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October 2010 Issue
For people who like this sort of thing
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Jack County 10-1-10
Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson, Mike Price & Terry Jeanson
  • Jacksboro
  • Jack County Courthouse
  • Fort Richardson State Park
  • Fort Richardson
    Chambers County 10-30-10
  • Anahuac TE photos
  • Chambers County Courthouse by Terry Jeanson 10-30-10
  • Chambers County Courthouse
    Mills County 10-12-10
    Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson
  • Goldthwaite
  • Mills County Courthouse
  • Mills County Jail
  • Marable/Cockrum
    Vintage Photos Marable/Cockrum Families Collection
  • Marable/Cockrum Families Collection 10-8-10
  • Post Old Photos 10-7-10
  • Ancesters Gone Wild: OS Ranch Cowboys, 1888 10-7-10
  • Town: Trinidad Henderson Co Vintage map TGLO No Photos 10-29-10
  • Town: Pidcoke Coryell Co Photos courtesy Richard Miller 10-29-10
  • Town: Lydia Red River Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-29-10
  • Haunted Places: Haunted Huntsville by Dana Goolsby 10-29-10
  • Truscott
  • Town: Truscott Knox Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 10-28-10
  • Column: The Great Chicken-Fried Steak Hoax by Mike Cox 10-28-10
    Ever wonder how a legend gets started? I had a small role in the creation of what has become one of Texas’ most enduring pieces of “fakelore” -- the story of the invention of the chicken-fried steak.
  • Town: Acworth Red River County Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-28-10
  • Ghost Town: Ozro Ellis Co No photos 10-28-10
  • County Seat: Roby Fisher Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 10-27-10
  • Courthouse: Fisher County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 10-27-10
  • Cartoon: October 21, 1822 by Roger T. Moore 10-27-10
  • Column: Curiosity was Benjamin Franklin’s Secret to Success by Britt Towery 10-27-10
  • Haunted Places: Haunted Jacksonville by Dana Goolsby 10-27-10
    The Jacksonville City Cemetery is said to be haunted, or at least a statue by the name of Mother Templeton is said to be haunted.
  • Ghost Town: Hud Scurry Co Vintage maps courtesy TGLO 10-26-10
  • Town: Hub Parmer Co No Photos 10-26-10
  • Column: Flats make one worn and tired by Delbert Trew 10-26-10
    At the height of my farming career I had so much flat and tire trouble the B.F Goodrich Co. sent out a man to study my problems.
  • Haunted Places: “Demons Rd” in Huntsville by Dana Goolsby 10-26-10
    Bowden Rd, perhaps better known as " Demons Rd,” leads to an old cemetery known as Martha’s Chapel Cemetery...
  • Ghost: A Huntin’ Ghost Story by Linda Kirkpatrick 10-25-10
    Besides being the time of ghosts and goblins, it is almost time for hunters to arrive. Those of you who manage hunting leases and should any of you hunters arrive early you might want to read this story very closely.
  • Haunted Places: Haunted Nacogdoches by Dana Goolsby 10-24-10
    Stephen F. Austin State University is allegedly home to numerous spooks. The Turner Fine Arts Auditorium at SFA has more than fine art in the building. A ghost named Chester is believed to haunt the building...
  • Town: Bluff Red River County Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-25-10
  • Town: Cherry Red River County Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-24-10
  • Parker Cemetery
  • Haunted Places: Parker Cemetery by Dana Goolsby 10-22-10
    Parker Cemetery has long since been the most talked about haunted place in Grapeland.
  • Column: CPR and JOSEFINA by Maggie Van Ostrand 10-22-10
    Medical science could have saved itself a lot of trouble if the powers that be had consulted my incredibly talented housekeeper, Josefina, before rescinding the tried-and-true method of CPR.
  • Town: Nesbitt Harrison Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-22-10
  • Town: Anton Hockley Co Photo courtesy Leaflet10-22-10
  • Hughes Springs
  • Town: Hughes Springs Cass County Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-21-10
  • Column: Hughes Springs and Trammell’s Treasure by Mike Cox 10-21-10
    More than 300 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, the community of Hughes Springs owes its existence to a fanciful pirate story and one man who believed it.
  • Anson
  • Ghost Town: White Spur El Paso Co Courtesy Jerry Lobdill 10-21-10
  • Town: Anson Jone Co seat Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 10-20-10
  • Town: Floydada Floyd Co Seat Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 10-19-10
  • Cartoon: Drinking Whisky by Roger T. Moore 10-20-10
  • Old neon series 1
  • Town: Lydia Red River Co No Photos 10-19-10
  • Column: 'The times, they are a'changing' by Delbert Trew 10-19-10
  • Old Neon: Texas Old Neon Series I Carl Owen & TE photos 10-18-10
  • Town: Normandy Maverick Co No Photos 10-18-10
  • Pandora
  • Town: Pandora Wilson Co Photos courtesy Jane Garza 10-17-10
  • Column: Haunted Places: The Perfect Haunted House by Bob Bowman 10-17-10
    With Halloween upon us, it’s time to remember the old Bonner house west of Lufkin, which has been called the perfect haunted house. But it had also has a rich history...
