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Concho County TX
Concho County

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Concho County, Texas Panhandle / Central Texas North

31° 23' 56" N, 100° 5' 21" W (31.398889, -100.089167)

FM 381 and FM 765
13 miles SW of Paint Rock the county seat
21 miles E of San Angelo
NW of Eden
Population: 218 (2000)

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TX - Eola School Restaurant
Eola School Restaurant
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, January 2006

History in a Pecan Shell

The town, formerlly known as Jordan changed its name in 1902 when the first store was built and the town only had four families. Eola was created during a land boom when county school lands were put up for sale at fifty cents an acre in the 1890s. The sale attracted many Europeans – primarily Czechs.

A two-story schoolhouse was built in 1906. By 1914 Eola had a population of twenty-five which grew to 240 by 1931. In 1940 Eola had a population of 250 and was thriving. It reached its zenith in ’47 when 350 Eolans called the town home. Nine teachers taught elementary and high school classes.

The Old Eola School
Eola Texas Forum
Eola Texas main street
Entering Eola
Photo courtesy Stephen & Elizabeth Taylor, Dec 2005
Eola TX - Building Row
Closed building row
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010
Eola TX - Closed Building
A closed building
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010
Eola TX - Closed Building
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010
Eola Texas - Closed Gas Station
A closed filling station
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, January 2006
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Eola Texas Closed Church
A vacant church
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, January 2006

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Eola Texas School & Gym
The former Eola School and Gym
Photo courtesy Stephen & Elizabeth Taylor, Dec 2005

The Old Eola School

by Stephen Taylor

This is the former school at Eola. Of course, we have the WPA gym, which actually has a new roof. The white building is the oldest, with the brick building being added in the 30's with the gym.

It is sometimes hard for me to imagine just how many people lived in the county before WW 2. It seems as though every hamlet had a brick school and every crossroads had a smaller one or two room school.

Eola today is almost dead; the only remaining business being the cotton gin and the Post Office. Eola is in northeastern Concho County.

Anyhow, there is good news going on at Eola. This fellow from Washington bought the school and is restoring bit by bit. He is running a restaurant in the white building (examine the door closely; at night a neon sign above the door advertise "steak".) Apparently, he is using the proceeds from the restaurant to work on the school. I would guess that the new roof in the gym is courtesy of his work; he gave us a tour and showed us how he is restoring the hardwood floor in the gym.

Apparently, it is extremely tedious work and goes slowly. He is a gifted carpenter, however; and seems to be making progress. He has put cots in one of the classrooms and is using it for bunks for hunters. I don't know how that is working out for him. His restaurant is the finest in all Eola. His restaurant is the only restaurant in all Eola.

All pictures were taken Christmas Day 2005 - Stephen Taylor

Eola Texas Gym
The gym
Photo courtesy Stephen & Elizabeth Taylor, Dec 2005

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Eola, Texas Forum

  • Subject: Eola, Texas
    You mention that Eola today is almost dead. I ride my bicycle thru there all the time and there is a gas station and convenience store: Pa pa Patch Inc in Eola, TX. Our records show it was established in 1998 and incorporated in Texas. The locals call the Pa pa Patch Bennie's Place, cause that is the guy’s name that owns it. - Chad W Freeze, January 13, 2012

  • Subject: Eola Class Ring
    I recently came across your website and was [surprised] to find any information about Eola High School. A few year ago I went metal detecting in the area and found a class ring from 1975. I have been trying to find the person without any luck. Her initials are B_ _. I was wondering if you could please post this email in the hopes of finding out who this person might be. I would love to return the ring to it's owner. Thanks. - Shelley Gayler, Huntington, Indiana, June 12, 2006 lennon1124@hotmail.com.

  • Subject: Old Eola School
    The old Eola school house is also currently being used as a haunted house to benefit neighboring Angelo State University groups. This past October, a small fee was charged, and throngs of people from all around came to see the "haunted Eola school." Haunted or not, it was quite a burst of life for the quiet community! - Whitney Straw (avid Texas Escapes reader/visitor) Angelo State University Elementary Education Major Senior, May 21, 2006

  • Subject: Eola
    I visit your website frequently and when I saw the link to Eola, I actually shouted out, "Wow, Eola!" About twenty years ago I went on a weekend drive pulling over to peek at what people forgot and time took over... one of those was the town of Eola. The doors to the school were unlocked and I couldn't resist. Part of me thought it was still used as desks were still in classrooms; but the leaves and birds throughout the halls told me otherwise. The auditorium seemed filled with the souls of talent shows and graduation ceremonies gone by as sunshine from the punctured roof shined on the stage. The gentleman has taken on quite a task; I envy him and will be more than happy to buy the biggest steak he has and throw in the heftiest tip I have on me for the effort! - Darcy Clarke, February 18, 2006

  • Eola Texas - 1953 Buick
    1953 Buick
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010
    Eola Texas - 1953 Buick
    1953 Buick
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010
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    TX Concho County 1940s Map
    Concho County 1940s map showing Eola
    From Texas state map #4335
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office
    Contiguous Counties:
    Runnels County (N) Coleman County (NE) McCulloch County (E) Menard County (S) Tom Green County (W)

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    Eola, Texas Nearby Towns:
    Paint Rock the county seat
    San Angelo
    See Concho County

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