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Texas without Texans is like Antarctica without penguins -
in both cases the landscape would be barren without them.
Texans just happen to be a lot more colorful.

"Every man's life is a fairy-tale written by God's fingers."
- Hans Christian Andersen

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  • The Night Watchman by Michael Barr 2-1-24
  • The Priest and the President by Michael Barr 1-1-24

  • Sheepherder Ciano Val Verde Marschall by Michael Barr 12-15-23
  • Some Smokey Klaerner Stories by Michael Barr 12-1-23
  • Victor Espinoza posthumously awarded Medal of Honor by Murray Montgomery 11-22-23
  • Coach Chester Klaerner by Michael Barr 10-15-23
  • Famous Texas Typists by Clay Coppedge 10-11-23
  • Magic Moments with Satchel Paige by Michael Barr 10-1-23
  • Vaquero: The First Texas Cowboy by Murray Montgomery 9-28-23
  • Lady Bird's Gift to St. Barnabas Church by Michael Barr 8-5-23
  • La Menken and the First Horse Opera by Clay Coppedge 4-11-23
  • A Different Kind of Alamo Story by Clay Coppedge
    Alamo commander William Barrett Travis' slave, Joe... reported seeing a Black woman "laying dead between two guns" in the battle's aftermath. She was the only woman to die at the Alamo. Until recently, her identity was a mystery.
  • Elmer "Pet" Brown: The Idol of His Fans by Clay Coppedge 1-12-23
  • German Artists Draw First Hill Country Images by Michael Barrn 12-1-22
  • Walter Cronkite in Fredericksburg by Michael Barr 11-8-22
  • Encyclopedia of Lawmen, Outlaws, and Gunfighters by Leon Claire Metz. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 11-1-22
  • Ludwig Vorauer - Winemaker and Nurseryman by Michael Barr 10-1-22
  • Slingin' Sammy Baugh by Clay Coppedge 9-25-22
  • El Diablo gets his due by Clay Coppedge 8-10-22
  • The Bad Boys of Somer's Thicket by Murray Montgomery 7-25-22
  • Making House Calls with Dr. Keidel by Michael Barr 7-15-22
  • Those Desolate Icarians by Clay Coppedge 7-8-22
  • Robert Penniger: Early Editor of the Fredericksburg Standard by Michael Barr 6-15-22
  • Boy With X-Ray Eyes by Clay Coppedge 6-8-22
  • Checking In With John Ostrow by Michael Barr 5-29-22
  • James Kerr: Life and Times of a Texas Pioneer by Murray Montgomery 5-17-22
  • Freedom for Millie Tinker by Michael Barr 3-16-22
  • Stories from Texas: Some of Them are True, Vol. II by W. F. Strong. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 3-1-22
  • August Seimering and the Forty-Eighters by Michael Barr 1-2-22
  • Titanic in Texas by Clay Coppedge 12-6-21
  • Country Music's First Superstar by Clay Coppedge 11-3-21
  • Shooting Stars of the Small Screen by Douglas Brode. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 9-1-21
  • Polar Bear Bites Rancher by Michael Barr 7-15-21
  • The Star of the Telegram: The Cartoons of Harold Maples by Devin McCue. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 5-1-21
  • Sheriff Klaerner, Dan Hoerster's Hat and the Blind Horse by Michael Barr 4-15-21
  • The Midnight Ride of Bob Slaughter by Clay Coppedge 2-22-21

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    Actors, athletes, singers, writers ...

    Ruffini Brothers
  • The Fabulous Ruffini Brothers
    Frederick Ernst Ruffini and Oscar Ruffini

  • Atlee B. Ayres by Michael Barr
  • Alfred Giles
  • Alfred Giles, Texas Architect by Michael Barr

  • W.D. Smithers and the Ways of the Border by Clay Coppedge
  • Coppini
  • Pompeo Luigi Coppini by John Troesser
  • Waddell
  • Rube Waddell - Oddball with a Fastball by Michael Barr
  • German Artists Draw First Hill Country Images by Michael Barr 12-1-22
  • Frank Van der Stucken - Tenderly Poetic by Michael Barr
  • Coach Chester Klaerner by Michael Barr 10-15-23
  • Famous Texas Typists by Clay Coppedge 10-11-23
    James Field Smathers, inventor of the electric typewriter; and Betty Nesmith Graham, inventor of Liquid Paper.

  • La Menken and the First Horse Opera by Clay Coppedge 4-11-23
  • Elmer "Pet" Brown: The Idol of His Fans by Clay Coppedge 1-12-23
  • Ludwig Vorauer - Winemaker and Nurseryman by Michael Barr 10-1-22
  • Slingin' Sammy Baugh by Clay Coppedge 9-25-22
    If anyone ever asks you to name the greatest football player to ever come out of Texas, you will have a strong case if you go with Sammy Baugh. You will have the added satisfaction of being right. "Slingin'" Sammy Baugh was a pioneer of today's National Football League (NFL) and the one who did the most to give us the game we know today.

  • El Diablo gets his due by Clay Coppedge
    Austin native Willie Wells was one of the best shortstops to ever play professional baseball...

  • Robert Penniger: Early Editor of the Fredericksburg Standard by Michael Barr 6-15-22
  • August Seimering and the Forty-Eighters by Michael Barr 1-2-22
  • Country Music's First Superstar by Clay Coppedge 11-3-21
    Jimmy Rogers

