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Scurry County TX
Scurry County

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Scurry County Seat, Texas Panhandle / West Texas

32 42' 56"N, 100 54' 52" W (32.715556, -100.914444)

On Deep Creek, a minor tributary of the Colorado River
State Hwy 350, US 180, and 84
32 miles E of Gail
49 miles NE of Big Spring
90 miles NE of Midland
80 miles NW of Abilene
90 miles SE of Lubbock
100 miles N of San Angelo
ZIP codes 79549-79550
Area code 325
Population: 11,023 Est. (2019)
11,202 (2010) 10,783 (2000) 12,195 (1990)

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Snyder TX -  Meeting Train at Snyder, 1908
Meeting the train at Snyder, Postmarked June 25, 1908
Click on image to enlarge
Old Photo courtesy Dan Whatley Collection
Snyder Old Photos

Snyder, Texas Topics

  • History in a Pecan Shell
  • Snyder, Texas Landmarks / Attractions
    Courthouse, jail, school, depot, calaboose, graveyard, theatres...
  • Snyder Chronicles - White Buffalo & Other Stories
  • Snyder Old Photos
  • Scurry County - Towns & Ghost Towns > next page

  • Snyder Tx - White Buffalo
    The White Buffalo Statue in front of Scurry County Courthouse
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    History in a Pecan Shell

    The county was named after Confederate General Wm. Scurry. William Henry Snyder was an early merchant/ buffalo hunter who operated a trading post.
    : Wm. H. "Pete" Snyder, former Pennsylvanian, opens trading post on Deep Creek.
    1882: Mr. Snyder plans the future town of Snyder and first school opens
    1884: County becomes organized and Snyder becomes county seat
    1892: Snyder has two newspapers as well as two banks, and two churches.
    1908: The Altururian Woman's Club is formed
    1910: Population reaches 2,500 - a significant number for West Texas
    1911: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad comes to Snyder.
    1931: First State Bank Closes due to The Great Depression
    1948: Oil is discovered and Snyder is overwhelmed when it's population triples in one year
    1950: The Snyder Daily News becomes the first daily newspaper published.
    1964: The Diamond M Museum Opens - regarded as one of Texas' best art collections
    1968: Due to the efforts of community leaders Snyder is chosen as one of only 11 "All American Cities"
    1971: Western Texas College is opened

    Snyder, Texas Landmarks / Attractions

    1972 remodeled Scurry County Courthouse front, Snyder, Texas
    Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, August, 2006
    The Scurry County Courthouse

    Scurry County Jail of 1912

    Scurry County Museum - On the campus of Western Texas College

    Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific  Depot in Snyder, TExas
    Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson, April 2009
    Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific Railroad Depot
    and Engine No.5

    Santa Fe depot - located several blocks NW of the RS&P depot

    Snyder Tx - Dermott School
    Dermott School
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
    See Dermott, Texas | more Texas Schoolhouses

    Snyder Tx - Old Snyder Graveyard
    Old Snyder Graveyard on Avenue E and 26th Street
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
    More Texas Cemeteries

    Historical Marker:

    Old Snyder Graveyard

    Formerly state land until common usage established it as a cemetery in 1880's. Legend says first burial was an Indian. Early-day transients were often buried in unmarked graves. Tract closed to further burials, 1902. Many bodies have been moved elsewhere. Only 14 graves are now identified.

    Snyder Tx - Hermleigh Calaboose
    Hermleigh Calaboose
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Historical Marker (US 180 near 34th Street)

    Former Calaboose

    Prior to 1920s held rowdies arrested by town constable. After paved roads made the county jail accessible, this structure was moved and sold. Later, to obtain storage space, the D. R. Layman family swapped a cow for the former Hermleigh Calaboose.
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1972

    Snyder Tx - J.C. Cornelius House Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
    1883 Confederate Veteran & Pioneer Doctor J.C. Cornelius House
    Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Snyder Tx - J.C. Cornelius House Historical Marker
    J.C. Cornelius House Historical Marker
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
    More Texas Historic Homes

    Sinclair gas station, Snyder, Texas
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 3-03
    The Restored Sinclair Station
    "Built like a small triangle. Can't be 15' on its longest side. I remember seeing it in the 1950's on our way to Coleman"
    - Barclay Gibson

    Snyder TX - 1929 Triangle Sinclair Station
    Adventures with my 1972 Plymouth Cuda and
    67 Ford Mustang Fastback

    by Jimmy Dobson

    Snyder TX Old Garage Ghost Sign
    Old Garage Ghost Sign
    Photo courtesy Jimmy Dobson, May 2017

    Snyder Tx - Faught Building
    Faught Building
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Snyder Tx - Survivor of 2003 Fire
    Survivor of 2003 Fire
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Ritz Theatre in Snyder, Texas
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
    Snyder was used as a backdrop for a movie starring George Strait in 2001. The recently restored Ritz Theater gets some much-deserved attention.

