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The history, folklore, towns, trips, ecology
and images of Texas' major rivers.
Including related lakes, dams, reservoirs and parks.

Springs and Falls
Arroyo, Bayous & Creeks

TX - The winding Rio Grande
The winding Rio Grande
TE photo, December 1999

Featured Trips

Spash Across Texas
by Chandra Moira Beal
Swimming to Mexico
A trip including 12 rivers, 7 State Parks, 2 Creeks and more Springs than an old mattress
  • Rivers Mentioned in Swimming to Mexico -
    Their Lengths, Sources, and Termination Points.

  • Rivers in Texas

    Blanco River

    Blanco, Blanco State Park, Five Mile Dam
    Canadian River
    Colorado River

  • Highland Lakes and Dams
    Dams: Tom Miller Dam, Mansfield Dam, Max Starke Dam, Wirtz Dam, Inks Dam and Buchanan Dam
    Lakes: Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, Lake LBJ, Inks lake, and Lake Buchanan

  • Rafting Cotton from Bastrop to Matagorda by Mike Cox
    During the 1840s and continuing through the Civil War, Central Texans saw the Colorado River not so much as a source of drinking water or place to fish as a transportation artery connecting them with the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Comal River

    New Braunfels, Landa Park, Hinman Island Park, Prince Sohms Park, Tube Chute
    Cypress River - Caddo Lake
    Devils River - Devils River State Natural Area

    The Naming of Devils River by Mike Cox
    Frio River (Rio Frio)

    Frio River near Frio Town (Images)
    Guadalupe River

    River Road, Kerrville-Schreiner State Park, Guadalupe River State Park, Cascade Cavern, Louise Hays Park, Max Starcke Park
    Llano River

    Llano River (Images of bridge and dam)

    South Llano River
    Medina River

  • Hard Times on the Medina by Mike Cox
  • Navidad River

  • Wild Navidad by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" Column)
    The Navidad River is only 74 miles long but it is as tangled in history and folklore as the vines and trees along its banks.
  • Neches River

  • Neches River by Bob Bowman ("All Things Historical" Column)
    "While environmentalists and water developers duel over the merits of preserving the Neches River, the debate has largely overlooked the river’s history. Sometimes called East Texas’ last wild river, the Neches has been flowing though eastern Texas longer than any of the remnants of mankind, even the earliest Indians."

  • Fort Teran by Bob Bowman ("All Things Historical" Column)
    Hidden deep in the woodlands bordering the Neches River are the last remains of what may be the earliest fort built in East Texas. And, perhaps, a buried treasure.

  • Neches River in Beaumont, Texas - Images
  • Paluxy River

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park
  • Pecos River

    The stories, information, towns, trips and images
    Pedernales River

    Pedernales River - Pedernales Falls State Park
    Rio Grande

  • The Big Bend Then by Maggie van Ostrand

  • Rio Grande - A Flatboat Named Enchilada
    Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park, Crossing the Rio Grande ...

  • Los Ebanos and the last hand-operated ferry on the Rio Grande

  • TX - Rio Grande at the Big Bend
    Rio Grande at Big Bend
    TE photo, December 1999

    Sabinal River

  • "Arroyo de la Soledad” AKA Sabinal River

  • Sabine River ( Sabinal, Texas Hill Country Ghost Town)
  • Sabine River

  • Adams-Onis-Treaty by Archie P. McDonald ("All Things Historical" Column)
    We have regarded the Sabine River as the boundary between Louisiana and Texas, at least most of it, all our lives, but this was not so until 1819...

  • Sabine River ( East Texas Sunday Drive)
  • San Bernard River

  • Kendleton, Fort Bend County photo only
  • San Gabriel River

    San Gabriel Park, Blue Hole
    San Saba River
    Mill Pond Park, Risien Park

  • San Saba River swimming hole in Menard, Texas
  • San Marcos River

  • San Marcos River in San Marcos
    The river with its constant temperature of 71 degrees is the only place known where Texas wild rice grows.

  • Aquarena Springs
    Aquarena Springs is primarily the source of the San Marcos River, rising from hundreds of fissures under Spring Lake.

  • Zedler's Mills in Luling
    After nearly four decades, Zedler's Mills is revealed from Nature's green cloak.
  • Trinity River

  • A Steamboat’s Tale by Bob Bowman ("All Things Historical" Column)
    "Lying in the Trinity River at Parker’s Bluff, near Palestine, a cluster of remnants from an old sidewheeler steamboat serve as reminders of an era when cotton was king in much of East Texas...."

