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USA Travel

Featured USA Trips / Places / Stories:

Dothan Alabama
Texas Escapes Salutes:
  • Dothan, Alabama and Colquitt, Georgia Tour
    Only 48 miles apart, less than 50 minutes if you really step on it, are two towns linked by paint and peanuts. It could be called the “fumes and legumes” tour
  • Colquitt Georgia
    ALABAMA - Hotels › Book Here
    Alabama Travel

  • Naivete in Florala, Alabama
    TE photos
  • ARIZONA - Hotels › Book Here
    Arizona Travel

  • Monument Valley
    Photos by Ken Rudine
  • Yucca, Arizona
    Route 66 Ghost Town
    Photos courtesy Stephen Michaels

  • Arizona in Bloom: Flora Behind a Tucson Truckstop Photos by Stephen Michaels
  • FLORIDA - Hotels › Book Here
    Ghost sign
    Florida Travel

  • Ghost Sign Appears in Downtown St. Petersburg by Rufus St. Clair
    The Architectural Tattoo as Historic Relic
  • Tampa Art
  • Tampa Art Awaits the National Spotlight by Rufus St. Clair
    “Civilization’s Sexuality”
  • Soldier
    Clearwater and Dunedin, Florida War Memorials
  • Soldier and Sailor on the Clearwater Memorial Causeway

  • State Stones form a Modest Monument
  • State Stones
    Lake Wales FL
  • Lake Wales, Florida's Dixie Walesbilt / Grand Hotel
    The “Green Monster” of Lake Wales
  • Iris's
  • Iris's Grill by Rufus St. Claire
  • Georgia Hotels › Book Here
    Georgia Travel

  • Colquitt, Georgia
  • ILLINOIS - Hotels › Book Here
    Illinois Travel

  • Mary's River Covered Bridge, Chester Photos by Ken Rudine

  • Bureau County Red Covered Bridge, Princeton Photos by Ken Rudine

  • Sugar Creek Covered Bridge, Springfield Photos by Ken Rudine

  • Giant City State Park, Makanda, IL
  • IOWA - Hotels › Book Here
    Iowa Travel

  • Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge, Madison County
    Photos courtesy Ken Rudine
  • The Courthouse of Madison County, Winterset, IA Photos by Ken Rudine, Wayne Davis and the Madison County Iowa Chamber of Commerce

  • Clark Tower, Winterset, Iowa
    Photos courtesy of Ken Rudine, Wayne Davis and the Madison County Iowa Chamber of Commerce
  • KANSAS - Hotels › Book Here
    Kansas Travel

  • Ness City, Kansas

  • Kansas' - Ness City 1890 Bank Building
  • Englewood, Kansas
  • Kansas' Route 66 Bridge, Baxter Springs, Kansas
  • Kansas Schoolhouses
  • KENTUCKY - Hotels › Book Here
    Deep in the Heart of Somewhere
  • Odds, Kentucky and Van Lear County
  • LOUISIANA - Hotels Book Here
    Louisiana Travel

  • Shreveport's Victorian Era Architecture Photos by Gerald Massey
  • MAINE - Hotels › Book Here
    Maine Travel

  • Maine's Easy 18 Lighthouses by Ken Rudine
  • MICHIGAN - Hotels › Book Here
    Michigan Travel

  • Lighthouses of Lake Michigan's Shores by Ken Rudine

    Ghost Lighthouses:
  • The Lightkeeper's Ghost - The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse from "A Ghost in my Suitcase" by Mitchel Whitington.

  • The Keeper of Seul Choix Point by Ken Rudine

  • Memphis to Lake Erie by Ken Rudine
  • MINNESOTA - Hotels › Book Here
    Minnesota Travel

  • "Astoria Station" of Dawson, Minnesota
    Restored 1928 Sinclair Station Appreciated by Townspeople

    Photos courtesy Shari Aabye
  • MISSISSIPPI - Hotels › Book Here
    Mississippi Travel

  • Mississippi Time Warp
    Or How to Tell Itta Bena from Nitta Yuma

    Photos by Johnny Stucco
    Captions by Luke Warm
  • Victorian Moro-Byzantine Revival Architecture in Port Gibson, Mississippi by Johnny Stucco
    The Fruit of Inspired Aimlessness
  • MISSOURI - Hotels › Book Here
    Missouri Travel

  • Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, Goldman, MO Photos by Ken Rudine
  • Monument Valley Photos by Ken Rudine
  • Monument Valley Utah and Arizona Photos by Ken Rudine
  • NEW MEXICO - Hotels › Book Here
    New Mexico Travel

  • Camino Real National Scenic Byway by Delbert Trew
    The old road "Camino Real" or Royal Road may not be the oldest road in America but was completed in 1598... It begins at the San Juan Pueblo in northern New Mexico, goes 400 miles south to El Paso then on another 1,200 miles to Mexico City. The U.S. designated it a National Scenic Byway...

  • Moreno Valley great spot for a vacation by Delbert Trew
    Moreno Valley, home of Eagle Nest town and lake.

  • Coca-Cola Trucks and Bottling Works of New Mexico 1936-1965
    Vintage Photos from the Barclay Gibson Collection
  • Fly-Fishing in New Mexico by Byron Browne

  • Elizabethtown, New Mexico
    Celebrating 100 Years as a Ghost Town
    "It used to be her town."
    Photos by Ken and Yvonne Rudine
  • OKLAHOMA - Hotels › Book Here
    Oklahoma Travel

  • Did lost colony in the Okla. Panhandle exist? by Delbert Trew

  • Erick, Oklahoma The boyhood home of Roger Miller

  • Madill WPA Mural - Prairie Fire, 1941 by Ethel Magafan

  • Purcell WPA Mural - The Roundup, 1940 by Frederick Conway

  • Yukon WPA Mural - The Run, April 22, 1889, Taking the Lead, 1941 by Dahlov Ipcar

  • Willow, Oklahoma: The Real Texas Or Don't Mess with Oklahoma, Either!
  • OREGON - Hotels › Book Here
    Oregon Travel

  • Astoria
  • TEXAS - Hotels › Book Here

  • Texas Towns -
    Over 3200 Towns
  • Texas Ghost Towns -
    Over 1000 Ghost Towns
  • UTAH - Hotels › Book Here
    Utah Travel

  • Utah’s Scenic Byway 12 by Ken Rudine
  • Utah's Valley of the Gods by Ken Rudine
  • VERMONT - Hotels › Book Here
    Vermont Travel

  • Vermont, Maple Surple and Covered Bridges by Ken Rudine
  • WISCONSIN - Hotels › Book Here
    Wisconsin Travel

  • A Victorian Gothic Standpipe - Milwaukee's Old North Point Water Tower
    Photos by Ken Rudine
  • Special Features
    America Coast to Coast

    Travelog of a a cross-country, big-rig trucker
  • Four Bridges / Three States
    Chevelon Canyon Bridge Winslow Arizona, Querino Canyon Bridge on Old Route 66 Houck Arizona, Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay Redding California, and Yaquina Bay Bridge Newport Oregon.

    Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson
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