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Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Statue
Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville
Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

Historical Marker Text:

Sam Houston

Born March 2, 1793, in Rockbridge County, Va.; son of Samuel and Elizabeth Houston. Moved to Tennessee in 1807 with widowed mother and her family. In 1813 joined U.S. Army under Gen. Andrew Jackson, with whom he formed lifetime friendship and political ties.

In Tennessee, taught school, kept a store, served in U.S. Congress, was state governor. In 1829, after his young bride left him, resigned as governor and went westward. Settling in 1833 in Nacogdoches, became a leader in cause of Texas independence from Mexico.

Elected March 4, 1836, to command the Army of the Republic, engineered retrograde movement that led to victory of San Jacinto, which won Texas independence.

President of the Republic, 1836-1838 and 1841-1844, he was senator after annexation. In 1859 he was elected governor, and served until secession. In 1861 he declined to take oath of office in Confederacy, retiring instead after a quarter-century of service to his state. However, he did not oppose Confederate army enlistment of his young son, Sam Houston, Jr.

While the Civil War continued, he died on July 26, 1863, at his home, "Steamboat House," Huntsville. With him was his family, to hear his last words to his wife: "Texas--, Margaret, Texas--".

Sam Houston - Articles:

  • The Battle of San Jacinto by Jeffery Robenalt

  • The Battle of San Jacinto by Murray Montgomery
    April 21, 1836

  • The Battle of San Jacinto by Archie P. McDonald, PhD
    The Battle of San Jacinto, which began with a skirmish on April 20, 1836, and ended with a full, if brief, battle the next day, determined the fate of an independent Texas.

  • Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar: A Contrast of Visions by Jeffery Robenalt
    Former Presidents of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar, differed in many ways. Their vastly different visions for the new Republic would do much to shape the future of Texas.

  • Sam Houston the Whittler by Mike Cox

  • Big Sam vs. Little Davey in Hot Election, 1841 by Wanda Orton

  • Sam Houston's Daughter by Mike Cox

  • Temple Lea Houston

  • Samís Kids - the Houston Eight by Wanda Orton

  • Sam Houston Oak by Mike Cox
    In the vicinity of the tree on March 14, 1836, Sam Houston and several hundred Texas citizen-soldiers spent one of the worst nights of their lives...

  • Lost Letters from Travis' Saddlebags Spark Outrage by Mike Cox

  • Battle Of Neches by Archie P. McDonald, PhD

  • The Treaties Of Velasco by Archie P. McDonald, PhD

  • The Runaway Scrape by Archie P. McDonald, PhD

  • The opium war, Texas style by Clay Coppedge
    The slandeourous and libelous who lurk among us today have unprecedented avenues for any and all spurious allegations cast upon the character of any individual, public or private. In days of yore, the avenues were few but the character assasins were just as relentless. Take Sam Houston, revered father of Texas...

  • Sam Houston's Duel by Mike Cox
    Something that started in Tennessee and spilled over into Simpsom County, KY on Sept. 23, 1826 could have changed the history of Texas.

  • Twin Sisters by Mike Cox
    The most famous pieces of artillery in Texas history

  • Sam's Mother-in-Law by Mike Cox
    "Despite the rocky beginning of their relationship, Sam Houston treated Mrs. Nancy Lea, his mother-in-law, with all due respect..."

  • Houston Ring by Mike Cox
    Sam Houston's marriage had a lot going against it. For one thing, he was almost as well known as a big drunk as he was the hero of San Jacinto and the Republic of Texas' first president. For another, the woman he asked to marry him was 26 years his junior. For yet another reason, the bride's family did not approve of the union. But no one counted on the personality of Margaret Lea...

  • Sam Houston's Will by Mike Cox

  • Sam Houston by Mike Cox
    In 1886, a half-century after the April 21, 1836 battle, Virginia-born artist William Henry Huddle greatly enhanced Texasí collective image of the aftermath of the fight with the large oil painting which hangs inside the south entrance of the Capitol in Austin.

  • Lost Painting of Sam Houston by Mike Cox

  • Temple Houston by Clay Coppedge

  • Temple Lea Houston: Son of Sam by John Troesser
    Even with his father's fame, he made a hefty name for himself.

  • The Other Houston: Temple Lea Houston by Charley Eckhardt

  • Andyís Antics in Austin by Wanda Orton
    The next to youngest child of Sam and Margaret Houston drove everyone nuts with his shenanigans. One might say that Andrew Jackson Houston was a brat...

  • The Tragedy of Chief Bowles by Bob Bowman

  • Nuggets Of History by Bob Bowman

  • Old Rangers and Sam Houston's Grave
    The old Texas Rangers who gathered in Austin for a reunion in the early fall of 1897 surely figured they had fought their last fight. After all, they had battled and survived Mexican soldiers, Comanches and outlaws. But thatís before they heard what some folks in Tennessee were up to...

