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Plum Creek
  • Texas History: The Great Comanche Raid and the Battle of Plum Creek by Jeffery Robenalt 1-9-11
    One of the most storied events in the historic past of Lockhart, Texas occurred two miles south of town along the wooded banks of Plum Creek, when a small group of volunteers defeated more than 600 Comanche and Kiowa warriors who had participated in the Great Comanche Raid of 1840...
  • Expedition
  • Texas History: The Expedition of Colonel John Moore by Jeffery Robenalt 1-26-11
    In the aftermath of the Great Comanche Raid of 1840 and the Battle of Plum Creek, Mirabeau Lamar, the President of the Republic of Texas, charged Texas Ranger Colonel John Moore with the responsibility of organizing an expedition for the purpose of attacking and destroying a Comanche winter village..
  • Mount Sterling
  • Ghost Town: Mount Sterling Nacogdoches Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-1-11
  • Mission: Mission Nuestra Senora de la Purisma Conception Nacogdoches Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-1-11
  • People: John Durst Leon Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-1-11
  • Extinction
  • Column: History On The Brink Of Extinction by Dana Goolsby 1-1-11
    Juan Antonio Badillo was among a small handful of Tejanos who died at the Alamo on March 6, 1836. One parcel of land Badillo is said to have owned is just west of Grapeland, Texas. A two-story dogtrot style house...
  • Schoolhouse: Hovey School Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-1-11
  • Waneta-
  • Ghost Town: Waneta Community Houston Co by Dana Golsby 1-16-11
  • Town: Kingsville Kleberg Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-15-11
  • Kingsville
    Coastal Birds
  • People: The sculptress and a paper mill by Bob Bowman 1-31-11
    We recently learned that Texas historian Light Cummings is writing a book about sculptress Allie Tennant of Dallas...
  • Birds: Coastal Birds of Texas III by Ken Rudine 1-30-11
  • Column: China Enters the Year of the Rabbit by Britt Towery 1-30-11
  • neglected
  • Preservation: Taken For Granite - Our Neglected 1936 Texas Centennial Markers by Sarah Reveley 1-28-11
  • Ghost Town: Marion First Angelina County seat Photos courtesy Barcaly Gibson 1-28-11
  • Pete
  • People: Texas Pete Photo courtesy William Beachamp 1-28-11
  • Town: Bethlehem Cass Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-28-11
  • Town: Finney Hale Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-27-11
  • Finney
  • Column: The Sword in the Tree by Mike Cox 1-27-11
    The story Todd heard as a kid is classic folklore: A Spanish mule train laden with gold coins from Mexico is shadowed by Indians. Desperate to lighten their load and escape attack, the teamsters bury all the gold on the bank of a stream...
  • Column: Comanche Raids in Coryell County by Mike Cox 1-27-11
    The Comanches felt free to raid all along the state’s western frontier. Texas’ Confederate state government fielded companies of Rangers to patrol the outlying counties, but they couldn’t be everywhere at once. That’s how things stood on April 26, 1863 when a Comanche raiding party...
  • Cartoon: January 25, 1965 by Roger T. Moore 1-27-11
  • Ghost Towns: Remlig Jasper Co Vintage map TGLO No Photos 1-26-11
  • Town: Mayflower Newton Co Vintage map TGLO No Photos 1-26-11
  • Town: Choice Shelby Co Vintage map TGLO No Photos 1-26-11
  • Column: Town names by Bob Bowman 1-25-11
    If you’ve ever wondered how some East Texas towns got their names, you may be surprised at some of the origins.
  • Column: Western saloons often 1st business erected in towns by Delbert Trew 1-25-11
    According to the book "Saloons of Denver" by Scott Dial, published in 1973 by Old Army Press, the word "saloon" was not used in America until 1841, the year wagon trains began leaving for California...
  • Column: Longhorn: Texas' first industry by Delbert Trew 1-17-11
    The book "The Long Trail" by Gardner Sowle, published in 1976 by McGraw-Hill, tells the real story of early cowboys, longhorns and the first industry developed in Texas. This was the chore of capturing, branding, taming, raising and driving longhorns to market...
  • Ghost Town: Sugar Loaf Coryell Co No Photos 1-17-11
  • Cartoon: Jan. 23, 1811 by Roger T. Moore 1-17-11
  • Wildlife: Pocket Gopher by Bonnie Wroblewski 1-16-11
  • Column: A Frenchman at San Jacinto by Bob Bowman 1-16-11
    Charles Cronea, a Jean Lafitte pirate who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto...