  • Shooting Stars of the Small Screen by Douglas Brode. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 9-1-21
  • The Star of the Telegram: The Cartoons of Harold Maples by Devin McCue. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 5-1-21
  • The Fleeting Fame and Lasting Legacy of Bobby Morrow by Clay Coppedge
  • Pitchfork Smith by Mike Cox
  • O. Henry in Fredericksburg by Michael Barr
  • J. L. Yarborough - A Passion for Baseball by Michael Barr
  • Ace Reid's Cowpokes by Michael Barr
  • Ol' Rip, The Entombed Horned Toad of Eastland County
  • Barbarians At The City Limits - Arnold is from Austria - Conan is from Cross Plains, Texas by Brewster Hudspeth
  • Ten Things You Never Knew About "Hoss" Cartwright by John Troesser
  • The Mighty Hoss by Archie P. McDonald
  • Sissy Spacek and Rip Torn by John Troesser
  • Ten Thing you should know about Jules Bledsoe by John Troesser
  • Wink, Roy Orbison's Boyhood Home
  • Texas Guinan by Luke Warm
  • Etta Moten Barnett by John Troesser
  • The Eerie Demise of Johnny Horton by Clay Coppedge
  • Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez by John Troesser
  • Raoul Josset
  • El Paso’s Beautiful People: 1921-1946
    Photographer Alfonso Casasola and The Casasola Photo Collection
  • Love in the Time of Diphtheria by Luke Warm
  • Milt Hinkle, the South America Kid and aerial bulldogger by Clay Coppedge 1-13-18
  • Hand-tooled Holsters Tell Stories by Mike Cox
  • Legends and Giants by Michael Barr
  • Bobby Layne
  • Bobby Layne's (alleged) curse by Clay Coppedge
  • Joe Fortenberry
  • Texas Dunker Joe Fortenberry by Clay Coppedge
  • King of Cowboys
  • Buck Taylor, King of the Cowboys by Michael Barr
  • Sharon Tate: Recollection by Debra Tate, Foreword by Roman Polanski. Review by Kirk Bane
  • John Hardman by Clint Skinner
    Producer, puppeteer
  • Margo Jones by Clint Skinner
  • The Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best Book review by Dr. Kirk Bane
  • Bobby Fuller by Clay Coppedge
  • "Ragtime Texas" Henry Thomas by Clay Coppedge
  • Max Hirsch
  • Max Hirsch - Wizard of the Race Track by Michael Barr
  • Willie Molter: An Eye for Horses by Michael Barr
  • Adolph Stieler - The Goat King by Michael Barr
  • Jimmie Rodgers
  • Coach Bible's Outrageous Salary by Michael Barr
  • Bob Hope Meets Hondo Crouch Michael Barr
  • Blue Yodeler's Paradise by Michael Barr
    Jimmie Rodgers
  • Academic Poker by Mike Cox
  • YOGI Poem by David Knape
  • Two Poems for George Jones
    "If we all could sound like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones." - Waylon Jennings
  • The Possum by David Knape
  • A Picture of Us Without George by Luke Warm
  • Frank Buck by Mike Cox
  • Spare Change for O. Henry by Mike Cox
  • Sarah Bernhardt's Texas Tent by Michael Barr
  • J. S. Torbett: He Sang his Way to Heaven by Michael Barr
  • Elijah Cox
  • Bulldog Turner by Clay Coppedge
  • How an Underweight Underdog became The Mighty Atom by Mike Cox
  • Elijah Cox - Fighting Indians on the Texas Frontier by Murray Montgomery
  • Booger Red - ugliest man living or dead by Murray Montgomery
    "That nickname was attached to a man who would go down in history as one of the greatest horsemen and bronc riders this country has ever known."
  • Sweetwater Swatter by Clay Coppedge
    Lew Jenkins
  • Tex Avery by Clay Coppedge
  • Tom Mix: Don't Mess with the Myth by Mike Cox
  • Ben K. Green by Clay Coppedge
  • “Dr. J.B. Cranfill’s Chronicle: A Story of Life in Texas” by Mike Cox
  • Frontier Journalism in Texas by Clay Coppedge
  • The Home Run that Never Was by Charles Watson
  • Tex Ritter - A Texas Original by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Hello, Sucker by Clay Coppedge
  • Max Hirsch, Healer and Winner Clay Coppedge
  • Remembering J. Evetts Haley by Mike Cox
  • Honoring a bull riding legend by Bob Bowman
    Myrtis Dightman: a legendary bull rider
  • Carnie Philosophy by Mike Cox
  • The Caudles: A Family of Entertainers by Robert G. Cowser
  • An Outspoken Man by Bob Bowman
  • The sculptress and a paper mill by Bob Bowman
  • Babe Ruth in East Texas by Bob Bowman
  • Graves of the Famous by Bob Bowman
  • Ivory Joe Hunter by Bob Bowman
  • Willie Morris by Mike Cox
  • Eck Robertson by Clay Coppedge
  • Sally Rand and Yesterday's ‘House of Tomorrow’ by Clay Coppedge
  • Honoring Lightnin' by Bob Bowman
  • Remembering Bob Ramsey by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Ten Things to Know About Jerry Bywaters by John Troesser
  • George Kendall by Clay Coppedge
  • The Quebe Sisters by Bob Bowman
  • Ignacy Paderewski and Amelia Earhart in Toyah, Texas
  • Mr. Guevara’s Neighborhood: Arts Flourish in Midday San Antonio
  • Country Legend Gene Watson by Bob Bowman
  • Alex Sweet and His Siftings by Clay Coppedge
  • Roy Crane and Captain Easy by Clay Coppedge
  • Blast From The Past: The Houston Colt 45s by Clay Coppedge
  • The Legendary Stardust Cowboy by Clay Coppedge
  • Sideshow Texans by Mike Cox
  • Charlie Bullock: “Art’s a luxury” by Byron Browne
  • Jim Reeves and Cheyenne by Bob Bowman
  • Boyce House by Mike Cox
  • Pistol Packing Mamma by Bob Bowman
  • Owen Wister by Mike Cox
  • Alley Oop is a Texan? by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Mance Lipscomb by Clay Coppedge
  • Gussie Nell Davis by Archie P. McDonald
  • Gideon Lincecum: King of Texas’ Wild Frontier by Clay Coppedge
  • Johanna Domodora of South Texas by Linda-Kirkpatrick
  • Howard Hughes by Archie P. McDonald
  • A gifted writer by Bob Bowman
  • The first Elvis impersonator by Bob Bowman
  • The Printer Fires Both Barrels by Archie P. McDonald
    Archer Fullingim
  • The Killer and Me by Clay Coppedge
  • "Always Late" by Archie P. McDonald
  • Buffalo Bill by Mike Cox
  • Remembering Claire Perry by Robert Cowser
  • Urban Landscapes of Jacinto Guevara by Johnny Stucco
  • Good Night Irene by Archie P. McDonald
  • Thomas Lovell 1852 - 1911
  • John Henry Faulk by Archie P. McDonald
  • Robert Leroy Ripley by Mike Cox
  • Charles W. Pressler by Mike Cox
  • Korley’s Kolumns by Bob Bowman
  • Powers of Texas by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • What Stanley Walker Saw by Clay Coppedge
  • Bring 'Em Back Alive: Frank Buck Archie P. McDonald
  • Texas' Most Civilized Soul by Clay Coppedge
  • Enrico Filiberto Cerracchio
  • Photographer Louis de Planque by Mike Cox
  • "My Blue Heaven: Gene Austin" by Archie P. McDonald
  • O. Henry and the Shoal Creek Treasure by C. F. Eckhardt
  • The Babe by Archie P. McDonald
  • Conan in Texas: The Robert E. Howard Story by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Steven Fromholz Bio
  • Victor T. Hamlin & Alley Oop by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Bob Wills: The Greatest Fiddle-Player of Them All by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Kris Kristofferson and Mickey Newbury: A Texas Connection by Dorothy Hamm
  • Tennessee Williams' Texas Director by Bob Bowman
  • Honky Tonk Man by Archie P. McDonald
    Johnny Horton
  • "Lady Godiva": Adah Isaccs Menken by Archie P. McDonald
  • Willie by Dorothy Hamm
  • Millard Lewis Cope by Archie P. McDonald
  • The Quebe Sisters by Bob Bowman
  • Dana X. Bible and the Twelfth Man by Archie P. McDonald
  • Hallettsville Photographer Left a Legacy of Memories by Murray Montgomery
  • John Trlica by Clay Coppedge
  • The Light Crust Doughboys are on the air! by Archie P. McDonald
  • Jackass in Heaven by Mike Cox
  • The Other Babe by Archie P. McDonald
    "Babe" Didrikson
  • Johnnie High: People Told Him It Would Not Work by Dorothy Hamm
  • Boxcar Willie by Dorothy Hamm
  • Joe Tex by Clay Coppedge
  • Casablanca’s East Texan by Bob Bowman
  • My Friend Morris by Bob Bowman
  • James Brown, Desdemona's Celebrity Actor by Linda Ruhl
  • George Sessions Perry by Clay Coppedge
  • O. Henry by Mike Cox
  • Linda Darnell by Archie P. McDonald
  • Pardner Jones by Mike Cox
  • Mollie Bailey by John Troesser
  • Never another like Bill Pickett by Clay Coppedge
  • Katherine Anne Porter in East Texas by Bob Bowman
  • "The Light Crust Doughboys are on the air!" by Archie P. McDonald
  • Hondo, a word made famous by Louis L'Amour by Mike Cox
  • Cowboy Gene by Mike Cox
  • Roger Miller by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • The Duke of Texas by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Kim Stanley: Daughter of Texas by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • The Height of Celebrity by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Jack Teagarden from Vernon, Texas
  • The Big Bopper by Archie P. McDonald
  • Lightnin' Hopkins by Bob Bowman
  • Our Celebrities by Bob Bowman
  • Adah Isaccs Menken: The lady on the Horse by Archie P. McDonald
  • Nuggets of History Bob Bowman
  • Freddy Fender by Ken Rudine
  • J. Frank Dobie and Colonel Jack Jenkins by Mel Brown
  • Kathy Dell: A Cowboy's Sweetheart; the life of a famous unknown by Mel Brown
  • Norm Cash
  • Bob Wade by Byron Browne
  • Brownwood has a lot to be proud about by Britt Towery
  • Peppy Blount by Britt Towery
  • Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing
  • Baseball Players - Shelby Edwin Cropper & Elzie Wheat 1910 photo
  • Jim Reeves
  • Tex Ritter
  • Architect Alfred C. Finn - "The man who built Houston"

  • Crossing Paths in Texas
  • Walter Cronkite in Fredericksburg by Michael Barr 11-8-22
  • Reloading Ammo for Buffalo Bill by Mike Cox
  • Elvis Slept Here by Mike Cox
  • Donna Reed - Perfect Worlds by Dwight Young
  • Hoxie's Moxie by Mike Cox
  • "Ten-Gallon Hats / Pint-Sized Brains": Otis P. Driftwood recalls Nacogdoches by Mike Cox
  • Frederick Law Olmsted by Clay Coppedge
  • What happened to Charles Francis Coghlan by Mike Cox
  • Marx Brothers by Clay Coppedge
  • A letter from Mark Twain by Bob Bowman
  • Hoyt Axton: Artist Unclassified by Dorothy Hamm
  • Hank Williams and Patsy Cline Still Mean A Lot by Dorothy Hamm
  • The Most Distinguished Tramp by Murray Montgomery
  • East Texas and the Black Sox by Bob Bowman
  • Super Comic, Super Star, Super Man by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Mexico’s Gift to Opera, Rolando Villazón by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Mexican Beauty: Dolores del Rio by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Brando by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Maurice Barrymore in Marshall
  • Rope Walker by Diane Short

