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    June 2012 Issue
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    Ghost Town
  • Helena Karnes Co
  • Old Helena Courthouse/Schoolhouse
    Photos courtesy William Beauchamp, Terry Jeanson & Barclay Gibson 6-22-12
  • Courthouse/Schoolhouse
    Paint Rock
  • Paint Rock Concho Co Seat Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Steven M. Aycock 6-1-12
  • Last Comanche Fight
    Column - History
  • Paint Rock: The Last Comanche Fight of Jack Hays by Jeffery Robenalt 6-1-12
    Some historians have questioned the Rangers' victory at Paint Rock as pure fiction or an attempt to revise history, however, Jack Hays and the Texas Rangers need no help from me or any other historian to bring glory and honor to their name.
  • Pictograph marker
    The Quest
  • My Visit to the Pictograph Centennial Marker in Concho County by Barclay Gibson 6-1-12
    Words, and even pictures, cannot begin to tell what my visit to the site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Pictograph Marker was like.
  • Gonzales County Courthouse
    Photos courtesy Terry Jeanson, Barclay Gibson 6-18-12
  • Gonzales County Courthouse by Murray Montgomery
    From the original April 23, 1896 issue of The Gonzales Inquirer, on the front page.
  • Gonzales County Courthouse by Lou Ann Herda
  • Gonzales County Courthouse
  • My Father Zola 6-1-12
    Baseball, Love and a Love of Baseball
    A serialization of the writings of George Olsson Short
    Chapter One
  • Frank, the Butcher by Bruce Martin 6-16-12
    For a good portion of my father’s adult life, he worked as a butcher in local neighborhood grocery store meat markets, well before the age of chain stores and packaged foods.
  • Seymour
    Vintage Photos
  • Seymour Texas - Picking Cotton in 1943 6-1-12
    Photos courtesy Jesse Suttles

  • Seymour Baylor Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson & Terry Jeanson 6-1-12
  • Henze
    Ghost Towns
  • Henze Edwards Co 6-30-12
  • Kickapoo Edwards Co 6-30-12
    Photos courtesy William Beauchamp
  • Kickapoo
  • Panhandle Sailors - Flatland Cousins Who Went to Sea 6-29-12
    The siren call of the sea seems to reach deep inland. Historically, it’s typical to find large numbers of naval personnel originating from land-locked regions.
  • Battleship
    Battleship Texas
  • "Old Hoodoo" The Battleship Texas, America's First Battleship (1895-1911) 6-28-12
    In this new book (October 2011) about a little known era of Naval History, authors Al Sumrall and Mark D. Cowan research the first Battleship Texas.
  • Battleship Texas by Archie P. McDonald, PhD
    Second Battleship Texas
  • Cotton Scenes 6
    Cotton - Vintage Photos
  • Cotton Scenes: Series Six Courtesy William Beauchamp 6-9-12
  • A Steamboat's Tale by Bob Bowman 6-9-12
    Lying in the Trinity River at Parker’s Bluff, near Palestine, a cluster of remnants from an old sidewheeler steamboat serve as reminders of an era when cotton was king in much of East Texas.
  • Combat
  • Combat Over Texas by Dan Heaton 6-8-12
    America’s First Combat Sortie Took Place April 20, 1915, in Brownsville, Texas
    "Funston ordered the 1st Aero Squadron at Brownsville to perform reconnaissance along the Rio Grande and report back to him. After arriving at the base, uncrating and assembling their aircraft, the men of the 1st were ready..."
  • Major General Frederick Funston by John Troesser
  • Columns
  • In Quercus Veritas by Mike Cox 6-27-12
    When cartoonist friend Roger T. Moore, a West Texan with a sense of humor as big as one of the dozens of wind turbines looking down on his ranch, told me that the largest oak forest in North America covers some 40,000 acres near Monahans, it sounded like a setup...
  • “Rabbi” Moore: Cowboy Cartoonist by Mike Cox 6-27-12
    On a typical Sunday, Roger Todd Moore arrives at his friend’s 1875-vintage stone ranch house in southwestern Travis County by 8:30 a.m. and puts on the coffee. By 9 or a few minutes after, once everyone has gotten about as attentive as they will get, he clears his throat and in his deep, West Texas voice starts reading. Today, it’s from the Tao Te Ching...
  • Sunniest City in USA By Roger T. Moore 6-26-12
  • Cactus in Texas by Roger T. Moore 6-26-12
  • Town
  • Moore Frio Co GLO Vintage map 6-25-12
  • The Runestone Bob Bowman 6-24-12
    East Texans willing to take the time to drive about 100 miles into eastern Oklahoma will be rewarded with a centuries-old mystery...
  • The Forgotten Indian Traveler by Mike Cox 6-21-12
    The men were Richard Irving Dodge, a young Army officer who would serve in the military for 41 years and John Conner, a noted Delaware Indian. The meeting happened at Fort Martin Scott...
    15 Minutes of Separation
  • Who was that un-masked Man? by Rufus St. Claire 6-22-12
    The headlines announced tuition hikes, but the large photo above the fold of the newspaper shows a (obviously) good-natured man walking out of frame, somewhat amused at the attention he’s getting from the camera. The caption should’ve been: “Can I please get back to fishing, now?”
