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Christmas Day Trips

Popular Christmas Destinations & Hotels

Popular Christmas Tales & Legends

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Texas Christmas
Day Trips

  • Holiday Trail of Lights by Bob Bowman
    Visit Kilgore, Marshall and Jefferson in East Texas
    and Natchitoches and Shreveport in Louisiana

  • Holiday Day Trips by Bob Bowman
    A list of places to spend the holidays in East Texas:
    Marshall - You can light up your life at Marshall where the downtown area is ablaze with a a lighting spectacular that includes 3,000 miles of string lighting, 2.5 million bulbs, and 8,000 manhours of volunteer work. It is the nation¹s largest concentrated Christmas lighting display.
    Tyler - Another Christmas lighting display is in Tyler, where the Municipal Rose Garden comes alive each December with a Winter Lights Festival. Visitors can stroll through a series of larger-than-life illuminated sculptures of holiday figures and a 14-acre garden of lights.

  • German Christmas Past by Michael Barr 12-20-22
    Fredericksburg, Texas
    " If... you want to spend the holidays in a charming town with a rich history of old-world Christmas traditions and more Christmas spirits than a Dickens novel, you've come to the right place."

  • Rudolph the red-nosed pumping unit by Bob Bowman
    If you drive through Lufkin during the holidays, be sure to take notice of one of East Texas’ most unusual Christmas decorations...

  • "The Grand Old Lady On The Square." Lavaca County Courthouse by Murray Montgomery
    Hallettsville, Texas.

  • Galveston (Gulf Coast)

  • Jefferson (East Texas)

  • Popular Christmas Destinations:

    East Texas Central Texas - S Hill Country
    East Texas
    S Central Texas
    La Grange
    TX Hill Country
    Johnson City
    Texas Major Cities:
    Dallas | Fort Worth | San Antonio | Houston | Austin

    Texas Christmas
    Tales / Legends / Traditions / Travelogue

  • Texas Ghosts of Christmas Past by Clay Coppedge 12-15-23
  • A Higher Calling by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Once upon a time just a few years ago, a little pine tree stood in the deep forest, isolated and naked. He wondered aloud why he was so small and skinny while a big pine tree standing just several feet away had so many full and lusty branches.
  • Las Posadas by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Not that the commercialization of Christmas has totally taken over ... Las Posadas begins on December 16th and continues each night through Christmas eve. ...

  • The Christmas Flower by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Once upon a time in Mexico, a little boy was walking to church on Christmas Eve. He wanted to see the Nativity scene. He thought hard about a gift to bring the Christ child, but had no money to buy one....

  • The Poinsettia by Archie P. McDonald
    Every Christmas your house and mine brightens with the seasonal introduction of the poinsettia plant with its red and green leaves and tiny yellow blooms. Perhaps you would like to know how such came to be.

  • McDade Hanging by Mike Cox
    While not quite on the level of "A Christmas Carol," "The Miracle on 42nd Street," or "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," the story of the McDade Christmas clean up has become one of Texas' more frequently told Yuletide tales.

  • Bloody Christmas by C. F. Eckhardt
    The Murder Of LaSalle County Sheriff Charles B. McKinney

  • The Day Eastland Texas hanged Santa Claus by John Troesser
    "... And to think that it happened on Mulberry Street!"

  • The Night the Posse Chased Santa by Maggie Van Ostrand
    "[T]he most spectacular crime in the history of the Southwest ... surpassing any in which Billy the Kid or the James boys had ever figured."
  • 12 Days
  • Twelve Days of Christmas: the Lone Star version by Bonnie Wroblewsk

  • Fredericksburg
  • German Christmas Past by Michael Barr 12-20-22
    " If... you want to spend the holidays in a charming town with a rich history of old-world Christmas traditions and more Christmas spirits than a Dickens novel, you've come to the right place."
  • Two Kinds of Christmas by Maggie Van Ostrand
  • Mathis Ivers Klemetson Nilluka
  • The Port Arthur/Lapland Connection
    Of Laplanders & Reindeers
    in the United States

    by Christy Nilluka Broussard
  • Fruitcake by Mike Cox
    From Corsicana's famous Collin Street Bakery