  • Lost Sword by Mike Cox
    "Somewhere in Texas is a sword with a history."

  • Old Sam Houston Song
    "The song, reprinted in 1928 in a long-defunct Texas magazine called Bunker's Monthly, lies on the pages of the few surviving copies of that publication, long forgotten..."

  • Medley by Mike Cox
    Sam Houston and more

  • General Sam Houston Cypress by Bob Bowman

  • Texas and the California Gold Rush by Frank W. Lewis
    What does Sam Houston have to do with the California Gold Rush of 1848-49?

  • Sam Houston's trusted friend was born a slave by Murray Montgomery
    The man who was born into slavery and went on to become a trusted friend of Sam Houston died in Belton on April 3, 1941. He is honored by two Texas historical markers...

  • The Cane Mutiny by Wanda Orton
    The man who wrote The Star Spangled Banner had a way with the words, and that's probably why Sam Houston , after beating the tar out of a congressman with his hickory cane, picked him as his defense attorney.

  • "Sam Houston slept here" by Mike Cox


  • Sam Houston Equestrian Statue
    In Herman Park, Houston. By sculptor Enrico Cerracchio

  • Quadrangle, Fort Sam Houston

    Cartoons by Roger T. Moore:

  • March 3, 1836: Sam Houston named commander in chief
  • World's LARGEST statue of an American hero
  • Dec. 6, 1832 - Sam Houston first sets foot in Texas
  • Sam Houston
  • 1861: Secession
  • Jan. 24, 1845: Texas Peace Treaty with Indian Tribes
  • Dec. 10, 1836 Texas Flag
  • Sam Houston Baptized
  • 1832 Sam Houston & Francis Scott Key
  • 1832 - "Play Nice"
  • Sam Houston's Height

  • Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Memorial Grave and Monument
    Sam Houston Monument
    by famed sculptor Pompeo Coppini

    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010
    Oakwood Cemetery

    "Sam Houston Memorial Grave and Monument in Oakwood Cemetery.

    Since 1911, an impressive monument inscribed with the promise that "the world will take care of Houston's fame" has marked the grave of the first President of the Republic of Texas. The cemetery can be reached by traveling down the two blocks of Spur 94, the shortest highway in Texas, which intersects Texas 190." -
    from East Texas Sunday Drive: Huntsville by Bob Bowman

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Monument Inscription
    Sam Houston Memorial Grave and Monument Inscription
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Monument Marker
    The Sam Houston Monument Marker
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Statue
    Sam Houston Bronze Statue
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    The Bronze Statue of General Sam Houston

    "This statue, 110% of life size, was dedicated in 1979 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of SHSU. It was said to be the most accurate representation of Sam Houston in existence at that time." - Stephen Rogers, Bellville, Texas, November 11, 2004

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Statue
    The 67-foot Sam Houston Statue
    I-45 S, (exit 112) I-45 N (exit 109)

    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    The lifesize model of the 67-foot statue can be seen at the library at Sam Houston State University

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Memorial Museum
    Sam Houston Memorial Museum
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    "The Sam Houston Memorial Park and Museum, just off U.S. 75 (Sam Houston Avenue). Here in a 15-acre setting are Sam Houston's home, "Woodland," the steamboat house where he died in 1863, his law office, a pioneer kitchen, a blacksmith shop and other buildings. The museum itself houses one of the most extensive collection of Sam Houston in Texas." -
    From "East Texas Sunday Drives: Huntsville" by Bob Bowman

    Steamboat House
    Steamboat House - where Sam Houston died in 1863
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    Huntsville Tx - Woodland, Home of Sam Houston
    Woodland, Home of Sam Houston
    On the Sam Houston Memorial Museum grounds

    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    Houston TX - Sam Houston's old home on Caroline Street
    Sam Houston's old home on Caroline Street, Houston, still standing in 1907
    Courtesy www.rootsweb.com/ %7Etxpstcrd/

    Huntsville Tx - "Death of Sam Houston" Marker
    "Death of Sam Houston" Historical Marker
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Funeral Ceremonies Program
    "The Funeral Ceremonies of the late Gen. Sam Houston"
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2009

    Sam Houston Equestrian Statue Houston TX
    The 40 foot bronze equestrian figure of Sam Houston at the entrance to Hermann Park in Houston.
    Photo courtesy Ken Rudine, January 2007

    Huntsville Tx - Sam Houston Hsitorical Marker
    Sam Houston Historical Marker
    Ave. I entrance to Oakwood Cemetery

    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, October 2010

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