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Robertson County TX
Robertson County

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Robertson County, Central Texas S

3108'44"N 9619'19"W (31.1454605, -96.3219099)

Highway 79
near Navasota River / Leon County line
About 5 miles NE of Easterly
About 13 miles NE of Franklin the county seat
25 miles NE of Calvert
43 miles N of Bryan | College Station
About 28 miles SW of Buffalo
Population: 67 est. (2000, 1990)

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Old gas station in Ridge, Texas
An old gas station in Ridge
Photo courtesy Erik Whetstone, 8-04
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History in a Pecan Shell

Ridge at first had been known as Holly Springs. In the late 1850s the town materialized to furnish the areas cotton farmers with their supplies and equipment.

When cotton prices took a nosedive, Holly Springers were forced to diversify. Sadder, but wiser, they desided to grow things they could eat or build with. They started making bricks, sawing lumber and raising watermelons and turkeys.

The railroad installed a switch in 1916. For reasons known only to the railroad - the switch was named Ridge. In 1926 the town got their first post office and the submitted name was Ridge.

The town has been a pretty quiet place over the years with no disasters or calamities to report. The population has never broken 100. The closest it came was in the 40s when eighty people called Ridge home.
Former church in Ridge, Texas
Former church in Ridge
Photo courtesy Erik Whetstone, 8-04
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Ridge, Texas Forum

  • Subject: Ridge

    I lived in Ridge in the 1940's and 50's. I attended the old school from the second grade through the sixth grade. Mrs. Bridges was the teacher when I started there and was replaced by Mrs. Lanier. They taught all six grades.

    I attended church services in the pictured church which was a Baptist church and at the church at Holly which was Church of Christ. My mother and stepfather are buried in the Holly Cemetery.

    The gas station pictured , as I remember, belonged to a man whos first name was Hagar. There was also a wooden store building which was run by Mr. Eric Hurley. This building also contained the post office. - P. Schuster, May 8, 2020

  • Subject: Ridge, Texas

    I was up at the cemetery today. Could you please pass on to the 2 contributors that I would like to be able to ask about the school house he spoke of as my father-in-law went there also. This cemetery has many many of my husband's family there. I would appreciate if I could contact them. Thanks - Belinda Carr, pinqlady57@hotmail.com, March 05, 2012

  • Subject: Ridge, Texas

    My family also helped settle Ridge. There are a lot of Johnstons in Holly Cemetery. Like Jason, I remember spending weeks there during the summer, walking down that red dusty road to Mr. Hagar's store to get a root beer out of the coke box to the right of the front door. We also used to go "explore" the old school which was right behind my grandparents house. Back in the early 70's, my grandmother still had no running water, so my grandfather used to go to the "good well" for drinking water every day. The outhouse was always full of daddy long legs and taking a bath in a wash tub was an experience. Up until right before his death, my grandfather Henry E. Johnston was the caretaker at Holly Cemetery. - Mike Johnston, Lake Charles, Louisiana, September 21, 2007

  • Subject: Ridge, Texas

    My family helped settle Ridge, Texas in the mid 1800's. My great grandparents, great uncle and other members of my family are buried at the Holly cemetery just down the road from Ridge. If you go there you will also find graves of Confederate soldiers. We still have lots of land there. The gas station you have pictured was owned by a man with the last name of Hagar. Me and my grandfather used to go there quite often. The church you have pictured and the old school is where my grandpa went when he was young. If you go inside, there is still, or used to be, a chalkboard on the wall. I pretty much grew up there on the weekends all my life. - Jason Elledge, Pearland, Texas, February 14, 2007

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