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 TX Washington County location
Washington County

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Washington County Seat, Central Texas South

30°9'43"N 96°23'49"W (30.161944, -96.396944)

U.S. 290, SH 36, SH 105, FM389 & FM577
19 miles N of Bellville
22 miles W Chappell Hill
22 miles NE of Round Top
73 miles W of Houston
89 miles E of Austin
Area code 979
ZIP code 77833
PO box ZIP code 77834
Population: 17,369 (2020)
15,716 (2010) 13,507 (2000) 11,952 (1990)

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Brenham, Texas street scene
Brenham street scene
TE Photo

The County Seat of Washington County is the center of any visit. In fact you could think of Washington County as a large under populated city with very picturesque neighborhoods and really really big yards with cows. It will make your trip.

Brenham, Texas Topics :

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  • Brenham Landmarks / Attractions
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  • Brenham Chronicles
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  • Brenham, Texas - Blinn College adminstrations Building
    Blinn College Adminstrations Building
    TE Photo

    Historical Marker


    Founded 1843. Named for Richard Fox Brenham (1810-1843), Republic of Texas patriot. Railhead and supply center in Civil War. Blinn Memorial College founded here, 1883. Center for farming, trade and manufacturing. Home of famous annual Maifest, colorful folk tradition. Historical sites marked.

    1936 Centennial Marker - S. Market & E. Stone St.

    City of Brenham

    Established in 1844; named in honor of Dr. Richard Fox Brenham; 1810-1843, surgeon in the army of the Republic of Texas; member of the Mier Expedition; killed at Salado, Mexico; February 11, 1843

    Brenham Tx - 1873  Bird's Eye View
    Bird's Eye View of Brenham, Texas. 1873 hand-colored lithograph
    Click on image to enlarge

    Courtesy Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

    Brenham, Texas
    Landmarks & Destinations

    Main Street Brenham, Texas old post card
    Main street in Brenham
    Old postcard courtesy texasoldphotos.com

    Architecturally, downtown has some fine examples of the brick mason's art, while the residences in the older parts of Brenham show off the skills of the carpenter.

    The Carousel in Fireman's Park is only one of eight in the state, and may be the first of it's kind to be seen by younger visitors, who have only seen them in movies and books.

    For those with more than a passing interest in Washington County history, the library sits on the southern end of Fireman's Park.

    Maifest - Annual German heritage festival. May

    Washington County Courthouse entrance, Brenham, Texas
    Photo courtesy Terry Jeanson, December 2007
    Washington County Courthouse
    Former & present courthouses

    Brenham TX -  Brenham Heritage Museum
    Brenham Heritage Museum, former Post Office
    TE photo

    The Brenham Heritage Museum is in the former Post Office at 105 S. Market. Housed next to the museum, is a rare horse-drawn Silsby Steam Fire Engine circa 1879.
    Horse drawn steam fire engine
    Horse-drawn Silsby Steam Fire Engine circa 1879.
    Photo courtesy Washington County Chamber of Commerce

    Brenham TX Museum 1915 Cornerstone
    Museum 1915 Cornerstone
    TE photo
    More Texas Cornerstone

    Brenham Texas post office
    Post office (now the Heritage Museum)
    Probably this view is from the 1950s
    Photo courtesy texasoldphotos.com
    More Texas Post Offices | Texas Museums

    Brenham TX - Simon Theatre with Neon
    Simon Theatre
    See Barclay Gibson's Texas Theatre Old Neon Collection

    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson, September 2010

    Father and son, 1867 yellow fever cemetery tombstone, Brenham, Texas
    The Yellow Fever Cemetery
    aka the Masonic Cemetery
    the Wilderness Cemetery

    Washington County, Brenham Texas - B'nai Abraham Cemetery, Tombstone with masonic inscription
    The B'nai Abraham Cemetery

    B'nai Abraham Synagogue
    The B'nai Abraham Synagogue
    Believed to be the oldest Orthodox synagogue in continuous use in Texas

    Brenham TX - Three Seas Building in the rain
    Brenham's Three Seas Building in the rain
    TE Photo

    High School, Brenham, Texas, old photo
    "New High School Building, Brenham" (Well, it was new in 1908)
    1908 photo courtesy texasoldphotos.com

    Brenham TX - Former School
    Brenham former school
    TE photo
    More Texas Schoolhouses