  • Trinity River - Historical Marker

  • Trinity River - Navarro Crossing

  • More Texas River Images

  • US 77 - South of Victoria The Guadalupe River, the San Antonio River, Coleto Creek, the Mission River, the Aransas River, the Nueces River and finally Los Olmos creek.
  • 1935 Flood
  • Angelina River, Bevilport boat ramp
  • Brazos River near Dennis
  • Brazos River near Stephen F. Austin State Park
  • Canadian River
  • Colorado River near Glen Flora
  • Leon River in Hamilton County
  • Guadalupe River, Victoria
  • Medina River at Castroville Regional Park
  • Neches River and bridges, Beaumont
  • Red River and bridge, Red River County
  • San Benito arroyo
  • San Marcos River in Fentress, Texas
  • San Saba River
  • The San Saba River at Menard's Stock Pens Crossing Park

  • Texas Waters

    Springs and Falls

  • Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas
  • Barton Springs and Zilker Parks, Austin's Crown Jewel
  • Colorado Bend State Park, Six miles of Lake Frontage
  • Davy Crockett Spring, Crockett, Texas
  • Dickens Springs, Dickens County Spring Park, Dickens Texas
  • Hamilton Pool, Hamilton Pool, Westcave Preserve
  • Indian Hot Springs
  • Krause Springs, Spicewood, Texas
  • McKinney Falls State Park, McKinney Falls
  • Old Pueblo Springs, Bronco, Texas Panhandle
  • Pedernales Falls - Pedernales Falls State Park
  • San Solomon Springs, Balmorrhea State Park, West Texas
  • Soda Springs, North end of Soda Lake
  • "The Eyes of Father Margil" - Twin springs on LaNana Creek
  • Tinaja, natural spring swimming hole (vintage photo)
  • Woodville - In the roadside park beside U.S. Highway 287 northwest of Woodville is a spring-fed pool built by Civilian Conservation Corps workers in the 1930s. (From "Out-of-the-way places" by Bob Bowman)
  • A landmark spring runs from a hillside beside U.S. 175 north of the Neches River southeast of Frankston. (From "Out-of-the-way places" by Bob Bowman)


  • The Lone Star Canal - Anahuac, Texas, Chambers County

  • Arroyo, Bayous & Creeks
  • An Affinity for Place Names by Bob Bowman
    When settlers from the U.S. poured into Texas following its independence and later statehood, they starting slapping names on the places where they put down roots. Most of the names are still around and just as colorful as they were decades ago.
  • Alligator Creek : Bell County
  • Arroyo Colorado : Harlingen, Texas
  • Arroyo Colorado : Mercedes, Texas
  • Bear Creek : Harris County
  • Bear Creek : Kimble County
  • Big Stinking Creek : Stonewall County
  • Bull Creek : Austin Texas
  • Burnt Boot Creek : Medina County, near Devine, Texas
  • Calf Creek
  • Celery Creek : Historical Marker near Menard, Texas
  • Cibolo Creek Park : Boerne, Texas
  • Cowhouse Creek : Pottsville, Texas
  • Crabapple Creek : Gillespie County
  • Dixon Creek : near Borger, Texas
  • Jim Ned Creek by Mike Cox
  • Little Walnut Creek by Mike Cox
  • Medio Creek - Historical Marker : Bee County
  • Metheglin Creek : Bell County
  • Onion Creek : Hays County
  • Pecan Bayou : Burkett, Texas
  • Pederson Creek : McLean, Texas
  • Perdido Creek : Fannin, Texas
  • Plum Creek : Caldwell County
  • Rancho Viejo
  • Salado : W.A. Pace Park, Salado Creek
  • Sisterdale Creek : Sisterdale, Texas
  • South Prong Creek : Sabine County
  • Terra Blanca Creek : near Hereford, Texas
  • Three Rivers, Texas
  • Woman Hollering Creek
  • Waring : Kendall County

  • River Folklore
  • The Poison Spring by Mike Cox
    For as long as mankind has had the ability to tell and pass along stories, springs and wells have provided a free-flowing source of legend and lore...

  • Woman Hollering Creek

  • The Wolf Girl of Devil's River by Gary Humphreys

  • Related Articles

  • Bad Water by Mike Cox
  • Water defines local historical events by Delbert Trew
  • Water needed for towns by Delbert Trew
  • Water supply not to be taken for granted by Delbert Trew
  • Water then and now by Delbert Trew

  • 1935 flood
    Courtesy of Austin History Center, PICA 008484-A
    The Texas Flood of 1935


  • The Texas Flood of 1935
  • June 1899 - Brazos River 11-day Flood Cartoon by Roger T. Moore

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