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May 2011 Issue
For people who like this sort of thing
This is the sort of thing they like.
Cabeza de Vaca
  • The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca by Jeffery Robenalt 5-1-11
    Spanish conquistador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca was the first European to explore the interior of Texas, and the narrative he wrote of his experiences in the New World remains the most valuable source of information we possess today on the Native American tribes, landforms, plants, and animals of early Texas.
  • Friendship
    Submerged Ghost Town
  • Friendship Williamson Co Old Photos 5-19-11
  • Odessa Photos courtesy Barcaly Gibson 5-9-11
  • Odessa Ecto county seat
  • Ector County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson
  • Ector Theatre
  • Jackrabbit Statue
  • Cave Creek
  • Cave Creek Gillespie Co Photos courtesy Will Beauchamp & Barclay Gibson 5-8-11
  • Cave Creek School On National Register of Historic Places
    Photo courtesy William Beauchamp 5-8-11
  • Cave Creek School
    Ghost Town
  • Mabelle Baylor Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 5-5-11
  • Childress Childress County seat Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 5-4-11
  • Childress County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 5-4-11
  • North Chapel
    Ghost Town
  • North Chapel Gregg Co Photos courtesy Maryanne Gobble 5-3-11
  • Evadale Jasper Co No Photos 5-3-11
  • Matagorda
  • Matagorda Matagorda Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Ken Rudine 5-18-11
    Historic churches, homes, lodge, cemetery, bridges, centennial markers...
  • Columns
  • 'Tumbleweeds' took outlaws to prison by Delbert Trew 5-31-11
    Among the more famous conveyances adapted and used by man were the "tumbleweed wagons."...hauling captured prisoners being taken to the Fort Smith prison...
  • McMahan Chapel by Bob Bowman 5-30-11
    The news that San Augustine businessman Jack Maund has contributed $100,000 for a museum and events center at McMahan Chapel Methodist Church has focused new attention on one of East Texas’ most historic churches...
  • World Turtle Day
    Wildlife by Bonnie Wroblewski
  • World Turtle Day -
    Top ten ways Texans can help our turtles and tortoises - Tip 1
    5-23-11 |
  • 2 5-25-11 | 3 5-26-11 | 4 5-27-11 | 5 5-28-11
  • Lampasas County’s Longmeadow Cemetery by Mike Cox 5-26-11
    "Many of their forebears are buried in this small rural cemetery, a fenced graveyard accessible only by an unpaved private road...
    Ghost Town
  • Penwell Ector Co New photo courtesy Bronson Dorsey 5-25-11
  • Columns
  • A comparison of ranching: past and modern days by Delbert Trew 5-23-11
    A comparison between modern-day ranching practices and equipment with that of yesterday shows a marked difference...
  • Caddo Lake by Bob Bowman 5-22-11
    East Texas has some of the most beautiful lakes in Texas. If anyone ever asks me to pick the lake I like most, Caddo Lake would be high on my list, largely because its mystical nature is captivating.
  • Mozelle School Photos courtesy John Gilmartin 5-20-11
  • What Do You Want For Your Birthday? Or, It Won't Be What You Asked For by Maggie Van Ostrand 5-20-11
    I'm sick and tired of people not listening when you answer their question, "What do you want for your birthday?" I suppose my kids are getting even for me giving them things they hated when they were little...
  • Telecommunication of the not-so-distant past by Mike Cox 5-19-11
    For those knowing no form of electronic voice communication other than cell phones or Skype, a brief look at the not-so-distant past.
  • Columns
  • Defending Popular Music of the 1940s by Robert G. Cowser 5-17-11
    As a child on a farm near Saltillo in the 1940s, I depended on radio as the only contact with the world beyond our community.
  • Firewood stories abound in history by Delbert Trew 5-17-11
    My favorite firewood story comes from the history of a Colorado gold mining strike high in the Rocky Mountains.
    Ghost Towns

