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September 2010 Issue
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Goodnight, Texas
Ghost Towns & Vintage Photos
  • Goodnight, Texas Armstrong Co
  • Goodnight Old Photos Courtesy Nancy Kelly
  • Gray Mule
  • Gray Mule Floyd Co Photos Courtesy Barclay Gibson, David Higgins & Billie Mayhall Freeman
  • Gray Mule Old Photos Courtesy Billie Mayhall Freeman
  • Gray Mule old photos
    George Washington Littlefield
  • George Washington Littlefield by Luke Warm
    Farmer, Soldier, Cattle Baron, Banker, Philanthropist

  • George Washington Littlefield Building
    by Luke Warm TE photos
  • Littlefield Home
  • Littlefield Home TE photos
  • Artisans in Disguise or The University of Texas Gate Crash of 2010
    Interview with the Stone Carvers By Brewster Hudspeth
  • Faded photographs
  • Vintage Photos: Faded Photographs by Mike Cox
    "The people in these images could be your ancestors. Or mine. One thing is sure: They are long dead, and so, too, is anyone who could identify them."
  • Portrait
  • Column: The Famous Portrait of the Little Girl Named Judy by Bill Cherry
    During the war years, Edolia (Ed) Rees and her daughter, Joyce Crainer, drove into downtown Houston for Miss Joyce’s appointment with the doctor. His office was there on Main Street above a very famous portrait photographer’s studio...
  • Cara Cara
  • Animals: CaraCara Means More Than FaceFace by Maggie Van Ostrand
    It seems the Caracaras must have expensive lobbyists representing them in Washington DC. The United States Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects Crested Caracaras as an endangered species, even though these big birds only visit Arizona, Florida, and Texas... However, in Mexico, where Caracaras have the exalted title of National Bird, humans sometimes eat them. Go figure."
  • Whimsy
  • Houston: Architectural Whimsy by Johnny Stucco
    “Scholarly Distractions”
    The Stonecutter's Art
    Lovett Hall, Rice University
  • Old Neon: Austin Old Neon
  • Austin Old Neon
  • Vignette: McClellan’s Kindness From The Century Magazine 1887
    Reference is frequently made to the peculiar personal attachment which General McClellan’s troops had for him. The following incident may be worthy of record as illustrating one of the causes of this attachment...
  • Town: Rio Grande City Starr Co TE photos
  • Town: Piney Titus Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-29-10
  • Town: Avery Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-27-10
  • Town: TravisFalls Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 9-26-10
  • Town: Linden Cass Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 9-24-10
  • Cartoon: Toffee by Roger T. Moore 9-29-10
  • Column: English filled with nicknames in everyday life by Delbert Trew 9-28-10
  • Column: The mayor and the lion by Bob Bowman 9-26-10
    Years ago, when Pitser Garrison was the mayor of Lufkin, a young African lion was born at Ellen Trout Zoo...
  • Column: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 9-24-2010 by Peary Perry 9-24-10
  • 15 Minutes of Separation: Nancy was robbed at GUN POINT in LODON! 9-24-10
    We received an interesting letter today. Actually, we had heard a radio talk-show host describe the letter several weeks ago and admit to “almost” sending $1000 dollars to the sender...
  • Column: Texas Expressions by Mike Cox 9-23-10
    For years, I have collected Texas expressions like some people do postage stamps. Herewith, in no particular order, a sampling.
  • Town: Shadowland Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-22-10
  • Vignette: Sweet Pea TE photo 9-22-10
  • Column: Home Movies by Ken Rudine 9-22-10
  • Ranching: Digging post holes by hand was hard work by Delbert Trew 9-21-10
    Among the hundreds of jobs associated with farming and ranching, digging postholes by hand is by far my least favorite...
  • Town: Bagwell Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-20-10
  • Column: Reading the papers by Bob Bowman 9-19-10
    Once a week, I sit on my couch at home and read the weekly newspapers sent to me by the folks who are kind enough to carry this column. By the time I’m through, I have learned a lot more about East Texas than I knew last week. Here are some examples...
