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A society cannot call itself civilized if it does not honor the final resting places of its antecedents. With our expanding coverage we join forces with others in their efforts to preserve and protect the state's scattered and neglected cemeteries.

Texas Cemetery List

Belle Plaine Cemetery
  • Belle Plaine Cemetery Callahan Co 4-22-18
  • Whitney
  • Prairie Valley Cemetery Hill Co 4-2-18
  • Grandview
  • Grandview Cemeteries Johnson Co 3-21-18
  • New Ulm cemeteries
  • New Ulm Cemeteries Austin Co 3-1-18
  • Center Point
  • Center Point Cemetery Kerr Co 1-24-18
  • Gooseneck
  • Gooseneck Cemetery Young Co 1-18-18
  • Silver Valley-
  • Silver Valley Cemetery Coleman Co 1-3-18
  • Shields
  • Shields Cemetery Coleman Co 12-14-17
  • Files Valley Cemetery
  • Files Valley Cemetery Hill Co 11-21-17
  • Unnamed
  • Bigfoot Unnamed Cemetery Frio Co 11-21-17
  • Industry
  • Industry United Methodist Cemetery Austin Co 11-12-17
  • Cotulla La Salle Co 10-6-17
  • Carroll Springs
  • Carroll Springs Henderson Co 5-13-17
  • Beck's Chapel Henderson Co 5-13-17
  • St Francisville
  • St. Francisville - St. Francis Catholic Church Cemetery, Matagorda Co 5-1-17
  • Science Hill
  • Science Hill Henderson Co 4-1-17
  • Old D'Hanis Cemetery Medina Co 4-1-17
  • Old D'Hanis
  • Baursville Cemetery Lavaca Co 3-6-17
  • Old Moulton Cemetery Lavaca Co
  • Hallettsville
  • Hallettsville Cemeteries 3-4-17
  • Hallettsville Jewish Cemetery Lavaca Co 2-10-17
  • Charlottenburg Cemetery Lavaca Co
  • Jewish Cemetery
    Oak Hill
  • Oak Hill Cemetery Bastrop Co 2-20-17
  • La Grange
  • La Grange City Cemetery 1-20-17
  • ledbetter
  • Ledbetter Cemetery Fayette County 1-2-17
  • Kovar
  • Kovar Cemeteries Bastrop Co 11-4-16
  • Hostyn Fayette Co 1-1-16
  • Hostyn
  • Brenham Masonic Cemetery AKA Yellow Fever Cemetery 3-12-16
  • Ammannsville
  • Ammannsville Cemetery Fayette County 3-15-15
  • Dubina Cemetery Fayette County 3-15-15
  • Charlottenburg Cemetery Lavaca County 5-8-15
  • Dubina
    Ft Parker Mem Cemetery
  • Fort Parker Memorial Cemetery 1-16-15
  • Walking among the dead - Richard Andis and Concordia Cemetery, El Paso, Texas by Mike Cox 2-26-15
  • Martindale
  • Martindale - John Crayton / Crayton-Spruill Cemetery Caldwell County 10-24-14
  • Atoka Cemetery Coleman Co 11-15-14
  • Atoka
  • Wichita Falls - Riverside Cemetery Wichita County 5-9-14
  • Cedar Cemetery Fayette County 6-6-14
  • Cedar
    Pin Oak, Fayette Co
  • Pin Oak Cemetery Fayette County 6-23-14
  • Pin Oak Bastrop County 7-2-14
  • Cannon Cemetery Grayson County 4-18-14
  • Stiles Cemetery
  • Bear Creek Settlement Cemetery Kimble County 7-16-13
  • Stiles Cemetery Reagan County 3-10-13
  • Waverly Cemetery Walker County
  • Ross Prairie
  • Ross Prairie - St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Fayette Co 10-24-11
  • Waxahachie City Cemetery Ellis County 11-11-12
  • Waxahachie
  • Kit Cemetery Dallas Co 10-10-11
  • Sowers Cemetery Dallas Co 10-10-11
  • Shady Grove/Grand Prairie Cemetery Dallas Co 10-12-11
  • Sowers
    Green Elm
  • Haunted Bridge at Green Elm Cemetery by Bob Hopkins 9-3-11
  • Rogers Cemetery Travis County 9-17-11
  • Rogers
  • Nuecestown Cemetery Nueces Co 7-7-11
  • Pilgrim Cemetery Anderson Co 7-11-11
  • Oxford Cemetery Llano Co 6-29-11
  • Post Oak Community Cemetery Guadalupe Co 6-14-11
  • Oxford
    Olivewood Visit
  • A Visit to Olivewood Cemetery
  • Gravesites of Houstonís Olivewood Cemetery 2-14-11
  • Olivewood graves
  • Matagorda Cemetery Matagorda Co 5-17-11
  • Augusta Cemetery Houston Co 3-10-11
  • Oak Grove Cemetery Nacogdoches Co 2-17-11
  • Grable Cemetery Gregg Co 1-1-11
  • Oak Grove story
    Houston County
  • History On The Brink Of Extinction by Dana Goolsby 1-1-11
    Houston County family cemetery...
  • Durst Family Cemetery Leon Co 1-1-11
  • Glenwood Cemetery Houston County's oldest cemetery 12-17-10
  • Glenwood
  • Camden Cemetery Gregg Co 12-13-10
  • Sumpter Cemetery Trinity Co 12-12-10
  • Pila Blanca Duval Co 11-1-10
  • Pila Blanca
    Tascosa / Boys Ranch
  • Ochiltree Cemetery Ochiltree Co 11-3-10
  • Boot Hill Cemetery Oldham Co 5-20-10
  • Bethlehem Cemetery Washington Co 5-21-10
  • Englewood Cemetery Lubbock Co 6-16-10
  • Johnson Island National Historic Site 6-17-10
  • Otis Henry Memorial.
  • Rose Hill Cemetery - The Otis Henry Memorial 7-3-10
  • Aldine Cemetery Uvalde County 7-1-10
  • Aldine
    Grave marker
  • Finding the Polancio Grave Marker by Barclay Gibson 3-22-10
    "Back in the 1870s a stage was attacked by Indians and a man, Jose Maria Palancios, was killed. He was buried right where he fell, at the base of the Peak and a crude rock slab had the information scratched on it."
  • Rutersville
  • Rutersville Cemetery 5-16-10
  • Grassyville Cemetery 5-23-10
  • Sweet Home 5-23-10
  • Little New York - Brasco Cemetery 3-16-10
  • Grassyville
    Mt. Zion Cemetery
  • Mt. Zion Cemetery 3-28-10
  • Holt Cemetery 4-7-10
  • Kendleton Cemetery 4-7-10
  • Polonia Cemetery 4-15-10
  • Holt
  • Brady - Rest Haven Cemetery 3-19-10
  • Oso - Pine Springs Cemetery 1-19-10
  • Montvale Cemetery 1-12-10
  • Benton City Cemetery 2-14-10
  • Hayrick Cemetery 1-2-10
  • Spade cemetery
  • Spade Cemetery 1-5-10
  • Concord Cemetery 11-29-09
  • Bexar Cemetery 11-16-09
  • Riverside Cemetery 10-23-09
  • Feature Historic Cemeteries

