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Texas Escapes -
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Editor John Troesser

Celebrating 25 Years of Texas Stories and Photos
On our 25th Anniversary we would like to thank the hundreds of contributors who have shared their memories, remembrances and experiences of Texas. Our deepest gratitude to our longtime contributors for their dedication and for allowing us to share their efforts with our readers. We enter our 26th year with enthusiastic anticipation for stories and photographs we have yet to share.
- John Troesser and Kate Wong Troesser, Editor and Webmaster, July 2023

We are a husband and wife team / staff of two. John Troesser is the editor, writer and photographer while Kate is the webmaster.

Texas Escapes began as a labor of love of two people, who happen to be fascinated by just about everything that was or is Texas, just about every place in Texas, and who have a driving passion to share Texas with the world.

Our visits to Texas towns and ghost towns lead us to a Texas we never knew existed. Every town had at least one fascinating story or two - if not 50. We decided to tell the stories of EVERY TOWN in Texas and take it a step further by illustrating the stories with both historical and contemporary images.

Telling the story of a town touches people in ways we could not anticipate. A story of a West Texas ghost town brought letters from three generations of citizens. We started getting letters from servicemen homesick for the towns they once couldn't wait to leave. We heard from people who remembered the importance of friendship during the Great Depression - and a woman who remembered watering a lone mesquite tree in her bare broom-swept West Texas yard.

These moving memoirs preserve personal history that would otherwise have been lost. These memories are collected in TE as part of our repository of the living history of Texas towns. Telling the story of EVERY town and showing the images, past and present, became our mission.

Living Histories - We met people with fascinating tales of their hometowns. Stories that no one now has time to hear. The need to record these stories is paramount. When the storytellers are gone, they take their stories with them. Recording their stories became our mission.

WWII Chronicles | WWI Chronicles : The real stories about the sailors, soldiers and marines that everyone in the war movies called "Tex." Stories that all too often didn't have a happy ending. Stories of high school classes enlisting en mass - and of heroes returning one at a time. Telling their stories became our mission.

People: Texans are often extraordinary personalities masquerading as everyday citizens. TE is devoted to recording the stories of local people who have exhibited the quiet virtue of character.

Cemeteries : Our research takes us to many cemeteries. A society cannot call itself civilized if it does not honor the final resting places of its antecedents. With our expanding coverage we join forces with others in their efforts to preserve and protect the state's scattered and neglected cemeteries.

Architecture: This became an important part of TE. Buildings were the dreams of our ancestors in brick and mortar and the demolished architecture alone is strong inspiration to record what's left. Presenting images of Texas' unique architecture, and telling its stories, became our mission.

Contributors | Forum :
Towns, people, history, and architecture are all threads in the Texas tapestry. Sharing stories and images, and providing a forum for those with stories to tell and images to record, that too, became our mission.

Authorities in their respective fields share their knowledge with their contributions. Readers open their family albums and share their stories. If you have information, stories or images to share, please contact us


  • To tell the stories of every Texas town.
  • To examine and explore Texas architecture (to 1950).
  • To record the living history and images of Texas, and
  • put this information in a format that's accessible and available to all.
  • December 26, 2001. Updated January 2, 2004
    © John Troesser

    What Readers Say About Us
  • Texas Escapes is a truly wonderful online magazine. You have done a great job and you are so lucky to have contributors like Mr Gibson. - Jane Littlejohn

  • Truly appreciate ya'lls dedication to sharing the history of Texas ghost towns. - Dan Whatley

  • I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading and learning about Texas... Have you ever thought about compiling some of material into printed books? Although I know there are many books on Texas history, some of the material you have, along with photos and artwork, would make for great reading!... Keep up the excellent work! - Chris Cordray

  • Just a note to say thank you for your site. I came across it by accident and wished I had seen it prior to now. I'm a native Texan and truly appreciate all things Texas. Your site is very informative and interesting as well. Hats off to ya'll. Thank you, Mark Howard

