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Bell County, North Central Texas
Hwy 95 and FM 2268
15 miles S of Temple
Population: 1,118 (1990)

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Holland, Texas silo

The silo in Holland
TE photo, 2004
History in a Pecan Shell

The town was named after early settler James R. Holland who reportedly moved into the area in 1874. His construction of a steam cotton gin in 1878 insured that the community would thrive. A post office (granted the following year) was there to meet the railroad when it arrived and the town soon became a major cotton shipping point.
Holland, Texas bank building

The bank building in Holland
TE photo, 2004

Bank detail
TE photo, 2004
By 1884 the population was a substantial 300 persons and the following year a Masonic lodge was organized. The population doubled in just six years and by that time they had acquired a newspaper.

Holland is included in the string of towns from La Grange to Hillsboro that were settled by Czech immigrants.

In 1933 the population was just over 700 and it's one of the few smaller towns (not on a major highway) to have increased in population over the years.

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John Troesser

Holland Texas Forum

Old Czech Moravian Church, Holland Texas
The Old Czech Moravian Church

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
Old Czech Moravian Church

My father, Charles F. Baker, was the Ag Teacher in Holland for thirty years. He has indicated to me that he started teaching in Holland, he was told that the original one room school house was on this site. When asked, he could neither confirm nor deny that this church building may have been the original school.
United Methodist Church of Holland, Texas
United Methodist Church of Holland

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
United Methodist Church of Holland

The church had clear frosted glass windows in the 1960-70's. The rear building is a replacement of the original Sunday School building/social hall, which extended as an "ell" of the church.
First Christian Church of Holland, Texas
First Christian Church of Holland

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
During the 1960's-70's, I believe this was the Christian Church, or the First Christian Church of Holland.
Holland Church Of Christ, Texas
Church Of Christ

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
Holland Museum in the old Mayfield Home., Holland, Texas
The Holland Museum in the old Mayfield Home.

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
Old Paha Homestead, Holland, Texas
Old Pacha Homestead

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
Old Paha Homestead, Holland, Texas
Distant view of the Pacha Homestead

Photo courtesy Genevieve Shockley, April 2006
This was the old Pacha homestead. It is located between the railroad tracks and the back road of the Holland Cemetery. Mr. Charles Baker believes that it may be possible that it was built in the 1880's or perhaps before that time.
- Genevieve B. Shockley, Round Rock, Texas, April 2006
  • Subject: Pacha Homestead
    As I was browsing the internet, I came across your [magazine] and noticed some pictures of my family's homestead. This was actually my Great Grandpa and Great Aunts & Uncles home. They moved there in 1944. My Great Grandpa came to Texas in about 1900 from Czechoslovakia. There is still one loving Aunt Mary Massar who still lives in Holland. My dad (Bill Pacha) said that the house was built about 1880-1890 but he's not sure the actual date. Up until about 2000 my Great Aunt Emma Pacha lived there until poor health caused her to move in with relatives. She did not have running water and retrieved water from the well. I remember being in elementary school and staying there after school, my Aunt Emma always made kolaches with her wood burning stove and sold them for $1 a dozen. People came from all over the place just to get her kolaches. I remember a man coming from Waco just to get kolaches every week. I could probably go on for days about Holland's history. Thank You. - Lannie Pacha, June 06, 2006

  • Holland's Khulman Community Center
    [Does anyone have] any information about the Khulman Community Center in Holland ? I remember as a young girl being aware that there was a nice small walled garden behind the center, that was shrouded in magnolia trees or something similar. When I drove around Holland in April, I was going to take a picture of the garden but it was no longer there. I hope that someone took a picture before it was torn down, and would like to know when the removal took place. If I remember the stories correctly, the center was once used as an opera hall, and as recently as 1984 the stage was still in place. The center had concrete floors, and I think I have heard that it was also occassionally used for skating parties. - Genevieve Shockley, Round Rock,
    May 03, 2006

    Anyone who would like to share history or photos of Holland, Texas, please contact us.

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