  • Texas State Cemetery
  • Alamo Defenders
  • Alamo Defenders Mass Grave
  • Killough
  • The Killough Massacre, October 5, 1838
  • A Monument to the Killough Massacre

  • Freedman's
  • Dallas - Emanuel Cemetery, Dallas County 10-1-13
  • Dallas' Freedman's Cemetery Dallas County 8-23-13
  • Dallas' Greenwood Cemetery Dallas County 7-13-13
  • Greenwood
  • Paris - Evergreen Cemetery, "Jesus in Cowboy Boots" Lamar County 12-1-12
  • Scottsville Cemetery Cameron Pioneer Cemetery Columbus City Cemetery

    Colorado City Manton Family Cemetery Fayetteville Cemetery Dubina Cemetery Chappell Hill Masonic Cemetery The B'nai Abraham Cemetery, Brenham
    Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery
    Black church and cemetery in Schulenburg, Texas
    For a tiny cemetery - a disporportionate number of veterans graves.
    Navidad Baptist Cemetery
    AKA the "American" Cemetery, TubbsCemetery. SE of Schulenburg

    Texas Cemetery List
  • Abbott Cemetery
  • Admiral Cemetery, Callahan County
  • Afton Cemetery, Fisher County
  • Alamo Defenders Mass Grave, Bexar County Feature
  • Albany Cemetery Shackelford County
  • Albion Cemetery, Red River County
  • Aldine Cemetery Uvalde County
  • Alice Cemetery, Jim Wells County
  • Alleyton, Colorado County
  • Ammannsville Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Alton Cemetery, Denton County
  • Amphion, Atascosa County
  • Ander, Goliad County
  • Antelope Cemetery, Jack County
  • Arneckeville, DeWitt County
  • Atoka Cemetery, Coleman County
  • Augusta Cemetery, Houston County Feature
  • Aurora Cemetery, Wise County
  • Austin - Texas State Cemetery, Travis County Feature
  • Baby Head, Llano County
  • Bald Prairie Cemetery, Robertson County
  • Ballinger Old Cemetery, Runnels County
  • Barclay Cemetery, Falls County
  • Bastrop Cemetery, Bastrop County
  • Baursville Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • Bayside, St. Mary's Cemetery, Refugio County
  • Bear Creek Cemetery, Harris County
  • Bear Creek Settlement Cemetery, Kimble County
  • Beaver Dam, Bowie County
  • Beck's Chapel, Henderson County
  • Belknap Cemetery, Young County
  • Belle Plaine Cemetery, Callahan County Feature 4-22-18
  • Bells, Grayson County
  • Ben Ficklin Cemetery, Tom Green County
  • Benjamin Cemetery, Knox County
  • Benton City Cemetery, Atascosa County
  • Berclair Cemetery, Goliad County
  • Berea Cemetery, Marion County
  • Bethel Cemetery, Funston, Jones County
  • Bethlehem Cemetery, Panola County 1-6-18
  • Bethlehem Cemetery, Washington County Feature
  • Bexar Cemetery, Bexar County
  • Bigfoot Unnamed Cemetery, Frio County
  • Bivins Cemetery, Cass County
  • Blanket Cemetery, Brown County
  • Blewett, Texas, Uvalde County
  • Bluff Cemetery, Red River County
  • Bluff Dale - West Chapel Cemetery, Erath County
  • Bluffton Cemetery, Llano County
  • Blum, Hill County
  • B'nai Abraham Cemetery, Brenham, Washington County Feature
  • Bogata Cemetery, Red River County
  • Bolivar Cemetery, Denton County Feature
  • Bono Cemetery, Johnson County
  • Boonville Cemetery, Ghost Town Boonville, Brazos County Feature
  • Boot Hill Cemetery, Oldham County Feature
  • Borden's Stapleton Cemetery in far west Colorado County
  • Bovina Cemetery, Parmer County
  • Boxelder Cemetery, Red River County
  • Bradshaw, Taylor County
  • Brady - Rest Haven Cemetery, McCulloch County Feature
  • Breckenridge Cemetery, Stephens County
  • Brenham - Masonic Cemetery aka The Yellow Fever Cemetery Feature
    Or the Wilderness Cemetery
  • Brock Cemetery, Parker County
  • Brownsville City Cemetery, Cameron County Feature
  • Brushy Creek - Olive Branch Cemetery Anderson County
  • Bryant Station Cemetery, Milam County
  • Buckner - Holder Cemetery, Parker County
  • Bullard Cemeteries, Smith County 1-24-18
  • Bullock Cemetery, Young County
  • Bunting Family Cemetery
  • Burkett Cemetery, Coleman County
  • Burnet, Burnet County
  • Bushdale, Milam County
  • Calaveras, Wilson County
  • Callahan City, Callahan County
  • (Calvert - Jewish cemetery east of Calvert,) Robertson County
  • Camden Cemetery, Gregg County
  • Cameron Pioneer Cemetery, Milam County Feature
  • Camp Springs Cemetery, Scurry County
  • Camp Verde Cemetery, Kerr County