    Snyder Tx Old Theater
    Another old theatre in Snyder
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009
    More Texas Theatres

    Snyder Tx Downtown Corner Building
    Snyder Corner Building
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Snyder Tx - Magnolia Horse
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Snyder Tx - Magnolia Horse
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, 2009

    Snyder TX - Beacon Lodge Motel
    Beacon Lodge Motel with neon sign
    Jimmy Dobson Photo, June 2017
    More Rooms with a Past | Texas Old Neon

    Snyder TX - meat market and owner  Lon Dupont "Pont" Pierce
    Courtesy Gregory Pierce
    Snyder Old Photos

    Snyder, Texas Chronicles

  • White Buffalo by Mike Cox
    While buffalo no longer roam the prairie, a life-sized statute commemorating that white buffalo stands in the Scurry County courthouse square. Beneath it is a historical marker about J. Wright Mooar, the man who brought the white beast down.

  • Fire on the Snyder Town Square, February 2003

  • Brewster Hudspeth's Faintly Blurred Memory of Snyder
    Mr. Hudspeth's comments do not reflect the actual history of Snyder and students are advised to consult the "History in a Pecan Shell" above.


  • Powers Boothe by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Powers Boothe was born in Snyder on June 1st, 1948 to Merrill Vestal Boothe and Emily Kathryn Reeves. He attended Texas State University, San Marcos (then Southwest Texas State) where he was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and received his Master of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University.
    Powers Boothe has long been one of America's finest actors in two major categories, character and leading man... more

  • The Life of Riley by Mike Cox

  • T. J. Faught - April 22, 1847-August 2, 1912
    Historical Marker in Snyder Cemetery:
    "Settled in 1879 as a rancher in northeast Scurry County. In 1884, six months after county organization, the first sheriff resigned in disgust. Faught was appointed, serving remainder of that term plus three more. As sheriff, he never wore a gun. Faught was also a leading citizen of Snyder. He built a hall for the Masonic Lodge, of which he was a charter member. Faught Street (now 27th Street) was named in his honor."

  • Snyder, Texas Old Photos

    Alonzo Pierce with horse, circa 1910-20s
    Click on image to enlarge

    Courtesy Gregory Pierce

    Subject: Snyder Photos

    "I wish I could say exactly where these are, but I know they are from about the 1910s or 1920s. The two men in the store are Alonzo Pierce and his son, Lon Dupont "Pont" Pierce. Alonzo ran a meat market that eventually became somewhat of a general store, near or in downtown Snyder.

    The photo of the lone man behind the counter is 'Pont Pierce again, and the photo of the man with the horse is Alonzo Pierce. I don't know where in Snyder that is, but I know it's in Snyder.

    Alonzo was my great grandfather's brother. Alonzo moved from Canton, Texas, to Snyder with his little brother Albert Clayton Pierce. Alonzo settled down and had a handful of kids, but Albert met a woman from Abilene and they gave birth to my grandfather, Clayton Coffee Pierce in Snyder, then divorced and everyone moved to Dallas.

    On a side note, if any photos come about that say "Albert Clayton Pierce" or "Dock Pierce" on them, please let me know. Thanks!" - Gregory Pierce, January 13, 2016

    Snyder TX Store and owners    Alonzo Pierce and his son, Lon Dupont "Pont" Pierce
    Alonzo Pierce and his son, Lon Dupont "Pont" Pierce, 1910-20s
    Click on image to enlarge

    Courtesy Gregory Pierce

    Snyder TX - meat market and owner  Lon Dupont "Pont" Pierce
    Lon Dupont "Pont" Pierce, 1910-20s
    Click on image to enlarge

    Courtesy Gregory Pierce

    Texas general store vintage photo
    William Manery and Store at 23 Street
    Manery was the proprietor of several businesses,
    and a part of Snyder is named after him.
    Photo c1906 courtesy Charlene Beatty Beauchamp

    More Texas Stores

    High School, Snyder, Texas
    High School in Snyder, 1900s
    Courtesy texasoldphotos.com
    More Texas Schools

    Snyder street birds eye view
    Early 1900s Snyder street scene
    Courtesy texasoldphotos.com

    Town Square, Snyder, Texas old post card
    West Side Square, Snyder, Texas
    Postcard courtesy www.rootsweb.com/ %7Etxpstcrd/

    TX Scurry County 1920s Map
    Scurry County 1920s map showing Snyder
    From Texas state map #10749
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

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    Big Spring | Midland | Abilene | Lubbock
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