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    Texas Escapes Online Magazine

    February 2011 Issue
    For people who like this sort of thing
    This is the sort of thing they like.
    Olivewood Visit
    Black History Month Features
  • A Visit to Olivewood Cemetery
  • Gravesites of Houston’s Olivewood Cemetery
    TE photos 2-14-11
  • Olivewood graves
    Black History
  • Black History by Dana Goolsby 2-15-11
    Black history has deep roots in the first county in Texas...
  • Ikard
  • People: Bose Ikard by Clay Coppedge 2-1-11
    Bose Ikard was born into slavery and became rancher Charley Goodnight’s most trusted and respected cowhand. For Ikard, more than most, the road to the history books was a long and winding one.

  • Schoolhouse: Concord Rosenwald School by Maryanne Gobble 2-1-11

  • People: Daddy and His Buckeye by Bill Cherry 2-1-11
    “There’s only one thing that brings good luck. It’s the buckeye... And it’s even better if your buckeye was blessed by a voodoo priestess. Sister Veressa in the Des Ourses swamp of Louisiana has ‘extree’ power.”
  • Santa Fe
    Texas History
  • Lamar’s "Wild Goose Campaign to Santa Fe" by Jeffery Robenalt 2-9-11
    In 1841, President Lamar proposed to send the expedition on his own initiative; ostensibly to establish a trade route across northern Texas to Santa Fe, and to offer the citizens of New Mexico an opportunity to voluntarily join the Republic...
  •  Battle of Salado
  • The Battle of the Salado by Jeffery Robenalt 2-21-11
    In March of 1842, Mexican President Santa Anna retaliated for Texas President Mirabeau Lamar’s ill-fated "Wild Goose" expedition to Santa Fe by sending General Raphael Vasquez and a substantial force of soldiers across the Rio Grande with orders to occupy San Antonio...
  • Stockton
  • People: Robert F. Stockton by Byron Browne 2-1-11
    Robert Stockton’s life was one of those extraordinary events that persuades and affects the lives of, not only those who were contemporaries, but also the generations that follow.
  • Centennial Marker: Site of Fort Stockton Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-1-11
  • Cora
  • Ghost Town: Cora Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-1-11
    Comanche County First County Seat
  • Capitol
  • Building: Texas State Capitol TE photos, Vintage photos TSLA 2-7-11
  • Column: Rusk’s Capitol Role by Bob Bowman 2-7-11
    This month, Texans will quietly celebrate the 117th anniversary of the completion of the Texas Capitol in Austin. But, as in past observances, there will be little acknowledgment of the role that East Texas, especially the town of Rusk, played in the capitol’s completion.
  • Bigfoot
  • Bigfoot: East Texas Woolly Booger – Creature Seekers Beware by Dana Goolsby 2-1-11
    East Texas is home to many creatures of the night that humans fear, and occasionally claim to encounter.
  • People: Post War Slaton - A Migrant Family's Story by James Villanueva 1-30-11
    Two years after World War II had ended, the town had returned to its small and humble atmosphere. The troops that once passed through by train were now long gone and were only memories in post-war Slaton...
  • Crane
    Animal of the Month
  • Sandhill Crane by Bonnie Wroblewski 2-22-11
    Honored as symbols of marital fidelity and conjugal bliss throughout Southeast Asia, the native cultures of India, and Japan (where it is customary to adorn wedding gifts with folded origami cranes in place of ribbons and bows), gruids have a celebrated reputation for monogamy in folklore as well as in scientific investigations.
  • Grave Thoughts: Is Quantrill buried in East Texas? by Bob Bowman 2-27-11
    One of the most intriguing legends in East Texas claims that William Clarke Quantrill, the guerrilla leader from the Civil War and the mentor of the Younger and James brothers, is buried in Angelina County.
  • Ben Ficklin
  • Ghost Town: Ben Ficklin Tom Green Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-25-11
  • Town: Veribest Tom Green Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-25-11
  • Town: Camp Air Mason Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-25-11
  • Camp Air
    Green Monster
    Small Town Zen
  • The “Green Monster” of Lake Wales, Florida by Johnny Stucco 2-24-11
    The Dixie Walesbilt / Grand Hotel
    For awhile (until the Florida boom collapsed and the Great Depression arrived) it was “the” place to be and be seen in Lake Wales.
  • Aransas Bay
  • Column: Old Trail Drivers by Mike Cox 2-24-11
    No matter the old cowpoke’s backstory, in his dotage he could round up words on paper just about as well as he once rode down and roped strays.
  • Gulf Coast: Aransas Bay Texas' Carmel-by-the-Sea by Ken Rudine 2-24-11
  • Custer
  • People: Custer in Texas by Clay Coppedge 2-23-11
    It’s not hard to figure that Gen. George Armstrong Custer’s time in Texas was controversial and paradoxical. His entire military career was that way...
  • Column: Top 10 Federal Budget Savings Ideas by Maggie Van Ostrand 2-23-11