  • Cannon Cemetery, Grayson County
  • Caradan Cemetery, Mills County
  • Carbon, Eastland County
  • Carlisle Cemetery, Lubbock County
  • Carlton Cemetery - Samuel Everitt Rogers' Grave Feature
  • Carroll Springs Cemetery, Henderson County
  • Carterville Cemetery, Harrison County
  • Castroville, St. Louis Cemetery, Medina County
  • Cedar Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Cedar Lane - Shiloh Missionary Cemetery, Matagorda County
  • Center City Cemetery, Mills County
  • Center Point, Camp County
  • Center Point Cemetery, Kerr County Feature
  • Chalk Mountain, Erath County
  • Charlottenburg Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • Chappell Hill's Masonic Cemetery, Washington County Feature
  • Chatfield Cemeteries, Navarro County
  • Cheapside Cemetery, Gonzales County
  • Cherry Spring - Marschall-Meusebach Cemetery, Gillespie County
  • China Grove Cemetery, Brazoria County
  • Clairette Cemetery, Erath County
  • Clareville, Bee County
  • Clayton Cemetery, Panola County
  • Cleveland Cemetery, Coleman County
  • Clinton Cemetery, Hunt County
  • Clyde, Callahan County
  • Coffeeville, Upshur Co
  • Coletoville Cemetery, Victoria County
  • College Hill, Bowie County
  • Collegeport Cemetery, Matagorda County
  • Collinsville Cemetery, Grayson County
  • Cologne Cemetery, Goliad County
  • Colony, Fayette County
  • Colorado City and The Manton Family Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Columbusí Live Oaks and Dead Folks Cemetery Tour, Colorado County Feature
  • Comal Cemetery, Comal County
  • Concord Cemetery, Anderson County No Photos Feature
  • Concord Cemetery, Rusk County
  • Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
  • Content Cemetery, Runnels County
  • Cookville - Phillips-Taylor Cemetery, Titus County
  • Cooper Cemetery, Delta County
  • Copperas Cemetery, Kimble County
  • Corn Hill Cemetery, Williamson County
  • Cornett Cemetery, Cass County
  • Corpus Christi Bayview Cemetery, Nueces County
  • Cottonwood, Callahan County
  • Cotulla, La Salle County 10-6-17
  • Coupland, Williamson County
  • Cozy Corner, Fayette County
  • Crabapple - St. John Cemetery, Gillespie County
  • Cresson Cemetery, Johnson/Hood Counties
  • Crosbyton Cemetery, Crosby County
  • Crowell, Foard County
  • Cuthand, Red River County
  • Dalby Springs Cemetery, Bowie County
  • Dallas - Grove Hill Cemetery - Weeping Angel
  • Dallas - Emanuel Cemetery, Dallas County
  • Dallas - Freedman's Cemetery, Dallas County Feature
  • Dallas - Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas County Feature
  • Damon, Brazoria County
  • Danville Cemetery, Gregg County
  • Davilla, Milam County
  • Deer Creek Cemetery, Clay County
  • Democrat Cemetery, Mills County
  • Deport Cemetery, Lamar County
  • Dermott Cemetery, Scurry County
  • Detmold - St John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Milam County
  • Dexter, Cooke County
  • Old DíHanis Cemetery, Medina County Feature
  • Dicey Cemetery, Parker County
  • Dickens Cemetery, Dickens County
  • Dido Cemetery, Tarrant County
  • Domino - Albert Richie Cemetery, Cass County
  • Driftwood Cemetery, Hays County
  • Dubina Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Duffau Cemetery, Erath County
  • Dundee Cemetery, Archer County
  • Dunn Cemetery, Scurry County
  • Durst Family Cemetery, Leon County Feature
  • Earle's Chapel Cemetery, Cherokee County
  • East Sweden Cemetery, McCulloch County
  • Ebenezer, Camp County
  • Ebony Cemetery, Mills County
  • Eckert Cemetery, Gillespie County
  • Edith Paint Creek Cemetery, Coke County
  • Egypt Cemetery, Wharton County
  • El Paso - Concordia Cemetery, El Paso County
  • Elbert - Keeter Cemetery, Throckmorton County
  • Eldridge Cemetery, First Cemetery in Gray County 1888-89
  • Eliasville Cemetery, Young County
  • Elm Grove Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Elm Mott Cemetery, McLennan County
  • Elmwood Cemetery, Palo Pinto County
  • Emhouse - Patison Cemetery, Navarro County
  • Emma Cemetery, Crosby County
  • Emory City Cemetery, Rains County
  • Englewood Cemetery, Lubbock County
  • English Cemetery, Red River County
  • Enon Cemetery, Upshur County
  • Espuela, Dickens County
