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    Texas Escapes Online Magazine

    August 2012 Issue
    For people who like this sort of thing
    This is the sort of thing they like.
    Towns & Ghost Towns
  • Toyah Reeves Co Update 8-30-12
  • Alleyton Colorado Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Nesbitt Memorial Library 8-24-12
  • Oakland Colorado Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Nesbitt Memorial Library 8-29-12
  • Bernardo Colorado Co Photos courtesy Nesbitt Memorial Library 8-24-12
  • Novohrad Lavaca Co Photo courtesy Fayette County Heritage Museum & Archives 8-30-12
  • Saxet Shelby Co Ghost Town Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-22-12
  • Duff Shelby Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-22-12
  • Historic Tree
  • Coldspring Hanging Tree Photos courtesy Charles Watson 8-30-12
  • Column
  • Anecdotes on Antidotes, Early Stop Smoking Claims by Mike Cox 8-30-12
    While 80 percent of the American population smoked cigarettes or consumed tobacco in other ways, some people as far back as the 1890s concluded that sucking smoke into your lungs could not be a good thing for your body...
  • People
  • Friends provide funny tidbits by Delbert Trew 8-28-12
  • Born to be a Texas Ranger, the life of John Coffee (Jack) Hays by Murray Montgomery 8-27-12
  • Neil by David Knape 8-26-12
  • Two Courthouse Fires by Bob Bowman 8-26-12
    Some of the most delectable historical desserts of East Texas are found in the yellowed documents of the thirty-plus county courthouses scattered across the pineywoods. One such morsel is the little-known story of two courthouse fires in Trinity County, one of the rowdiest of our early counties...
  • Hoxie
    Ancestors Gone Wild
  • Man Celebrates Birthday 8-24-12
  • Hoxie's Moxie by Mike Cox 8-23-12
    Thirty-seven years after the Army abandoned Fort Davis, a celluloid cowboy announced plans to convert the old cavalry post into a motion picture colony and resort.
  • Where Cowboys Come From by Fred O. Simon 8-22-12
  • The Old Cowboy by David Knape 8-22-12
  • Columns
  • Phrases, terms have underlying meaning by Delbert Trew 8-21-12
    The term “Gentleman Farmer” was coined in colonial times...
  • Aug 20, 1866 History Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 8-21-12
  • Randall County Courthouse
  • Randall County Courthouse Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson 8-21-12
  • Prison House Photos courtesy Brenda Davis 8-20-12
    "In the late 1800's and 1900's my house served as a prison house..."
  • prison house
    "Once Upon A Line" by David Knape 8-20-12
  • Light Of His Life
  • Exercising Good Judgement
  • Childhood Days
  • Columns
  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet: That is the Question by Maggie Van Ostrand 8-19-12
    Nobody sits down to compose a letter these days. Instead, they talk, text, or Tweet, so we've prepared a time-saver for those hipsters, geeks, and Twitteristas who haven't the time to reduce the classics to Twitter's required 140 characters, counting spaces...
  • Three Tragedies by Bob Bowman 8-19-12
    An intriguing family mystery spanning more than 135 years is told by three tombstones lying behind a rusting iron fence in a small East Texas cemetery.
  • Towns & Ghost Towns
  • Oak Flats Rusk Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-18-12
  • Emberson Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-17-12
  • Slate Shoals Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-17-12
  • Jamming
  • Sam Bell Maxey by Clay Coppedge 8-18-12
    To the people he served in his lifetime he was respected as the man who kept the Yankees out of Texas during the war.
  • Jamming at the Rice Hotel by Mike Cox 8-16-12
    Imagine some 3,000 people crowded into a hotel lobby on a sultry summer afternoon waiting to use the elevators in the days before air conditioning...
  • Chili Powder Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 8-16-12
  • radio
  • David Levi Kokernot by Wanda Orton 8-15-12
    Never before or since he made his home on the shores of Scott’s Bay – and later on Cedar Bayou -- has Texas experienced such a colorful and controversial character.
  • Radio’s Vandy Anderson and Fr. Frank Fabj Had a Common Denominator by Bill Cherry 8-14-12
    If you were to interview almost any man whose career is in the field of radio broadcasting, you would find that as a child he was making believe that he was on the air. Vandy V. Anderson, Jr. was one of those.
  • Modern terms' origins intriguing by Delbert Trew 8-14-12
    “American Yesterday,” a 1956 book by Eric Sloane, tells of the origins of many terms handed down to modern times.