  • Historical & Political

    Houston & Lamar
  • Sam Houston
  • Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar: A Contrast of Visions by Jeffery Robenalt
  • Big Sam vs. Little Davey in Hot Election, 1841 by Wanda Orton
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Texas Empresarios by Jeffery Robenalt
    Stephen F. Austin, "the Father of Texas," and many other dedicated Empresarios
  • Three-Legged Willie
  • Three-Legged Willie Stood Tall by Clay Coppedge
  • Three-legged Willie by Bob Bowman
    Robert McAlpin Williamson
  • Anson Jones
  • Texas Filibusters by Jeffery Robenalt

  • Anson Jones
  • Juan Seguin
  • Juan Seguin: A foreigner in his native land by Clay Coppedge

  • James Butler Bonham by Murray Montgomery
    The Alamo's brave messenger
  • Bell
  • Deaf Smith by Clay Coppedge
  • Deaf Smith - Eyes of the Texas Army by Murray Montgomery

  • Peter Hansborough Bell by John Troesser
  • James Kerr: Life and Times of a Texas Pioneer by Murray Montgomery 5-17-22
  • Quanah Parker
  • Quanah Parker by Jeffery Robenalt
    Quanah Parker was a major player in both the Comanche war of resistance against white encroachment of the Comancheria and in the tribe’s eventual acclimation to reservation life. Nomadic warrior of the plains, war chief of the Quahadi band, cattle rancher, man of business, and friend to American Presidents; it could truly be said that Quanah was a man of two worlds.
  • The Parkers: Daniel, Cynthia, Quanah, "Cousin" Herman, and nothing about Bonnie
  • Quanah Parker - The Half-breed Savage by Murray Montgomery
  • The Parker Family by Bob Bowman
  • Who Killed Chief Peta Nocona? by C. F. Eckhardt
  • The Savage Life of Herman Lehmann
    or Ich bin ein Apache
    by Brewster Hudspeth
  • J Troutman
  • Joanna Troutman by Luke Warm
    “Betsy Ross of Texas”
  • Texas Rancher Charles Schreiner by Mike Cox
  • The Priest and the President by Michael Barr 1-1-24
  • Emil Sauer - Diplomat and Adventurer by Michael Barr
  • Broccoli Sign Stops Bush Motorcade by Michael Barr
  • Sam Houston's Daughter by Mike Cox
  • The Case of Minnie Stacey by Mike Cox
  • Sunday School vs Cockfight by Mike Cox
  • Campaign Friends & Enemies by Mike Cox
  • Keeping Up with the Anson Joneses by Wanda Orton
  • Another Bill Smith lost to History by Mike Cox
  • Lyndon's Law by Michael Barr
  • Billy Dixon's Long Shot Analized by Mike Cox
  • LBJ and the Politics of Barbeque by Michael Barr
  • The making of a Texas president by Wanda Orton
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas by Barbara Duvall Wesolek
  • The Yellow Rose by Wanda Orton
  • Gail Borden by Wanda Orton
  • Gail Borden - Part II by Wanda Orton
  • The good doctor from Canada by Wanda Orton
    Dr. Nicholas Labadie
  • William Fairfax Gray by Wanda Orton
  • Vice Presidential Library of John Nance Garner or Mr. Smith Goes to Uvalde
  • The Lone Star and Charles Zanco by Wanda Orton
  • Father Muldoon forgotten hero of Texas history by Wanda Orton
  • A Dalliance to Remember by Clay Coppedge
  • Double Takes on Names by Wanda Orton
    Emily West and Emily West.
  • What became of Jim Bowie's famous knife? by Murray Montgomery
  • Last President of the Republic by Murray Montgomery
  • The opium war, Texas style by Clay Coppedge
  • Andy’s Antics in Austin by Wanda Orton
    Andrew Jackson Houston, son of Sam and Margaret Houston
  • Dr. Pat Wagner and the "Come & Take It" Cannon by Murray Montgomery
  • Born to be a Texas Ranger, the life of John Coffee (Jack) Hays by Murray Montgomery
  • Sam Bell Maxey by Clay Coppedge
  • David Levi Kokernot by Wanda Orton
  • The Meusebach-Comanche Treaty by Jeffrey Robenalt
  • Sam Walker Texas Ranger and the "Walker" Colt by Jeffrey Robenalt
  • Kit Carson at Adobe Walls Clay Coppedge
  • Volney Erskine Howard by Mike Cox
  • David E. Lawhon, Texas Ranger/Pioneer Publisher by Mike Cox
  • A Texan by Choice by Murray Montgomery
  • Creed Taylor by Clay Coppedge
  • Recalling the lesser-known heroes of the Alamo by Murray Montgomery
    Alamo messengers John William Smith and James L. Allen
  • B. H. Grierson
  • Fort Davis and Colonel Benjamin Henry Grierson by Byron Browne
  • Custer in Texas by Clay Coppedge
  • Robert F. Stockton by Byron Browne
  • Bose Ikard by Clay Coppedge
  • Old Rangers and Sam Houston's Grave by Mike Cox
  • Father Joseph Keller
  • The Tar and Feathering of Father Joseph M. Keller, Slaton, Texas, 1920's by James Villanueva
  • The Mystery Man by Bob Bowman
    Captain Daingerfield
  • LBJ and Sad Irons by Clay Coppedge
  • George Washington Littlefield by Luke Warm
  • John Henninger Reagan
    Ten Things you should know about John Henninger Reagan
  • Bernardo de Galvez by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Henry Mordorff - A San Jacinto Veteran
  • The Mysterious Yellow Rose of Texas by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Ten Things to know about James Webb Throckmorton by John Troesser
  • G.W. Fly: Confederate soldier and Texas statesman by Murray Montgomery
  • Ned Green by Clay Coppedge
  • George Kendall by Clay Coppedge
  • Clara Driscoll
    Savior of the Alamo
  • Temple Houston by Clay Coppedge
  • Zapata by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • The Adventures of Spencer Houston Jack by Murray Montgomery
  • Davy In East Texas by Bob Bowman
  • A Confederate Soldier in Texas: Full Metal Corset by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Ten Things To Know About Henry Smith by John Troesser
  • Gail Borden by Mike Cox
  • Miss Lockhart and the Comanches by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Life and Times of James Coryell by Clay Coppedge
  • Indian Emily by Mike Cox
    An Apache female fell wounded in a skirmish between cavalry troops stationed at Fort Davis and her band
  • Mary Ann Goodnight and the Texas State Bison Herd by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Terry's Texas Rangers by Mike Cox
  • Forgotten Conservationist by Mike Cox
  • The Women of 1836 - Part I by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • The Women of 1836, Part III, Mary Millsap by Linda-Kirkpatrick
  • Susannah Dickinson by Linda-Kirkpatrick
  • Peter Ellis Bean by Archie P. McDonald
  • George Washington Brackenridge
  • The Forgotten Hero by C. F. Eckhardt
    Ben Milam
  • San Jacinto Hero Henry Millard by Mike Cox
    Texas has 254 counties and 1,208 incorporated cities, but none are named for Henry Millard – a virtually forgotten hero of the Texas War for Independence.
  • Goodbye, General Bill by Gael Montana
  • Old Bill and Handsome Wolf by Clay Coppedge
  • "Take Care of My Little Boy" by Archie P. McDonald
    Travis wrote this last letter from the Alamo.
  • The adventures of John Himes Livergood by Murray Montgomery
  • Goodrich Jones: The best friend Texas trees ever had by Clay Coppedge
  • Did Davy survive? by Bob Bowman
  • Ann Whitney
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday by Archie P. McDonald
  • Margie Neal Archie P. McDonald
  • Train travelers owe much to service pioneer by Delbert Trew
  • Pamelia Mann, Tough Texan Archie P. McDonald
  • The General Was A Spy—And So Was The Pirate by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Eyewitness by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Mr. Epperson was selling newspapers at Ford's Theatre on the night of April 14, 1865...
  • James Long, Filibuster by Archie P. McDonald
    And Jane Long, Mother of Texas.