  • Christmas in Fredericksburg - a Community Celebration by Michael Barr

  • Fort Apache Christmas by Mike Cox

  • The Songs of Christmas by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • Christmas Stories by Mike Cox

  • The Cowboys' Christmas Ball by Michael Barr

  • Stars Falling on the Texas Panhandle by Mike Cox

  • Ghost of Cookies Past by Mike Cox

  • Christmas Time in 1944 by Lois Zook Wauson

  • Big Tex: Son of Santa by Mike Cox

  • Country Living in the Mid-1900’s by Bruce Martin
    For one Christmas trip, I was bundled in blankets in the back of Dad’s ’52 Chevy pick-up truck...

  • Texas’ Oldest Bakery Ships Thousands of Pounds of Holiday Desserts by Dana Goolsby
    The oldest bakery in Texas has been busy all year preparing for their busiest season of the year. The holiday season rush begins during the hot East Texas summer months for Eilenberger’s Bakery, located in historic downtown Palestine.

  • Christmas Dinner by Mike Cox
    In the letter the Galveston News published on Dec. 21, 1893, the former ranger A. J. Sowell expanded on an incident he had only mentioned briefly in his 1884 book “Rangers and Pioneers of Texas.”

  • Christmas Shooting by Mike Cox
    Many Texas families have their particular Christmas traditions, but the way the Hornsby clan used to observe the holiday may just take the fruitcake...

  • Christmas Day in History by Britt Towery
    Historic Events on Christmas Day

  • Belle Christmas by Mike Cox
    No matter how she came to be called Belle Christmas, she had a reputation as a local character long before someone dreamed up the “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker...

  • Old But Odd Gift Ideas by Mike Cox
    The December 1911 issue of a long-forgotten but fun-to-read iconoclastic monthly called K. Lamity’s Harpoon offered a full-page ad from a Uvalde taxidermist with some unusual gift items for sale that some modern readers will probably wish were still available today...

  • Slick the Shoeshine Man, Sam Maceo and Christmas Eve 1949 by Bill Cherry
    A Galveston Christmas story.

  • The Truth About Rudolph by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Each reindeer can pull up to twice its own weight, making it an ideal animal for pulling a sleigh loaded down with Christmas gifts

  • Opinion / Humor

  • Haunted by the kids of Christmas past by Jase Graves 12-18-23

  • Neighbors, start your Christmas lights! by Jase Graves 11-28-23

  • Christmas lights: a judgmental guide by Jase Graves 12-13-22

  • Prepping for Holiday Spending by Taylor Kovar 11-8-22

  • Are you too old for Santa Claus? by Jase Graves 12-13-21

  • O Christmas Tree shortage by Jase Graves 11-29-21

  • When Thanksgiving and Christmas Collide by Jase Graves 11-15-21

  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Maggie Van Ostrand 12-23-20

  • A Christmas (Cell Phone) Miracle by Jase Graves 12-2-20

  • Beating the after-Christmas blues by Jase Graves 12-30-19

  • Another Christmas card letter by Jase Graves 12-16-19

  • Deck the Halls and Hit the Deck by Jase Graves 12-3-19

  • Tips to Manage Your Holiday Spending by Taylor Kovar

  • Have Yourself a Merry Little . . . Hedgehog by Jase Graves

  • "What I Want For Christmas" by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • Christmas Crackers by Jase Graves

  • The Songs of Christmas by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • Lame Christmas Gifts: It Is Harder to Receive Than to Give by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • Christmas Time in 1944 by Lois Zook Wauson

  • Is Santa Legal In Arizona? by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Santa, a cheerful, chubby, bespectacled fellow in red, appears each year to distribute toys once created in his North Pole workshop, and recently outsourced to Mexico...

  • Country Living in the Mid-1900’s by Bruce Martin
    For one Christmas trip, I was bundled in blankets in the back of Dad’s ’52 Chevy pick-up truck...