  • I just wanted to let you know I ran across your site this evening through a search for odd Texas town / city names ... What a wealth of historical and fun information! One page kept leading me to another and another! Thank you and all of your contributors for this great bounty of Texas facts ... I have been sharing them with my son and we've been in awe and been smiling with it all all evening. - Carol

  • I absolutely love your prose (sometimes delightfully humorous) and photos of Texas' many small towns. Thank you!!! - John J. Germann

  • I am a Texas born writer/director... TexasEscapes.com [is] a wonderful site to surf and has inspired me many times as I try and picture my scenes. - Clark Childers

  • I want to express my appreciation and admiration of the wonderful website, Texas Escapes. The volume of history and information is overwhelming, yet easily navigated. - Janis Crowder, Texas Panhandle

  • You have an absolutely priceless site for all things "Texan'... - JL Weiss Truitt

  • Thank you for caring so much about historical preservation. My grandmother would be so pleased if she were still alive. - Catherine Hiesiger

  • Thanks for bringing [my mother] back into the room for a moment... And, reading about [the Panhandle] now, I realize how enormously who she was had to do with where she was from. Polite, hard-working big-hearted, generous, spoke the unvarnished truth -- not a snobby bone in her body and (whatalways surprised me) - no prejudice, either. Looked everyone in the eye and accorded them the respect they deserve as human beings... Well, this was an unexpected little essay! Hopefully it will remind you of why you have your website and why you do the work and why it's valuable. - Blessings, Susan Fry

  • Your Texas Escapes site is a wonderful source of information on a vital and infinitely interesting topic: small Texas towns. These small Texas towns have so much to tell us it would be a crime not to listen, and a greater crime for their stories to be lost. Please keep up the good work. - Allen Lee Hamilton, Professor of History, St. Philip's College, San Antonio, TX

  • Thank you for these interesting vignettes of the small disappearing towns of Texas! - Helen Bethel Williams

  • I have searched for, and found, many places on your website, where we lived, lived near, visited relatives or friends, played school sports in competition, and for other occasions, that no longer exist. I printed most of them out and have a stack that is very high. I read all of them and treasure them. You have made my day on many occasions. Thank you so much for that pleasure and for your good work. - Billie Mayhall Freeman, Naples, Florida

  • Your web site is wonderful and full of memories and fascination... You have turned me on to water towers and I cant wait to start my own collection of pictures from my travels. Thank you. - Bruce, Walnut Grove, Texas

  • That is such a wonderful website for any kind of information. I use it for looking up Texas structures in small towns all of the time. Texas is so lucky to have it. - Jordan McAlister

  • The website is fantastic, and no one can beat y'all for the humor you build into everything. When I am down, I like to read snippets here and there because I know I will be chuckling in just a minute! The photos, the stories, and the information are all great. Keep up the good work. - Joan Kilpatrick

  • I have stumbled by total accident over your magazine and am in awe of the scope of stories and features. Thank you. I wish there were a connection for the email a day notice for each new publication. - Kate Lacy, Fayetteville AR

  • I am really enjoying your website and would like to suggest you start a blog, nothing too time consuming, perhaps one post x week, even calling up articles from the archives. It would be a nice break for myself and I am sure many, many others would read it, comment, enjoy it, and feel as I do. Thank you for taking time to consider this. - Regards, Laura

  • Congratulation on your online presentation of Texas. I was pleased to read a little about the history of my birth town. Not having live there except for the first four years of my now seventy two year life I appreciate your efforts and contribution to general knowledge for public consumption. - Raymond L Bellah

  • We are winter Texans and enjoy the great state of Texas and your website has just made it a lot easier to decide where to make our stops... Your website has helped me, I know where to go and what to see. Thank you for your great work. - Joe and Donna Carpentier

  • How can any Texan who reads Texas Escapes not feel good about their state? Keep up the great work! - Terry

  • I am a fan of Texas Escapes, and I want to congratulate you on providing what is surely one of the best organized and useful sites about Texas on the web. (And I want to commend you for not cluttering your site with “yeehaw” cheesiness that I have found on a few other Texas websites.) Between your site and the online Handbook of Texas, I could spend several lifetimes visiting places in Texas. Again thanks, William Holmes, Arlington, Texas

