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UFOs Photographed

by Ken Rudine
Yosemite UFO
Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, 2013
At 8:43am on September 27, 2013 I made a photograph in Yosemite, CA while that day we had planned to be over 800 miles away in Jackson, WY. That morning I made a picture of a mountain with blue sky above. When I looked at that picture two months later it includes 2 UFOs in the blue sky. Why was I here and not where I planned? The power of God is why. But our story began a year earlier while I was terminally ill.

During the last of November 2012 - I was told my aortic valve had stopped working. My cardiologist recommended a particular surgeon. Due to that surgeon’s previous commitments the appointment was scheduled for January 2, 2013. I had the surgery about a week after that. At age 81 I was happy to leave my life or death outcome to God, except I had promised my wife not to leave her alone. God had reasons to let me live - one was to help me keep my promise and the other must have been to make this photograph.

In July I turned 82 and was finally over this ordeal, regaining my strength and this month no more doctor appointments. There is no way I can express the amount of stress experienced by my wife and I during this event but it was offset by the increased depth of our love and devotion for each other.

Now we wanted to start our life travels again. The new heart valve has given me the energy and outlook on life as if I am 20 years younger. I started re-planning the trip we hoped to have taken the previous fall if I hadn’t been busy dying. Over a two month period I planned a 30 day trip to begin the middle of September and ending after spending a week with Sedona’s red rocks. A trip ending with a firm Sedona reservation requires disciplined travel time and distance.

We left on September 18th but due to freezing weather our trip plan only worked for three days. In Montrose, CO instead of continuing north to Yellowstone etc the weather looked better toward the west. Because we both are admirers of Ansel Adams photography of the park we plotted a route to Yosemite. As we drove the westerly route weather again caused a need to delay our arrival there so we diverted south to the Las Vegas area. We stayed two nights in Henderson waiting for weather systems to clear out of our path to Yosemite.

Finally we were ready to head for our lodging destination near Yosemite. We used Nevada Hwy 95 passing south of Nellis AFB which contains Area 51. When we arrived at Lee Vining, CA a town of 398 people on Mono Lake it was still cold but fair weather. On September 27th we left Murphy’s Motel using the Tioga Pass road driving into Yosemite. Some areas had a light dusting of snow overnight. Before reaching the entrance gate I had taken 9 exposures of the 171 total images I would capture on this day.

For nearly 10 years Yvonne has driven while I am the photographer and navigator in the front passenger seat. Now I am using my 4th Sony digital camera all have been a single lens reflex with zoom. This particular camera I have used for over 2 years and understand it well. Shooting from a moving vehicle is my forte. I normally set the camera with the Shutter Priority for sharp clear pictures. On this day I began with a very fast shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second while allowing proper exposure to chose the aperture and sensitivity. In adequate light this camera will not allow the flash to activate. Also it is capable of recording your GPS location in the embedded properties. On this particular day I had inadvertently left that feature OFF. Realizing that oversight I photographed the face of my car GPS to record our beginning location.

After our day in Yosemite we returned to a Lee Vining motel to spend the night. The next day we left to continue our trip by way of Barstow to our eventual destination of Sedona, AZ.

We arrived home in Houston on October 18th having successful covered about 4,500 miles safely on a trip route clearly selected by God. Being away from home for a month requires some necessary catching up on business. Finally on November 23rd I took time to view the Yosemite photos to see if there were some worth printing. If I knew anything about a potentially unique photo I wouldn’t have waited this long to look at it. Now, looking at the photo I see the mountain and the blue sky, including 2 UFOs.

The image on frame number 8 shows clear details of two flying Objects. It appears they are in formation, moving to the right. The right most one is leaving behind an exhaust trail. The full frame #8 is shown and an enlargement of the UFOs section of the same frame #8.
Yosemite UFO
Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, 2013
It is my guess these Objects are probably flown by American pilots who fly out of and back into Area 51 only 170 miles away by air. They were possibly built there using reversed engineering techniques gleaned from downed alien craft.

Much like ”The Willis Brothers” 1964 trucker song said “It takes 40 acres to turn this rig around,” I can imagine these Objects must need this distance away from Area 51 to turn their rig around.

Photo Details:
Sony DSC-HX100V 16.1 Megapixels camera
1/1000th @ f4.5
Image size 4608 x 3456 pixels
The 1st frame of the day was shot at 8:33am.
UFOs frame shot at 8:43am
Enter Gate at Tioga pass 8:51am
Lee Vining return at 3:13pm
Photo Location N37 57.144 W119 13. 545 El. 9031 ft, Warren Fork 93541 Area 51 N37 14.060 W115 48.400

God Bless my fellow Houstonians: Stanley Duchman, Cardiologist; Gerald Lawrie, Surgeon and the Nurses and Staff in the Debakey Section of Houston Methodist Hospital.

© Ken Rudine, January 15, 2014 Column
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