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December 2010 Issue
For people who like this sort of thing
This is the sort of thing they like.
  • Ghost Town: Camden Gregg Co Photos courtesy Maryanne Gobble 12-13-10
  • Ghost Town: Sumpter Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 12-12-10
    Trinity County first county seat
  • Sumpter
    San Antonio Council House Fight
  • History: The San Antonio Council House Fight by Jeffery Robenalt 12-13-10
    In March of 1840, a meeting took place in old San Antonio between representatives of the government of the Republic of Texas and the Penateka Comanches to discuss terms of a peace treaty. The disastrous results of this meeting would soon lead to the Great Comanche Raid of 1840 and the Battle of Plum Creek.
  • Shiloh School
  • Schoolhouse: Shiloh Schoolhouse Gregg Co Photos courtesy Maryanne Gobble 12-9-10
  • Small Town Saga: The Legend of Campbell’s Branch by Murray Montgomery 12-9-10
  • Column: Fort Kirby by Mike Cox 12-30-10
    In the spring of 1946, an Army major assigned to desk duty at the Pentagon had his sergeant call the War Records Office at the National Archives to ask if they had any information on an old military post in South Texas called Fort Kirby...
  • Trivia: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 12-30-2010 by Peary Perry 12-30-10
  • Town: Bishop Nueces Co Photos courtesy Gary L. Oldham, Betty Sue Creech-Perry & William Beauchamp 12-29-10
  • Column: New Year’s Non-Resolutions by Maggie Van Ostrand 12-29-10
    It gets tiresome listing all the things you want to change about yourself but know in your heart you’re bound to fail. Instead of doing that this year, I’m going to thank the unsung heroes who invented things that will continue to make life easier for yet another year...
  • Column: Discussing 'original primary Age of the Cowboy' by Delbert Trew 12-28-10
    Most historians agree somewhat, the age of the cowboy began in 1866, the first full year of peace after the Civil War. The end came in about 1895, when the main trails of the trail drives were closed by barbed wire fences with the railroads taking over transporting the herds. There is legitimate argument this is not entirely true...
  • Column: George Washington’s Execution by Bob Bowman 12-26-10
    When the Texas prison system plugged in its electric chair in 1924, would you believe that George Washington was one of the first four men to be executed? Don’t laugh, it really happened...
  • Bakery
  • Christmas: Texas’ Oldest Bakery Ships Thousands of Pounds of Holiday Desserts by Dana Goolsby 12-24-10
    Eilenberger’s Bakery in historic downtown Palestine
  • Ghost Town: Newlin Hall Co Vintage map TGLO 12-24-10
  • Negley
  • Town: Negley TE's 2600th Town Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 12-24-10
  • Christmas: Christmas is what we choose to make it by Britt Towery 12-24-10
    Some are glad the whole exciting season is almost over, when, in truth, it has actually just begun.
  • Christmas: Christmas Dinner by Mike Cox 12-23-10
    In the letter the Galveston News published on Dec. 21, 1893, the former ranger A. J. Sowell expanded on an incident he had only mentioned briefly in his 1884 book “Rangers and Pioneers of Texas.”
  • Chapel in Longview
  • Church: Longview's Harmon General Hospital Chapel Photos courtesy Maryanne Gobble 12-22-10
  • Town: Hext Menard Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Helen Bethel Williams 12-22-10
  • Town: Teaselville Smith Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Maryon Wright 12-22-10
  • Cartoon: Houston Oilers by Roger T. Moore 12-22-10
  • Column: This is why we dance counter clockwise 12-21-10
    As expected, our question of, "why do we dance western dance around the floor counter clockwise" generated a varied response. The numerous theories varied from the sublime to the serious to the ridiculous. Here are a few of the best answers...
  • Town: Sebastopol Trinity Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 12-20-10
  • Christmas: Christmas Shopping by Maggie Van Ostrand 12-20-10
    Christmas shopping for me will always be the once-upon-a-time of memory: walking on Fifth Avenue — it's probably snowing, windows decorated like the fairy tales of childhood...