    Santa Fe Depot, Brenham, Texas
    Brenham Santa Fe Depot
    TE Photo
    More Texas Depots

    Brenham Texas streetscape
    Brenham streetscape
    TE Photo

    Brenham, Texas - Alley with railroad tracks
    An alley with railroad tracks
    TE Photo

    Fall scene in Brenham, Texas
    Fall scene in Brenham
    TE Photo

    Brenhan TX First Christian Church
    Brenhan First Christian Church
    Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson

    More Texas Churches

    Brenham TX Blacksmith Sign With Vine
    Blacksmith Sign
    TE Photo

    Brenham TX Old Neon Liquor
    Liquor Neon
    TE photo

    Brenham TX Old Neon Dixie Hotel air conditioned
    Old Neon - Dixie Motel Air Conditioned
    TE photo
    More Texas Old Neon

    Brenham TX Ghost Sign Mobilgas
    Mobilgas Ghost Sign
    TE photo
    More Texas Ghost Signs

    Brenham TX Welding Sign
    TE photo

    TE photo
    More Texas Signs

    Brenham TX - The Citadel
    The Citadel
    TE Photo

    Brenham TX - Grain Warehouse
    Grain warehouse
    TE Photo

    Brenham TX water tower
    Brenham water tower
    TE Photo
    More Texas Water Towers

    Brenham, Texas Area Destinations
    & Scenic Drives

    Just because Washington County is close to Houston and Austin, don't think of it as a day trip. We know you don't want to miss anything, so make a weekend out of it.
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    Washington County Trip :
    The Road to Independence

    Scenic Highway FM 390
    Bethlehem Cemetery

    Liendo Plantation

    Bluebonnets in Brenham  Texas
    TE photo, April 2010
    Texas Wildflower Trips

    Brenham Tourist Information
    Washington County Chamber of Commerce
    314 S. Austin Street, Brenham, TX 77833
    409-836-3695, 888-BRENHAM.

    Brenham Chronicles
  • August Carl Weiss by Mike Cox

  • Girl on pony, and Sergeant, Brenham, Texas 1950s
    "I also remember an old Black man, who dressed in khaki and rode a horse with a pony in tow, selling rides (for a nickel or dime) on the pony. I believe he was a WWI veteran - and I only remember him as 'Sergeant.' He rode up and down the graded roads whistling a tune." - Melissa Brown (the girl on pony)

    Brenham, Texas Forum
  • Subject: Brenham's Yellow Fever Cemetery
    Glad to find your magazine. We did not think anyone knew of or cared about the Old Yellow Fever Cemetery in Brenham... It would be a shame to let it deteriate any further. I was informed by Mrs. Stavena that the Masons were going to help keep the cemetery up. They have a clean-up day I think the weekend of April 14, 07... more - Mark and Dawn Buschardt, Dallas, Texas, February 10, 2007

  • Subject: Brenham's "Sergeant" and a search for an old Brenham Home
    This [photo] is an old house in Brenham that I lived in around 1950-1953 when I was about two... more - Melissa Brown, Spring, Texas, October 30, 2006

  • Washington County Texas 1920s map
    Washington County 1920s map
    From Texas state map #10749
    Courtesy Texas General Land Office

    Washington County Towns

    County Seat - Brenham
    Book Hotel Here - Brenham Hotels
  • Berlin
  • Brenham County Seat
  • Burton  
  • Carmine
  • Chappell Hill
  • Earlywine
  • Flat Prairie ghost town
  • Gay Hill ghost town
  • Goodwill ghost town
  • Graball ghost town
  • Greenvine
  • Independence ghost town
  • Klump
  • La Bahia ghost town
  • Latium
  • Longpoint ghost town
  • Mount Vernon ghost town
  • Muellersville
  • Prairie Hill
  • Quarry ghost town
  • Tigertown ghost town
  • Turkey Creek ghost town
  • Washington ghost town
  • Washington-on-the-Brazos
  • Wesley
  • Wiedeville
  • William Penn ghost town

  • Contiguous Counties:
    Brazos County (N) Grimes County (NE) Waller County (E) Austin County (S) Fayette County (SW) Lee County (W) Burleson County (NW)

    Texas Escapes, in its purpose to preserve historic, endangered and vanishing Texas, asks that anyone wishing to share their local history, stories, landmarks and recent or vintage photos, please contact us.















































































































































































































































































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