  • Knippa
  • Knippa Uvalde Co Photos courtesy William Beauchamp 6-20-12
  • Dunlay Medina Co Photos courtesy William Beauchamp 6-20-12
  • The Town of Twin Groceries by Bob Bowman 6-19-12
    A recent caller from Bowie County had an intriguing question: “Does East Texas have a town named Twin Groceries?” The answer is yes and no.
  • Columns
  • Time to exchange years of frugality for quick cash by Delbert Trew 6-20-12
    Being raised during the Dirty Thirties by parents of ultra-conservative beliefs, “fix it up, use it up and wear it out” was pounded into my young mind daily.
  • Interurban
  • Mayor, Radio Station Owner and Flagpole Sitter Brought Galvestonians to Houston by Bill Cherry 6-19-12
    When construction on an electric railway was begun March 28, 1910, to connect the two cities, Galveston had a population of about 40,000. Houston was just twice as big.
  • 1943
  • 1943 Secret Storm by Wanda Orton 6-17-12
    In the summer of ’43, German U-boats prowled the Gulf of Mexico, too close for comfort for Texas coastlanders...
  • Rope Walker
  • Rope Walker by Dianne West Short 6-17-12
    In the old Hebrew Cemetery in Corsicana, Texas is a headstone with only two words on it, “Rope Walker.” Almost nothing is known of the man in the grave except the manner of his death...
  • Kit Carson
    Columns - History
  • Kit Carson at Adobe Walls Clay Coppedge
    Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 6-16-12

    When historians talk about the Battle of Adobe Walls they are usually talking about the Second Battle of Adobe Walls... The First Battle of Adobe Walls occurred some 10 years earlier and featured a man who was a legend in his own time...
  • Veteran Recounts Battle of Adobe Walls by Mike Cox 6-7-12
    "Fifty years earlier, surrounded by hundreds of hostile Indians, Andrew Johnson and the other occupants of the Panhandle trading post and buffalo hunter’s camp called Adobe Walls fought desperately for their lives..."
    Ghost Town
  • Adobe Walls Hutchinson Co Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 6-16-12
  • Cemetery
  • Mystery Tombstone TE photo 6-15-12
  • Colt Revolver History Cartoon by Roger T. Moore 6-15-12
  • Killer Skunks and the Myth of the Texas Desert by Mike Cox 6-14-12
    On May 2, 1887, someone living in Crosby County using only the initials R.P.S. wrote a letter to the Austin Daily Statesman.
  • Buffalo, bull fight a dud by Delbert Trew 6-13-12
    A contest held in 1907 between a Mexican fighting bull and a buffalo bull at a bullfighting arena in Juarez, Mexico.
    Lost, Found and Missing
  • Indiana Nephew seeking info on Lost Uncle 6-13-12
  • Moss Spring
    The Quest
  • The Double Barrel Discount by Barclay Gibson 6-12-12
    40 or 50 years ago the Moss Spring Centennial Marker was easily reached from the north side of Moss Lake. It was a well known swimming hole during WWII where airmen training at the local Army Air Field came on weekends with their wives and girl friends to swim and hike to the distant Signal Mountain...
  • Big Spring post office mural
    Post Office Mural
  • "O Pioneers" in Big Spring Photos courtesy Barclay Gibson 6-12-12
  • Uncertain
    Towns & Ghost Towns
  • New Gulf Wharton Co Photos courtesy Lauren Myers & Wharton County Historical Museum 6-11-12
  • Zulch Madison Co TE photos 6-11-12
  • Uncertain Harrison Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 6-8-12
  • Jewish Immigrants
    Column - People
  • Jewish Immigrants Competed with Galveston's Former Slaves in the Beginning by Bill Cherry 6-10-12
    "When the Jews began temporarily settling in Galveston, they were faced with a new problem, one that hadn't existed in New York and Baltimore and Boston and Philadelphia. After all those places were north. Galveston was in the south."
  • "15 Minutes of Separation"
  • Erskine Caldwell and the Great Banana Uprising of Dunedin, Florida by Rufus St. Claire 6-10-12
    Or God’s Little Acre of Bananas
  • Column - People
  • Hello, Sucker by Clay Coppedge 6-6-12
    Necessity may be the mother of invention but it can also be the mother of re-invention. Other than perhaps Kinky Friedman, nobody exhibits that twist on the old axiom more than Mary Louise Cecilia Guinan, known to history as Texas Guinan and for her famous greeting: “Hello, Sucker.”
  • Greggton
    Towns & Ghost Towns
  • Greggton Gregg Co "Absorbed" Ghost Town Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 6-1-12
  • Gary Panola Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 6-6-12
  • Pine Springs Smith Co Photos courtesy Lori Martin 6-5-12
  • Grady Fisher Co Ghost Town 6-5-12
  • Powderly Lamar Co Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 6-4-12
  • WWII
  • Camp Maxey Photos courtesy Gerald Massey 6-4-12
    Column - Music
  • Magnolia Gardens by Wanda Orton 6-2-12
    Before he became world famous Elvis Presley hip-hopped all over the map of Texas, and he made many a return trip to Magnolia Gardens on the banks of San Jacinto River in eastern Harris County...
  • Panjo
    Hands Across the Gulf
    < Westside — Eastside >
  • Panjo's Pizza by Ken Rudine
  • Iris's Grill by Rufus St. Claire
    Just across the Gulf from Rockport
  • Iris's
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