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San Saba County TX
San Saba County

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“Pecan Capital of the World”

San Saba County Seat, Texas Hill Country

31°11'43"N 98°43'30"W (31.195298, -98.725003)

U.S. Highway 190
22 miles S of Goldthwaite
33 miles N of Llano
37 miles W of Lampasas
105 miles NW of Austin
141 miles N of San Antonio
ZIP code 76877
Area code 325
Population: 3,168 est.(2019)
3,099 (2010) 2,637 (2000) 2,626 (1990)

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San Saba TX - San Saba County Jail
Old photo courtesy Dan Whatley Collection
San Saba County Jail

More San Saba Old Photos

San Saba, Texas Topics:

  • History in a Pecan Shell
  • San Saba Landmarks & Attractions
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  • San Saba County - Towns & vintage maps › next page

  • History in a San Saba Pecan Shell

    A timeline of significant San Saba events:
    1855: Ranchers and cotton growers first settled the banks of the San Saba River, from which the settlement took its name.
    1856: The county is organized and San Saba became the county seat.
    1857: The post office opens and the first county courthouse is built.
    1873: The San Saba County News, said to be “ the first newspaper in West Texas” was published.
    1900: The population drop below 900.
    1911: The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway came through San Saba in 1911 – and the boost to the economy allowed them to build a new courthouse.
    1925: The population reaches 2,000
    The Great Depression: San Saba weathered the 30s with minimal loss of population.
    1938: San Saba is flooded with a third of the city underwater and many families were displaced.
    1940s: The town is incorporated and the population rises to 2,900 people.
    1950s: The terrible drought of the early 50s affected San Saba and much of Texas. The population drops.
    1980s: Population is 2,336 from an all-time high of 3,400.

    San Saba Landmarks & Attractions

    San Saba TX - 1911 San Saba County Courthouse
    Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, December, 2007
    San Saba County Courthouse

    San Saba County Jail

    The Matrimonial Oak of San Saba County
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, July 2004
    San Saba Wedding Oak
    A legendary Indian site

    Beveridge Bridge plaque, San Saba River, Texas
    Photo courtesy Judy McBride, November 2005
    Beveridge Bridge
    One of two suspension bridges, in the state of Texas, that are still used by cars and trucks.

    San Saba County Bridge on CR110
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2007
    San Saba County Through Thruss Bridge

    San Saba County CR204 through truss bridge over San Saba River  Texas
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, December 2007
    CR 204
    San Saba River Through Truss Bridge

    Goldthwaite TX SH16 Thru Truss Bridge Over Colorado River
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2008
    Through Truss Bridge Over Colorado River

    San Saba, Texas - Bridge at Fairgounds
    Bridge at Fairgounds - San Saba, Texas,
    Postmark Dec 23, 1908
    Courtesy The Will Beauchamp Collection
    More Texas Bridges

  • San Saba County Historical Museum:
    In 100-year-old log cabins
    In Mill Pond Park – five blocks east of the courthouse.
    Open April to September or by appointment.

  • The San Saba Mother Pecan:
    One of the “Famous Trees of Texas” the San Saba Mother Pecan has given the world more varieties of Pecans (through grafting) than any other individual tree. The tree is 9 miles NE of the town near the confluence of the Colorado and San Saba rivers, but is on private property.

  • San Saba River

  • Risien Park

  • Mill Pond Park
    Both are just east of the town. Mill pond is a small spring-fed lake and Risien is on the San Saba River. Mill Pond park has hookups for 12 RVs.

  • Colorado Bend State Park:

    Colorado Bend State Park by Chandra Moira Beal
    At Bend, Texas on the Colorado River
    13 miles from San Saba via FM 560.

    Colorado Bend: It Is What It Is by Clay Coppedge
    "..Colorado Bend is pure Hill Country: stands of live oak and juniper, thick with wildflowers in the spring, whitetail deer all year long and, every spring, the white bass moving up the Colorado River to spawn..."

  • 100% marble First Methodist Church, San Saba, Texas
    Photo Courtesy Michael Hattrick, Poulsbo, Washington
    San Saba Historic Churches

    San Saba TX - Santa Fe depot
    Santa Fe depot
    TE photo, 2004
    More Texas Depots

    San Saba County TX - San Saba River 1909
    A San Saba River View, 1909
    Old photo courtesy Dan Whatley Collection
    San Saba Old Photos

    San Saba River

    Native Son

  • Polar Bear Bites Rancher by Michael Barr
    Bill Cammack was a pilot, a photographer and a big game hunter.

  • The San Saba Chamber of Commerce:
    Website: www.sansabatexas.com

    San Saba Texas Forum

  • Subject: San Saba
    I recently saw someone ask what was in San Saba that his distant relative would have gone there for. If Im not mistaken, it was in San Saba, I saw, a few blocks from town, the old railroad tracks, and there was the most beautiful abandoned hotel right next to the tracks, and across the street the most beautiful marble fronted deserted bank building. Truely romantic and enchanting. I dont know what it is about Texas, but what a place!!!!! - John Dean, July 24, 2006

  • Co Wisdom of Brady, Texas
    I came across quotations by “Co Wisdom” of Brady in your website under the towns of Fredonia and Voca along with a photograph of a drug store as it appeared in the late 19th century. Hopefully you can forward my e-mail to the person submitting those quotations. According to an article in the book “Indian Depredation in Texas” by J.W. Wilbarger, published in 1889, my great grandfather Captain John Roch (Roach) of Comanche was attacked and wounded by Indians in 1866 on a trip from San Saba to Comanche. According to the article he had gone to San Saba to lay in supplies for the coming winter. What was in San Saba to cause it to be a source of food and provisions in the 1860’s? What was the San Saba mill? Do you have other photos of buildings in are around San Saba dated in the 19th Century? Thanks. L. Marshall Roch , September 25, 2005

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