  • "They Shoe Horses Don't They?" Guest Columns
  • Infusion Confusion by John Troesser 8-19-12
    Poem for a wife 's lament
  • Johnson County Immigrants: Past & Present by Bruce Martin 8-17-12
  • Blind Drunk in Beaumont by Frances Giles 8-17-12
    Cleaning Day in Beaumont
  • Memories of Pennington, Texas and the Neatest Store I Ever Saw by Jason E. Stringer 8-15-12
  • Homage to Ammannsville
  • I am the Ghost of Ammannsville by David Knape 8-14-12
  • The Secret Of Ammannsville by David Knape 8-14-12
  • Ben Wheeler
  • Ben Wheeler Van Zandt Co Texas Escapes' 2800th town Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 8-13-12
  • Edom Van Zandt Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 8-13-12
  • Medina Bandera Co GLO vintage map 8-15-12
  • Bluff Bandera Co GLO vintage map 8-14-12
  • Tarpley Bandera Co GLO vintage map 8-13-12
  • Noxville Kimble County GLO vintage map 8-14-12
  • Vidor Orange Co 8-13-12
  • Ghost sign
  • Ghost Sign Appears in Downtown St. Petersburg by Rufus St. Clair 8-13-12
    The Architectural Tattoo as Historic Relic
  • Columns
  • Korley’s Kolumns by Bob Bowman 8-12-12
    Some seventy years ago, a self-educated farmer and justice of the peace in Henderson County starting writing letters to the Athens Daily Review. In a few months, Cicero Witt Corley was so popular that he was given a regular newspaper column he called “Korley’s Kolumn.”
  • Cemeteries
  • 5th Weeping Angel Found in Waco Photos courtesy Charles Watson 8-12-12
    “Grief” discovered in Waco’s Holy Cross Cemetery
  • Five Weeping Angels
  • Weeping Angel by David Knape 8-12-12
  • Towns
  • Spring Creek San Saba Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 8-10-12
  • Loma Alta McMullen County Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-11-12
  • Hodges Jones Co Photos courtesy Kasey Dockens 8-11-12
  • Nugent Jones Co Photos courtesy Kasey Dockens 8-8-12
  • McNorton Nueces Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-8-12
  • Columns
  • Survival in Kerr County by Mike Cox 8-9-12
    "Only a handful of families lived in the area, but all knew of the circumstances that led to Goss’ disappearance and presumed death 18 days earlier."
  • Momma's Quilt by David Knape 8-8-12
  • Strongest wind gust in Texas Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 8-8-12
  • Lighthouses
  • National Lighthouse Day 8-7-12
  • Lighthouses of Lake Michigan's Shores by Ken Rudine
  • Maine's Easy 18 Lighthouses by Ken Rudine
  • Columns
  • Never shake hands with a stucco man by Delbert Trew 8-7-12
    If you have ever wondered why so many old houses are still standing, it’s probably because the sides are coated with a concrete process called stucco.
  • Oh Possum by David Knape 8-6-12
  • The Makeup Drawer by Maggie Van Ostrand 8-6-12
    "Drawer," in this case, refers to a now-massive box of cosmetics that hasn't been investigated in many years, not even when I dump the makeup from one old box into a bigger one, which happens every time we move...
  • Seymore
  • Seymore Hopkins Co Old photos courtesy Mary Ellen Ledford 8-6-12
  • Seymore, Or Less by David Knape 8-8-12
  • Reilly Springs Hopkins Co GLO Vintage map 8-6-12
  • Murvaul Panola Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 8-6-12
  • Columns
  • Tex Ritter - A Texas Original by C. F. Eckhardt 8-5-12
    Woodward Maurice Ritter was born near Murvaul, Panola County, in the piney woods of deep East Texas in 1907. He grew up on a cotton farm near Beaumont and graduated as Valedictorian of his high-school class. He enrolled at what was then the only University of Texas...
  • Death Superstitions by Bob Bowman 8-5-12
    In early East Texas, the death of a family member or friend was a serious event surrounded by traditional rituals... Death was also accompanied by a variety of superstitions, some of which are still respected in the homes of our grandparents.
  • Wilson Pottery by Clay Coppedge 8-4-12
    "Hiram and the other Wilsons who, in bondage and as free men, created durable and practical stoneware that today is worth more than what any of the Wilson potters made in a lifetime."
  • The Sunflowers by David Knape 8-4-12
  • Blewett & Dabney
    Uvalde County Ghost Towns 8-3-12
  • Blewett & Dabney The Oblivion Twins. TE photos
  • Blewett Photos courtesy William Beauchamp
  • Dabney Photos courtesy William Beauchamp
  • Dabney & Blewett by David Knape 8-4-12
  • Baytown
    Columns | Towns
  • Baytown is so refined by Wanda Orton 8-3-12
    On April 16, 1919, Humble Oil & Refining Co. engineers arrived in Baytown, armed with boots and blueprints...
  • Ghost Town without a Trace by Mike Cox 8-2-12
    "By 1884 Texana nee Santa Anna had become a ghost town. Time and periodic river flooding soon erased virtually every trace of the once flourishing port."
  • Sagerton
  • Sagerton Haskell Co Photos courtesy Kasey Dockens 8-2-12
  • Detroit Red River Co photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Brian Truncali 8-5-12
  • Meusebach
  • The Meusebach-Comanche Treaty by Jeffrey Robenalt 8-1-12
    In early spring of 1847, a remarkable treaty between German settlers and Native Americans was negotiated on the banks of the San Saba River in the hill country north of Fredericksburg, Texas.
  • Aprons, bonnets necessary gear for country ladies by Delbert Trew 8-1-12
    Most country people who remember their elders also will remember the shawls, aprons and slat bonnets worn almost every day of the year.
  • Summer's Song by David Knape 8-1-12
  • Houston
    Vintage Postcards
  • Houston Cotton Scenes 8-1-12
    Courtesy William Beauchamp Collection & rootsweb.com
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