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Bosque County TX
Bosque County

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Bosque County, Central Texas North

Farm Road 56
9 miles NE of Walnut Springs
N of Meridian the county seat
50 miles NW of Waco
SE of Glen Rose
Population: 45 (2000, 1990)

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Eulogy Texas schoolhouse today
The old Eulogy Schoolhouse today.
Photo courtesy Paula McMichael Athey, March 2007

History in a Pecan Shell

In 1885 a store run by Charles Walker Smith applied for a post office in the name of Smithville after "Uncle" Billye Smith - a well-loved member of the community.

Smithville was already taken by a town in Bastrop County so the townspeople had to reapply under another name. It was said that since everyone "eulogized" Uncle Billye - Eulogy should be the town's name.

The post office closed in 1912 and the population of Eulogy never exceeded 200. According to the Handbook of Texas - from 1974 to 1990 the population stayed at 45 Eulogians.

Eulogy Texas schoolhouse
Eulogy Schoolhouse
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011

Eulogy Texas schoolhouse  cornerstone
Eulogy Schoolhouse Cornerstone
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011
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Eulogy Texas schoolhouse  merry-go-round

Schoolhouse merry-go-round
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011
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Eulogy Texas brick school house group photo, 1934
Eulogy Schoolhouse c. 1934. "My mother (Trixie) Mc Michael is the far left on third row with dark hat and coat. Ina was her mother. "
- Paula Fay Athey

Eulogy Texas old school house group photo, 1929
The old school that burned In 1929
Photo courtesy Paula Fay (Mc Michael) Athey

Eulogy Texas school kids in overalls, 1920s group photo
Old Eulogy School photo. "The lady in the middle with the zip-up coveralls is my mother. They called her Trixie. Her mother was Ina Thompson. This school picture was taken in the 1920's. The old brick school house where Trixie went to school still stands today. My mother once told me they only went to the 11th grade there. I have my mother's High School certificate that reads: Eulogy, Third day of May 1935."
- Paula Athey, March 25, 2007

Eulogy Way

They moon-shined and boot-legged down Eulogy way.
They carried their loads through the backroads as they went on their way.
There Saturday night baths went alone with their Saturday night blast.
They carried out and kicked out the ones who got in their way.
They fought and stomped over some old drunk that crossed their way, down Eulogy way.
The town is gone now but the tales live on.
So, if you're ever down and about that way, come on down to Eulogy way
And see where the boot-leggers stayed, down at Eulogy way.

By Paula Mc Michael Athey

Oak Tree Trixie Mc Michael  and dog,  1930's Eulogy  Texas
"My mother Trixie Mc Michael in the 1930's in Eulogy,TX. Behind her is the old oak tree which still stands today across the street from where Ina's Place once stood."

Eulogy Texas Old Oak Tree
The Old Oak Tree today. "All the kids growing up from many years back played on this old tree. I did when I was a little girl. "
- Paula Athey, May 08, 2007
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Eulogy Texas old gas station old photo
"Ina's Place."
Photo courtesy Paula Athey
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Eulogy Texas, Thomson family old photo
"Ina Thompson (left, standing) is my grandmother (born 1901). My great-grandparents are seated. The other girls (right) are my grandmother's sisters. They all lived in Eulogy at the Old Home Place many years ago." - Paula Fay Athey

Eulogy TX - mother and child  1920s photo
"This is the Old Eulogy Thompson Home Place. The lady standing is my grandmother Ina Fay Thompson (Hudson) at a very young age. And the baby girl is my mother Trixie Hudson Mc Michael. My mother was born in 1920. I lived at the Old Home Place with my parents in the 1960's. My grandmother Ina was born in the Old Thompson Home Place in 1901." - 1920s photo courtesy of Paula Mc Michael Athey

Eulogy Texas Main Street
Eulogy Main Street.
Old postcard courtesy Paula Athey

Eulogy Texas old rock building ruins
"This is the old rock building that appears in the old postcard above. It was right down the road from my grandmother Ina. Us grandkids just loved to play inside the Old Rock Building." - Paula Fay (Mc Michael) Athey, March 26, 2007

Eulogy TX 1976 Homecoming group photo
"This is a picture I took back in 1976 at the Eulogy Homecoming. My mother Trixie Hudson McMichael (2nd row on the left with a white dress standing by the man.) Most of the people in this picture are gone now, but they are loved ones I remember growing up." - Paula Mc Michael Athey, September 2008

Eulogy TX  Brazos River Bridge
Brazos River Bridge
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011

Eulogy TX  Brazos River Bridge
"The Brazos River Bridge as it looks to day... built in 1914. This bridge is on Farm Rd. 56. Johnson County. Not far from Eulogy,TX. The County has built a new bridge by the old bridge." - Paula Mc Michael Athey, September 2008
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Eulogy TX "Gents" outhouse
Gents outhouse
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011

Eulogy TX Ladies outhouse
Ladies outhouse
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011

Eulogy TX outhouse interior
Outhouse interior
Photo courtesy Bill Rigney, November 2011
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Eulogy TX 1887 postmark
Eulogy TX 1887 postmark
Cover canceled with Eulogy, TX 1887 postmark
Courtesy The John J. Germann Collection

TX Bosque County Texas 1907 Postal Map
Bosque County 1907 postal map showing Eulogy
(near Somervell & Johnson County lines)
From 1907 Texas state map #2090

Courtesy Texas General Land Office

Bosque County Town List

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  • Clifton
  • Cranfills Gap
  • Eulogy
  • Fowler ghost town
  • Iredell
  • Kopperl
  • Lakeside Village
  • Meridian County Seat
  • Morgan
  • Mosheim
  • Norse ghost town
  • Searsville ghost town
  • Steiner ghost town
  • Valley Mills
  • Walnut Springs
  • Womack
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