  • First to Fly by C. F. Eckhardt
    Jacob Brodbeck
  • Sally Skull, the Scariest Siren in Texas by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • How legends are made by Delbert Trew
    Charles Goodnight
  • The Harrowing Life and Times of Elizabeth Ann Bishop by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Teresita Woman of the Apache by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Many Places of LaSalle's Murder by Bob Bowman..
  • CSA Veterans by Mike Cox
  • Haden Edwards by Archie P. McDonald
  • Did John Wilkes Booth Live In Texas? by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Dr. Edward Arrel Pye, A Texas Medical Hero by W. T. Block Jr.
  • The Republic's First President by Archie P. McDonald
  • Price Daniel by Archie P. McDonald
  • Henry O. Flipper, An Epic Remaining To Be Told by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Checkers by Mike Cox
  • Sally Scull: Texas' Pioneer "Bad Girl" by W. T. Block Jr.
  • Alamo Hero by W. T. Block Jr.
    Isaac Ryan
  • Sam's Mother-in-Law by Mike Cox
    Mrs. Nancy Lea, Sam Houston mother-in-law
  • Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell by Archie P. McDonald
  • Richard Ellis by Mike Cox
  • Jane McManus Storm Cazneau by Archie P. McDonald
  • Tallest Rebel by Mike Cox
  • Catherine Magill Dorman: Confederate Heroine of Sabine Pass by W.T. Block, Jr
  • Temple Lea Houston by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Don Juan de Oñate by Brewster Hudspeth
  • The Smith Brothers by Bob Bowman
  • Thomas Deye Owings of Maryland, Kentucky and Texas by W. T. Block Jr.
    Goliad Massacre
  • Bowie by Mike Cox
  • William Marsh Rice by Archie P. McDonald
  • The Rufus F. Hardin School - Founder George Smith
  • The Rufus F. Hardin School - Educator Rufus F. Hardin
  • Old Sam Houston Song by Mike Cox
  • The 8-F Crowd by Bob Bowman
  • East Texas Savior of the French Wine Industry by Archie P. McDonalds
  • Father Margil by Archie P. McDonald
  • Fall of the Largest Tree by Bob Bowman
  • Marie Cronin and the Bartlett Western Railroad by Clay Coppedge
  • Mrs. Margaret Kinkaid by Archie P. McDonald
  • Houston Ring by Mike Cox
  • Texas Rangers and the Battle of Plum Creek by Murray Montgomery
  • Man with a Method by Archie P. McDonald
    Littleton Fowler
  • Old Time Judge by Archie McDonald
    Thomas Whitfield Davidson
  • FDR and Nine Acres by Bob Bowman
    Tom Potter and FDR
  • Sam Houston by Mike Cox
  • Marie Hough Borden Vintage photos courtesy Ruben R. Hernandez
  • A.M.Aikin, Jr. by Archie P. McDonald
  • Norris Cuney by Archie P. McDonald
  • Lady Doc by Mike Cox
    Dr. Sofie Herzog, first female surgeon in Texas
  • George Louis Crocket by Archie P. McDonald
  • Price Daniel by Archie P. McDonald
  • Sam Houston's Will by Mike Cox
  • Old Three Hundred by Archie P. McDonald
  • William Thomas Scott
  • William Pinckney Rose
  • Rev. Jonas Franklin Dancer by Mike Cox
  • George Campbell Childress by John Troesser
  • Chief Executives by Archie P. McDonald
  • Davis Bunting, his wife Martha Bowden Bunting, and family by Murray Montgomery
  • A.P. and Marie Borden of Mackay, Texas
  • Pass the Biscuits, Pappy by Bob Bowman
  • Doris Miller: Hero by Archie P. McDonald
    African American hero of WWII
  • Samuel Arthur Robertson by Mike Cox
  • Twin Sisters by Mike Cox
  • James Harper Starr by Archie P. McDonald
  • Davy's Widow
    Elizabeth Patton Crockett
  • Richard “Dick” Dowling Edward T. Cotham, Jr.
  • The Air Ace by Bob Bowman
    Lance C. Wade, Royal Air Force of Britain, World War II
  • Bet-A-Million Gates by Archie P. McDonald
    John Warne Gates - associated with three of Texas’ most important items: barbed wire, railroads, and oil.
  • Wiley Post - famous aviator Wiley Post
  • William Gerald Tobin & Chili by Mike Cox
  • LBJ and East Texas Politics by Archie P. McDonald
  • John Henry Kirby by Archie P. McDonald
  • Nice Politics by Mike Cox
  • "Bigfoot" Wallace by Luke Warm
  • Big Foot Wallace and the Indian by Mike Cox
  • Buffalo Man by Mike Cox
  • McDonald Observatory - An Orphan’s Gift by Bob Bowman
  • Beauford Jester by Archie P. McDonald
    Governor of Texas
  • General Hiram Bronson Granbury
  • Albert Thomas by Archie P. McDonald
  • Edward Mandell House - The House That House Built by Archie P. McDonald
  • Governor by Chance - Edward Clark by Archie P. McDonald
  • Miss Rita of Beaumont's Dixie Hotel by John Troesser
  • “Godfather of Beaumont” by Fred B. McKinley
    Frank Yount and the Yount-Lee Oil Company
  • Painter Harold Osman Kelly
  • Donna by Mike Cox
  • Three Bean Salad by John Troesser
    Tom Bean, Peter Ellis Bean and Judge Roy Bean
  • Ela Hockaday More Than a School Omarm by Archie P. McDonald
  • Pixilated in Port Arthur & Reincarnated in Luling: Alfred Stillwell and Edgar Davis by Luke Warm
  • William Christy
  • Mr. Ambassador by Archie P. McDonald
  • Tragedy of Chief Bowles by Bob Bowman
  • Norris Wright Cuney by Archie P. McDonald
  • Characters by Bob Bowman
  • Ten Things Your Should Know About Judge Roy Bean by John Troesser
  • Ten More Things Your Should Know About Judge Roy Bean by John Troesser
  • Kate by Mike Cox
    Catherine "Kate" Magill Dorman - a little known Texas heroine of the Civil War
  • "Rajah of Swat" - Rogers Hornsby by Archie P. McDonald
  • Richard Kimble and Almaron Dickinson, Heroic hat makers at the Alamo by Murray Montgomery
  • The Short but Eventful Life of Adrián J. Vidal 1840-1865 by Brewster Hudspeth
  • The Volunteer Fire Departments of Sunray and Dumas
  • Sarah by Mike Cox
    Sarah Creath McSherry Hibbens Stinnett Howard
  • Air Pioneer by Bob Bowman
  • The Last Hero - John G. Pickering by Bob Bowman
    John G. Pickering: the last surviving veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto, lies in an almost forgotten cemetery in deep East Texas
  • Robert Thomas Hill, "Dean of Texas Geology" (1858-1941) by Margaret Waring
  • Temple Lea Houston: Son of Sam by John Troesser
  • An informal history of Pierce, Texas: Containing barely related facts on neighboring towns in Wharton, Jackson and Victoria Counties. by Brewster Hudspeth
  • Ten Things you should know about "Shanghai" Pierce. Beef - it's what's for dinner - again. by Brewster Hudspeth
  • The Niels and Mellie Esperson Buildings by John Troesser
  • A Man to Count on in Big Spring by Brewster Hudspeth
  • Thergood's Pine by Bob Bowman
    The story of a slave and the oldest pine tree in East Texas.
  • The Starr Family Mansion by Archie McDonald
  • A Journalist's Hero by Bob Bowman
  • Lyne Taliaferro Barret by Archie P. McDonald
  • The Crusty Old Baptist by Murray Montgomery
  • East Texas' Mark Twain by Bob Bowman
  • Allan Shivers by Archie P. McDonald
  • Two Pilots, Three Air Forces, One Hometown: Lt. Col. Alvin Mueller & Lieutenant Dick Campbell by John Troesser
  • Mister Ben by Bob Bowman
  • James Stephen Hogg by Archie P. McDonald
  • A Ranger's Ranger by Archie P. McDonald
  • William Goyens by Archie P. McDonald
  • Back Home in It-lee, Texas, USA by Jeanne Moseley
  • The Fayetteville Photographer and His Sculptor Daughter : William and Waldine Tauch by John Troesser
  • Ira Eaker: From Covered Wagon to Jet-Age Air Power, Four Stars by Bill Bradfield
  • Edward C. Lasater & the Dairy Industry
  • Dare Devil Rogers
  • Samuel Bell Maxey by Nolan Maxie
  • Frank Earl Kleppler
    Artist, 1890-1952
  • F.S.Stockdale
    Last Governor of Confederate Texas