  • I discovered your web site quite by accident making me wish Mississippi had one like this. What a treasure for the state of Texas and America! People who fear the internet need only visit your site to find the perfect example of the good it can do. What a great job!!! Thank you, Jerry Grace, Satartia, Mississippi

  • I ran across Texas Escapes more or less by chance, and I immediately bookmarked your production. It is a wonderful resource for those who are interested in Texas, its people, its geography, and its history... Thank your for the effort you have put into making Texas Escapes such a good [magazine]. - Dr. William R. Thurman, Jr.,Thomaston, Georgia

  • Thanks for all you have done to make driving around so much fun for me. I don't just take trips any more, I take <<<---T---R---I---P---S--->>>. - BG, Carlsbad, New Mexico

  • Thanks for the great work you are doing to preserve all that is so precious to all of us, as we age along with everyone else. - William (Bill) Knapek, Houston

  • Please keep publishing your outstanding history lessons on and about Texas. After all, we probably won't find much of any of this in a Texas History book. Thank You. - Rod Harris

  • Thank you for the work you're doing! What you are doing might not be interesting to the generation under 40, but those of us who have traveled the state appreciate the time, exposure, and excellent way you go about your task. And, those under 40 will someday be grateful for what you are doing. - Henry Adrion III

  • I sent some friends to your site to check out the towns they were going to pass through on their summer vacation and they wound up revising the itinerary because they saw so many interesting side trips... - Gael Montana, Comfort, Texas

  • I stumbled upon your site quite by accident and found it fascinating... Thank you for keeping history and memories alive. - Jon Vance, Dallas, Tx

  • Just by luck I came across your magazine. My jaw dropped when I found it and can't believe the fantastic information. Good job!!! - Beverly Santos

  • Stumbling upon your site has enabled me to remember some of the stories I remember being told when I was a kid. I have even taken my son out to Bono and told him the history behind Bono and why it is important to our family. - Debbie Miracle

  • I love your website. Flat-out, I love it. I'm a Californian but have done extensive traveling through Texas, and, also I'm fascinated by the old Texas towns. ... Thank you, and, keep up the good work, Doug Greenwald

  • Thank you for your informative [magazine] and the smiles it brings - David Buck

  • I happened upon your website one day and can’t get enough! I’ve come to be quite a history buff to Texas history and love reading about the rich stories in Texas Escapes. - Barney Lee Douglas

  • Thanks for compiling such a good source of information! I consistently find myself being directed to Texas Escapes when looking for info on Texas counties. - Kara R. Dotter, UT Austin

  • Thank you for your site and the research that brought it together. - John Clawson

  • You're lovely folks doing a great job at what you do! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you so. - Jim Warsher, Rutland, Vermont

  • I spend the majority of my time on the Internet researching places, towns, buildings, etc and your magazine is a great help. Your writers are excellent. - Sylvia Mills

  • Extremely interesting and informative. Wonderful site – a true Texas Treasure - David Malcolm

  • It’s amazing how much work it must have taken to document all these communities. Thanks - Robert Griffith, Burleson

  • I love this site. I look at it every day. I appreciate all the wonderful work you guys do. - Andrea, Corpus Christi

  • Your website is absolutely fabulous. Every time I take a road trip across Texas I always check your website first to see if there is something, anything, a courthouse or ghosttown, that I should visit along the way. - Bob Worley

  • I find it especially moving that you would devote time and effort to such an obscure (and mostly vanished) little burg as Draw, and I express gratitude on behalf of all of us who once lived in or even passed through that little hamlet and now years later find it embedded in our fond memories.- Nolan Porterfield

  • You're helping a number of good causes. - Bill Morgan

  • I just discovered your website today and have been enjoying it immensely. I grew up in Plainview and Lubbock but have lived away from Texas since 1966. Your photos have sent me on a real nostalgia trip. - Dwight Young, Preservation Magazine

  • I regularly access Texas Escapes as a resource.

