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Robertson County TX
Robertson County

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Robertson County, Central Texas S

30° 58' 42" N, 96° 40' 22" W (30.978333, -96.672778)
Highway 6
FM 1644 and 979
12 miles W of Franklin the county seat
9 miles N of Hearne
28 miles NW of Bryan
33 miles NW of College Station
55 miles SE of Waco
Population: 1,142 Est. (2016)
1,192 (2010) 1,426 (2000) 1,536 (1990)

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Downtown Calvert, Texas
A Hopperesque Afternoon
Photos courtesy Stephen Michaels, May 2008

Calvert, Texas Topics:

  • Calvert Landmarks / Attractions
  • Calvert History
  • Early TX Cotton picking machine
    Early Texas cotton picking machine
    Postcard courtesy William Beauchamp Collection

    History in a Cotton Boll

    One of the earliest settlers was Joseph Harlan, who received a land grant in 1837. The town’s namesake, Robert Calvert, established a plantation here around 1850.

    The Texas Central Railway laid tracks to Calvert in 1868 with the trains arriving the next year. Population was drawn from the communities of Sterling and Owensville and in time, Calvert replaced Owensville as the Robertson County seat of government.

    A post office was granted that same year (1868) and Calvert prospered as a cotton shipping point. In the 1870s the town reportedly had the largest cotton gin in the world.

    In 1873 a severe yellow fever epidemic killed many in the community. In 1899 the town suffered floods and in 1891 a fire burned much of the town’s center.

    Population estimates over the 20th Century:
    1900: 3,322
    1910: 2,500
    1925: 2,100
    1950: 2,100
    1965: 1,950
    2000: 1,400

    Calvert Landmarks / Attractions / Images

    For the last 35 years Calvert has enjoyed a relative success as an antique “capital.”

    Steady traffic on Highway 6 and the towns halfway position between Waco and Bryan / College Station has helped. The efficiency of the town's tag-team police cruisers is something to behold.

    Calvert’s buildings present an attractive row of 19th century buildings. The length of main street is evidence of the town’s once prosperous history. Although many are now just facades, Calvert makes an excellent case for saving the fronts of buildings, even if the interiors cannot.
    Downtown Calvert

    Former Calvert Courthouse
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    Calvert Churches
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    Sidewalks of Calvert
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    Downtown Calvert
    Photos courtesy Stephen Michaels, May 2008
    Calvert Texas Masonic Building
    The old Masonic building in Calvert
    More Texas Lodges
    Downtown Calvert Texas
    Long shadows and light traffic in downtown Calvert
    Calvert, Texas bank building
    The Stately First State Bank
    More Texas Banks
    Calvert, Texas  Bank  clock

    The original sign has been altered to read First Star Bank

    Calvert, Texas  Bank historical marker
    Citizens Bank & Trust Building historical marker
    Calvert Texas bicyclist
    Local Color
    Calvert Texas downtown building
    Calvert: Where enamel becomes watercolor.
    Calvert Texas downtown buildings
    Calvert Texas downtown Jacques Adoue Building
    The Jacques Adoue Building stands next to the old theater.
    Calvert Texas downtown Jacques Adoue Building historical Marker
    The Jacques Adoue Building historical marker
    God Bless America
    Looking in a front door.
    Old Glory in Calvert, Texas
    Old Glory
    Calvert Texas main street  park
    A store that couldn't be saved becomes a main street lawn.
    Calvert Texas building facade
    Looking through the back of Salazar's Garage
    Calvert Texas building in ruins
    Vine on building, Calvert Texas
    A wet Spring has provided some deep green
    (May 2008)
    Vine over door,  Calvert Texas
    Same building on the side.
    Peeling paint over exposed brick
    Bloodweed, Brick, Stucco and Paint
    Calvert Texas revised map
    A decoupaged map of Calvert sits in a front window.
    Cast iron door handle, Calvert Texas
    Exposed brick wall, Calvert Texas
    Weathered brick melts into a shared wall.
    Salazar Garage, Calvert Texas
    The front wall of Salazar's Garage is now braced by wooden beams.
    Calvert's Southside as viewed from the Northside
    Chinese Farmers historical marker, Calvert Texas

    Calvert was multicultural years before the term was coined. Several Black families retain Chinese surnames to this day. Calvert's Chinese are mentioned in Mel Brown's book: Chinese Heart of Texas.
    Above photos courtesy Stephen Michaels

    Calvert Images

  • Downtown Calvert
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  • Calvert Texas Tourist Information
    Calvert Chamber of Commerce
    300 Main St (Hwy 6) / P.O. Box 132

    Calvert, Texas Area Hotels › Hearne Hotels | Franklin Hotels
    Downtown theatre in Calvert, Texas
    Eloia Theatre, "named after the wife, Eloise, who owned the theatre... The theatre burned, probably late 40's or early 50s, and what remains is the modern updated theatre. It had a cry room, double seats, and was very modern."
    TE Photo, 8-03
    Calvert, Texas depot

    The weigh station where they weighed cotton for the gin across the street - Gibson's Gin was one of the largest in the world.

    TE Photo, 8-03
    Calvert, Texas Forum

  • Subject: Orviss crypt
    There is a heavily vandalized and neglected crypt in the woods behind a Jewish cemetery east of Calvert on the north side of FM 1644 just past the school. I have been there in the daytime and it is very interesting. There are glass topped infant coffins visible through a broken window on the east side of the crypt. - John Landis, Taylor Tx, November 20, 2015

  • Subject: Theatre and Weigh Station
    The name of the theatre in Calvert is Eloia, named after the wife, Eloise, who owned the theatre. She sold tickets. Her husband operated the projector and did various jobs around the business. The owner of the antique store next door to the theatre bought the theatre years ago, and made an opening through to his business. The theatre burned, probably late 40's or early 50s, and what remains is the modern updated theatre. It had a cry room, double seats, and was very modern. However, just after it was built, wide screens and television came in, which hurt all the old theatres.

    The weigh station where they weighed cotton is across the street from the cotton gin . The old scale was still there the last time I looked at it, which was some years ago. The cotton gin was the Gibson's Gin and one of the largest in the world, as well as one of several in town.

    The Conitz Dry Goods Store opened on that corner in 1901. It was burned and rebuilt 3 different times over the years. The latest store was modern for the '50s. - Former resident, December 11, 2004

  • Calvert's Out-of-the-Way Cafe
    Howdy, Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying y'all's website!! You are doing a great job. I'm not from Calvert but I went there on my most recent day/antique shopping/road trip and had a really nice time. There is a little cafe/grocery store/meat market that is on the back side of town on a road that I don't even think is paved. We were in an antique store and heard the old man behind the counter calling in his lunch order and just had to find out where this place was!! It was the cutest little place, filled with locals sitting on duct-taped booths next to soda machines. Basically, it was all run by what seemed like one African-American family from the ordering & cooking to bringing us our food to refilling the sweet tea jug sitting on the counter. After enjoying our $5 meals of fried chicken, baked beans, collard greans, macaroni & cheese, cornbread, and banana pudding, we left with a full belly and truly knowing the meaning of southern comfort. Just thought I had to let y'all know about how special this place was! It truly deserves to be featured [more] and get some fame somehow. Thanks! - Anna Langford, June 14, 2006

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