    Historical Markers:
  • Don Carlos Barrett Centennial Marker
  • The Killing of General J. J. Byrne
  • William Carey Crane
  • Mrs. Angelina Bell Peyton Eberly
  • Bailey Inglish
  • Elisha Everett Lott
  • Friedrich Ernst
  • John Friedrich Ernst, Jr.
  • Samuel Rhoads Fisher
  • Albert Sidney Johnston
  • John Wesley Kenney
  • George Lord
  • Sophia Porter (Confederate Paul Revere)
  • Emory Rains
  • Sam Rayburn
  • Asa Hill of Rutersville

  • "Laws" & Outlaws

    Bonnie and Clyde:
  • Clyde Barrow, motorist by Clay Coppedge
    The key to notorious Depression-era outlaws Bonnie and Clyde staying alive as long as they did was not Clyde Barrow’s skill with a gun but his skill with an automobile, especially the V-8 Ford. He practiced driving more than he practiced shooting, and for a very practical reason.
  • Driving Around with Bonnie and Clyde by Robin Cole-Jett
  • Bonnie and Clyde by Bob Bowman
  • "Running with Bonnie and Clyde: The 10 Fast Years of Ralph Fults" by John Neal Phillips (Book)
  • My Life with Bonnie and Clyde
  • How Bonnie and Clyde Were Caught by Bob Bowman
  • Bonnie and Clyde Slept Here by Mike Cox
  • The day Doc Newton robbed Bonnie Parker's bank
  • Rowena Texas - Birthplace of Bonnie Parker
  • The "Red River Plunge" Bridge of Bonnie & Clyde
  • Bonnie Parker's Alma Mater
  • Ina Knowles Has a Brush With Bonnie and Clyde
  • A Lock of Bonnie Parker's Hair
  • Clyde Barrow’s Funeral by Mike Cox
  • Bonnie and Clyde's Hide out near Redland by Bob Bowman
  • Captain Hamer's Barber by Mike Cox

  • More "Laws" & Outlaws:
  • The Night Watchman by Michael Barr 2-1-24
  • Some Smokey Klaerner Stories by Michael Barr 12-1-23
    "Legends don't come along very often, but Gillespie County Sheriff Alfred 'Smokey' Klaerner certainly qualifies."

  • Encyclopedia of Lawmen, Outlaws, and Gunfighters by Leon Claire Metz. Reviewed by Dr. Kirk Bane 11-1-22
  • The Bad Boys of Somer's Thicket by Murray Montgomery 7-25-22
  • Sheriff Klaerner, Dan Hoerster's Hat and the Blind Horse by Michael Barr 4-15-21
  • The Many Lives of Ray Bourbon by Clay Coppedge 1-18-21
  • Casner Cold Case by Clay Coppedge 7-11-20
  • The Phantom Booth by Clay Coppedge
    Did John Wilkes Booth live in Texas?
  • The Walking Arsenal by Clay Cappedge
  • The Unflappable Flapper Bandit by Clay Coppedge
  • Monroe Fisher's Higher Calling by Clay Coppedge
  • Temple's International Man of Mystery by Clay Coppedge
  • Dallas' Long-Haired Judge by Mike Cox
  • Who Was That Masked Man? by Clay Coppedge
    "Bass Reeves, one of the first black U.S. Deputy Marshalls west of the Mississippi and among the most relentless lawman of his or any other day."
  • California Jim by Mike Cox
  • The Haengerbande by Michael Barr
  • Brushy Bill Roberts by Mike Cox
  • Colorful Judge Cooley by Michael Barr
  • Quantrill
  • Quantrill's Raiders in Texas by Evault Boswell
    The outlaws who tormented the citizens of Sherman.
  • The Bullet that Killed John Wesley Hardin by Mike Cox
  • Dangerous Al Jennings by Clay Coppedge
  • The Death of Judge Roy Bean by Mike Cox
  • Rube Burrow, Notorious Train Robber by Clay Coppedge
  • The Horse Thief's Prayer by Mike Cox
  • The Unsung Saloonkeeper by Clay Coppedge
  • A poacher & two lawmen in the Thicket by Mike Cox
  • Billy the Kid's Texas vacation by Clay Coppedge
    A few true facts, untrue facts, distortions, fictions and outright lies about Billy the Kid in Texas
  • The Outlaw Johnny Ringo Rode the Hill Country by Michael Barr
  • Charlie Hamby by Mike Cox
  • The Davis Gang, the Memoirs of Gean Kearns by Vicki Welch Ayo
    Book review by Nikki Palomino
  • Outlaw was crazy like a fox by Wanda Orton
  • Bandit's bad baby brother by Wanda Orton
  • Harris County judges by Wanda Orton
  • Nora Boyd, JP
    Kent, Texas
  • Texas vs New Mexico: The Nickname Bowl by Mike Cox
    Outlaws in Texas & New Mexico
  • Texas Ranger Dan W. Roberts by Mike Cox
  • An Unexpected Encounter With A Texas Bad Man by John Germann
  • Soapy Smith by Clay Coppedge
  • South Texas Justice by Dianne West Short
  • Taking John Wesley Hardin's Advice by Mike Cox
  • Leander H. McNelly and the Special Force by Jeffery Robenalt
  • The Texas Frontier Battalion by Jeffery Robenalt
  • Pat Garrett Clay Coppedge
    Because he killed Billy the Kid in New Mexico...
  • Bullet Riddled Buddies by Clay Coppedge
    1930s-era gangsters.
  • Sally Skull by Clay Coppedge
    Well-behaved women rarely make history
  • The Ranger Formerly Known as Pidge by Clay Coppedge
  • Who Killed Oliver Thornton? by C. F. Eckhardt
  • John Wesley Hardin Slept Here by Mike Cox
  • Ben Thompson's Tombstone by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Lizzie Hay and the Demise of the Lone Highwayman by Mike Cox
  • Was Oliver Partridge ‘Brushy Bill’ Roberts really Billy the Kid?by C. F. Eckhardt
  • The man who killed Lincoln by Bob Bowman
  • Three-Legged Willie by Bob Bowman
  • Harvey Hughes’ Short Literary Career by Mike Cox
  • Hardin’s East Texas Roots by Bob Bowman
  • The short life of Sam Bass by Bob Bowman
  • Lives of two Texas Rangers Lee Hall and John Barclay Armstrong by Murray Montgomery
  • 'Tumbleweeds' took outlaws to prison by Delbert Trew
  • Common Sense Justice in Marlin by Mike Cox
  • Ida Lee by C. F. Eckhardt
  • What Happened To Jesse Evans? by C. F. Eckhardt
  • The Sheriff Posses by Bob Bowman
  • “Law West Of The Pecos” by Murray Montgomery
  • Smuggling Liquor by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Remembering The Colonel by Bob Bowman
    Colonel Homer Garrison, Jr.
  • Frontier justice followed crime increase by Delbert Trew
  • Who was that Outlaw? by Linda Kirkpatrick
    The story of Vic Queen
  • Roy Bean Before His Law West Of The Pecos Days by Lois Zook Wauson
  • Joe Tonahill of Jasper by Bob Bowman
    When Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963, an East Texas lawyer soon found himself thrust into history.
  • Did the Dalton boys ever visit Lavaca County by Murray Montgomer
  • Pancho Villa by Clay Coppedg
  • Lone Wolf by Mike Cox
    Long-time Ranger Captain Manual T. Gonzaullas
  • Jean Laffite by Clay Coppedge
  • Marshal Pitman by Mike Cox
  • This Wild Bill Was No Hero by Murray Montgomery
  • Dance Pistols by Clay Coppedge
  • Judge Stories by Mike Cox
  • Texas outlaw Sam Bass inspired tall tales by Murray Montgomery
  • Jesse James in Texas by Bob Bowman
  • Driving Around with Bonnie and Clyde by Robin Cole-Jett
  • Garrett Murder by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Bad Man Returns by Mike Cox
    Bill Johnson - One of Texas’ lesser-known outlaws
  • Bill Wharton by Mike Cox
  • Hardin's Shotgun by Mike Cox
  • Al Jennings by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Bud Newman Gang by Mike Cox
  • Bud Newman, part II by Mike Cox
  • Cherokee Bill: Don't Get Him Mad by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Annie Rogers and the Bank Dick by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Captain William Coe lived criminal highlife by Delbert Trew
  • Joaquin Murrieta, Robin Hood or Just Plain Hood? by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Luke Short, The Undertakers' Friend by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Jesse James. Miss Shirley’s Story by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Is Jesse James really in that Missouri grave? by Murray Montgomery
  • Fannie Porter of San Antonio by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Bosque Treasure by Mike Cox
  • A Man Named Pink by Clay Coppedge
  • B. F. (Frank) Payne, Texas Ranger by Linda-Kirkpatrick
  • A.J. Sowell by Mike Cox
  • Lottie Deno: Queen of the Paste Board Flippers by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Sarge Cummings Master of the Long Loop by Linda-Kirkpatrick
  • Who Was J. Frank Dalton, Anyway? by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Kinch West by Mike Cox
  • The Life and Times of Whitey Walker by Clay Coppedge
  • Belle Starr The Bandit Queen by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Sam Bass: The Not So Merry Bandit by Clay Coppedge
  • The Demise of Bad Man Buckley by Murray Montgomery
  • High Sheriff of Henderson County by Archie P. McDonald
  • Texas Outlaw Kid Murray by Mike Cox
  • The Life and Times of Big Bill Babb by Clay Coppedge
  • Jack Cross Texas Killer by W. T. Block Jr.
  • The Hardin Brothers by Bob Bowman
  • Jesse James, Supposedly by Clay Coppedge
  • Sheriff Kirk by Mike Cox
  • Rustlers and Outlaws Were Common in Early Days by Murray Montgomery
  • Katie Elder: Her True Story by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Rube Burrow - Stagecoach Holdup by Mike Cox
  • Freeny Hanging by Mike Cox
  • Outlaw with two faces by Bob Bowman
  • Marshall "High Pockets" Bailey of West, Texas
  • Courtroom Storytellers by Bob Bowman
  • Pearl by Mike Cox
  • "Over the Wall, The Men Behind the 1934 Death House Escape" by Patrick M. McConal (Book)
  • Sheriff Fenton of Coleman County and His Larger Than Life Wife by John Troesser
  • A Sheriff Named "Buckshot" by John Troesser
  • Gentle Justice by Jeanne Moseley
  • The Bank Robbery (Dalton Gang, 1894) by Bob Bowman
  • "Tales of Bad Men, Bad Women, and Bad Places : Four Centuries of Texas Outlawry" by C.F. Eckhardt (Book)
  • "The Texas Sheriff : Lord of the County Line" by Thad Sitton (Book)
  • "Running with Bonnie and Clyde: The 10 Fast Years of Ralph Fults" by John Neal Phillips (Book)
  • William Thomas "Billy" Cloyd, Sherill of Motley County November 1896 to November 1900
  • Outlaws Benjamin Bickerstaff and Josiah Thompson Historical marker