  • Concordia Nueces Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 5-16-11
  • Morales Ranch Schleicher Co Photos courtesy Erik Whetstone 5-16-11
  • A well-used phone book by Bob Bowman 5-15-11
    I’ve received a telephone book adorned with telephone numbers from the 1980’s scribbled all over the cover, the back, and dozens of inside pages. It came from Joel Towers of Lufkin with a note that it was his mother’s telephone book from Jasper. The full-color cover alone is worth a story.
    Ghost Town

  • Shafter Presidio Co Photos courtesy Erik Whetstone 5-14-11

  • Hamby Taylor Co Photos courtesy Mike Price 5-14-11
  • Insecure people create scapegoats by Britt Towery 5-13-11
    The Navy scapegoating began when USS Indianapolis' captain Charles Butler McVay, III was court-martialed.
  • La Marque Galveston Co Photos courtesy John Cooper & Ken Rudine 5-13-11
  • Bacliff Galveston Co Photo courtesy Ken Rudine 5-13-11
  • Star is Born by Mike Cox 5-12-11
    Star of Mills County
  • Turtle
  • Ornate Box Turtle by Bonnie Wroblewski 5-12-11
    Determinedly plodding across grazed pastures, open woodlands, prairies, and sandy-soiled lowlands across Texas, ornate box turtles are so named for the distinctive yellowish lines radiating across the dark brownish to black background of their carapaces...
  • Columns
  • My Friend and His Chance New Friend Had Their Faiths Renewed in Little Rock by Bill Cherry 5-11-11
    Throughout his life, Lloyd W. Criss, Jr.'s faith and the personal directives he has received from God have led him down many spiritual paths that he knows he wouldn’t have chosen on his own. Here’s one of those stories.
  • Grasshoppers' attacks on region no sci-fi tale by Delbert Trew 5-10-11
    The one disaster that took all and left nothing behind was the grasshopper plague.
  • Columns
  • Remembering two doctors by Bob Bowman 5-8-11
    When doctors W.D. Thames of Lufkin and Joe Dickerson of Jasper died recently, East Texas lost two unique physicians--men who made house calls, kept up with the babies they delivered, and cared for whole families....
  • Texas pride and heritage comes alive in Heart of the Tin Trunk by Christy Claxton 5-7-11
    It is the stories that are the heart of a people's heritage. In a world where homogeneity is the expected norm, a descendent of the Czech people who settled South Central Texas is bringing the pride and history of her people to the stage in Summer 2011. Heart of the Tin Trunk is an original musical that focuses on 150 years of Czech settlement in a new land.
  • Rugby Red River Co PHotos courtesy Gerald Massey 5-7-11
  • Quihi Medina Co Photos courtesy John Hallowell 5-6-11
  • Common Sense Justice in Marlin by Mike Cox 5-5-11
    “Battery Dan” Finn's renown for putting “equity before the law,” seems to have come to the judicial notice of Marlin’s mayor, F. S. Heffner.
  • Columns
  • A stitch in time saved 9 in a girl's hope chest 5-3-11
    A suggestion from writer/cousin Jackie Gill, formerly of Miami, Texas, to write a column about embroidery left me almost speechless. At this age I know a lot, if I can only remember it. After some research and a few vague recollections I am writing a column this week about embroidery...
  • Royal Wedding Questions by Maggie Van Ostrand 5-2-11
    Questions from our kids can drive a mom insane because it's humiliating to have to say "I don't know dear," when moms are supposed to know everything...
  • Happy
  • Happy Swisher Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 5-2-11
  • Deport Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey & Barclay Gibson 5-2-11
  • San Jacinto County
  • San Jacinto County Courthouse by Terry Jeanson 5-1-11
  • A Historic County by Bob Bowman 5-1-11
    One of my favorite rural counties in East Texas, San Jacinto County, celebrated its 140th anniversary this year...
  • Poor Farm
  • The Anderson County Poor Farm by Dana Goolsby 5-1-11
    The existence of the poor farm in Texas is part of a larger national story that shows how nineteenth and twentieth century America responded to the needs of its indigents for almost 100 years.
  • The Million Dollar Nag by Nolan Maxie 5-1-11
    The Ark-La-Tex has many things of great worth. This story of a valuable horse caught my eye several years back...
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