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Texas Towns
  • Texas Towns
    Including towns N0T found in TXDoT's Official Travel Guide or Official Texas State Map

  • How to Explore a Small Town
    Helpful Tips So You Won’t Feel You've Missed Anything
  • Explore

    Go where few have gone before:

  • Larissa 1-22-20
    Cherokee County Ghost town
    Site of the Killough Massacre

  • Bankhead
  • America's Broadway by Clay Coppedge
    Bankhead Highway

  • Bankhead Highway by Frank R. Brown

  • TX gas stations
  • Texas Gas Stations - Adventures with my 1972 Plymouth Cuda and my 67 Ford Mustang Fastback
    A photo essay by Jimmy Dobson 10-3-17

  • sea turtle
  • Out of My Shell at South Padre by Jase Graves 7-15-17
    "[W]hen my family and I were on vacation at South Padre Island recently, I jumped at the chance to witness a release of newly hatched Kemp's ridley sea turtles...."

  • Mariscal Mine
  • Mariscal Mine 5-5-17
    Photos courtesy Abdul Khan & Erik Whetstone
    "Deep inside" Big Bend National Park on Mariscal Mountain. A National Register Historic District.

  • Great Western Trail by Barclay Gibson 4-29-17

  • Pinta trail
  • The Pinta Trail "Hindsights" column by Michael Barr 12-1-16

  • Out-of-the-way places by Bob Bowman
    A friend once told me his greatest pleasure was driving around East Texas and looking for oddball places seldom found in tourism brochures...

  • From Bugs Bunny to Sam Houston by Clay Coppedge 1-5-14
    If you're the type of motorist who doesn't mind stopping every few miles to read a brief tidbit of history by the side of the road you can put together a pretty fair sketchbook of Texas history just from the historical markers scattered all over the state... more

  • Recollections of a Road Trip to West Texas by Ana Astri-O’Reilly 2-1-14

  • Williams Ranch
  • Williams Ranch by Barclay Gibson 6-3-13
    Guadalupe Mountains National Park
    Culberson County

  • Pictograph marker
  • My Visit to the Pictograph Centennial Marker in Concho County in January 2012 by Barclay Gibson 6-1-12
    Words, and even pictures, cannot begin to tell what my visit to the site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Pictograph Marker was like.

  • Searching for Buried Here marker
  • Ignoring Warning Signs by Barclay Gibson 10-1-10
    Searching for the “Buried Here”1936 Texas Centennial marker
    “Warren Wagon Train Massacre”

  • Pulaski
  • Searching for the Pulaski Historical Marker by Barclay Gibson 9-6-10
    Where to start describing how I visited the five foot tall granite 1936 Panola County Centennial Historical Marker for the defunct town site of Pulaski, former seat of Panola County?

  • Ghost Counties
  • Ghost Counties of Texas Vintage maps courtesy TGLO 7-2-10
    Buchel and Foley Counties, Greer County, Wegefarth County, Encinal County, Perdido County, Worth County, and the First Dawson County

  • Northeast Corner of Texas 9-3-10

  • Resurrecting the Ghosts of Route 66 by Noel Kerns
  • Part I: From Oklahoma City to Shamrock, Texas
  • Part II: Shamrock to Amarillo, Texas

  • Prada Marfa by Luke Warm
    West Texas gets a Long-overdue Infusion of Whimsey by German-based Artists
    Photos Courtesy Lizette Kapre, Ballroom Marfa, & the Art Production Fund

  • Upshur County
  • The Roads of Upshur County by Bob Bowman
    Most East Texas counties name their county roads with numbers or the names of people. But not Upshur County. Years ago county officials came up with the unique idea of naming one precinct of the county’s roads for animals, another for flowers, still another for trees and the fourth precinct for birds....

  • International Pavedway by Mike Cox
    The International Pavedway never existed anywhere but on a map, but most Texans have traveled it many times...

  • Cadillac Ranch by M.M. Harris

  • Highland Lakes and Dams by Rob Hafernik
    Dams: Tom Miller Dam, Mansfield Dam, Max Starke Dam, Wirtz Dam, Inks Dam and Buchanan Dam
    Lakes: Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, Lake LBJ, Inks lake, and Lake Buchanan

  • Lasting Impressions by Rick Vanderpool & Sami Simpson 6-26-10
    Flying over Llano Estacado

  • Chinati-Hot-Springs by Byron Browne

  • Garden of Angels by William Holmes
    Mosier Valley, Arlington Texas

  • Finding the Polancio Grave Marker by Barclay Gibson
    Back in the 1870s a stage was attacked by Indians and a man, Jose Maria Palacios, was killed. He was buried right where he fell, at the base of the Peak and a crude rock slab had the information scratched on it...
  • Grave marker

  • Last Remaining International Boundary for The Republic of Texas
    by Gerald Massey 2-21-09

  • Texas' shortest highway - SH 165 that runs through the State Cemetery in Austin

  • Road Log 1922 by Mike Cox
    A daily log kept by James A. Correll in the late spring and summer of 1922 shows it's a little easier to get across Texas than it used to be...