  • Texans at War

  • World War II »
  • World War I »
  • Victor Espinoza posthumously awarded Medal of Honor by Murray Montgomery 11-22-23
  • The Brave Female Pilots of WWII by Murray Montgomery 1-6-23
  • Lt. Earl Garrett - A Hero Who Never Came Home by Michael Barr 8-15-21
  • Buck Simpson: Cedar Chopping World War One Hero by Mike Cox
    Texas' most heroic warrior, a man whose single-handed exploits rank equal to if not surpassing the famous Sergeant [Alvin] York.
  • Women in Civil War Texas: Diversity and Dissidence in the Trans-Mississippi. Edited by Deborah M. Liles and Angela Boswell. Review by Dr. Kirk Bane
  • WWI war hero
  • A War Hero Comes Home by Michael Barr
  • Buffalo Soldiers by Jeffery Robenalt
    In nearly thirty years of dedicated and arduous service, Buffalo Soldiers won the grudging respect of even the most prejudiced of their white officers. The black cavalrymen and infantrymen were awarded nine Medals of Honor for meritorious valor in combat and countless other awards and commendations for distinguished service. More importantly, Buffalo Soldiers were a credit to the African-American race.
  • San Jacinto vets and Brown County by Mike Cox
  • Old Rebels' Plight by Mike Cox
  • Elijah Cox - Fighting Indians on the Texas Frontier by Murray Montgomery
  • Tom Connally Remembers his Father’s Change of Heart
    From My Name is Tom Connally
  • Remembering Private Caballero by John R. Fox
  • Nearly a Second Alamo: First Shots of the Mexican War by Mike Cox
    Capt. Daniel P. Whiting
  • Women Bandits Hijack Cotton in Civil War Texas by Mike Cox
  • Sleeper's Song by Mike Cox
    The patriotic song Ben Sleeper composed during World War I.
  • Confederate Compassion by Mike Cox
    An act of kindness remembered. The Blue, the Gray and a canteen...
  • A Confederate Soldier in Texas: Full Metal Corset by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Lt. Harry T. Buford was not an ordinary case, not by a long shot...
  • Rev. Marcus Valenta achieves longest active-duty record in U.S. history by Murray Montgomery
  • Lt. Braly of Brady, A Remembrance
  • A Civil War Journal by Bob Bowman
    W.W. Heartsill managed to keep a diary of each day...
  • Capt. J. D. Reed - The Story of a Cowboy by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War by Mel Brown
  • The King's Texan and USS Texas by C. F. Eckhardt
    Archie Ludlow was in elementary school when, in 1910 to 1912, the two newest battleships for the US Navy—the Texas Class, USS Texas and USS New York—were under construction. Money was tight for building battleships...
  • Private David Bennes Barkley
    One of three Texans awarded the Congessional Medal of Honor in WWI
  • Lanky and the POWs by Clay Coppedge
    Mildred "Lanky" Lancaster
  • High Over Houston, Captain A. J. High: A Positive Altitude by John Troesser
  • The Whirlwind Lt. John Lapham Bullis and the Seminole Negro Scouts by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Fairmount Cemetery by Bob Bowman
    Edward Smith and the Battle of Sabine Pass, and Thomas B. Anthony
  • Flying Tigers by Archie P. McDonald
    Claire Lee Chennault
  • Bold CSA Vet Thomas Evans Riddle, & Man o’ War by Mike Cox
  • Patriots by Mike Cox
    "The American Revolution lasted seven years, affording plenty of men the opportunity to go down in history as patriots. [Some] ended up in Texas...."
  • Doris Miller: Hero by Archie P. McDonald
    African American hero of WWII
  • A Soldier's Story by Bob Bowman
    Milton Irish, one of only 28 survivors of the Goliad massacre.
  • Richard “Dick” Dowling Edward T. Cotham, Jr.
  • The Air Ace by Bob Bowman
    Lance C. Wade, Royal Air Force of Britain, World War II
  • Macario García, Veteran of D-Day by Murray Montgomery
  • August Carl Weiss by Mike Cox
    During the Civil War not every Southern soldier served in the Confederate army because he believed in slavery or hated Yankees. Some shouldered arms only because they had to...
  • Alfonso (Alphonso) Steele - last Texas survivor of the battle of San Jacinto
  • Alfonso Steele - Limestone County Roadside Park in Memory of Alfonso Steele, Last Survivor of Battle of San Jacinto, First Settler of Limestone County
  • From Cost, Texas to Normandy Beach - A World War II hero. by Murray Montgomery
  • Where are you Benny Goodenberger? by Perry Peary
    In May of 1942, Mark Davis was on the SS Virginia coming out of New Orleans when a German submarine, the U-507 torpedoed the ship...
  • Tejano Hero Norberto Sierra
  • Texas Women in World War II by Cindy Weigand
    NURSES, WACS, WAVES, and SPARS, Uniformed Women of "The Greatest Generation"
  • WACs by Archie P. McDonald
    Women's Army Corps
  • Berlin Wall Crisis 1961-1962 by Bruce Martin
  • General Ranald Slidell MacKenzie - Sculpture and marker
  • The Killing of General J. J. Byrne - Historical Marker
  • Captain William Ware Centennial marker
  • (King Ranch) - Civil War Raid from Camp Boveda Historical Marker

  • Texas Explorers, Pioneers, Settlers
    & Native Americans

  • Magic Moments with Satchel Paige by Michael Barr 10-1-23
  • Vaquero: The First Texas Cowboy by Murray Montgomery 9-28-23
  • A Pine Forest in the Hill Country by Michael Barr 11-15-22
  • Making House Calls with Dr. Keidel by Michael Barr 7-15-22
  • Those Desolate Icarians by Clay Coppedge 7-8-22
  • August Seimering and the Forty-Eighters by Michael Barr 1-2-22
  • Apocalypse on the San Saba by Clay Coppedge
  • Edgar Davis: Visionary Wildcatter by Clay Coppedge
  • George West, Cattleman and Town Founder by Murray Montgomery
  • Land policy
  • Land Policy and Foreign Settlement in the Republic of Texas by Jeffery Robenalt
  • Anna Martin
  • Forgotten founder of Dallas by Clay Coppedge
    Warren Angus Ferris, Pioneer Texas Surveyor and Founder of Dallas County
  • Anna Martin, Frontier Banker by Michael Barr
  • Henry Skillman, frontier mail courier by Clay Coppedge
  • The Coalsons: Frontier Family Target of Multiple Indian Attacks by Mike Patterson
  • Settler Meliton Morales (1837-1924)
  • You Will Do by Mike Cox
    The Republic of Texas enjoyed diversity even before it was called diversity. Still, not everyone was welcomed with opened arms.