  • Sam Houston
    Sam Houston
    Huntsville Attractions Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-13-11
  • Sam Houston Memorial Museum Complex
  • Steamboat House
  • Woodland: Home of Sam Houston
  • Oakwood Cemetery
  • Austin Hall
  • grave
  • Column: Old Rangers and Sam Houston's Grave by Mike Cox 1-13-11
    The old Texas Rangers who gathered in Austin for a reunion in the early fall of 1897 surely figured they had fought their last fight. After all, they had battled and survived Mexican soldiers, Comanches and outlaws. But that’s before they heard what some folks in Tennessee were up to...
  • Anson Jones Home
  • People: Anson Jones Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-12-11
  • State Park: Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-12-11
  • Nacogdoches: The Old Stone Fort by Archie P. McDonald Photos courtesy Dana Goolsby 1-12-11
  • Cartoon: January 8, 1925 by Roger T. Moore 1-12-11
  • Column: Brands Have Rich History Delbert Trew 1-11-11
    Currently, there are 32,609 registered brands in Colorado... Retaining a registered brand in Colorado is not cheap, costing $225 for a five-year period..
  • Bob Wills
  • Town: Turkey Hall Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-10-11
    Home town of Bob Wills
  • Ghost Town: Grape Creek Borden Co No Photos 1-10-11
  • Column: The origin of blue jeans by Bob Bowman 1-10-11
    A few friends and I were sitting around drinking coffee a few days ago, and the subject of blue jeans came up, and we starting comparing notes on how old our jeans were...
  • Ghost Town: Belgrade Newton Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-8-11
  • Town: Aguilares Webb Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-7-11
  • Column: A Piece of Texas’ Past by Mike Cox 1-6-11
    If you’re interested in history, and like getting out and about, you’ve probably stooped to pick up a piece of Texas’ past at some point in your life...
  • Column: Childhood Explorations: Wordsworth's and Mine by Robert G. Cowser 1-6-11
    After I asked the students in a literature survey class I was teaching to write a comparison of a few of their childhood experiences that compare or contrast with Wordsworth’s experiences as described in Book First of The Prelude, I began to reflect on a few of my own contacts with the natural world...
  • Wharton
  • Vintage Photos: Wharton County Old Photos
    Courtesy Wharton County Historical Museum 1-5-11
  • Town: Millersview Concho Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 1-5-11
  • Town: Marshall Springs Titus Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-5-11
  • Town: Trawick Nacogdoches Co No photos 1-5-11
  • Outlaw: What Happened To Jesse Evans? by C. F. Eckhardt 1-5-11
    Jesse Evans is one of the more enigmatic characters in the annals of West Texas and New Mexico outlawry. Then he just quietly disappeared sometime around 1879--and nobody knows what happened to him. Or maybe not...
  • Cartoon: 1887 by Roger T. Moore 1-5-11
  • Katemcy
  • Town: Katemcy Mason Co Photos courtesy Brian Hill, Baclay Gibson & Erik Whetstone 1-4-11
  • Courthouse: Caldwell County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 1-4-11
  • Caldwell
  • Column: Always take your come-along along by Delbert Trew 1-4-11
    Though some might look down on the common working man, he is actually an ingenious person. If you don't believe me search the U.S. Patent office files and find millions of tools, most invented by a working man to make his work easier or faster.
  • Column: A Historical Marker for Lightnin' by Bob Bowman 1-3-11
    The news outlets from Houston reported recently that a Texas Historical Marker has been dedicated to Lightnin' Hopkins, whose blues music became famous between 1946 and the 1970s...
  • Town: Cunningham Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey & Barclay Gibson 1-2-11
  • Town: Unity Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 1-2-11
  • Column: Joe Pajucie, His Cheap Looking Girls and Macino Rapuchi, the International Continental Stylist by Bill Cherry 1-2-11
    Gigs for Italian singers had been terrible for a long time. But then out of nowhere came “That’s Amore,” “Mel Blu di Pinto di Blue,” and “Al di La.” And things got very good for them. And that’s when Macino Rapuchi, with his Maceo-esque billing, “the International Continental Stylist,” hit Galveston with his guitar and accordion...
  • Grable
  • Column: Pig War by Clay Coppedge 1-1-11
    As a Republic, Texas was hard to get along with. The Mexican government already knew this, of course, but the French would find it out soon enough...
  • Cemetery: Grable Cemetery Gregg Co Photos courtesy Maryanne Gobble 1-1-11
  • Clock museum
  • Museum: Lockhart's Southwest Museum of Clocks and Watches by Jeffery Robenalt 1-1-11
  • Column: Straightening Used and Bent Nails by Nolan Maxie 1-1-11
    Long ago we learned to recycle...
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