  • Estacado Cemetery, Lubbock County
  • Ethel Cemetery, Grayson County
  • Fairmount Cemetery, Southeastern Sabine County
  • Fairview, Wilson County
  • Farmer Cemetery, Young County, Texas Historic Cemetery
  • Farmersville, Collin County
  • Fashing, Atascosa County
  • Fayetteville Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Fedor, Lee County
  • Fife, McCulloch County
  • Files Valley Cemetery, Hill County
  • Fletcher Cemetery, McLennan County 1-16-18
  • Fly Gap cemetery, Mason County
  • Foard City, Foard County
  • Fodice Cemetery, Houston County
  • Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris County
  • Fort Hancock, Hudspeth County
  • Fort Parker Memorial Cemetery, Limestone County
  • Franklin, Robertson County
    The Grave of the last Civil War Soldier (no photo)
  • Frelsburg - Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Colorado County
  • Freyburg Cemeteries, Fayette County
  • Frio Town Cemetery, Frio County
  • Fulton Cemetery, Aransas County
  • Gail Cemetery, Borden County
  • Gause Cemetery, Milam County
  • Gay Hill Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Gibtown Cemetery, Jack County
  • Giddings Cemetery, Lee County
  • Giddings Cemetery, Lee County
  • Girard Cemetery, Kent County
  • Glenwood Cemetery, Crockett, Houston County's oldest cemetery
  • Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, Harris County Feature
  • Godley Cemetery, Johnson County
  • Good Hope Cemetery, Washington County
  • Goodlett Cemetery, Hardeman County
  • Goodnight Cemetery, Armstrong County
  • Gooseneck Cemetery, Young County 1-18-18
  • Gomez Cemetery, Terry County
  • Gorman Cemetery, Eastland County
  • Grady Cemetery, Fisher County
  • Granbury, Hood County
  • Grandview Cemeteries, Johnson County Feature 3-21-18
  • Grapetown Cemetery, Gillespie County
  • Grassland Cemetery, Lynn County
  • Grassyville Cemetery, Bastrop County Feature
  • Gray, Marion County
  • Gray Mule - Grey Mule Cemetery, Floyd County
  • Green Elm Cemetery
  • Greenvine, Washington County
  • Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas County Feature
  • Greenwood Cemetery, Parker County
  • Griffin Cemetery, Cherokee County
  • Grit Cemetery, Mason County
  • Gulf Prairie, Brazos County Feature
  • Gum Springs Fannin County
  • Gunsight, Stephens County
  • Gussettville, Live Oak County Feature
  • Gustine, Union Cemetery, Comanche County
  • Hackberry, Andrews Chapel Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • Hagerman, Grayson County
  • Halingen, Cameron County
  • Hallsville Cemetery Historical Marker, Harrison County
  • Hallettsville - Jewish Cemetery, Lavaca County Feature
  • Hammond Colony Cemetery, Black Jack Robertson County
  • Harmony, Karnes County
  • Harmony Hill Cemetery
  • Harwood - LIttle Zion Cemetery, Gonzales County
  • Havana, Hidalgo County
  • Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda County
  • Hayrick Cemetery, Coke County
  • Heard Cemetery, Uvalde County
  • Helena, Karnes County
  • Hickston - Mounty Eden Cemetery, Gonzales County
  • Higgins, Lipscomb County
  • Hilda Methodist Cemetery, Mason County
  • Hiner Cemetery, Parker County
  • Hobson - Catholic Cemetery, Karnes County
  • Holt Cemetery, Hutchinson County
  • Hoover's Valley
  • Hostyn Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Houston County - family cemetery Feature
  • Houstonís Olivewood Cemetery, Harris County
  • Huckabay, Erath County
  • Huffines, Cass County
  • Hughes Springs, Cass County
  • Hylton Cemetery, Nolan County
  • Iatan, Mitchell County
  • Idalou Cemetery, Lubbock County
  • Illinois Bend, Montague County
  • Independence Cemetery, Washington County
  • Indianola, Calhoun County
  • Ira Cemetery, Scurry County
  • Ireland Cemetery, Coryell County
  • Jeddo Cemetery, Bastrop County Feature
  • Jefferson, Marion County
  • Jericho Cemetery by Delbert Trew
    Established in 1894 after an unusual outbreak of Malaria
  • Johnson Family Cemetery, Johnson City, Blanco County
  • Johnsville Cemetery, Erath County
  • Joliet, Caldwell County
  • Jordan Cemetery, Batson, Hardin County
  • Kanawha Cemetery, Red River County
  • Kemp Cemetery, Kaufman County
  • Kendleton Cemetery, Fort Bend County