  • Food: Pittsburg’s Hot Links by Bob Bowman 12-19-10
    Few East Texas foods are as well-known as those spicy sausages, better known as “hot links,” served at Pittsburg (the one in East Texas).
  • History: The Texas Rangers at the Battle of Salado Creek by Kevin Braeutigam 12-17-10
  • Ghosts: Ghost Indians and Spirits of Confederate Soldiers Wandering Houston County by Dana Goolsby 12-17-10
    The oldest county in Texas is believed to be hallowed ground, on which the spirits of Indians and Confederate soldiers roam freely.
  • Small Town Saga: Prairie Fire by Mike Cox 12-16-10
    A raging winter prairie fire, an arsonist, and post Civil War justice in Hunt County.
  • Town: Del Valle Travis Co TGLO vintage map 12-17-10
  • Town: Old Ocean Brazoria Co No Photos 12-17-10
  • Town: Acton Hood Co Photos courtesy Sam Fenstermacher & Barclay Gibson 12-16-10
  • Christmas Story: Ducky Wucky Was Santa to Crazy Frank, Pee Wee, Dirty Gertie and the Rest by Bill Cherry 12-15-10
    Christie “The Beachcomber” Mitchell told me this story almost fifty years ago. It happened one Christmas Eve about 1956, just after the War...
  • Cartoon: Thinking Man by Roger T. Moore 12-15-10
  • Column: The Duke of Texas by Maggie Van Ostrand 12-14-10
  • Column: Fire, bricks and early chimneys by Delbert Trew 12-14-10
    Few of the tools needed by man equaled that of fire. He needed it to cook, heat, make light and to use for making other tools, like in blacksmithing...
  • Town: Easton Gregg Co / Rusk Co No Photos 12-13-10
  • Homes: A story of two homes by Bob Bowman 12-12-10
    Two historic buildings in East Texas made news recently. One story was sad; the other joyous.
  • Ghost Town: Oil City Hutchinson Co Vintage map TGLO No Photos 12-11-10
  • Ghost Town: Sefcikville Bell Co No Photos 12-11-10
  • Moravia
  • Town: Moravia Lavaca Co Phots courtesy Barclay Gibson 12-11-10
  • Town: Novohrad Lavaca Co Vintage map TGLO No Photos 12-11-10
  • Ghost Town: Bucksnort Falls Co Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson 12-10-10
  • Mueller Bridge
  • Bridge: Wilson County - Mueller Bridge by Shirley Grammer 12-10-10
    Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Shirley Gramme
  • Town: Branchville Milam Co Photos courtesy Tracy Burries-Hall & Erik Whetstone 12-10-10
  • Trivia: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 12-10-2010 by Peary Perry 12-10-10
  • Thing: Sundial in San Ygnacio by Mike Cox 12-9-10
    The weathered sundial positioned on top of the arched entrance to the old family fort at San Ygnacio tells more than the time – it tells a story.
  • Cartoon: Dec.10, 1928 - Dan Blocker by Roger T. Moore 12-9-10
  • Architecture: Shotgun shacks cheap, practical by Delbert Trew 12-8-10
    A memory or two involving the famous "long skinny houses" that graced the West on both farms and ranches and later on during the many oil booms and busts.
  • People: The Sheriff Posses by Bob Bowman 12-8-10
    In early East Texas, it wasn’t unusual for a local sheriff to recruit a posse of men and horses to run down outlaws and fugitives...
  • People: A Hero Named Tom by C. F. Eckhardt 12-1-10
    They were hunting what most men who went into the Big Bend country before 1865 were hunting—gold...
  • Column: Brownfield's Riot That Never Was by Mike Cox 12-1-10
    In the summer of 1908 an article with a Fort Worth dateline published in a Sunday edition of the New York Herald caught the eye of President Theodore Roosevelt...
  • Tudor Takes Stand
  • Small Town Saga: RL Tudor Takes the Stand; Slaton, Texas 1932 by James Villanueva 12-1-10
  • Column: “Dollars Worth of Gas. Please” by Nolan Maxie 12-1-10
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