  • Town: Hoover Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-17-10
  • Town: West New Hope Titus Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-16-10
  • Austin: Austin as Texas’ Capital by Mike Cox 9-16-10
    All elections are important in a democracy, but early-day Austinites went through two elections that could have turned their city into a ghost town. At stake was whether Austin would remain Texas’ capital...
  • Cotton scenes
  • Cartoon: Overtime by Roger T. Moore 9-15-10
  • Vintage Images: Texas Cotton Scenes - Series 5 courtesy William Beauchamp 9-14-10
  • Column: Remembering Old Tascosa by Delbert Trew 9-14-10
    From the files of The Tascosa Pioneer, published from June 1886 through 1888, we found the following tidbits of information telling of everyday life in the Panhandle at that time. (In Trew fashion of course.)
  • Town: Tam Anne Castro Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 9-13-10
  • Town: View Taylor Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey & Mike Price 9-13-10
  • Leon Springs
  • Town: Leon Springs Bexar Co Photos courtesy Sarah Reveley & Ken Bates 9-12-10
  • Column: Memories of growing up by Bob Bowman 9-12-10
    Before she passed away, Opal Young sat down with a pencil and a tablet and left for her family the recollections of growing up in rural East Texas...
  • People: LBJ and Sad Irons by Clay Coppedge 9-10-10
    "Running on the promise to use electricity from dams being built in the Hill Country to bring electricity to that region, Johnson defeated nine other candidates in a hotly contested primary."
  • Candy
  • People: Candy Shops and Crossbones; Slaton, Texas 1920s by James Villanueva 9-10-10
    "Having been on the square for six years, the “J.H. Teague & Son, Confections, Drug Sundries,” was a local favorite."
  • Column: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 9-10-2010 by Peary Perry 9-10-10
  • Column: The Hat Story by Mike Cox 9-9-10
    When Mrs. Jane Greenwood set out to write her autobiography in 1965, she knew she had to tell the hat story.
  • Town: Annona Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-9-10
  • Town: Boxelder Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-9-10
  • Selling out
  • 15 Minutes of Separation: Selling Out in Austin, and Thinking Inside the Box by Luke Warm 9-8-10
    "When you see an empty newspaper rack – someone is not doing their job."
  • Cartoon: Cotton Pickin' by Roger T. Moore 9-8-10
  • Town: Amherst Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-8-10
  • Town: Tigertown Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 9-7-10
  • Column: 'The Farmers' Almanac' a good guide for life by Delbert Trew 9-7-10
    "Whether planting crops, working livestock, planning farm work, going fishing or even going to the doctor, out came the almanac for study."
  • Pulaski
  • The Quest: Searching for the Pulaski Historical Marker by Barclay Gibson 9-6-10
  • Town: Ady Potter Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 9-5-10
  • Column: Mystery Solved by Bob Bowman 9-5-10
  • Column: Smuggling Liquor by C. F. Eckhardt 9-4-10
    From 1919 until 1933 the United States was in the throes of one of the worst mistakes it has ever made—prohibition. Texas has the longest border with Mexico of any state. Mexico had no prohibition. Just across the Rio Grande was a very thirsty state...
  • Town: Follett Lipscomb Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 9-3-10
  • Place: Northeast Corner of Texas Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson 9-3-10
  • Column: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 9-3-2010 by Peary Perry 9-3-10
  • Column: What happened to Charles Francis Coghlan by Mike Cox 9-2-10
  • Ghost Town: Dreamland Starr Co Vintage map TGLO 9-2-10
  • Maxey
  • People: Samuel Bell Maxey by Nolan Maxie 9-1-10
    United States Senator and Confederate General

  • Attraction: Samuel Bell Maxey House State Historic Site Photos courtesy TXDoT 9-1-10
  • Column: Old Moulton: The Queen of the Prairies by Murray Montgomery 9-1-10
  • Cartoon: Bigfoot by Roger T. Moore 9-1-10
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