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Young County TX
Young County

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Texas Ghost Town
Young County, Texas Panhandle / Central Texas North

33°00'16"N 98°40'06"W (33.0045619, -98.6683934)
Hwy 67 and FM 701
On the Clear Fork of the Brazos River
SW of Graham the county seat
Population: 140 Est. (2000) 100 (1990)

South Bend Area Hotels › Graham Hotels
Former Church in South Bend, Texas
South Bend Closed Church
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2004
History in a Pecan Shell

Originally named Arkansas, Texas, by storekeeper J. Smith, a post office was granted in the late 1890s. The townspeople may have convinced Smith that Arkansas wasn't a proper name for a town in Texas, but at any rate the name was changed and named after a twist in the (Clear Fork of the Brazos) river.

The town had a brief oil boom in the 20s. But in 1929 when one well came in with mineral water - it seemed to clear up rashs on the bodies of Mexican laborers. Mr. Stoval decided to use what nature had given him and opened up a spa (and skeet shooting range). The resort of Stovall Hot Wells remained in operation until a fire destroyed it in 1994. (SeeTaking the Waters in Texas by Janet Mace Valenza, UT Press, 2000 )

The population was 500 just prior to WWII, but South Bend suffered the same post war decrease as many small towns and by 1980 there were only 100 residents.
South Bend, Young County,  TX  -  Bathhouse
The Bathhouse
Photo Courtesy Dustin Martin, March 2017
Photographer's Note:

Stovall Hot Wells and the Bathhouse

I discovered when reading the book More Ghost Towns of Texas, by T. Lindsay Baker published in 2000 is that just across the Clear Fork of the Brazos River from the town is a site called Stovall Hot Wells. The book gives directions to the former bathhouse. The bathhouse still stands today although it has not been in operation since it burned in 1994. - Dustin Martin, June 07, 2018
South Bend, Young County,  TX  - Ruins
Across from the bathhouse. Possibly remains of the hotel or cafe.
Photo Courtesy Dustin Martin, March 2017
South Bend, Young County,  TX  -  Bathhouse with buzzard on the roof
The Bathhouse with buzzards on the roof
Photo Courtesy Dustin Martin, March 2017
[ The Bath House that Wouldn't Die - The Bath House in Luling › ]
South Bend, Young County,  TX  -  Bathhouse interior view through a window
Through the window of the bathhouse
Photo Courtesy Dustin Martin, March 2017
South Bend, Young County,  TX  -  closed church
Another view of the closed church
Photo courtesy Mike Price, October 2007
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South Bend Texas ghost town motel  at night
This old motel court sits just west of the intersection of
SR-67 and FM-701 in Young County
Photo courtesy Noel Kerns, September 2007
More Rooms with a Past
South Bend Texas Old Closed Store
An Old Closed Store
Photo courtesy Mike Price, October 2007
South Bend Texas store
George & Bessie Burgess store in 2007
Photo courtesy Mike Price, October 2007
South Bend Texas store
George & Bessie Burgess store in 2004
Photo courtesy The Gages, May 2004
More Texas Stores
South Bend TX Young Co 1964 Postmark
Cover canceled with South Bend TX 1964 Postmark
Courtesy The John J. Germann Collection
Young County TX 1907 Postal Map
Young County 1907 postal map showing South Bend
SW of Graham near Stephens County line

Courtesy Texas General Land Office

South Bend Texas Forum

  • Subject: South Bend, Texas
    I am sharing my memories from South Bend, Texas. My grandfather was Mr. Jesse T. Dunn who passed away in May of 1968. He lived in a house he built himself. I am not sure where exactly the correct location is, all I know is my Aunt has told me it is beside a church. I was only 4 years old when my granddaddy passed away so I can't remember that much but I do remember going to a little corner store and getting a soda pop and candy in his 1956 Chevrolet pickup and there was a tree out in front of my grandparents home that I remember trying to climb and my granddaddy came to my rescue. I used to get to go to the Stovall Hot Wells and I remember all the older people playing dominos and a brass band that would be there playing from time to time and getting to go to a little café there for breakfast and getting the next to the best pancakes I ever had (granny Dunn’s pancakes will always be the best). That’s all I remember about South Bend,Texas. It doesn’t sound that important but it always will to me because that’s all the memories I have of my grandfather and if there is anyone who knew my grandparents or has any pictures or can take pictures of building and places to send to me I would pay them for them. - Arnold Dunn, June 20, 2006, jerrydamouse@elp.rr.com

  • Subject: "Taking the Waters in Texas"
    I was reading your article on South Bend, TX ghost town and saw that you used my mother’s book “Taking the Waters” as reference. She passed away not long after the book was published and I just want to let you know how much it would mean to her to know that her book made a difference. I read the wonderful description that you also have posted for her book. Thank you so much for including this in your website! - Shonda Mace, Austin, Texas, June 07, 2005

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