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Menard County TX
Menard County

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formerly Menardville

Menard County Seat, Texas Hill Country

30°55'10"N 99°47'4"W (30.919519, -99.784446)

Highways 29, 83 and 190
37 miles W of Mason
30 miles N of Junction
144 miles NW of Austin
143 miles NW of San Antonio
ZIP code 76859
Area code 325
Population: 1,404 est. (2019)
1,471 (2010) 1,653 (2000) 1,606 (1990)

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Menard, Texas - Bird's-eye View, Looking East
Bird's-eye View of Menard, Texas, Looking East
Old Postcard courtesy Dan Whatley Collection

History in a Pecan Shell

The town once known as Menardville was formed in 1858. The following year Ft. McKavett was deactivated, leaving the settlers without protection from the Indians. After the Civil War the fort was reopened and while nearby Mason was supplied from San Antonio, Menard received its supplies via Burnet.

The county was organized in 1871 with county court being held under the branches of a Live Oak tree. They built their first courthouse in 1872 and Menardville settled into a period of hard work and slow but steady growth.

A bad flood of the San Saba River occurred in 1899 and the railroad arrived in 1911. In one of those little historical quirks that abound in Texas, the railroad asked the town to drop the ville from its name to make sign painting easier. Menardville complied and was renamed Menard.

The town had as many as 2,500 people in the mid 1920s.

Menard Texas downtown
Downtown Menard
TE photo

Menard, Texas
Historic Landmarks & Attractions

1932 Menard County Courthouse, Menard Texas old photo
Photo courtesy TXDoT
Menard County Courthouse

Menard County Jail

The Menard County Museum

In the AT&SF Depot on the Northside of the San Saba River. Donated to the city when the railroad pulled out, the museum opened its doors in 1978.

Menard railroad depot
Menard County Historical Museum
Former Menard Depot

TE photo

Historical Marker:

Pioneers Rest Cemetery

Burial plot was begun by Adam Bradford, who buried his father, Jack Bradford, here in 1863. As the town and cemetery grew, the city bought the tract from Mrs. Gustav E. Schleicher in 1904. Fence surrounding cemetery was built of stone from the old courthouse and jail, razed in 1931, and reputed to have been in the original structure of nearby San Luis de Las Amarillas (Built by the Spanish in 1757). Final resting place for many area pioneers, including soldiers, cowboys, gamblers, preachers, civil war veterans, Indian fighters, and Texas Rangers.

tombstones of Menard Wilhelm family
Pioneers Rest Cemetery
In town on US83 - an attractive cemetery with a very interesting terrain.

TE photo

Menard, Texas Real Presidio de San Saba ruins
Real Presidio de San Saba in Menard
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2010

Menard, Texas Real Presidio de San Saba ruins
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2010
Real Presidio de San Saba - Ruins

Site of Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba Centennial Marker
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2010
Site of Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba Centennial Marker
About 3 miles E of Menard on FM 2092

Great Western Trail Menard County TX Marker
Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2010
Great Western Trail
Marker about 6 miles north of Menard in a Road Side Park on US 83

Photo Courtesy Barclay Gibson, February 2010
US Highway 83 -
Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway marker

Menard, Texas Chronicles

Menard Grave

by Mike Cox ("Texas Tales" Column)

A few folks knew of a solitary tombstone surrounded by a fence in a live oak mott east of Menard off what locals call River Road (FM 2092)...

Menard TX - Horse Race, January 1915
Menard, Texas Horse Race, January 1915
Click on image to enlarge
Old Postcard courtesy Dan Whatley Collection

Menard TX - Horse Race, January 1915
Menard, Texas Horse Race, January 1915
Courtesy Dan Whatley Collection

Menard TX -  Stock
Certificate of Stock in the Town of Menard
Click on image to enlarge
Courtesy Dan Whatley Collection

San Saba River
The San Saba River at Menard's Stock Pen Crossing Park
TE photo

Menard, Texas Area Destinations

  • Fort McKavett State Historic Site

  • Stock Pens Crossing Park
    Spacious park with beautiful river view - just west of town

  • The San Saba River Park - 12 acres with deep shade and picnic tables - a stone's throw from downtown.

  • The Ditch - An irrigation ditch first dug in 1756, it still flows through the Menard's downtown.

  • Mason

  • Junction

    Menard Tourist Information
    Chamber of Commerce: 915-396-2365
    website: http://www.menardchamberofcommerce.org

  • Menard Texas water tower
    Menard water tower
    TE photo, 2000

    Drive-in theatre near Mason, Texas
    Mission Drive-In Theater in Menard
    TE photo, 2002

    Menardville TX - Menard County 1909 Postmark
    Postcard showing Menardville, Texas 1909 Postmark
    Postcard courtesy Dan Whatley Collection

    Menard County TX 1907 Postal Map
    Menard County 1907 postal map showing Menardville
    From Texas state map #2090
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

    Menard County TX 1920s Map
    Menard County 1920s map showing Menard
    From Texas state map #10749
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

    Menard, Texas Centennial 1936 Postmark
    Menard, Texas Centennial 1936 Cover
    Courtesy Dan Whatley Collection
    See Texas Centennial

    Menard, Texas Forum
  • Subject: Menard
    Hi, I'm (James) Coe Linn, and I was born in 1937 in Menard and was raised there. I noted the great photos on your website.

    The old drive-in theater was the Mission Drive-In as was the old theater downtown... the Mission Theater owned and operated by Henry Reeve. I went to the Saturday matinees at the downtown theater as a child and then to the drive-in while in junior high and high school.

    The crossing on the San Saba was called the Stock Pen Crossing. There was a swimming hole just a few yards east of the crossing that we called "High Banks." We had a very long rope in a big pecan tree and could swing almost to the other side of the river. Many happy memories swimming there.

    A short distance to the west of the Stock Pen Crossing was the Baptist Encampment, and open-air revival facility with cabins and camping facilities.

    I really enjoyed your website. Please check out http://www.menardroots.com/.

    I graduated in 1954 from Menard High School. The section on MHS Annuals is a great compilation of many of the High School yearbooks.

    Regarding Fort McKavett, Theodore Roosevelt’s son, Elliot Roosevelt, spent time in the Fort McKavett area hunting and relaxing in the sunshine. Best wishes. - Coe Linn, Austin, Texas, June 24, 2004

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