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Bastrop County TX
Bastrop County

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Bastrop County, Central Texas South

29 57' 35" N, 97 26' 46" W (29.959722, -97.446111)

FM 812 and FM 20
16 miles SW of Bastrop the county seat
Population: 40 Est. (2019)
100 Est. (2010),125 (2000) 100 Est. (1960 - 1990)

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Red Rock TX - Painted Welcome Sign
Red Rock Painted Welcome Sign
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016
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History in a Pecan Shell

In the 1850s when the people of Red Rock needed to name their community, they looked around for inspiration. They may have been short of friends or neighbors they considered worthy - since (so the story goes) they chose the red rock chimney of their first settler's house. James Brewer owned the chimney - but evidently they didn't like Brewerville or Brewerton. It's possible they all owed Jim Brewer money.

See Naming of Red Rock

Prior to choosing Red Rock the village had also been called Hannah Land. A post office was granted in 1870 and the Red Rock Male and Female Academy opened its doors later that decade.

In 1884 the population was 150 and the town had both a gristmill and cotton gin. When the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad arrived within a mile of the town. People moved to the tracks and within a few years the population had increased to 200.

By 1909 the town was a healthy population of 500. This was to become their high-water mark. The yearly output of the Red Rock gin was 2,500 bales of cotton but this boom was followed by a decline to 350 people by 1914.

Even when oil was discovered in the 30s - the town experienced no growth. By 1940 the population was below the 1884 figure of 150. It rose to 250 through the fifties and sixties - but it has returned back to 100 residents.

Red Rock Landmarks:

Red Rock TX - Bastrop County Old Red Rock Cemetery
Old Red Rock Cemetery
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016
The Old Red Rock Cemetery refers to the original location of the town. In 1892 the community moved one mile east, to the newly laid tracks of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas RR. - John J Germann

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Red Rock Tx, Red Rock Christian Church
Red Rock Christian Church
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, August 2006

Red Rock Tx, Grace & Truth Church
Grace & Truth Church
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, August 2006
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Red Rock Texas general store
Red Rock General Store
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, August 2006

Red Rock, TX post office
Red Rock Post Office, TX 78662
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, August 2006
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Red Rock TX -  Former Post Office
Red Rock Former Post Office, 1958
(Across from current post office)
Click on image to enlarge

1958 Photo courtesy Gene Fackler

Subject: Red Rock Former Post Office

"In your page about Red Rock, Texas, in Bastrop County, you include a picture of a building described as the Red Rock Former Post Office. That is incorrect. The building in that picture was a store owned and operated by a Mrs. Petty, where she sold meats and other various goods. The building to the right of that structure with the rusty roof is the former post office and it still stands today, but is privately owned.

Attached (above) is a photo of the old post office taken circa 1958, well before it was replaced in the mid-80s." - Gene Fackler, December 26, 2020

Red Rock TX
"[A] store owned and operated by a Mrs. Petty, where she sold meats and other various goods."
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016

Red Rock TX - Old Red Rock Hanna Farm
Old Red Rock Hanna Farm entrance, complete with red rocks
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016

Red Rock TX - Old Red Rock Hanna Farm  sign
Old Red Rock Hanna Farm sign
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016

Red Rock TX - Red Rocks
Red rocks in Red Rock
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016

Red Rock TX - Red Rock Steakhouse
Red Rock Steakhouse
Photo courtesy John J Germann, May 2016

Old gas pump and old gas station, Red Rock, Texas
A former gas station now sits vacant.
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2006

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Red Rock, Texas railroad crossing and cross
The railroad still passes through Red Rock.
TE photo, 2002
See Texas Railroads

 Red Rock, Texas - Rust old gas pumps
Rusted old gas pumps
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2006


by d.knape

Red Rock, Texas
just a skip and hop
in the rust red dirt
near old Bastrop

What's there to see
there ain't too much
the general store
gas pumps and such

With other towns
it would have been lumped
but truth be told
it's too abrupt

It's standin' still
there ain't no clock
'cause time has stopped
in old Red Rock.

© d.knape
"Once Upon A Line" - Light verse and poetry by d.knape

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The Naming of Red Rock, Texas
  • Howdy! I was raised in Red Rock Texas. Just this weekend I was reminiscing about the old folks' stories about the town. I spent about three hours a day for years with the town elders downtown while I waited for my parents to pick me up after the school bus dropped me off. I got an ear full of old stories. I was wondering if anyone else had old stories to swap, such as what was the year of the fire that wiped out the town? I remember stories about the movie theatre and the sandhills.

    I think that the stories of the naming of the town that I have found on the internet are goofy at best. It is obvious if you have been out and about in the area that there is a very high iron content to the rocks and soil. When we were kids and we would play and get muddy and dirty it was always a red dust film and we would get in trouble because the red mud (in which we were invariably covered) was red. The red pigment from the mud would stain our clothes as well as our skin and we probably looked like wild Indians. Our parents cars had that unmistakable red film of dust, distinctive to our little niche, covering their cars from driving down those old red dirt roads made from local clay- slicker than snot when wet, everyone kept a tow rope in the trunk. There is even a cutout in the road out in the sandhills of red rock of which the sides of the walls which you drive through are deep orange red. Hmm... - Cristina Niemann, March 7, 2006

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