the name shows up in lots of places.

Even so, I was totally surprised to see the town of Bledsoe show up in the history of the Carter family, who made up the Chuck Wagon Gang that still exist some 70+ years later. I am guessing that with nine children in that family, that there are descendants still living in Bledsoe, Texas, probably more Carters than Bledsoes. - Otis N. Bledsoe, June 26, 2005

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