  • Killough Massacre Monument & Cemetery, Cherokee County
    The Killough Massacre, October 5, 1838 Feature
    Text & photos by Janet Gregg
    A Monument to the Killough Massacre Feature
    by Mitchel Whitington, from "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods"

  • Kimbro Cemetery, Travis County
  • Kit Cemetery, Dallas County Feature
  • Knobbs Springs Cemetery, Lee County
  • Knox City Cemetery, Knox County
  • Kothmann Cemetery, Mason County
  • Kovar Cemetery, Bastrop County
  • Kohrville and Amos Cemeteries, Harris County
  • Kyle Cemetery, Hays County 3-8-18
    Cemetery with a Hanging Tree

  • La Bahia Cemetery, Washington County
  • La Grange Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • La Paloma Cemetery, Cameron County
  • LaCoste, Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, Medina County
  • Lagarto cemetery, Live Oak County
  • Lamar Cemetery, Aransas County Feature
  • Lanham Cemetery, Hamilton County
  • Lanham Mill Cemetery, Somervell County
  • Leakey Cemetery, Real County
  • Ledbetter Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Leesburg Cemetery, Camp County
  • Lela Cemetery, Wheeler Co
  • Levelland Cemetery, Hockley County
  • Levita, Coryell County
  • Lilac, Milam County
  • Lingleville, Erath County
  • Hiram - Locust Grove Cemetery, Kaufman County
  • Little Hope Cemetery, Wood County
  • Little New York - Brasco Cemetery, Gonzales County Feature
  • Little Saline Cemetery, Menard County
  • Littlefield Cemetery, Lamb County
  • Liverpool Brazoria Co
  • Llano City Cemetery, Llano County
  • Lone Star, Red River County
  • Long Branch - Boynton Cemetery, Panola County
  • Longmeadow Cemetery, Lampasas County Feature
  • Longview - Grable Cemetery, Gregg County Feature
  • Lorenzo Cemetery, Crosby County
  • Losoya - El Carmen Cemetery, Bexar County
  • Lowry Crossing, Collin County
  • Loyal Valley, Mason County
  • Luther, Howard County
  • Lydia, Red River County
  • Magnolia Cemetery, Anderson County
  • Malta Cemetery, Bowie County
  • Marcelina Cemetery, Karnes County
  • Markley Cemetery, Young County
  • Marquez Cemetery, Leon County
  • Martha Chapel Cemetery, Walker County
  • Martine Cemetery, Mason County
  • Martindale Cemetery, Caldwell County
  • Martindale - John Crayton / Crayton-Spruill Cemetery Caldwell County
  • Marysville Cemetery, Cooke County
  • Matador - East Mound Cemetery, Motley County
  • Matagorda Cemetery, Matagorda County
  • Maxdale Cemetery, Bell County
  • Maxwell, Caldwell County
  • May Cemetery, Brown County
  • Maydelle - Mt Comfort Cemetery, Cherokee County
  • Melvin Cemetery, McCulloch County
  • Menard, Pioneers Rest Cemetery, Menard County
  • Merit, Hunt County
  • Milton, Lamar County
  • Mistletoe Cemetery/Germantown, Goliad County
  • Mobeetie Cemetery, Wheeler County
  • Molsbee Cemetery, Montague County
  • Monkstown, Fannin County
  • Monument Hill, Fayette County Feature
  • Monthalia, Gonzales County
  • Montvale, Sterling County
  • Moran Cemetery, Shackelford County
  • Moravia Ascension Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • Morgan Cemetery, Bosque County
  • Morgan Mill, Erath County
  • Mosier Valley "Garden of Angels", Arlington Texas Feature
  • Mount Olive, Mills County
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Motley County
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Washington County Feature
  • Mulberry Cemetery, Fannin County
  • Leary Cemetery, Bowie County
  • Naples Cemetery Historical Marker, Morris County
  • Neeley Cemetery, Pone, Rusk County
  • Nell Cemetery, Live Oak County
  • Nelsonville, Suzen Cemetery, Austin County
  • New Corn Hill Cemetery, Williamson County
  • Newberry Cemetery, Parker County
  • Newport - Werner Cemetery, Walker County
  • Noonday Cemetery, Harrison County
  • Norse, Bosque County Feature
  • Northfield Cemetery, Motley County
  • Nuecestown Cemetery, Nueces County Feature
  • Oak Flats - Holleman Cemetery, Rusk County
  • Oak Grove Cemetery, Nacogdoches County Feature
  • Oak Hill Cemetery, Bastrop County Feature
  • Oakland Community Cemetery, Van Zandt County
  • Oakwood Cemetery, Huntsville, Walker County
  • Oatmeal Cemetery, Burnet County
  • Ochiltree Cemetery, Ochiltree County Feature
  • O'Farrell, Cass County
  • Oklahoma Lane Cemetery, Parmer County
  • Ola - Morrow Chapel Cemetery, Kaufman County