    You don't like the President's Budget proposal? Try the Top 10 from the People, who kept it simple so members of Congress can understand it.
  • Ranching: Cattle brands mark originality by Delbert Trew 2-22-11
    Recently I acquired a book, "The Manual of Brands and Marks," published in 1970 by The University of Oklahoma Press, authored by Manfred Wolfenstine. If you are interested in the history of brands, this is the book to study. Some of the interesting tidbits...
  • Column: Saltillo's First and Only Football Team by Robert G. Cowser 2-21-11
    In its seventy-five years as an accredited high school, Saltillo fielded a football team only one year. The year was 1945, the year I enrolled there as a ninth-grader. The Japanese had just surrendered unconditionally a week or so before our term began.
  • Cotton
  • Vintage Photos: Cotton Gins in Texas: Series Five Courtesy William Beachamp Collection 2-20-11
  • Column: An Outspoken Man by Bob Bowman 2-20-11
    Many towns and cities in East Texas have in their history individuals who ascended to greatness, but fell to earth when they opened their mouth at the wrong time. Such was Medford Bryan Evans, a college professor, author and editor...
  • Ghost Towns
  • Boracho Culberson Co vintage map TGLO 2-18-11
  • Gazelle Hall Co No Photos 2-18-11
  • Goodman Bastrop Co No Photos 2-18-11
  • Horace Upshur Co No Photos 2-18-11
  • Lawhon Springs Lee Co No Photos 2-18-11
  • Two  Veterans
  • A Story of Two Veterans: They Didn't Take the War Personally by Mike Cox 2-17-11
    Nacogdoches’ Oak Grove Cemetery is one of the oldest and most historical graveyards in Texas, but one of its better stories has hardly been told.
  • Oak Grove Cemetery Photos courtesy Dana Goolsby 2-17-11
  • Oak Grove story
  • WWII: Camp Howze Photos courtesy Sarah Revely & Mike Price 2-16-11
    WWII POW Camp
  • Cartoon: "Hide Town" by Roger T. Moore 2-16-11
  • Column: Necessity bred Western dress by Delbert Trew 2-15-11
    In 1872, a Reno, Nev., tailor wrote Levi Strauss that he had been adding copper rivets to standard issue Levis to add strength to the most stressed seam corners...
  • Column: Reading Newspapers by Bob Bowman 2-13-11
    I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. But I am addicted.
    Give me a stack of East Texas newspapers, and I’ll be hooked for hours.
  • Lobo
  • Ghost town: Lobo Culberson Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson... 2-12-11
  • Town: Bud Matthews Shackleford Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-11-11
  • Bud Matthews
  • A Valentine Story by Mel Brown 2-10-11
    Story of a Valentine balloon
  • Ida Lee by C. F. Eckhardt 2-11-11
    On March 21, 1924, Mrs. Ida Lee Daughtery of Hall, Texas, died. She was a woman of some reputation—not as a ‘soiled dove,’ but as a devoted wife.
  • Column: Davy Crockett Won by Mike Cox 2-10-11
    “Davy Crockett Won,” reads the small-type headline on a back page of the Jan. 4, 1893 Austin Daily Statesman.
  • Column: How to Deal With a Contractor If You're a Single Woman by Maggie Van Ostrand 2-9-11
  • Ghost Town: Fort Picketville Stephens Co Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-8-11
  • Town: Maryetta Jack Co Photo courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-8-11
  • Column: Stories outlive Texas ghost towns' ambition by Delbert Trew 2-8-11
    Though early towns had avid supporters with ambitious agendas, most fell by the wayside as progress arrived and highways and railroads passed them by.
  • WWII: Rev. Marcus Valenta achieves longest active-duty record in U.S. history by Murray Montgomery 2-4-11
    Of all the chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces, one has seen longer continuous combat-theatre duty than any other...
  • Cartoon: February 4, 1956 - Snow Storm by Roger T. Moore 2-4-11
  • Ghost Town: Sabinetown Sabine Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 2-3-11
  • People: Wild Bill the Driller by Mike Cox 2-3-11
    Not everyone immediately struck it rich during the West Texas oil booms of the first couple of decades of the 20th century. Aptly named cable too driller Wiliam Wells ...
  • Things: Old West boots, vests have well-ridden history by Delbert Trew 2-2-11
    Among the myriad of changes occurring in the Old West let us examine the common boot.
  • Comanche
    Comanche County Courthouses
    Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson
  • Comanche County Courthouses by Margaret Waring 2-2-11
  • Old Cora by Lou Ann Herda 2-2-11
  • Cora
    Palo Pinto County Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson, Barclay Gibson & Mike Lewis 2-2-11
  • Palo Pinto County Seat 2-2-11
  • Palo Pinto County Courthouse 2-2-11
  • Palo Pinto County Jail 2-2-11
  • Column: Gone With the Wine by Nolan Maxie 2-1-11
    Sometimes during the mid 1960's in far northeast Texas an auto accident occurred late one Friday evening...
  • Town: Walkers' Mill Harrison Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-31-11
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