  • Dead Man's Hole by Mike Cox "Texas Tales''
    The expression "he just dropped out of sight" had both figurative and literal meaning in Burnet County during and after the Civil War. Common belief held that folks who disappeared in that area often ended up at the bottom of a 150-plus-deep foot limestone fissure south of Marble Falls aptly named "Dead Man's Hole."

  • East Texas' Burning House by Bob Bowman
    Motorists traveling along U.S. Highway 59 in Polk County are often startled to see what appears to be flames pouring from the windows of old sawmill house...

  • Nameless Cave by Mike Cox
    "It figures that the cave in this story – one of an estimated 6,000 caverns in the limestone region of the state – doesn’t have a name. After all, it’s in the vicinity of Nameless, Texas...."

  • The McDow Hole by Bob Hopkins
    "The story of the McDow ghost became very popular by the end of the 19th century ... many people would come to the water hole hoping to get a glimpse of the specter."

    Ghost Towns and Town Ghosts
    by Stephen Osmon
    “When you get there you’ll know. Then you will have to decide, will you stop or will you pass by? It could change your life forever; but you gotta make the first move....”

  • Midday at the Oasis by Johnny Stucco
    Photos by Erik Whetstone
    "Having never pumped a pint, let alone a gallon of gasoline, this station-that-never-was has become our symbol for a particular period in Texas history."

  • Taken on the Road by Charles Kuralt by James Feagin
    Early 1986, my parents had returned from their weekly rounds to the local bookstore in Columbia, Maryland. Sifting through their variety of books, I came across a title that would change my young life, “On the Road with Charles Kuralt.”...

  • A Unique Landmark by Bob Bowman
    A granite shaft set into the ground on April 23, 1841, marks the only international boundary existing within the continental United States.
    Farm Road 31 between Deadwood, Texas, and Logansport, Louisiana

  • The Ark-La-Tex by N. Ray Maxie
    The Ark-La-Tex includes Three Corners, the place where three state lines meet, and portions of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Many ... have done the "spread eagle" there, especially area high school kids. Reportedly there are hordes of people that have traveled many miles to do just that.

  • Loop 168, the shortest highway in Texas

  • Los Ebanos and the last hand-operated ferry on the Rio Grande

  • Lover's Leaps by Mike Cox
    Texas' four landmarks known as Lover's Leaps ...

  • Texas War Casualties by John Troesser
    Delhi, Smithville and Praha. Stone markers and chapels quietly reveal where America gets its soldiers.

  • Stuff To Do in Small Towns by Maggie Van Ostrand

  • Route 66 in Texas - The towns found along Texas 66 and their museums, ghost towns, relics, markers and monuments.

  • The Crash at Crush by Luke Warm
    The field that once was Crush, Texas is now occupied by cows, but a recently replaced historical marker south of West, Texas tells the story of one of the most bizarre publicity stunts of all time.

  • The Painted Churches Tour - The painted churches of Fayette County

  • Lost Towns of the Pecos - Arno, Orla, Portersville and Verhalen

  • "The Eight Corners of Texas: A Guide to Visiting Some of Texas' Least Frequented and Known-about Areas - The Exact Corners" by Paul McBurnett

  • The Texas State Railroad and Texas Forest Trail by John Troesser

  • Canoeists Take On Pristine Texas River by Sandra Billingsley
    Article originally published on July 15, 2001 in the San Angelo Standard-Times. Photographs courtesy of Sandra R. Billingsley and Robert A. Phillips.

  • A Flatboat Named Enchilada - Crossing the Rio Grande at Boquillas

  • Woman Hollering Creek

  • The Oasis Gas Station

  • The Iron Road Sorority: Penelope, May, Pearl, and Venus

  • Ghost Towns 101 or How to Survive a Ghost Town Visit

  • Ten Counties You're Not Likely to Visit
    But you'll miss the Ruffini Courthouse and the pictographs.

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