    You continue to have the best history/heritage/travel website in Texas, perhaps the world. - Bob Bowman, Lufkin

  • It’s good to know that someone takes the time to keep up with the history of the lesser known areas that are barely considered “towns.” Thanks for that. - David Scheffler, Kosciusko, Texas

  • Yours is a website I stumbled upon months ago rather than sought out. Sometimes the things we find are better than the things we were looking for. - Robert Griffith

  • I love the writing style and the information makes it come alive. I have found you and plan to read and read and read...then maybe mosey on down the road a piece. - Sandy Knebel, Garland.... by way of Waxahachie

  • I LOOOOOOOVE this website – just love it!

    It was because of your website that I first started going to jail museums and I am an absolute FANATIC about it! - Shannan Yarbrough, Fredericksburg Chamber

  • Thank you! Don't know how I've missed this website. It's definately a must-have!! - T Meadors

  • I love your site, and the way you find the beauty and value in parts of Texas that don't usually make the tourism brochures.... Carol Pirie, Assistant Director, Texas Film Commission

  • I only recently discovered your site. I think it is fantastic! I have not even scratched the surface of all that is in there. Bravo! - Mary Vonzastrow

  • Oh Boy!!!! Loved this !!!!!! ... What a welcome site this was!!!!!

    I am not a Texan but I sure spend an awful lot of time driving in your fair state!! Love learning about what I am looking at and now I am beginning to actually look FOR and know what it is I AM looking at ... Thanks Again!! - Kathy Price, Ossian, Indiana

  • I enjoyed perusing your site and judging by the contents, my guess is that Texas Escapes has a lot of fans. - Kathy Murphy, Publisher, Texas Highways

  • This site was a great site in giving insight to the town so I knew what to expect when I got there.

  • A very useful website almost like a maze, one fact leads to another. It is also good for travel planning.

  • ... unique internet publication - J Lane, Austin, Texas

  • ... informative and funny site. - Rob Hann, London, England

  • I'm in tall cotton since I found your web site! - C Schuetzeberg

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    I appreciate your mission, dedication and the very high quality of the site.

    You're bookmarked and will become a frequent reference as (we drive) through ... this beautiful and fascinating state. Thanks for what you do. - Sue White, Rockwall, TX

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  • I enjoy your newsletter and get excited when I see a new one pop up in my e-mail box. I even try to use the services of your advertisers when possible. Keep up the good work. - Ron Duckworth, Arlington,TX

  • Being a Texan is something special, it's a lot more than silly-ass cowboy boots and hats. It takes a publication like yours to get it across. - Stephen Long

  • This site is absolutely the coolest thing to come down the pike ... Rest assured I'll send your site on to friends and folks. Thanks... - Tim Jackson

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  • I'm in love with your website! I have spent the past 2 week's worth of lunch hours devouring everything I can find! - Donna Elrod

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  • This (site) is great for all of us non Texans. - Dallas Bancroft, Lakeland, Florida

  • How about a link that will allow us to e-mail our favorite stories directly to friends? A few other magazine websites have this, but I never feel inclined to use theirs. If Texas Escapes had such a feature, I'd use it often. There are plenty of out-of-state acquaintances of mine who need to be reading this stuff! God bless you all! - Jacob Wilson

  • Great site! I check it often as it is most interesting and informative. Have recommended it to all my friends. - M Krauss, Oakwood

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    Gentlemen: Just wanted to commend you on this GREAT website. I can spend hours on it. ... - Carol Quattlebaum

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    How do you do it? This is the best laugh-out-loud site I read! I am sure all my co-workers think I am reading a joke book or the comics. You always have the freshest, quirky, light-hearted look at everything. - The gruntled state employee, Joan K.

  • The story on Brewster Hudspeth is hilariously fascinating, and oozing with charm -- just like every issue of Texas Escapes. I feel like I should remind you every so often of the excellence of your publication, lest you forget.

    Any plans on writing a book? ... Your features are too interesting (and often amusing) not to be shared with those who still read via the traditional method. - Jacob Wilson

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  • Texas Escapes, in its purpose to preserve historic, endangered and vanishing Texas, asks that anyone wishing to share their local history, stories and contemporary/vintage photos of their town, please contact us.

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