  • Old Belgrade Cemetery, Newton County
  • Old Center, Panola County
  • Old Moulton Cemetery, Lavaca Co
  • Old Mound Cemetery, Hardeman County Texas Historic Cemetery
  • Old Plum Grove Cemetery, Fayette County Texas Historic Cemetery 12-11-17
  • Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Bayside, Refugio County
  • Olivewood Cemetery, Houston, Harris County Feature
  • Olivia Cemetery, Calhoun County
  • Osage, Colorado County
  • Owensville Cemetery, Robertson County
  • Oxford Cemetery, Llano County Feature
  • Palito Blanco, Jim Wells County
  • Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto County
  • Panhandle, Carson County
  • Panna Maria Cemetery, Panna Maria, Karnes County
  • Paris - Evergreen Cemetery, "Jesus in Cowboy Boots", Lamar County
  • Pearsall Cemetery, Frio County
  • Pelham, Navarro County
  • Peoria Cemetery, Hill County
  • Pidcoke Cemetery, Coryell County
  • Pila Blanca Cemetery, Duval County
  • Pilgrim Cemetery, Anderson County
  • Pin Oak, Bastrop County
  • Pin Oak Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Pine Springs, Bowie County
  • Pine Springs Cemetery, Oso, Fayette County
  • Pinehill - Buckner Cemetery, Rusk County
  • Pioneer Cemetery, Uvalde, Uvalde County
  • Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Menard, Menard County
  • Pittsburg - Reeves Chapel Cemetery, Camp County
  • Plantersville Cemetery, Grimes County
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wood County
  • Poe Prairie Cemetery, Parker County
  • Polley Cemetery, Wilson County
  • Polonia Cemetery, Caldwell County
  • Port Arthur - Sparks Settlement Cemetery, Jefferson County
  • Post Oak Community Cemetery, Guadalupe County
  • Powell Point Cemetery, Fort Bend County
  • Powers Chapel and Cemetery, Falls County
  • Poynor Cemetery, Henderson County
  • Prairie Grove Cemetery, Hill County 4-2-18
  • Prairie Valley Cemetery, Hill County 4-3-18
  • Providence Cemetery, Anderson County
  • Pullin-Livingston Cemetery, Bee County
  • Pyron Cemetery, Scurry County
  • Quanah Cemetery, Hardeman Count
  • Muddy Creek Cemetery North of Quitman, Wood County
  • Raleigh Cemetery, Navarro County
  • Ralls Cemetery, Crosby County
  • Ravenna, Fannin County
  • Rayner, Stonewall County
  • Redford Cemetery, Presidio County
  • Reed Family Cemetery Bell County
  • Reese, Cherokee County
  • Reichmuth Cemetery, Looking for, Bexar County
  • Rice Cemetery, Navarro County
  • Richard, Collin County - Old Richard Cemetery
  • Richland, Bee County
  • Richmond, Morton Cemetery, Fort Bend County
  • Ringgold Cemetery, Montague County
  • Rio Frio Cemetery, Real County
  • Riverland Cemetery, Clay County
  • Riverside Cemetery, Guadalupe County
  • Roaring Springs Cemetery, Motley County
  • Robert Lee Cemetery, Coke County
  • Roby Cemetery, Fisher County
  • Rochelle Cemetery, McCulloch County
  • Rochester Cemetery, Haskell County
  • Rockport Cemetery, Aransas County
  • Rocksprings Cemetery, Edwards County
  • Rocky Mound, Camp County
  • Rogers Cemetery, Travis County Feature
  • Ronda Cemetery, Wilbarger County
  • Round Top, Fayette County
  • Ross Prairie - St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Rossville - Langston Ross Memorial Cemetery, Atascosa County
  • Roznov - Halamicek Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Rule Cemetery, Haskell County
  • Rush Creek Community Cemetery, Wise County
  • Rutersville Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Sabine Pass Cemetery, Jefferson County Feature
  • Sabine Town Cemetery, Sabine County
  • Saint Jo Pioneer Cemetery, Montague County
  • Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • San Antonio - Alamo Defenders Mass Grave, Bexar County Feature
  • San Antonio - Oddfellows Cemetery, Bexas County
  • Sanderson, Terrell County
  • Sandy, Blanco County
  • Santa Cruz, Duval County
  • Santa Maria, Camera County
  • Saragosa, Reeves County
  • Sardis, Fisher County
  • Saturn Cemetery, Texas Historic Cemetery, Gonzales County
  • Savannah, Red River County
  • Sayers - Salem Cemetery, Bexar County
  • Serbin, Lee County
  • Schertz, Bexar County
  • School Hill, Erath County Feature
    Lower School Hill Church & Cemetery
  • Schulenburg, Fayette County
  • Schulenburg - Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
    Black church and cemetery
