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The Hotel Marshall Undergoes Renovation
Marshall, Texas

Photos, Captions and Notes by Jimmy Ramsey

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Hotel Marshall  sign at night
The sign over the main entrance
during the New Year's Eve party.
Hotel Marshall  2002
The hotel in 2002.
The Hotel Marshall that is standing today is not the original Hotel Marshall. The original was located directly next door. At one point there were three buildings on that block. The Capital Hotel (for which a historical marker stands), the smaller, original Hotel Marshall, then the Hotel Marshall now being restored.
Hotel Marshall  before restoration
The hotel in 2002 from the third floor of Hibernia Bank. I took the photograph, but I extend courtesy to Hibernia Bank for allowing me access to that location.
Look at above photo. Notice the small extention going out the side of the hotel up to the 4th floor? I have not confirmed this, but I belive that was the connection between the two hotels. The lobby in the original hotel was converted to retail space. In the 1950s, the original Hotel Marshall was torn down and the swimming pool and patio were added to the new hotel.

In the 1970s, the hotel was sold to East Texas Baptist University and the first three floors were used briefly as a boy's domitory. After that, it closed for good.

New Years Eve, December 31, 2004, saw the first social event inside the hotel in over 30 years. The lobby was converted into a temporary dining room with a live band and an area setup for dancing. Temporary lighting and heaters were installed.
Hotel Marshall  during restoration
This photograph was taken in 2004 when rennovations were in the early stages. Jail inmates were used for the gutting and clean-up process.

May, 2004
Hotel Marshall  gutted
In 2005 you can see daylight through the windows. The hotel was totally gutted.

October, 2004
Hotel Marshall  rooftop sign
A closeup of the rooftop sign in October, 2004 . Notice the rust stains down the side of the building. Compare this shot to one of the building without the sign. A big difference.
Hotel Marshall during restoration in  2005
Hotel Marshall without the sign.
April 2005
Hotel Marshall during restoration in 2004

Hotel Marshall with the sign. March 2004
Hotel Marshall  showing fire escape
The south side of the building showing the fire escape and smoke stacks. The bigger pipe was to the boiler which appears they are keeping, and I beleive the smaller stack is the ventilation for the plumbing.

October, 2004
Hotel Marshall  with broken sign
A view of the East side of the building with all the windows out, and another letter missing in the roof sign. You had mentioned you hope that missing letter didn't fall on anyone. That letter has been missing for years. When I was on the roof, I saw no sign of it, and the photographs I took in 1989 shows it missing.

October, 2004
Hotel Marshall  entrance to lobby on Houston Street
The main entrance to the lobby on Houston Street.

October, 2004
Hotel Marshall  front
The front of the building.

October, 2004
Inmate cleaning Hotel Marshall
An inmate cleaning the facade of the building.

May 2005
Hotel Marshall  before restoration
Hotel Marshall before renovations started

January 2002
Hotel Marshall swimming pool
The swimming pool

February 2002
Hotel Marshall, Texas old postcard
According to this postcard, the Hotel Marshall cost $450,000 to build

Postcard courtesy www.rootsweb.com/
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