  • Randolph Marcy Got Around by Clay Coppedge
  • Philip Nolan and All the Pretty Horses by Clay Coppedge
  • Philip Nolan by Archie P. McDonald, PhD.
  • Peter Ellis Bean by Archie P. McDonald, PhD.
  • The Tragedy of Rance Moore by Mike Cox
  • Leigh Dyer and the T Anchor Ranch by Clay Coppedge
  • The Rogstads of Bosque County Mike Cox
  • Bess Kennedy the lady lion hunter by Mike Cox
  • Alcalde, not alcade by Wanda Orton
    Irish immigrant and early Texas pioneer Humphrey Jackson
  • Man and wife without a country by Wanda Orton
  • The Night Smoky's Hair Turned White by Mike Cox
  • Meusebach's Nursery in Loyal Valley by Michael Barr
  • A Swedish family in Texas by Mike Cox
  • Uncle Dick's Toll Road by Clay Coppedge
  • Nearly forgotten Big Bend Legend by Mike Cox
  • Chief Bead Eye by Mike Cox
  • Hard Times on the Medina by Mike Cox
  • Brushy Mound
  • The Altgelts of Comfort, San Antonio (and Argentina)
    Ernst Hermann Altgelt
  • Cabeza de Vaca, M.D. by Mike Cox
  • Gentlemen's Agreement by Mike Cox
    Dutch Henry and Charles Goodnight
  • The Bone Wars Clay Coppedge
  • Albert Pike in Comancheria by Clay Coppedge
  • A Snakebitten Legacy by Clay Coppedge
  • The Forgotten Indian Traveler by Mike Cox
  • Indian Jim by Mike Cox
  • Robin Hood of the Tonkawa by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Don Antonio de Espejo by Byron Browne
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo and the Mexican Revolution by Jeffery Robenalt
  • La Salle
  • La Salle and French Exploration in Early Texas by Jeffery Robenalt
  • Coronado
  • Coronado’s Search for Cibola by Jeffery Robenalt

  • The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca by Jeffery Robenalt
  • The San Antonio Council House Fight by Jeffery Robenalt
  • Texas Mormons Clay Coppedge
    If Lyman Wight could have had his way, Texas and not Utah might have become home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...
  • Ferdinand Lindheimer by Clay Coppedge
    About 50 species and sub-species of plants are named for Ferdinand Lindheimer, a man born to the good life in Germany who made his name – and the name of all those plants – on the Texas frontier.
  • Comancheros by Clay Coppedge
  • Texas Cherokees by Clay Coppedge
  • The Port Arthur/Lapland Connection by Christy Nilluka Broussard
  • Fruit Tree Ramsey by Clay Coppedge
  • Old Trail Drivers by Mike Cox
  • Hughes Springs and Trammell’s Treasure by Mike Cox
  • William B. Bloys and Bloys Camp Meeting by C. F. Eckhardt
  • Blind Man’s Town by Clay Coppedge
  • The Circuit Rider by Bob Bowman
    Beneath the pulpit of an East Texas country church, Littleton Fowler lies at rest...
  • Two men part of Texas lore - but for different reasons by Delbert Trew
    Known as "the Jinglebob King of the Pecos," John Chisum cast a long shadow in the early history of cattle ranching... Almost as well known but standing alone at the opposite end of the spectrum was Edward Z.C. Judson, alias Ned Buntline...
  • Chineses Heart of Texas by Mel Brown
    The San Antonio Community, 1875-1975
  • Some Notes on Our Texas Germanic Heritage by W. T. Block Jr.
    "For every German immigrant who succeeded in reaching Texas and establishing himself as a successful farmer, merchant, or mechanic, one other German died along the way, a sacrifice to the success of that mammoth migration effort."
  • The Story of our Texas' German Pilgrims:
    or Death March to Comal County
    by W. T. Block Jr.
    "Of the first German Pilgrims to Texas in 1845... only one in four survived the walk from Indianola to New Braunfels"
  • Melungeon-Texans by John Troesser
    "The name has been said to be a corruption of French for ..."
  • The Osburn Saga by Caroll Osburn Zerkle
    Melungeons in Wizard Wells
  • "Swedish Texans" by Dr. Larry Scott 
  • Rev. John August Tubbe by W. T. Block Jr.
    In 1845 the gates opened widely for a flood of German immigration to Texas. Thousands of them arrived on the raw, Indian-infested frontier, and hundreds of them died en route...
  • Tulip Transplants To East Texas
    The Dutch Migration To Nederland, Texas, 1895-1915
    by W. T. Block Jr.
    To the East Texas of 1900, whose non-native population can be delineated as the overflow of the Anglo-Saxon Lower South, a Dutch colonization scheme must have appeared somewhat phenomenal...
  • Strap Buckner: The Tallest of Tall Texas Tales by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Samuel Everitt Rogers' Grave
    Killed and scalped by Comanche Indians on May 03, 1863, in Carlton, Texas.
  • The Life of Martin William “Gobbler” Jones
    Founder of Angelina County’s Jonesville
  • Henry Clay Smith

    Historical Markers

  • Alonso de Leon Expeditions - Marker
  • Indian Burial Ground (Dietz Archeological Site) - Historical Marker
  • "First Czech Immigrants in Texas" - Historical Marker
  • Chinese Farmers in Calvert - Historical Marker
  • Englishmen in South Texas, 1568
  • German Freidenker (Freethinkers) historical marker
  • German Immigrants in Comfort - "Treue der Union" Monument
  • James Rowe Grave Marker
  • Doak Good by Clay Coppedge
  • John Wesley Kenney - Historical Marker
  • Alsatians of Texas - Historical Marker
  • Joseph Bird - Historical Markers
  • John Durst
    Centennial Marker. Paul Revere of the Texas Revolution
  • Henri Castro - Historical Marker
  • Pioneer Settlers of Coltharp Historical Marker
  • Carl Joseph and Augusta Beseler of Welfare, Texas - Historical Marker
  • Christian Columbus Slaughter - Historical Marker
  • Francis Wilson - Historical Marker
  • Isham Jones Good - Historical Marker
  • Thomas Ruckman - Historical Marker
    Founding father of Karnes County
  • Pioneer Coalsons - Historical Marker
  • Polish Settlers of White Deer - Historical Marker
  • Seminole Scout Camp in Fort Clark - Historical Marker
  • Stephen Alexander McBride - Historical Marker
  • Samuel Cartmill Hiroms - historical marker
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Williams (Trickham, Coleman County) Historical Marker