  • People: Frontier Doctors by Clay Coppedge 10-15-10
    John F. Webber and Gail Borden
  • Town: College Hill Bowie Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey, TGLO vintage map 10-15-10
  • Town: Old Salem Bowie Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-15-10
  • Town: Pineland Sabine Co No Photos 10-15-10
  • Town: Rosevine Sabine Co No Photos 10-15-10
  • Haunted Places: The Haunting of the Old Travis County Jail by Mike Cox 10-14-10
    Harvey, 34, had the distinction of being the last of nine men legally hanged in the castle-like stone jail, built for $100,000 in 1876 at the corner of 11th and Brazos streets — present location of the Dewitt C. Greer Building, headquarters of what is now the Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Animals: Black Bears Return to East Texas by Dana Goolsby 10-14-10
  • Sam Tramonte
  • People: Being Sent to the Abattoir Wasn’t Sam’s Lot in Life by Bill Cherry 10-13-10
    Mr. Sam, like his brothers, cousins and uncles, worked for the patriarch of the family, Jasper Tramonte. Mr. Jasper had a meat-packing business on Broadway, near 61st Street. It was called the High Grade Packing Co...
  • Town: Normangee Leon Co Photo courtesy Kathy Toalson Staples 10-13-10
  • Column: Book spurs memories of ol' saddle houses by Delbert Trew 10-12-10
    Recently while reading an old Western paperback, a chapter described an old Western saddle house. This certainly brought back a lot of pleasant memories for me as I recalled each of our saddle houses down through the years...
  • Column: Larry O'Donnell's Apology by Maggie Van Ostrand 10-12-10
    The public is inundated with apologies lately...
  • People: “Law West Of The Pecos” by Murray Montgomery 10-11-10
    Judge Roy Bean
  • People: Babe Ruth in East Texas by Bob Bowman 10-10-10
    Imagine, if you can, baseball slugger Babe Ruth walking around a field and shoveling cow manure.
  • Town: Mount Mitchell Morris Co Photoc courtesy Gerald Massey 10-10-10
  • Trivia: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 10-10-2010 by Peary Perry 10-10-10
  • Ghosts: Ghosts of the Pineywoods by Bob Bowman 10-8-10
  • Town: Post Garza Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 10-7-10
  • Courthouse: Garza County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 10-7-10
  • Lion and boy
  • Column: A Lion and a Boy by Mike Cox 10-7-10
  • People: William B. Bloys and Bloys Camp Meeting by C. F. Eckhardt 10-6-10
    While a lot of folks have heard about another denizen of the trans-Pecos, Roy Bean, William B. Bloys was far more influential, though far less widely known.
  • Cartoon: Tarantula by Roger T. Moore 10-6-10
  • Column: Brownwood has a lot to be proud about by Britt Towery 10-6-10
    Artist Blanche Westerman Springer
  • Courthouse: Brown County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 10-6-10
  • Column: Turkeys' use of old windmill towers a twist by Delbert Trew 10-5-10
    There are few farm collectibles that rank in historical value and necessity quite like the windmill. One of the first priorities of the homesteader was to dig and equip a domestic water well...
  • Town: Maxey Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-5-10
  • Town: Turkey Creek Cass Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 10-5-10
  • Jeff Davis
  • Courthouse: Jeff Davis County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 10-4-10
  • Ghost Town: Sipe Springs Milam Co Photos courtesy Jeanne Diver Goff 10-4-10
  • Sipe Springs
  • People: The Mystery Man by Bob Bowman 10-3-10
    Daingerfield, the county seat of Morris County, was named for Captain London Daingerfield, supposedly a native of Nova Scotia, but beyond that and a few other facts, Captain Daingerfield remains a mystery man...
  • Father Joseph Keller
  • People: The Tar and Feathering of Father Joseph M. Keller, Slaton, Texas, 1920's by James Villanueva 10-1-10
    On a Saturday night, March 4, 1922, in Slaton, what may have begun as a whisper, an aside, a comment, or just mindless chatter amongst neighbors, transformed the community...
  • Searching
  • The Quest: Ignoring Warning Signs by Barclay Gibson 10-1-10
    Searching for the “Buried Here”1936 Texas Centennial marker
    “Warren Wagon Train Massacre”
  • Speed Trap
  • 15 Minutes of Separation: The 40 Best Speed Traps in Texas 10-1-10
    It’s the trap part that people object to...
  • Column: Mahoney by Nolan Maxie 10-1-10
  • Town: Mahoney Hopkins Co No photos 10-1-10
  • Trivia: "Bet You Didn’t Know" - 10-1-2010 by Peary Perry 10-1-10
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