  • Schulenburg - Navidad Baptist Cemetery Feature
    AKA the "American" Cemetery, Tubbs Cemetery and
    (Incorrectly Identified on 1965 Maps as) Lyons Cemetery.
  • Scottsville Cemetery Feature
  • Scotland Cemetery, Archer County
  • Serbin Cemetery, Lee County
  • Shady Grove/Grand Prairie Cemetery, Dallas County
  • Shamrock Cemetery & The Wild Bunch
  • Shankleville, Newton County
  • Shannon Cemetery, Clay County
  • Sharp Cemetery, Milam County
  • Shelby, Austin County
  • Shep, Taylor County
  • Shields Cemetery, Coleman County
  • Shive Cemetery, Hamilton County
  • Sidney, Comanche County
  • Silver Valley, Coleman County 1-3-18
  • Simmons Cemetery, Live Oak County
  • Sisterdale Cemetery, Kendall County
  • Six Mile Cemetery, Panola County 1-6-18
  • Slaton - Englewood Cemetery, Lubbock County
  • Smyer Cemetery, Hockley County
  • Snyder - Old Snyder Graveyard, Scurry County
  • Sowers Cemetery, Dallas County Feature
  • Spanish Fort Cemetery, Montague County
  • Speaks Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • Spofford Cemetery, Kinney County
  • Spring Creek - Neal Cemetery, San Saba County
  • Springdale Cemetery, Cass County
  • Springfield Cemetery, Limestone County
  • Spur Cemetery, Dickens County
  • Squeezepenny - Stiff Chapel Cemetery, Collin County
  • St. Francisville - St. Francis Catholic Church Cemetery, Matagorda County
  • St. John Colony, Caldwell County
  • Stag Creek, Comanche County
  • Steele Creek Cemetery, Limestone County (no photo)
  • Stiles Cemetery, Reagan County
  • Stockholm Cemetery, Hidalgo County
  • Stoneís Chapel Cemetery, Cherry, Red River County
  • Stonewall - Trinity Cemetery, Gillespie County
  • Stony Cemetery, 1850, Denton County
  • Stranger, Fall County
  • Suggs Cemetery, Black Jack, Robertson County
  • Sumpter Cemetery, Trinity County
  • Sunray (Lane Memorial Cemetery), Moore County
  • Sunshine Cemetery, Bell County
  • Sweet Home, Lavaca County
  • Swiss Alp - United Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Talco Cemetery, Titus County
  • Telferner, Victoria County
  • Terlingua, Brewster County
  • Texarkana - Rose Hill Cemetery - The Otis Henry Memorial, Bowie County Feature
  • Thomaston Cemetery, DeWitt County
  • Thornberry Cemetery, Clay County
  • Thurman Cemetery, Kickapoo, Edwards County
  • Timothy Cemetery, Navarro County
  • Tivy burial plot, Kerr County
  • Toyah Cemetery, Reeves County
  • Trickham Cemetery, Coleman County
  • Truscott Cemetery, Knox County
  • Tuggle Springs Cemetery, Red River County Feature
  • Tulia - Rose Hill Cemetery, Swisher County
  • Twin Sisters
  • Tynan - Waldheim Cemetery, Bee County
  • Union Valley, Wilson County Feature
  • Universal City - Edens Cemetery, Bexar county
  • Universe Cemetery, Smith Cemetery
  • Val Verde Cemetery, Milam County
  • Valley Wells Cemetery, Valley Wells, Dimmit County
  • Vance Cemetery, Real County
  • Vanderpool, Bandera County
  • Vera Cemetery, Knox County
  • Vincent Cemetery, Howard County
  • Voca, McCulloch County
  • Waldeck Cemetery, Fayette County
  • Wallisville Cemetery, Chambers County
  • Walnut Springs, Bosque County
  • Warda Cemetery, Fayette County Feature
  • Waresville Cemetery, Uvalde County
  • Watson Cemetery, Burnet County
  • Watterson Cemetery, Bastrop County
  • Watts Chapel Cemetery, Johnson County Feature
  • Waverly Cemetery, Walker County Feature
  • Waxahachie City Cemetery, Ellis County Feature
  • Weinert Cemetery, Haskell County
  • Wellington - North Fairview Cemetery, Collingsworth County
  • West, McLennan County
  • Westbrook, Mitchell County
  • Westover, Baylor County
  • Wheelock, Robertson County
  • White Rock, Red River County
  • Whitehouse Cemetery, Smith County
  • Whitney Memorial Park, Hill County Feature
  • Whitt, Parker County
  • Wichita Falls - Riverside Cemetery, Wichita County
  • Wied - St. Ludmilla's Catholic Cemetery, Lavaca County
  • Winchell Cemetery, Brown County
  • Wingate, Runnels County
  • Wink - Old Wink Cemetery, Winkler County
  • Winnsboro City Cemetery, Wood County
  • Witting, Lavaca County
  • Woodbury, Hill County
  • Woodlawn Cemetery, Harrison County
  • Woods Cemetery, Panola county
  • Wrightsboro, Gonzales County
  • Zavala - Hamilton Cemetery, Jasper County Feature
  • Zephyr, Brown County
  • Zorn Cemetery, Guadalupe County
  • The Graves of the 10th Cavalry Soldiers