    History Cartoon by Roger T. Moore

  • Poisoned Coffee
  • Indian Reservation created in Texas

  • Characters / Local Personalities

  • Sheepherder Ciano Val Verde Marschall by Michael Barr 12-15-23

  • Checking In With John Ostrow by Michael Barr 5-29-22
  • Millie Tinker
  • Freedom for Millie Tinker by Michael Barr 3-16-22
  • Texas Highway Department, Rusk, 1940 4-26-22
  • Boy With X-Ray Eyes by Clay Coppedge 6-8-22
  • Titanic in Texas by Clay Coppedge 12-6-21
  • The Midnight Ride of Bob Slaughter by Clay Coppedge 2-22-21
  • Ad Toepperwein, Trick Shot Artist by Michael Barr 6-1-20
  • Lady Cowhand by Mike Cox
  • Chicken Peddler by Mike Cox
  • How the Rabbi's Son Learned to Cope with Life's Challenges by Bill Cherry
  • Krauskopf's Gun Cap Factory by Michael Barr
  • The Old Lady and the Sea by Mike Cox
  • Memories of Preston L. Pendergrass by Wanda Orton
  • The Story of Richard J. Clark - Lavaca County Cattleman By Murray Montgomery
  • Peter
  • Peter Berg Hermit of the Hills by Michael Barr
    The story of Peter Berg and his sweetheart ranks right up there with Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra and Brad and Jenn on the list of the most timeless and tragic love stories ever told.
  • The Postman Rang More Than Twice in Karnack by Mike Cox
    Delivering mail along his 75.10-mile daily route in rural East Texas from 1919 to 1969
  • The Life of Riley by Mike Cox
  • Airborne after 52 years on the road by Mike Cox
  • J. Frank Norfleet by Clay Coppedge
  • Who was Dr. Schubbert? by Michael Barr
  • Adios
  • Adios, Pastor by Barbara Duvall Wesolek
  • Another Time, Another Place by Barbara Duvall Wesolek
  • My Father Zola
    Baseball, Love and a Love of Baseball
    A serialization of the writings of George Olsson Short
    Chapter One
  • Ferry
  • Last Ride on the Ferry: My life as a migrant worker 1940's by Angelica Reyna
  • Hot Air Verses by Mike Cox
  • A Lion and a Boy by Mike Cox
  • Dying Doctor Bequeaths a Library by Mike Cox
  • Hughes Who in Oil Field by Wanda Orton
  • Ashbel Smith's Foster Daughter by Wanda Orton
  • The Oilman and the Sea by Clay Coppedge
  • Slave Ada Stone by Murray Montgomery
  • Tex Thornton: King of the oilfield firefighters and rainmaker by Clay Coppedge
  • Washington’s East Texas Cousin by Bob Bowman
  • Retired Seed Company Exec Remembers Mentor by Wanda Orton
  • William F. Drannan told it like it wasn’t by Clay Coppedge
  • The Pitchfork Kid by Mike Cox
  • “The Great Western” by Clay Coppedge
  • Royalty for a Day by Mike Cox
  • "A River, A Town, and Memories" by Murray Montgomery
  • "Rangering" in Hamilton County by Mike Cox
  • Bone Haulers Clay Coppedge
  • An East Texas Psychic by Robert G. Cowser
  • Schulenburg Preacher Honored as Bike Bug Brother of 2011 – Building A Church
  • Lizzie Crosson had true grit by Mike Cox
  • The Wonderful Boy by Mike Cox
  • Remembering two doctors by Bob Bowman
  • Is Quantrill buried in East Texas? by Bob Bowman
  • Wild Bill the Driller by Mike Cox
  • Post War Slaton - A Migrant Family's Story by James Villanueva
  • Texas Pete
  • A Hero Named Tom by C. F. Eckhardt
  • The Murder of Dr. Sam Houston Adams; Slaton, Texas, 1930s by James Villanueva
  • Selling Out in Austin and Thinking Inside the Box by Luke Warm
  • Remembrance of Things Fried: Mr. Shipley and Mrs. Hurley by Ken Rudine
  • Slats Rodgers by Clay Coppedge
  • The First Millionaire by Bob Bowman
  • Jerry and Shirley Chovanec of Fayetteville, Texas
  • Fritch by Mike Cox
  • Remembering Eliza by Bob Bowman
  • The Twirler by Bob Bowman
  • Making history by Bob Bowman
  • Joe Pruno by Mike Cox
  • Pecos High Bridge & the Pecos River Queen by Mike Cox
  • Elmo Johnson by Mike Cox
  • The Bravest Man by Bob Bowman
  • Pansy by Mike Cox
  • 100-year-old Aggie by Bob Bowman
  • The Hermit in the Dugout by Mike Cox
  • Belle Christmas by Mike Cox
  • Bill Stein: a Bibliophile’s Bibliophile
  • The story of Emil Kreklau's self-propelled fan by Murray Montgomery
  • Monumental Texas: The Stolz Name Is Written In Stone by H.H.Howze
  • Mr. Goss and Belmont’s Goss Barbeque
  • Former slave recalls memories of old Lavaca County by Murray Montgomery
  • Lavaca County pioneer from the beginning of Hallettsville by Murray Montgomery
  • The life and times of F.W. Neuhaus by Murray Montgomery
  • Here a Pig, There a Pig - Third and Final Event of the Pig Trilogy by Linda-Kirkpatrick
  • The “Indian” bootlegger by Bob Bowman
  • In Remembrance of Gregory James Krauter by Gael Montana
  • Carr Boys by Mike Cox
  • Jim Swink comes home by Bob Bowman
  • Bura Handley by Phil Handley
  • Capt. William E. Rogers: Beaumont Steamboatman by W. T. Block Jr.
  • A Sturdy Pioneer by Bob Bowman
  • Armless Judge by Mike Cox
  • Pistol-packing Preacher by Bob Bowman
  • A Centenarian's Life by Bob Bowman
  • The Love Boys by Bob Bowman
  • He Done Her Wrong: The Sad Case of Mrs. Harriet Moore Page Potter Ames by Archie P. McDonald
  • Lucius Seneca Hine, M.D.
  • The Big Thicket Bear Hunters Club of Kountze by W. T. Block Jr.
  • A True Texas Woman by Murray Montgomery
  • Judge Leonard W. Scott of Caldwell County
  • Former slave's death in 1889 attracted rare news coverage by W. T. Block
  • A Personal Hero by Bob Bowman
  • Memories of Uncle Bob and a Wooden Box by Delores Miles
  • Plains Pioneer by Mike Cox
  • Three Tragedies by Bob Bowman
  • Sam Banty by George Lester
  • Legacy of an Oldtimer by Bob Bowman
  • Fairy Fort
  • Clyde Burns of Huntsville, Texas
    Forty Years in the Water Tower Business
    or Does the Ladder of Success Have to be this High?
    by Edward Aquifer. Photos courtesy of Clyde Burns
  • The Man From Nickel: Leslie Jones Askey by Murray Montgomery
  • Looking for Grandfather in Port Arthur
  • A Cowboy Nicknamed Whiskey by Mike Cox
  • Richard Gaertner's Story by Murray Montgomery
  • Mary, Mary, Once of Perry by Toney Urban
  • Thomas Bone and The Most Famous Bathtub in Coryell County by Clay Coppedge
  • The Old Fiddler by Bob Bowman
  • Renaissance Man of Buckholts by Clay Coppedge
  • "The Last of the True Road Hands" The Bob Mohel Saga by John Troesser
  • Phillip Sawyer of Austwell
  • Louis Polansky of Fayetteville, Texas
  • The Bootblack King by Bob Bowman
  • "Eloise" in Texas
  • The Grandfalls Goat Parade
  • Dan Martinets, The Lone Granger. When we say Granger has Character, 90% of it is Saint Dan.
  • Tuffy the East Texas Chow by John Troesser
  • The Palestine Beachcomber: Jacel by Sandy Fiedler
  • The Weimar Goatherd by Norman Conquest
  • "Bones" An East Texan in the Hill Country by John Troesser
  • Easy to be Hard - Milton Schiller, Brick Detective by Norman Conquest
  • Pansy the Librarian
  • Remembering Uncle Jay Ransom by N. Ray Maxie
  • Solid Citizens of Gonzales: Gerhard and Rosina Behlen by Norman Conquest
  • Lucas McCain : Frontier Single Parent Role Model? or Sociopathic Killer? by John Troesser
  • Primadonna's Birthday
  • Belle the Cow
  • Dr. Nicholas T. Schilling of Anahuac, Texas - Historical Marker
  • Mrs. John L. Morris (Marjorie) - Historical Marker

  • Philanthropists

  • Floyd R. "Skip" Hyson and Smithville Heritage Society Building
  • George Washington Brackenridge
  • Hal and Charlie Peterson - Big Dreams by Michael Barr
  • Tom Slick by Clay Coppedge
  • Fall of the Largest Tree by Bob Bowman
    Arthur Temple

  • Vignettes

  • McClellan’s Kindness From The Century Magazine 1887

  • More

  • Duck Tales by James L. Choron
  • Three Times a Hero by James L. Choron
  • Our Little Hero by James L. Choron

  • Cartoons

    By Roger Todd Moore

  • Defeated governor refuses to vacate office 6-8-22
  • May 19, 1836, Comanche Indians kidnap Cynthia Ann Parker 4-27-22
  • Gov. Jim Ferguson impeached
  • Jack Kilby designs silicon chip
  • Silly State Statute
  • Governor James Henderson
  • 400 lb. Governor
  • Horton Foote won an Academy Award
  • Native Texan
  • Gunslinger Doc Holliday was a Dentist
  • 1948 - Bootlegger Ran for Sheriff
  • 1935: Steve Latham
  • Slugger Clark hit 8 straight homers
  • Spanish Explorers and Jumani indians
  • March 29, 1901: $50 a month pay for Texas Rangers
  • March 3, 1836: Sam Houston named commander in chief
  • World Champion Trick Roper
  • Bill Pickett Bulldogging
  • Nov. 12, 1839 - Alabama-Coushatta Indians
  • Nov. 6, 1528 - Cabeza de Vaca Shipwrecked
  • Texas Law on Concealed Pliers
  • Mar 9, 1731: Canary Islanders arrived
  • NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Layne
  • Scamming West Texas Farmers
  • Johnny Ringo
  • John Lomax "Cowboy Songs"
  • Jan. 7, 1858 - Anson Jones
  • James J. Johnson setting record
  • Six settlers held off 100 Indians
  • Slugger Clark Hits 8 Straight Homers
  • Space Walk
  • Bill Pickett
  • Militia whipped by Kickapoo Indians
  • Karankawa Indians, 1600's
  • First Woman Elected
  • Texas Longhorn baseball Coach Bib Falk
  • Sam Houston's Height
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Ladies' National Fencing Championship
  • Camp Cook
  • Honorary Chief
  • Immigrants to Texas, 1830
  • First woman dentist
  • James Swann
  • Ma Ferguson

  • Obituaries

  • Kenneth Miles Rudine 1931-2022
  • David Knape - Poet of Place 1944-2022
  • Charley Eckhardt 1940-2015
  • Tom Tierney 1928-2014
  • L.D. Clark 1922 - 2014
  • Bob Bowman June 3, 1936 - July 13, 2013
  • Bill Stein: a Bibliophile’s Bibliophile 12-12-08
































































































































































































































































































































































































































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