  • Christmas is what we choose to make it by Britt Towery
    As you read this it is Christmas Eve. Some are glad the whole exciting season is almost over, when, in truth, it has actually just begun.

  • Christmas Shopping by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Christmas shopping for me will always be the once-upon-a-time of memory: walking on Fifth Avenue — it's probably snowing, windows decorated like the fairy tales of childhood...

  • The Art of Re-Gifting by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Every time my kids ask what I want for Christmas, I now tell them "nothing." Last year, I told them "Nothing I have to dust," but that didn't work and I got a bunch of nice presents I have to dust...

  • Good Books Are Great Christmas Gifts by Britt Towery
    There is no writer more linked to Christmas (not counting the New Testament writers), than the prolific 19th century author, Charles Dickens...

  • The Crookedest Christmas Tree by Maggie Van Ostrand
    There's something obscene about spending so much money at Christmastime. It’s not like we’re the Three Wise Men hiking across the desert to gift the baby Jesus. I don’t even know what frankincense is, let alone myrrh. So let’s get down to the most important symbol of all: the Christmas tree itself...

  • Burl Ives and Santa by Peary Perry
    Last week a friend of mine had to opt out of playing Santa at a local church so he conned me into going in his place.

  • Christmas Trees in the Oil Patch by N. Ray Maxie
    "Growing older, I learned that there was a “forever” Christmas tree a short distance from our house. Everyday looking out my bedroom window I could see the tree and it sure did not look like the holiday tree I had become accustomed to.."

  • How was your Christmas by Peary Perry
    Every year most of us will answer that annual question of “How was your Christmas” with the same old refrain of…”Oh, it was the best ever….it was wonderful.” Now, a lot of us are lying through our teeth since Christmas isn’t always wonderful and in a lot of cases it isn’t any fun...

  • A Blue Christmas by Maggie Van Ostrand
    In the vast fellowship of Christendom, December 25th is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ by attending church, singing carols, and watching "It's A Wonderful Life." The Christmas season is an occasion for tree-trimming and the giving of gifts to loved ones -- gifts once symbolic, now spendaholic.

  • Holly Isn’t Just For Christmas Anymore by N. Ray Maxie
    A visit to Alpine

  • The Truth About Rudolph by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Each reindeer can pull up to twice its own weight, making it an ideal animal for pulling a sleigh loaded down with Christmas gifts

  • Christmas Past by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Want to have a wonderful Christmas without fighting traffic, battling mall moms, or spending any money whatsoever? It can be done, trust me. The best Christmas in my family was a broke one. I had lost everything in a fire just two weeks before Christmas...

  • Christmas Shopping by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • It's a Wonderful Life by Murray Montgomery

  • Christ at Christmas Time by Peary Perry

  • Christmas Gifts I Can't Use by Peary Perry

  • A Wonderful Time of the Year by Peary Perry

  • Merry PC Christmas by Peary Perry

  • Surrendering to the Holidays by Peary Perry

  • The Spirit of Christmas by Jeanne Moseley

  • The True Meaning of Auld Lang Syne by Gael Montana
    In the deepest interest of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ there comes a book into our midst that bears that ‘Required Reading’ stamp for any human being trying to get along with other human beings in this day and age...

  • Sadie’s Christmas Angel by Kathleene S. Baker
    Sadie of Corpus Christi: sometimes it takes a dog to bring out the best in humans.

    CARTOONS by Roger Todd Moore

  • December 1777
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Lights

    Poems by David Knape

  • Cedar Tree Christmas
  • Santa's Acrobatic Act
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Christmas Wish
  • The Meaning Of Christmas
  • The Gift of Good Will
  • The Spirit Of Christmas
  • A Walk before Christmas
  • When Christmas Came
  • The Saddest Day Of The Year
  • Thoughts On Christmas Eve
  • Long Night Moon
  • Christmas in the Woods
  • Christmas Wish
  • Talking To Mom
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Gift
  • Snow Dome
  • Christmas Lights
  • Christmas Moon
  • For Christmas We Gather








































































































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