  • See Grave Thoughts >
    Heroism, romance, betrayal, unrequited love, humor and famous last words. Pathos, bathos and lassos. Think of it as a Texas Spoon River.
  • Confessions of a Graveyard Junkie by Bob Bowman
    While other people collect antiques, postcards and coffee mugs, I spend much of my spare time in East Texas cemeteries looking for oddball tombstones, unique inscriptions and other reminders of people who left behind more than just a nondescript piece of rock to mark their passing.

  • Country Graveyards Here and There by Bob Bowman
    After a lifetime in East Texas, I have grown to prefer cemeteries where the tombstones stand high against the sky, where tall trees shade the graves most the time, and where people get together once a year for a graveyard working and homecoming...

  • Poems
  • Two Graves Side by Side by David Knape
  • More Featured Historic Cemeteries
    Don't leave this page without seeing these:
  • Columbusí Live Oaks & Dead Folks Cemetery Tour
  • Lagarto cemetery
  • Ralls Cemetery
  • Antelope Cemetery
  • Espuela Cemetery
  • Old Waverly
  • Jeddo Cemetery
  • Owensville Cemetery
  • Mistletoe Cemetery
  • Hawley Cemetery
  • Nuecestown Cemetery
  • Bovina Cemetery
  • Old Waverly
  • Eldridge Cemetery First Cemetery in Gray County 1888-89
  • Toyah
  • Ranger Cemeteries
  • Toyah Cemetery
  • Zorn Cemetery
  • Ledbetter Cemetery
  • Squeezepenny - Stiff Chapel Cemetery
  • Brownsville
  • Comal Cemetery
  • Belknap Cemetery
  • Whitney Memorial Park
  • Union Valley Cemetery
  • Brownsville City Cemetery
  • Sabine Pass
  • Sabine Pass Cemetery
  • Mosier Valley "Garden of Angels"
    Arlington Texas
  • GayHill
  • Gay Hill Cemetery
  • Warda Cemetery
  • Sunshine Cemetery
  • Gussettville
  • Reed Family Cemetery
  • Oak Hill
  • Oak Hill Cemetery
    A Bastrop County "scraped earth" cemetery
  • Cologne Cemetery
  • Norse Cemetery
  • Universe Cemetery

  • See Grave Thoughts
    Heroism, romance, betrayal, unrequited love, humor and famous last words. Pathos, bathos and lassos. Think of it as a Texas Spoon River.


    Applewhite Family Cemetery
    I found it 3 years ago by accident while looking for another cemetery in Bexar County. It's in south Bexar County, out Pleasanton Road. When you Google it, the map does not give a clear indication of its location. It was too overgrown for me to do by myself. I would be willing to meet with someone during the week, or even weekends, and show them where it is. You can always contact me on my cell at 210-725-5349. I have been a member of findagrave.com for 7-8 years. - Mr. Pearson, November 05, 2017
    Texas Historic Cemeteries

  • Texas State Cemetery
  • Alamo Defenders
  • Alamo Defenders Mass Grave
  • The Killough Massacre, October 5, 1838
  • A Monument to the Killough Massacre

  • Weeping Angels

  • Five Weeping Angels
  • Scottsville
  • Weeping Angel, Scottsville Cemetery
  • Dallas
  • Weeping Angel, Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas
  • Weeping Angel, Holy Cross Cemetery, Waco
  • Weeping Angel, Calvary Cemetery, Denison


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