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Runnels County TX
Runnels County

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Texas Ghost Town
Runnels County, Panhandle / West Texas

TX Hwy 153 and FM 382
11 miles E of Winters
16 miles NE of Ballinger the county seat
23 miles W of Coleman
Population: 0

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Crews Texas schoolhouse
The Methodist Church
Photo courtesyStephen & Elizabeth Taylor, December 2005

History in a Pecan Shell

The town was named after Ballingeran C. R. Crews. The town dates from the late 1880s when the people constructed a school. In 1892 a combination store / post office was opened but the post office closed in 1922. No figures are gven prior to 1940 when the town had a population of 150 people and a single business.

The school was shut down in the late 1940s and the Baptist church closed twenty years later, leaving only the Methodist church.

Crew Texas gym, PWA project
"The gym is completely intact and is well maintained. The roof is reasonably new...and the building has tables inside. It is probably being used as a community center. The grounds are also well-kept." - Stephen Taylor

1938-1940 WPA plaque
1938-1940 WPA plaque
Photo courtesy Stephen & Elizabeth Taylor, December 2005

Crews Texas 1941 Board of Education
"1941 Board of Education"
Photo courtesy Stephen & Elizabeth Taylor, December 2005

Crews Texas old schoolhouse and gym
The schoolhouse & Gym
Photo courtesyStephen & Elizabeth Taylor, December 2005

Crews, Texas Forum

  • Subject: Crews School
    I was raised about 16 miles from Crews, Texas and attended school at Crews until it closed about 1949.

    The building that is identified in your photo as "The School Building" is actually the Methodist Church, which was located adjacent to the Gymnasium. The main school building has been torn down.

    The actual school building was constructed of dark red brick and held four rooms and a large hallway from the front entrance to the back door. On either side of the hallway, there were large sliding doors that when opened, converted into a fair sized auditorium and the heating was from large coal stoves in the corner's of each room. The only other class rooms were later built in a wood frame building to the west of the brick building. The restroom facilities were behind the wood frame and brick building, one for the girls and the other for the boys. The Gymnasium was a treasured feature of the school which excelled with it's basketball teams. There was a stage at one end of the gym where the senior students performed plays and elementary classes performed arts and entertainment.

    My Parents, Harvey G. and Julia Ioan (McCarter) Bradley lived a few miles to the west of Crews when they were first married. They farmed a small piece of land which was located north of the current Winters/Coleman highway.

    My oldest sister, Lorena Emazell (Bradley) Evans attended this same school and also did her student teaching here after two years study at Howard Payne College in Brownwood, Texas.

    Many years prior to Lorena's attending the Crews School, my maternal grandparents, Joe and Fanny (Henderson) McCarter as well as my great-great grandmother, Aribella Henderson, who had 16 children of her own and also raised three grandchildren, lived in Crews for many years and my uncle Elmer McCarter ran one of the horse-drawn freight wagons between Ballinger and Crews.

    I have many fond memories of this little town. There was a tornado that almost wiped the entire town away many years ago. When I attended school there, some of the foundations of homes could still be seen east of the Methodist Church.

    One of my most favorite memories is of my friend "Epaw" Pape, who had a service station and small grocery store located adjacent to the Winters/Coleman highway, west of the school. Every school day, at noon, Epaw (his nickname) would prepare a delicious sandwich for me. I was in elementary school at ages 8 to 13 and I still recall how good those meals tasted and I know that a sandwich is a sandwich, so I feel sure that it was Epaw's pleasant personality that made such a difference.

    I also recall with much pleasure, my friendship with Avis Cummings. We were best of friends for all of our elementary days and our voices blended quite well when we sang some of those WW2 war songs such as "Each Night at Nine."

    I enjoy your Texas Escapes magazine. Thank you for producing it. - Rosemary B. Davis, San Angelo, Texas, July 12, 2007

  • See also "Eighteen Ghost Towns of Runnels County" by Alton O'Neil Jr.

    Runnels County 1906 Texas Railroad Map
    Runnels County 1906 Texas Railroad Map showing Crews
    near Coleman County line
    From Texas Map #10748

    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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    Texas Panhandle / West Texas

    Crews, Texas Nearby Towns:
    Ballinger the county seat
    See Runnels County

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